Transformed by Uncle

As a toddler my mom and dad would always cringe when someone came up tothem and said, "What a lovely little girl." My mother especially tookgreat offense at that, but the truth is I did look more like a girl than alittle boy. As I grew up, my mom kept my hair very short and alwaysdressed in very masculine little outfits. For Halloween I was always acowboy, or a fireman, she dressed me in sailor suits. As hard as theytried however, I had a very feminine face and when my blonde hair grew outjust a bit it would be very very curly.I hated the toys they bought me. I didn't like the fire trucks or thepolice cars or the GI Joes. I loved to play with the dolls my femalecousins would bring over. I was chastised by my father on more than oneoccasion when he would catch me playing with my friend's or cousin's dolls.I think he knew what I was. He was a learned man as are all of hisbrothers. He was a doctor, his older brother is a lawyer and his youngerbrother is a pharmacist. My mom was a simple woman, not very welleducated, but she was beautiful. I see pictures of her now and see alittle bit of me in her. She was tall, blonde, and you could tell she hada great shape even under the dowdy and frumpy clothes she wore.When I was 7 years old my parents dropped me off at my uncle Martin's housefor a week. Martin is my father's younger brother, he was single andc***dless at the time. I loved him more than any other relative. Martinhad secretly let me play with my cousins dolls and he had even bought meone and kept it at his house for when I came over. My mom and Dad were ontheir way to Florida for their first vacation by themselves since I wasborn. On the third day of their vacation they were on I-95 returning totheir hotel from dinner when a drunk driver crashed into them head on.Life as I knew it had ceased to exist.Martin waited until the next day to tell me. He let me have that lastnight's sleep before giving me the news that would change my lifeforever. When I woke up the next morning, Margarita, the Spanish babysitter was there when, but so was Martin, and my Uncle Joel and his wifeDianne. I was only 7 but I knew something was wrong.After the funeral, the family got together and decided that I would livewith my Uncle Martin. Joel and Dianne had three girls at home, and sincemy mom was an only c***d and both her parents had died long before I wasborn, every one agreed that Martin would raise me. My parent's home wassold and the money from the sale of the house as well as the insurancemoney from their death was put into a trust fund for me.Life with Martin was great, immediately I felt different with him. Ididn't feel the pressure I felt from my parents to be such a boy. Martineven agreed not to cut my hair, I had pleaded with him to let me grow it abit. He had also bought for me several dolls with frilly dresses and dollhouses, and matching cars. I adjusted to life with Martin quickly.Although I sensed the freedom and the fun to play with the toys and dolls Iwanted to and to be the person I felt most happy being, I also sensed thatMartin started changing in his attitude towards me. I would catch himlooking at me for long periods of times, and he was always jotting thingsdown in a notebook he kept in his room.By the time I was 11, my hair was past my shoulders, long blonde curly hairand people often confused me for a girl, and at school the teachersrepeatedly sent notes home suggesting I get my hair cut. Martin alwaysdefended me and responded saying that it was something I wanted. I was nowat an age where masculinity and femininity begin to develop. My femininitywas now obvious.During the previous four years, Martin had allowed me to wear some of mymom's clothes around the house. He later explained to me that at first hethought I was just doing it to feel closer to her. But when he realizedthat I was wearing them because they were the only female clothes around,he started buying me about an outfit a month of clothes more getting for myage and the style of the day. On my 12th birthday, Martin bought me a smallmake-up kit, many beautiful dresses, and girls underwear. We had our ownprivate party.Later that night Martin and I had "the" talk. I still remember his bigbrown eyes filled with worry. His curly black hair falling into his faceand he pushing it back nervously. He started off by asking me about how Iwas doing at school. I told him that it was awful, I hated playing the boygames and that they always made fun of the way I ran and threw. I wasteased about my hair even though it was always very neat and in a ponytail. By this point I was about 5 feet tall, very slender and with thelong blond hair. My lashes were naturally long, and it I was an easytarget for lots of the boy's teasing.I found out later that during those first awkward years Martin had been tomany Parent Teacher Conferences about my behavior and my looks. It wasduring those meetings that the school psychologist first suggested toMartin I go to a shrink full time to see about my sexuality and my genderIdentification. But where to go.Martin did a great deal of research, in the meantime I was continuing tobegin puberty. I was slowly becoming comfortable with my small boyishpenis and my small balls, but I had fallen into the habit of peeing sittingdown anyway. After 2 or three months of study, consulting many books andvisiting shrinks, Martin decided for both of us that I was going to starttaking female hormones immediately.He sat me down that night of my 12th birthday and after asking me aboutschool and after I explained to him how unhappy I was, he asked me if Iwanted to live my life as a girl full-time from that moment on. I couldn'tbelieve it, I was beyond ecstatic, and I remember I just kept saying "youmean it?" "You mean it?" and he smiled the most relaxed smile of the lastfour years and said "Yes, I mean it".Many months later Martin and I went to the small Pharmacy he had boughtwith the help of my uncle and my Dad. I waited in the car for about fiveminutes as he went inside. He came back to the car carrying a large boxwith a Federal Express label on it. He got in the car and drove home.This was an incredible day for me because it was the first time Martin hadlet me go outside the house with a little make up on, just the right enoughof light lipstick for