Wife Sue tied to bed

I repeated my question. “Do you trust me?”            Sue laughed at the question and moved forward to stand between my fully clad thighs.  She placed her hands on either side of my head and bent down to kiss my warm lips.  “Unequivocally.” She answered when she had my full attention. I searched her gaze momentarily before rising from the bed. My hands grasped her hips.  Lifting her lightly I turned and deposited her on the bed.  Sue lay there watching me, a look of desire on her face.  She stretched back and closed her eyes as shivers of anticipation rippled through her body.  She could feel my presence near her body.  Her eyes flew open as restraints snaked around her wrists, pulling and tightening as they attached to the bed frame.  Her body jerked in surprise.  I worked steadily until all four limbs were fastened tightly to the bedrails.            She laid spread eagle on the bed, fully exposed to my lustful view.  Fully vulnerable in her position, Sue couldn’t help the rushing of fluid to her pussy as thought of pleasure began to outweigh her feelings of vulnerability.            “One last thing Luv,” I gently announced.  Tenderly I fitted a soft blindfold over Sue's eyes, effectively blocking her vision,             She lay there unable to move and unable to see, straining to hear the sounds in the room alerting her to my plans.            I stood beside the bed, quickly tacking off my clothing as I inspected Sue's still body. Her breasts lay heavy and resplendent.  Her nipples waited for my touch to bring them to life. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips in anticipation. Her legs shook with excitement. Her pussy glistened with moisture.            I leaned over the bed and briefly kissed her soft lips.  Her body pulled against the ties that bound her in an attempt to hold me close.            Laughing, I pulled away.  “That’s why you are restrained,” "It’s time I explore your body fully without you distracting me with your hands and lips.”            Sue lay waiting. I reached into the night stand drawer and pulled out a feather.  Kneeling on the bed I started at her outstretched wrist.  Slowly I manoeuvred the feather the length of her arm.  The feather swirled and dipped around her breasts, tracing her dark areolas. I grinned as her nipples puckered and hardened. I dusted down her stomach with the feather, delighting in the shiver that rippled through her tense body.  Down her long legs I danced the feather.  Back up I came until the feather wafted upon her clit.  Sue sucked in her breathe as the simple lightest touch of the feather pierced hotly through her body.  A low gasp caught deep within her.  My own body tightened and began to harden in reaction to Sue's body.Lowering my head, I brought my lips close to her slit.  She could feel my warm breath rushing against her ever dampening body. I looked up to Sue's face, grinning as I noticed her lips parting with desire as she waited to feel my warm mouth descend upon her aching bodyMoving swiftly up her body, my mouth connected with hers for a deep passionate kiss before drifting downward to her breasts. I took first one and then the other into my mouth, teasing them to hard peaks in no time.  Within moments her breasts were sending fireballs of desire toward her pussy.  Her moans were frequent and growing louder with each stroke of my tongue.I moved my body upward toward Sue's head.   She could feel the bed dip as I moved into position beside her.  I moved closer until the head of my cock pushed against her full lips.  Eagerly she parted her lips to take me into her mouth.  Sue's pussy swelled and her juices flowed copiously, pooling on the bed by her ass cheeks.  I pushed forward. “Taste” I commanded even as her tongue reached out to swirl my pre-cum around.  Greedily she sucked me into her mouth only too happy to give me some pleasure.  I groaned as her talented mouth danced along my throbbing cock, Knowing all too well how easily I could lose control under the ministrations of her hot mouth, I pulled away after only a few minutes.Her groan of incompletion mingled with mine. Quickly I leaned over to the night stand and grabbed the glass sitting there.  Tilting it back, I filled my mouth with icy cold water.  Holding the water in my mouth, I moved downward to her visible pussy.  It was only then that I swallowed the cold liquid.  Immediately my ice cold mouth fell upon her hot pussy.  Sue cried out and arched her back as my cold mouth settled upon her.  She screamed as my cold tongue plunged into her warm depths. Her body shook with tightly coiled desire as my mouth continued its assault on her sensitive flesh.  Her body writhed against my rapidly warming mouth.  Blindly I reached for the glass and took another mouthful of liquid. My cold mouth once again descended and plundered her pussy.  The shocking cold against her hot pussy pushed her over the edge. Sue screamed as a tidal wave of sensations rushed throughout her body. My tongue continued its assault on her pussy, more gently at first as she recovered but eventually picking the pace back up. I slid my tongue upward and encircled her clit before diving back into her moist heat.  Over and over flicking my tongue and probing deeply.  Her second shattering release caused her to scream out uncontrollably, her body bucking and pulling involuntarily against the restraints. Her chest and tits completely went red like it has never done before. I crawled up in the bed, my body covering hers. My lips touched Sue's with a passion born of raw desire and need.  Her lips melted against mine and her tongue parried with mine. Not knowing what to expect next, Sue let out a sigh of relief as I suddenly plunged my rock hard cock deep inside her sensitised pussy.  Unable to move, she lay prone while I began to pump my body within her depths.  My hands reached out and took hold of her breasts, one in each hand. My fingers gently tweaked her nipples while my cock pounded in and out of her pussy. My hips rotated and plunged as I danced within her tight hole, drawing them toward the ultimate goal.  Her body, extremely sensitive from my early work was the first to explode.  “Kev Kev Kev,” she chanted unable to form any words or to focus on anything other than me and the torrent of feelings that I had brought to life.  Her muscles contracted around my cock as I continued to ride her wildly.I pushed deeper and harder until finally my hot cum began to flow from my body. Sue's cries began again as her body responded yet again to my actions. When it was over, I gently removed the restraints and blindfold.  Still quivering with the vestiges of her multiple orgasms, Sue lay still incapable of moving. I laughed a predatory laugh, knowing that I had wrought this feeling of lassitude in her.  I could not finish Knowing how much cum was still inside her pussy, I moved down the bed, until my tongue reached her pussy, I could not resist lapped every last drop from her, once I was satisfied I had drank it all. I moved back to have a last passionate kiss, Before pulling her limp body close against my chest, I held her tight until we both fell sound asleep.