Weekend Guests (pt 1)

You feel the warmth of my breath on your neck as I lean in and my hand softly cups one of your breasts while I place a soft kiss on your lips. I step back breaking all contact, your ears listening for my steps to try and gauge where and how far I’ve gone.Suddenly you feel a burning pain across one breast, and again on the other as the leather tails of a flogger come crashing down on the soft flesh. Instinctively you lean back, but then correct yourself, obediently pushing your breasts forward.The strikes come softly at first, the flogger coming down over one breast and then slowly onto the other for several turns leaving a warm tingly feeling. Then the pace steps up and the impacts get harder, each strike delivering a harsher sting than the last. You whimper a little as the sound of leather tails slapping your breasts becomes louder and louder. They’re burning so much now you know they must be getting red, but the strikes keep coming, keep getting harder. Just as you think you can’t take much more, that the next one will leave you begging for mercy, they stop. You stand there panting, recovering from the pain, as my hands softly stroke your warm breasts. They’re so sensitive you almost pull away but manage to overcome the desire, letting me caress them and give what would ordinarily feel a soft squeeze.As I press my body up against yours, you feel my hands adjusting the clips on the wrist cuffs, freeing you from the door. Your hands drop to your waist and you feel the blood rushing back to them. “Kneel down” I whisper softly in your ear and you immediately drop down to your knees, sat upright. Your hands are pulled down slightly as I clip the cuffs of one hand to the ankle below, and then the same on the other side. Then I’m stood in front you, and as my hard cock pushes softly on your lips you open your mouth, hungrily taking in as much as you can. Your head slides back and forth, tongue pressing against my cock. I put my hand on the back of your head, grabbing your hair and begin thrusting to meet your movements. I’m forcing more of it into you and you gag a couple of times but keep working hard, eager to make me come. Before long you can feel me getting close, I’m losing control and thrusting so far you’re choking and you feel me tremble and twitch as I fill your mouth with cum. You swallow it down as you slowly slide your mouth around my sensitive cock, tongue flicking to clean me and savour all you can. I withdraw, stepping back for a moment as you catch your breath.Within a moment, you feel a hand gently lifting your chin up and my hard cock against your lips. You take it into your mouth again instantly but as you do you realise this is different, the size, the shape, the taste. You pause for a moment, cock still in mouth, and feel what you know is My hand softly on your shoulder. It’s a reassuring touch, the message of ‘this is ok, and you’re perfectly safe with me’. We’ve spoken about involving others before and you dutifully begin taking in more of it. You feel His hand on your other shoulder to steady himself as your mouth slides up and down. I keep my hand softly on your other shoulder, stroking you affectionately from time to time so you know I’m still there. As you relax you get more into your stride. A stranger’s hand on your shoulder and His cock in your mouth is getting you wetter and wetter, and you’re keen to play the perfect slave. Soon you can feel Him tensing and you work faster, eager to swallow His cum next. Just as He’s about to come He pulls out, you let out a soft moan, deprived of what you’ve worked hard for but then as His hand firmly grabs your hair and holds your face up you know what to expect. The blindfold shields your eyes, but as he grunts and pants you can feel your face getting covered by Him. When he’s done and let’s go of your head, you stretch your tongue out to lick around your mouth, trying to taste whatever you can, and smile as you catch your breath again.As I unclip the hand cuffs from your ankles you realise how wet you’ve gotten. Longing to be touched, your mind races with thoughts of the possible rewards you might get for working so hard for both of us. Still kneeling, you’re surprised when you find your hands clipped again in front of you, around the small of someone’s back. Your palms open and start to explore the form in front, and as your hands pass over soft-skin, a slim waistline and down onto smooth buttocks you realise it’s a woman in front of you. Your hands are pulled up again off Her buttocks so that the chain of the cuffs is in the small of Her back, and as she goes to sit down on the floor you’re slowly lowered forward.You’re on all fours now, arse high in the air and your arms keeping your face off the floor. You can tell She’s sat upright in front you, Her legs open wide hung over your forearms, leaning back on Her hands. Your own hands trapped behind Her back, it locks your face close to her pussy and you can feel the warmth of her body. You don’t need any direction as you slowly move your lips close to Hers. Tentatively, in case any orders interfere, you gently kiss and suck Her pussy lips, running your mouth up and down them. She’s so wet and you wonder if She’s been watching everything so far. Watching you naked, watching you flinch as your breasts are flogged, watching you sucking cock. You wonder if She played with herself as you push your face closer into Her pussy. Was that what got Her so wet? As your tongue explores you realise you can taste some of His cum your face has wiped onto Her. You realise soiling Her like this may lead to punishments, so you deliberately brush your face against Her inner thighs purely so you can lap up His cum, the mixture of the tastes of His cum and Her pussy driving you wild with excitement. As your face buries itself in Her pussy and your tongue slides up and down you hear Her gasp in pleasure and She grinds Her hips forward against your face. Your hands grasp the small of her back, keen to hold Her close. Lapping up all the juices you begin focussing your tongue on Her swollen clit, every flick seeming to elicit a keen moan from Her. As Her body tenses you hear a whispering voice ask “Sir...may I come?”When He says “no” you pause a little in surprise. You’d thought this was another dominant to serve, it hadn’t occurred that she was someone’s sub. My hand gives a sharp smack across your left buttock, “Keep going” I say and you keep licking her clit furiously. She’s whimpering from trying not to come as your tongue lashes over her clit. My hand moves from the smack on your buttock, down over your cheeks. You press back into my hand as it cups your pussy, you’re so horny and have waited so long to be touched. As I begin rubbing your pussy lips and clit from behind you groan loudly into her pussy. The sound and vibration seem to set her off and again she whispers “Sir can I come?”