True story 3

I arrived at his address, made up, little skirt and tight top as he told me to be wearing.He answered his door and i could smell his cats lol.A big communal block of flats in a really run down bit of london.He wasn't the guy in the picture i replied to, he was at least 70 and even though the guy in the pic was wearing a was so obviously not him.He thrust the strongest vodka i have ever tasted into my hand and started making small talk in his kitchen.Porn playing in the living room and a mattress on the floor.The lap of luxury it wasn't.I didnt think you would turn up i wasn't sure i would i replied.Im glad you did he said, looking me up and down.Turn around, lets have a look at you.I did.You like old men then baby ? he asked.Sometimes i answered We had emailed a few times before meeting so i shared things with him i wanted him to use/do with me.He came right up to me, you sure he said.Yes i answered.Yes sir he said and slapped me (lightly) Dont look at me piggy he ordered.No sir.He went to a bag under his sink and took out a collarPutting it on, i could feel his cock pushing into my flimsy skirt.He took out a dog lead and put it on the collar pulling it down hard.He twisted round his hand so my neck was right by his wrist.He pushed his hand up my skirt, really roughly feeling my pussyHis mouth covered mine and he stuck his tongue deep into my mouth.Im going to fucking enjoy you he said.Yes sir i said.He turned me round and pulled my skirt over my bum cheeks.Panties half pulled down..Two fingers open my cheeks.One finger stared to push into me.Sir i said that hurts.Good pig its meant to he replied.Down he orderedI did as i was told.Take my cock out...i did....wank it....i started.You like that don't you piggy.Yes sir i said.Suck it pigI did, he hadn't washed and i started to gag.He laughed slapped me again and pushed his cock right down my throat making me gag and nearly throw up.He didn't stop he just kept pushing harder, the more i gagged he the more he fucked my mouth.He pulled my hair (i love that) and fucked my face.Fucking pigYou fucking fat pig he said..He made me crawl on all fours to the living room, collar still on, he attached it to a sofa leg so my head was on the floor and i couldn't really move.He got two dressing gown belts out and started to tie my wrists and ankles.Got to be honest here lol.... i was starting to think i may have gone a bit far.The thrill though overwhelmed me.Pushed to the floor and roughy strippedMy tits grabbed and his cock back in my mouthNames being called and me gagging for air in-between thrusts of his cock in my mouth,My legs now attached to my wrists and on some sort of pulley system were hoisted into the air.My arse hole and pussy on show.He pushed his old face right into both and told me to wriggle and rub.Fucking fat pig he said again.Half a bottle of baby oil covered me and i felt his finger pushing into my bum holeI gasped, then i felt a bigger finger, i gasped again.One finger up my bottom and another opening my pussy.He spat on my hole He lay between my legs, he grabbed my hair and yanked it over to one side.His old fat body pushing me down.He then bit down on my shoulder giving me a massive bloody love bite... don't, please don't do that i asked.He laughed, yanked harder and bit harder.Explain that you fat cheating pig he said.I felt his cock rubbing between my pussy lipsHis mouth again covering mine and deeply kissing me.I pulled my legs up so he couldn't enter me.He looked at me and pushed into me again.Open your legs and keep them open His hard grip went into my hips making me yell.Yes sir i said.I felt his cock push into me, it felt amazing, his fat old body pushing down on me and his cock filling me.His hands were tweaking my nose and covering my mouthI couldn't hide the fact the rougher he was getting the more turned on i was getting.I felt my pussy start to spasm and contract.Im going to cum sir, i said.Go on pig he said.And i did, and he kept fucking me and fingering me and then i felt his cock go so stiff and he came deep inside me.The minute he did, i regretted what i had just done.After that, he kept me tied for about an hour, he fucked my mouth again and spunked over my face rubbing it in He fucked me one more time before he untied me and drove me home.He asked to see me again, i said no.For the next couple of days i was disgusted with what i had done.... he had taken some pictures (we both agreed to that before) and today i was looking at them and just started to feel so horny and naughty and dirty again.Thanks for the replies i have had from the ads I'm placing by the way.