When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 7

"Supper is ready baby." I heared mom say from the kitchen.I got up off the couch picking up my still full glass of ice tea and took it with me to the kitchen to sit down to eat at the table.After getting seated at the table to eat, I watched mom and Martha with their backs to me, as they each picked up a big bowl and plater, with Martha getting the bowl and mom getting the plater of meat, then they turned towards the table with the bowl and plater, my mouth just about dropped to the floor."What's wrong handsome?" my mom asked me.I had noticed that I didn't see a bra strap on Martha's back like I had, when we first got home but it didn't click, till she turned around and got the eye full, that I got.I knew mom didn't have a bra on when we left the house to go to the airport but now, both of the womem had no bra on and Martha's blouse was open all the way, with mom having the top part of her sundress opened up down to her waist, giving me a full on birds eye view of their tits and nipples.Martha's tits were bigger than mom's are, like I said, by one size and her nipples, are the size of pennys, as mom's was the size of erasers, with the areolas around mom's nipples, the size of silver dollars, and Martha's areolas, are the size of quarters, and both, were a sight to behold. Martha's had no sag but bounced around, making any man's mouth water that saw them bounce, with her light brown complection, with just a slight hint of a tan line over her dark brown nipples, and mom's tits, had just a slight hint of sag, with dark pink nipples and bouncing around, like Martha's were."Sammy, what is wrong?""Oh, not a thing, Sarua. I'm a bit lost I think, or, taken back a step, or, something like that." I stammered."Am I that ugly cus?""OOOooohhh noooo your not. I don't know whom, is more beautiful, or, which one has the best looking tits for me to look at. You both are so hot and sexy beautiful."With the bowl and plater on the table, the Martha then took her blouse off and hung it on the back of the chair that she was fixing to sit down on, as mom moved the top part of her sundress off from her shoulders and let it hang down around her waist, as soon as I finished stumbaling around with my words."Now I feel a bit over dressed." as I stood up and took my shirt off, as I then saw Martha unfasten her skirt and push it down over her hips and let it fall down around her feet, as mom pushed her sundress on down past her hips and let it fall around her feet.They both then stepped over and bent over picking up the skirt and dress and drapped them over the back of their chair and sat down, as I finished taking off my pants and drapping it over the back of my chair, then sitting down again."Did we give something away, when we were at the airport or what?""Yes and no." Martha said as she put some mashed potatos on her plate."What?""When I hugged Sarua, I was able to tell she had no bra on when I hugged her, and I saw how hard you were in your pants and then feeling it when we hugged, which I did the full on body hug on purpose to feel it, and then walking to the baggage claim, the way you two stayed together like you did, and then being able to see through Sarua's dress, when the sun light hit her just right, confermed that she had no pantys on under her dress, then watching her get in the car and seeing how she had her dress when you opened the car door, I had to do what I did to you, since I was so turned on, by how handsome you look with a package like you are packing, I just wished you were not my cousin but yet, I really don't care, as long as the two of you don't care cause, like I told Sarua, I want a round with you and I did ask her, if what I suspected was true, which she confirmed the fact, that I'm right about the two of you."I looked over at mom which she then said, "When she asked about us, I said that we are just closer than your usual mother and son, then she told me how much she would love to have a round or two with you, even thou you two are first cousins and wishing, that the two of you weren't cousins, so I went ahead and told her about us and what we did and how we would let her join in with us, as long as it is the three of us together, which she was cool about and didn't want to break us up, as the couple that we are now.""Then just before Sarua called you in for supper, she told me about the clothes option deal you two have around here when it is usually just the two of you, and I told her, it sounded like it was exciting and fun to do and that I wanted to be nude like this, while at home, which I can't cause of the way mom and dad are, and my two brothers and sister, being prudes too." "May I ask how you know, that none of them are willing to go nude, since it is just the family at home?""First off, mom and dad will not talk or want talk, about sex, outside of bedroom doors, or to anyone other than your soul mate. Talking sex is forbiden with other family members, which John, my oldest brother, got in trouble, along with my sister one time, while they were in his bedroom talking about sexual things, about someone they were interested in at school, and boy did they get into trouble. My other brother Mike, saw what