“No” comes the response, followed by the familiar sound of a leather flogger whipping hard against soft flesh. From the rush of air you know it landed above your head and onto her breasts. The lashes of the flogger keep coming, and as it picks up pace so do I as my hand rubs your clit. She’s gasping with each strike now, unable to muffle her screams any more. You know exactly what she’s going through and the thought of it excites you even more, and as I continue to rub your clit you push your face and tongue firmly against her pussy, licking furiously. “Sir can I come?” she says more loudly as the flogger continues to lash her breasts, and your tongue continues to work her clit. A “no” comes back in response but you realise you’re now getting close yourself.You try to hold it but after all the flogging and oral service you’re so horny and can barely contain yourself, every touch of my hand over your clit feels like it could make you come. You don’t want to break away so as you ask “Can I come?” your lips barely leave her pussy, your tongue forming the words on her clit and it sets her off again. Before I can answer she’s begging again as well, “Sir please can I come?” she pants. There’s a joint “No” from Me and Him and as I rub your clit harder you groan and lick her harder, and hear as the smack of the flogger gets harsher than before. Both you and her are panting, trembling, as you both try to hold back the force of your orgasm. Again you ask “Can I come?”, your words caressing her pussy and she quickly follows “PLEASE can I come?”. There’s a pause which feels like an age as He and I look at each other before a joint “Yes” is heard.You both fall suddenly silent, your bodies convulsing so hard you stop breathing. I keep rubbing your clit and you keep licking her. After several full body spasms you both start panting again as you strive for breath. You ride the pleasure from my hand while savouring the juices of her twitching pussy.I slow down, before stopping my hand and you relax. You feel her wince slightly after a lick and as her hips back away a bit you lift your mouth up. Your back suddenly feels on fire as the flogger comes crashing down all across it. His hand is behind your head, pushing your face so hard into her pussy you can’t breathe. “Do not stop” he says firmly as the flogger lights up your back again, before giving a couple of quick strikes to each buttock.After giving so much oral your tongue is exhausted but you force yourself to keep going, your mouth moving up and down her pussy as the hand on your head relaxes and disappears. Her breathing’s still quick and every flick of your tongue on her overly sensitive clit leaves her gasping, but you know she’s also wincing in pain as you torture her towards another orgasm.A stinging pain hits your arse as the flogger comes down again across one buttock. It’s a relatively soft strike, and slowly it comes down on the other. He leans in behind you, his body against yours sending shivers down your spine as he whispers into your ear “the longer it takes her to come, the more you’ll get.” After leaning back He flogs one buttock again, harder than before. Then the other one. You lick more furiously, her wincing more as you try to push her again. The flogger’s coming harder now, you can feel each cheek getting warmer with every strike, and each one stings more than the one before.“Sir, can-“ her panting words are cut off by a choking sound and she goes silent for a moment as I clutch her throat, while the flogger comes down again harder on your arse. She exhales sharply as I let her breathe again. She struggles to catch her breath again around your ministrations, and once she has carries on “-can I-“, but again her words are cut off by a choking sound from hands around her throat. You moan in frustration, complaining to her pussy about the unfairness, as the flogger comes down harshly onto your arse. Your arse is burning now, and you can barely move your tongue any more, nodding your head furiously to force her closer to an orgasm you’re not sure We’ll allow. She gasps desperately for air and screams “Can I come?!!” loudly. As soon as she’s said it you hear her breath quiet again as I grasp her neck, and He replies “Yes”. She bucks instantly, silently spasming and straining for breath against My hands. The flogger comes down so hard on your arse you scream into her pussy as you keep licking furiously. I let go of her neck and her panting from orgasm is music to your ears as she comes again several times over. Obediently you keep going, forcing more and more from her until she collapses back onto the floor, and you realise you’ve not been flogged for a moment. You keep going though, her body trembling and her screaming as she comes again. She’s exhausted but you keep going, until a hand pulls your head away from her pussy. As you come away, you give a soft, affectionate kiss goodbye to her pussy lips, and collapse with your face on the floor between her legs, exhausted and grateful for the rest.You both lie there for a moment, your head on the floor by her pussy and your arse still burning. Her on her back, still catching her breath. You can feel My hand running up and down your back, into your hair, and down again and over your buttocks, stroking you affectionately with a touch which says you’re doing well. Likewise, she seems to be responding to some touch and comfort but you can’t see what.After giving you a moment, you’re both stood up, your hands unclipped from behind her back and instead clipped together in front of your body. You’re walked out of the lounge, presumably towards the bedroom, and hear other footsteps around you so assume she and He are coming with us...(to be continued)