Tyronne's Work Overnighter

My wife, Sarah and I live in Del Mar, approx. 20 miles North of San Diego. We have been married for 5 years and do not have any c***dren. As with most couples without c***dren, we immersed ourselves into making life as good and fun for ourselves as possible. Sarah is 28yo, 5' 6" tall, blonde with hazel eyes. Going to the gym every night has kept her body in fantastic shape without an inch of fat. Her pussy is always clean shaved and has only seen one cock, mine, as we were both virgins when we got married. She is definitely the best thing that has happened to me and is the most loving wife I could have asked for. That brings the task of describing me. I am 29yo, 5" 8" tall, approx. 200lbs but unfortunately with a little bit more fat than I would like. Unlike Sarah, I am not a gym junkie although I do accompany her 3 evenings per week (compared with her 6 evenings with Sunday being a rest night). Accordingly, as a slightly more chubby person, I have a very average cock which registers 5.5" erect and negligible when soft. Deep down, I know that it is the state of my cock which stops me from going to the gym as I cannot bear to change in front of other men.I also work in an office as an accountant which does not help my shape in any way or form. But, I do earn enough to allow Sarah to work 3 days a week, more to fill in some boredom time rather than money. At work, my best friend is a black dude called Tyronne. Just like Sarah, he is also a gym junkie, stands 6'6" tall, approx. 220lbs of pure muscle and I have been in the men's room when he has been having a piss and I know that his cock is as long as mine soft as mine is hard and thick. He was also and African American which added to the allure I guess. We were working on a project together to reduce our company's printing cost.Typically, we had been given 5 days to come up with a plan to slash $100K off our printing budget. As can be expected, we were working nights and till very late. The night before we had to make our presentation, we realized that we were still way behind schedule. So I asked Ty to come over for a quick dinner so we could work on the proposal. I also asked him to bring a change of clothing so he could spend the night with us. The fact that we had a one bedroom condo would make things a bit difficult but I knew we could manage as we also had a bed sofa.Thursday night, Ty and I went home for dinner to find a decent serving of bangers and mash waiting for us with salad (that's what you get for being married to a gym junkie). The meal was enjoyable without being spectacular. We devoured the meal quickly so we could get started on the proposal. Ty, on the other hand, had other ideas. As I went to set up the laptop, he went to help Sarah clean up in the kitchen and I could hear them laughing. It didn't take long but soon he was out and we set down to finish off the work. An hour after we began, Sarah brought us some cold beers and then retired to the bedroom to watch television. We were almost finished when she came down to serve us another round of beers. What Sarah and I didn't know was Ty didn't drink beer because it made him run to the toilet too often. And the only usable toilet in our condo was in our bedroom (we were using the other one as a storage room). And to make matters worse, because it was supposed to be "private", there was no door. In any case, Ty went to relieve himself but I expected him to come down within a few seconds which he duly did."Hey man. Where is the door at,? he asked."Sorry, bud. Since the toilet is in a master bedroom, the builders must have thought it was private enough and never put one in", I replied."I am busting but your wife is in the room watching TV.""Don't mind her. Not as if you have anything she hasn't seen before."So he shot off to the room again. I heard him apologize to Sarah and relieved himself. A few minutes later, I heard the toilet flush and he was down in a hurry. Just as an off thought, I went to "relieve" myself. But in reality, I had gone to check on Sarah and apologize for a stranger pulling out his cock and pissing in front of him. I was more interested in knowing if she had seen Ty's cock and what her thoughts were."Hey, hun. Sorry about that," I said. "I forgot about the only usable toilet and that without a door.""Fuck me! Do you know how big his cock is"? she asked. "It must be at least 5" soft so imagine how big that would be erect."From the tone of her voice, I could see that she was aroused and excited at the same time."Do you want it?" I asked softly."Wh .. What's that?""I said do you want his cock.""In a perfect world yes. I would love to. But we are married and I took a vow never to cheat on you. And I aim to keep that vow.""But are you really cheating if I know what is going on"? I asked.We chatted softly about this for another few minutes and decided that Sarah would take Ty and his big cock. I offered to leave the condo for an hour or so to give her privacy. But she wouldn't have a bar of it. She said that not only did she want me in the condo watching, but if Ty was cool with it, she wanted me involved.So I went back downstairs to continue working on the proposal. Whilst I was in the bedroom, Ty had almost completed the presentation."You took your time, man,: he said."Sorry about that.""But no flush. You didn't got o have a tinkle did you?" he asked."Er. No. I went to make sure Sarah was OK. You know with you using the toilet without a door."We finished off the proposal and I brought another beer out. Just as we sat down, Sarah walked in. And did she make a grand entrance. She had