Wife comes clean

Linda is wearing a flouro pink skin tight dress, barely big enough for her frame and underneath you cansee her red bra no only emphasising her large breastts and cleavage but just hw small the dress really is. Pink platform heels finish off her outfit. She asks, you like it? I say yes, you look great. Linda continues, you're sure that you aren;t upset I bought new clothes? I reply, of course not. Linda strides towards me placing her hands on a locker and bending over, her dress riding up showing off her legs and peachy ass. I can see her tiny knickers wedged between her cheeaks. Honey you look amazing I tell her. Linda turns and removes her dress, then gets down to her knees pulling down my boxer shorts before licking my almost erect cock. As I look down at her Linda is grabbing my balls in one hand while taking my cock all the way into her welcoming mouth. I notice her free hand is massaging one of her breasts as she moans lightly. Linda expertly unclips her bra letting it fall to the ground and now her ample bosom stands proud as she slowly pinches her nipples.I tell Linda that she really is a hot wife. She looks back up at me and get s me to sit on the edge of the bed, now rubbing my cock with her breasts, do you want to rub some cream in Linda asks. Oh, that would be hot I tell her. Linda points to the top drawer of the locker, so I open it. There is no cream only a bottle of oily lube, I drizzle some oil over her ripe breasts as she uses my cock and hands to spread the oil over her breasts. Looking down at her again that one hand is now between her legs, she has never masturbated with me there before. She knows that I have seen her and she continues slipping her fingers deeper, saying I need your cock in me honey. I get up to help Linda out of her knickers, but she pushes me back saying that she has a surprise for me. As I lay down Linda removes her knickers, she throws them beside me, now rubbing her oiled breasts up my legs over my cock, lingering there for a second or two, then she moves up straddling my face. Lnda says, I hope you don't mind that I shaved my pussy. I say I'd almost given up on trying to persuade you. Linda looks down at me seeing the grin on my face, asking would you like to eat it? I don't need asking twice as I raise my head to lick at her wet lips. She tastes sweeter than before as my tongue slides across her lips, inside her, all over her shaved mound. I am enjoying eating her fine pussy as much as Linda is revelling in the experience. Linda is reaching an orgasm. Linda wants another and presses her wet lips against my willing mouth as my tongue delves as deep as it will go, I really need that cock now she says as her second orgasm sweeps through her.Linda rolls off me taking her turn underneath, she speads her legs wide and squits some of the lube over her pussy, letting two fingers slide in. I slide my cock into her pussy. Linda leaves her fingers inside for the first few thrusts before letting them slip out. Do you like it better shaved?, Linda asks. I reply, Oh honey it feels so good, I'm so glad you shaved it, you are so hot tonight, did you like it better when we just started, with your fingers and my cock? Linda smiles, you liked it didn't you? You're just so hot tonight honey I respond. Linda places my hands onher knees, spreading her legs wide and up, I can now see her exposed shaved pussy as she slides her fingers over her swollen clit, then slides two fingers into her pussy along with my cock. Linda is reaching orgasm again as her lips now stretch to accommodate my cock and her fingers. I tell Linda I don't know what has gotten into you tonight but fuck you are such a hot wife. Linda is moaning softly as she says I'm glad you like it Honey. Now I really need to fuck that cock good. Linda moves slightly on the bed and my cock slips from her wet pussy. Linda now adds a third finger to her pussy, smiling at me she says, will you fuck me good? I reply, I so want to fuck you. Linda adds, you're not going to believe this but I really want you to fuck my ass. Linda looks at my puzzled face and says I really want to do this for you, put some lube on your cock and take it slow, this is the first time remeber.I squirt some lube into my hand and stroke my cock as Linda raises her ass slightly to present her ass to the bulging helmet of my cock. The tip budges at her hole, sliding across it as I go slowly, sliding it in gently. Linda moans, hmmmm Honey, put it in there for me. The head pops insie and in short slow motions I work my cock into her ass. Linda sounds a little uncomfortable as she moans oh yes honey, fuck my ass, that feels so good in there. . I tell LindaI am about to cum, she encourages me to cum in her ass. I moan loudly, Oooh as i cum in her ass adding that was so hot Honey. Linda is now three fingering her pussy as she asks, really, you liked that? I espond, of course, I've wanted you to shave your pussy and fuck your ass for so long now I'm glad you liked it as well.Linda fingering herslef slowly asks, you want to watch me cum don't you? I nod. Linda then continues, do you think we should do this again....soon? I reply of course. Linda adds, we can do this all the time if you like, just one condition. I nod, I'm sure it will be worth it. Linda smiles saying, this will be great for both of us just what we need. If you agree just eat my pussy till I orgasm again. You really dothink I am a hot wife and like my shaved pussy and fucking me in the ass. I nod. Well I've been shaving my pussy for three months now, I really like it that way now, I shaved it for my boyfriend at first, he has this huge black cock that I wanted to play with and he made me sahve it before he would let me. You'll let me keep seeing him won't you. I nod and place my head at her hips my tongue delving into her open gaping pussy. As I eat her out Linda says, Oh yes make me cum for you. Adding, he lets his freinds watch us, it is so hot, I want to have their cocks as well but he won't let me until I let him fuck me in the ass but he is too big until you break me in for him. We want it so bad don't we Honey. I slip two fingers into her ass as I eat her pussy with more vigour. Linda moans loudly now I really am a hot wife you know Honey, a hot wife that loves you and needs to fuck some big cocks. we agree don't we Honey? I meet her continued orgasm with a loud, hmmmm on her clitoris. Linda finishes off saying that's it cucky, you're going to enjoy ythis much more than the last three months.