Werewolf women of the SS part 2

She looked out the window and could hear the guards at the front gate clearly even though they were atleast 100 yards away and she could smell everything it was almost overwhelming but her eyesight she could clearly see the guards SS insignia even at thi distance. Whats happening she thought to herself as the doctor and nurse from before walked in ''seems subject 115 successfully bonded with the virus'' he said as Diana rushed him and pinned him to the wall she was shocked she had cleared a distance of 10 feet in an instant and the doctor felt like a feather as she lifted him up with one arm, very good very good said the doctor as the nurse was writing on the clipboard ''what the hell did you people do to me'' Diana said as she could herself getting hot and more turned on by the second. The nurse put down her clipboard and started to strip as Diana saw this she Couldn't help but get wet instantly and dropped the doctor as she started kissing the nurse and soon threw her on the bed. Diana ravaged the nurses perky B cup breasts as she licked and bit them the nurse was groaning as Diana licked her wa down to her pussy and started eating her out like a woman possessed the nurse grabbed Dianas hair as a powerful orgasm hit her Diana Couldn't careless all she wanted was this womans pussy as she slipped her fingers in her she kissed the nurse and could see she was flushed and having another orgasm this turned her on more as Diana started iting her neck. The doctor was standing against the wall and soon was stroking his cock at the sexy sight Diana and the nurse Couldn't careless about him as Diana was comming down she lay on her back as the nurse started returning the favor Dianas breasts were super sensitive as the nurse licked and sucked on them intently. She kissed her way down Dianas amazing body so firm and sexy asshe started licking Dianas pussy the doctor was furiously beating off Diana noticed and laughed as the nurse brought her to an orgasm the doctor finished and the nurse started getting dressed. What just happened, Said Diana as she sat up and the doctor explained, ms jeager or shall i call you Diana the injection was a success your body adhered to the virus and now your the perfect woman.What are you talking about she said as the doctor was grinning your now more wolf than human or rather you have the senses and strength of one this is a resounding breakthrough now get dressed as im sure you want to see your pack he said with a laugh.