winter storm

It was a cold winter day,snow as flying,and the four too five inches of snow we were suppose to get turned into feet of snow. I had cleaned out our driveway twice now so mom could get in when she got out of work. Ann had just got home from school and was almost an hour later than normal. She said the roads were horrible and the snow plows were having trouble keeping up with all the snow.Mom usually gets home around 5p.m. and it was now 6 and I was begining to worry. I was watching the news when the door flew open and mom crashed through the door. She was covered in snow as she shivered and shook closing the door behind her. She was dressed in a long winter jacket but only a dress ,nylons and high heeled boots that came up to just below her knees underneath.I told her that I didn't hear her pull in. I didn't she replied I went off the road about a mile from here so I walked home. You must be freezing I said. She took off her jacket and grabbed a blanket from the closet on her way to the couch. Sitting on the couch she took off her boots and wrapped up in the blanket. Telling me she was froze to the bone she asked if I would turn the heat up. I came back to the couch to find mom layed out on the couch and huddled up in the blanket.Being the good son I am I reached under the blanket and started to rub and warm her ice cold feet. She stretched out placing her feet in my lap as I tryed to warm her feet. As I worked on one foot she took her other foot and searched around until she found a way up under my shirt with it. Her foot felt so cold against my belly as she moved it around. This reminded me of what she use to do with me when I was younger and her feet were cold.So like back in the day I turn on the couch placing both of her feet under my shirt so that the soles of her feet were flat against my belly. She then rubbed her feet up and down my stomach and chest creating some friction to warm her feet. The feel and the sound of her nylon feet working on me made my cock stiffen. While mom did that I rubbed up and down her nylon calves vigoriuosly as I warmed her lower legs. Mom dozed off as I continued warming up her feet and lower legs.I then slid down some on the couch so that now her toes would stick out the neckline of my shirt. And then just like back in the day I started to kiss the underside of her toes and the balls of her feet. This led to me sucking on her nylons covered toes. The erenforced toes of her nylons felt so good as I sucked them. Not only was I enjoying this but the way mom let out a little moan I was sure she was too. To the point she opened her eyes for a moment to see me sucking on her toes. It must have finally dawned on her what I was doing and she bent her knees causing her feet to withdraw from my mouth and back down to my lower belly.By this time I was so horny I wanted to feel her feet on my cock. Slowly I went back to work rubbing her feet all the while trying to get my pants opened up without her knowing what I was doing. After several minutes of trying I managed to get my pants opened and the head of my hard cock was now poking out from under the waistband of my boxers. As careful as I could,I worked her feet slowly down as I rubbed them until I could start to feel her nylon heels now against the head of my cock. Then slowly I manipulated her feet so that as I worked on them, they slid the top of my boxers down. Now my hard cock was between her insteps . The feeling was so awesome. I only wish the blanket wasn't covering up what was going on so that I could see her sexy nylon feet on my cock.About 20 minutes into my manipulations Ann popped into the livingroom loudly saying "What going on?" Mom jumped yanking the blanket and her feet off of me. I quickly buttoned my pants as mom said "Nothing dear just trying to get warmed up". Mom looked at me and thanked me for helping her warm up and said she was going up to take a hot shower and go to bed.After mom had left Ann asked If I had seen how much snow was out there and if I was going to do anything tonite. I wasn't sure if she had seen anything or not so I just said I thought I would hit the sack early too so I could clean the driveway early in the morning. I got up and headed to my room.As I approached my door mom came out of the bathroom. She reached out and handed me the nylons she had been wearing and said she was going to leave them on my bed but as long as I was right here she would just give them to me . She thanked me for helping her thaw out and headed off to bed.