absolutely no clothing on and I could see her wetness glinting on her pubes. Her entrance into the room floored Tyronne. He was lost for words. Sarah simply walked over to our sofa and sat down between us."Tyronne, I saw your cock whilst you were having a pee. John and I have discussed this and I wouldn't mind you fucking me with that horse cock of yours." I must say that I was surprised at her language for she never talks dirty like that.I think Ty must have had an eye on Sarah because he simply stood up and took of his shirt. I could see his rippling muscle and six-pack abs. He then removed his trousers and stood there in his jocks. His cock was already anticipating what was to come and was already semi erect. He slowly pulled his underwear off and his big black cock jumped out.He stood in front of Sarah who reached out to stroke it. Within a minute, Tyronne was fully erect at something approaching 9". It was huge, most definitely bigger than anything Sarah and I had seen. Sarah wrapped her lips around the bright red head of his big black cock. I heard a moan escape Ty's mouth."Fuck, that feels good."Watching my wife give my best friend from work a blow job had me harder than I have ever felt. I quickly took my clothes off and stood next to Ty."Step on to the sofa, bud, so I can eat my wife's pussy."He didn't need to be told twice. He stood on the sofa exposing my wife's beautiful pussy. And man, was it wet. I leaned in and started to lap at her cunt licking in all her free flowing juices. Every now and then, I would flick her clit to send a shiver up her spine. I looked up to see Sarah's head bobbing away on Ty's cock. He was moaning quite loudly now as was Sarah. The wet slurping sound was driving me nuts as well. It wasn't long before Ty pulled away from my wife."Man, that was sensational but I have to fuck her before I blow my load."So I moved aside as Sarah lay down on the rug on the floor. She opened her legs wide and Ty positioned himself between her legs. He cock was touching the entrance to Sarah's love tunnel but his body was close to her knees. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her tight pussy. She stiffened with a little bit of pain which made Ty stop."Keep going, mate. But slowly. Her pussy will adjust as you push in."With that, he pushed in a little bit more. Soon, the whole head had gone in. With a little bit more pushing, half of his shaft had gone in."Ty, I think that is enough for tonight. I don't think I can take in any more," Sarah cried out.Ty being the gentleman he is, did not push in any more. But he did start pumping her pussy. From my vantage point peering in at her pussy from between Ty's legs, I could see her cunt opening and closing as he pumped. What Sarah didn't see was that I had taken out my iPhone and was secretly video taping this. Ty started with small thrusts and then began to lengthen it out without going past the point that Sarah had chosen as the maximum. Sarah was now moaning out of control. She was bucking her hips (making it rather hard to video but I managed). And Ty was pumping her cunt for all it was worth. In what seemed like a few seconds but the iPhone confirmed was more like 15 minutes, Sarah had orgasmed about two times whilst being fucked when I heard Ty declare that he was about to come."Pull out, please Ty. I am in my cycle and don't want to get pregnant," she said. "Pull out and come on my tummy."So Ty pulled out and started to stroke his massive cock. It only took a few strokes before he unloaded his cum onto Sarah's tummy. String after string of hot white cum spurted onto her tummy and tits. When he had finally stopped spurting. Sarah took his cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck it clean. Now this was a new move on her part.And then it was my turn. By now, I was so aroused that I knew putting my cock into Sarah's tight pussy was pointless. So I knelt over her keeping her tummy between my legs with my legs on either side of her (getting more aroused by Ty's cum touching my scrotum). I stroked my cock a few times but couldn't get myself to go over the edge. I felt Tyronne slide up behind me and reached around to grab my cock. His hand had some oil on it from the dresser and was now stroking my cock. The feeling of a foreign hand and oil did the trick. I started to cum like I had never cum before as I couldn't believe I was capable to cumming so much. String after string of hot cum landed on her tummy, including the first string which landed on her lips. Sarah then did something that she had never done before. She stuck out her tongue and licked my cum off her lips. As I stopped cumming, she took my softening cock into her mouth and sucked me clean as well. Again, this is something she had never done so Ty was the first cock that she had sucked clean after cumming.Spent, the three of us lay down on the bed and fell asleep. In the morning, I felt a mouth around my cock. Wow! Sarah must have been really aroused. I opened my eyes thinking I would see Sarah. But I got an absolute shock of my life to see Tyronne sucking my cock. Now the "helping hand" i received the previous night made sense. Ty was a bi-sexual.But that is for another day. Needless to say, we aced our presentation, saved the company more than the $100K they had requested. Tyronne became a frequent visitor to our condor spending many weekends at our home. Our marriage has gone from strength to strength with Sarah even begging me to have sex with Ty so that she could have "her" video (she had seen the one I made).But all that is for another day with another chapter to cum.Hope you enjoyed this fiction.