happened and since then, not one of the three will even talk to me about it. I heared about what happened to them and it did, have me scared a little bit trying to talk to them, but when we were out away from home and where no one else could hear us I tryed and they all want to threaton me, with telling mom and dad about wanting to talk to them about sex or esxual things, so I just went and talked to my best girlfriend about things like that, and we both, would love to do my brothers, even her brother and her dad, which I would like to have a turn with him myself."While we ate our supper, we talked about Martha's family some more, and then about us, with me watching her tits and Sarua's tits the whole time, had me harder than I've ever been I think.When we finished eating, Sarua and I cleared the table together while we made Martha sit and relax some, since she had helped fix supper and had a long plain ride before that.With the table clear and the dishs in the dishwasher washing, the three of us then went into the living room, each with a bottle of beer and sat down on the couch, with me between Sarua and Martha.Going through the channals on the tv, mom saw a show that her and I would watch from time to time, since it was on HBO it never seemed to come on at the same time each week, that was like a x rated soap opera, that wasn't triple x, but just an x rated show. The actors and actress' are looking for true love for the most parts, and on one epasode we had seen, one of the actress's didn't know if she ever had a orgasm or not.The sex seans were really pretty hot, even thou penatration not showed, but the full on body shots during the sex seans, were still pretty hot.Before the first sex sean came on, Sarua reached over and took a hold of my really hard cock and slowly strocked it, while I reached over and started finger fucking her.Before the first sex sean was over with, I noticed that Martha was squeezing her legs together and slightly relaxing them and squeezing them again and figeting around a little bit, so since my beer was sitting on the table, I reached down and pried her legs apart and stuck a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out, the way I was doing to Sarua's pussy.It wasn't long till Martha was squrming around and had one leg d****d over my leg like Sarua had done by this time, with my other leg, and Martha was trying to meet my finger, and as I stuck a second finger into her pussy, I did the same with Sarua, and then I moved my fingers in and out of their pussys faster as Sarua stroked my hard cock faster, but not fast enough for me to cum just yet, and both women were moaning out with pleasure."Oh, fuck meee, I'm cumming cussss.""I'm about to cum Sammy, make me cum, toooo, agggghhhhhh, I'm cumminggg."When Martha had her orgasm, I felt her pussy muscles squeeze my fingers, and her juices coated my fingers and palm.When Sarua had her orgasm, I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers and her hand, quit stroking my rock hard cock, and then she squirted cum out all over my hand, leg, couch cushion, and coffee table.I slowly finger fucked them, as they rode out their orgasms.When the two women calmed down some from their orgasms, "Oh fuck, cus, I've never had, an orgasm, that was so, intens, like that was." between breaths."I told you, that you would love, the way, he makes, a woman cum." Sarua said between breaths as well.Sarua started stroking my cock again, "Do you want to ride this hard rod of his now?""I would like to taste it first I think."Sarua stood up turning my cock lose, "When Sammy lays down on his back, you climb back over him, with your pussy over his head for a sixty nine."When Martha straddled my head with her legs, then kneeled down with her knees on each side of my head, I saw her dark brown pussy lips wanting some attention and seeing the juices, about ready to drip off from them, I sucked her lips to get some of her pussy juices, then stuck my tongue up into her pussy and licked it from her tante, toward her clit, that was peeking out from it's hood but stopped short, of licking her clit, as I licked back to her tante, then back toward her clit again."Is my husband licking your pussy real good Martha?"I could hear Martha moaning before Sarua asked Martha, if I was doing a good job of licking her pussy, "Oh fuck, yes he is, damn. He is even teasing me so much, that I can't stand it much more."I kept licking Martha's pussy from her tante toward her clit and stopping short of licking her clit, a few more times, then I lightly flicked my tongue on her clit and stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy, as I started sucking on her clit, and it seemed to have set her off over the edge, as her pussy muscles then clamped down on my fingers and cum went to flowing into my mouth, as I heared, "MMMMmmmm, fuck, I ' m, cum ming, sheeeiiit damn, I... cummmmming." then Martha fell forward and down onto me, where I couldn't lick her pussy any more but, I was able to keep my fingers in her pussy and wiggle them around in her pussy, as she rode out her orgasm.I kept wiggling my fingers and moving them in and outward of her pussy, as Martha rode out her orgasm, and just a bit before she seemed to calm down any from her orgasm, she jerked up and started crawling toward my feet, "Oh oh, stop, I cant take it much more, I need, this big hard cock, in my pussy, now, fuck."Martha guided my hard dick into her pussy as she managed to raise up over my cock, then she slowly sat down on it, letting it slide up into her tight, wet, pussy, and before she had my dick all the way up in her pussy, I could feel how hot her pussy was, which was so fucking hot, "She might blister my dick Sarua. It's a wander she didn't blister my fingers. That is how hot she is, in this fucking tight pussy of her's." "You should be able to handle it then with no problem, since you say that about my pussy too."When Martha had my rock hard cock all the way in her pussy, she just sat there on top of me, "Oh fuck cus, I have never had a dick in my pussy, that is so big and thick, damn. All I've ever found is, these pencil dicks that look to be as long as your's is, but, they fall short, cause they do not touch, what the head of your dick is touching, right now, damn." still breathing hard.I started flexing my hips up and down, "Oh fuck no, I'm cumming, fuck cus, I... cummmming." "You never fucked him Martha, all you did is, just sit on him.""I knowwww, but damn, he is so big, I I I... fuck, he's touchingggg, placessss, never been touuuuched, damn." Martha then fell forward from the waist up, which then helped me get up behind her, to fuck her doggy style, without pulling my cock out of her pussy.When Martha was bent over up on her knees and her head laying on the arm of the couch, I started puming my cock in and out of her pussy at a slow steady speed, as I motioned for Sarua to step over closer to us, and when she got close enough, I reached over with one hand and started squeezing her tits frist one then the other one and pinching her nipples lightly for a little bit, then I leaned over and downward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and flict my tongue over the nipple lightly, as I sucked on the nipple.The whole time I did this to the two women, they both were moaning with pleasure and Martha, was meeting me with each of the ins and outs I did with my dick, as I slowly pumped her pussy and Sarua, held my head to her tits as I went from one tit to the other, sucking and licking of her nipples.I reached down and started finger fucking Sarua as I slowly fucked Martha and played with Sarua's tits with my mouth and soon both women, "Yes Sammy, finger my pussy and suck my tits, make me cum.""Fuck me faster, cus, I need to cum baddly, damn, go faster." at the same time.I started speeding up as I pumped my cock in and out of Martha's pussy, and Sarua, held my head tight to her tits as I kept finger fucking her hairy pussy at the same time."Yes Sammy, finger my pussy faster, I'm about to cum too."I had my one hand on Martha's hip, then Sarua reached down and started playing with Martha's tits with one hand, "Fuck Sammy's hard cock faster Martha, faster, yes, fuck him.""Yes Sammy, fuck meee."Sarua then went to jerking her hips back and forth, "Fuck I'm cumming Sammyyyyy." then cum squirted out of her hairy pussy all over my leg and Martha's leg, on the floor, the coffee table, my hand was just covered from my wrist to the tips of my fingers, that were inside of her pussy, and the pussy muscles squeezed my fingers as she cum all over everything close to us, then she fell back and sat down on the coffee table, letting Martha's tit go as I speeded up to pump in and out of Martha's pussy, as fast as I could, as I got my other hand out of Sarua's pussy and on Martha's hip.I could feel my cum starting to find it's way up my hard cock shaft, as I pumped in and out of Martha's pussy, "OHohoh, right there Sammy, I'm about to cum.""Oh fuck, I" then my cum shot out of my cock head right into Martha's pussy, "couldn't hold, it any longerrr.""Yes, fill my pussy up, with your... cummmm, I'm cummmming, toooooo."I stuck my rock hard cock in as deep as I could into Martha's pussy, as soon as she said 'fill my pussy up' which then, I felt her pussy squeeze my cock like it did not want my dick to leave out, till it had filled every bit of her pussy up, with my cum.As my cock kept shooting my cum out into Martha's hot, tight, wet pussy, I just thought, damn all the fucking luck, I have my, such a young looking mom, that is damn hot, sexy, beautiful, that I want to be with for the rest of my days, and now, I have this sexy, hot, beautiful cousin, with her half white half black light complected skin, making me want to be with her for the rest of my days too, damn, I may have trouble with my mom/wife, or wife/mom, how ever it's put, if I say anything about, wanting my cousin here all the time with us.When my cock quit shooting cum out into Martha's pussy, I colapsed down over her and took a hold of her tits and gave them a squeeze and her nipples a light pinch, which seemed to make her cum a bit more and squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles at the same time, as I also kissed the back of her neck and shoulder, till she rode out her orgasm and colapsed down flat on the couch.Sarua then came over closer to us, as I then raised up and kissed her on the mouth using my tongue, as she did the same with me.