an almost 13 year old, and I wore a short skirt witha matching blouse tucked in.When we got home, Martin sat me down again and opened the box in front ofme. In it were many bottles of the same types of pills, and small bottleswith liquid in them. I froze when I saw the hyper dermic needles. ThenMartin explained that I was to get only two shots a month, one shot on thefirst and then another shot on the 15th. But that I had to take a seriesof these pills every single day. He explained to me that these pills andshots would help me in becoming the girl I wanted to be. He told me thatmy small flat boyish chest would begin to fill up and grow, that my smalllight pink nipples would expand, begin to protrude and become moresensitive. He made it clear that the little bit of muscle mass in my thinarms and legs would soften and I would get curves like a girl, and since Iwas starting this at such a young age, my penis would not further develop.Everything was a jumble to me, all the technical talk, all the scientificexplanations, and I just didn't care. I was going to be a girl, and that'sall I wanted.That morning I immediately started taking the pills. He fired Margaritaand we moved to another school district. He got me a new birth certificateand on the document it said my name was Daniela and that I was a femaleborn on the same date and time that I was. He said that a man at city hallowed him a tremendous favor and he got him my new birth certificate aspayment. I registered for Junior High School as a girl. The other problemwas Phys Ed class. He went to the school and got me permanently excusedfrom phys ed, during those 45 minutes I went into the library and read andread and read.It took both of us about 6 months to finally relax into our new roles. Iturned 14 after several months of taking pills and shots. From thebeginning of the first shots my nipples became sensitive. I couldn't stopplaying with them as they grew in size. They were getting longer and theareolas were getting larger. By 6 weeks they felt thicker as if there wassomething really down there under my skin. By 12 weeks or three months Iwas at about an A cup. I stayed that size for almost 18 months. It was atthat time that Martin started checking me up physically for any side effectof the hormones. He would give me a weekly breast exam, and he would withgreat care check my prostrate for any abnormalities. As each day passedand with the surge of female hormones I became more aware of my sexuality. I also became more bold with Martin. It was during one of those examsthat I started to assert my sexuality on him. Martin is the tallest of thethree brothers coming in at about 6'1" he was stocky but without an ounceof fat. He had a gym at home he worked out on religiously every singleday. He had curly black hair, and was the only one of the brothers thatgot brown eyes. He had a strong hairy chest and he was just a thick manall over , and from the time I was 7 or 8 I was physically attracted tohim. His arms and legs were thickly covered with dark, soft curly hair.In the 7 years I'd lived with him, the most I'd seen of Uncle Martin werepassing shots when he was running late and running from the bathroom to hisbed room. The physical exams that Martin gave me took place on Saturdaymornings. We would each shower in our separate bathrooms and I would puton a robe. I'd meet him in his study or in the kitchen. He would look atme and say "Hey honey, it's time." He always was so very gentle andtender. He would almost kneed my newly acquired breast tissue with hisfingers looking for lumps, then he would squeeze just under the nipple aswell. First one breast than the other. I always got an erection, althoughgoing into the 5th month they weren't as obvious because my little peniswasn't sticking out as much, but I definitely got an erection. At first Ihid it from him, but after several weeks I stopped because I hoped againsthoped that he would notice it. Then we would go into his bedroom where hewould take out the jar of Vaseline and I would lay on my stomach with mylegs spread, he would put a large amount of Vaseline on his bare indexfinger and very slowly insert it into my pink hairless bud hole. It wouldgo in far enough until he felt the small almond size prostrate glandgrowing inside me. Then he would remove his finger and wiped me clean.That was our standard operating procedure until THE Saturday my life againchanged....This time for the better.I had gotten my shots on Thursday the 15 of that month, and for severaldays after getting my shots I was always felt what could best be describeda cat in heat. On the nights following my shots I would lay in bed and justpull and pinch away at my nipples, feeling sensations that were at the sametime frightening but bewildering and wonderful at the same time. TheFriday night before this particular exam, I had spent nearly an hourplaying with my nipples and sticking my skinny fingers up my own ass.That morning I took my shower and put my robe on, my long long blonde hairwas wrapped in a towel over my head as it was every Saturday for exams.But this time I decided to let it down. It was moist but not soaked, dryenough so that the curls had spring to them. I looked in the mirror andwas delighted with the subtle changes in my face, and the not so subtlechanges my chest had undergone.. If I'd only known at the time I wouldhave realized I had the perfect breasts of a budding 15 year old girl.I found Martin in his robe in the kitchen, he was usually dressed in hisSaturday uniform which consisted of sweatpants and a t-shirt. But thismorning he was still in his robe, he apologized and said he'd gotten a latestart. I walked into the kitchen and I stood directly behind him and said"Uncle Marin, , I'm ready." He started to say the words "O.K" as he turnedaround, but he stuttered and nearly choked on his dry cereal between thewords O and K. My hair was down, I had put on a light coat of lipstick, Iwasn't wearing my normal terry cloth robe, I had changed into a lace andsatin robe I still had from my mom, and the robe was opened enough to wherehe could actually see the cleavage of the 15 year old she-boy standing infront of him.. The look on his face warmed me and excited me. I was tooyoung to know what to call it, but I saw what I would now most certainlywould have recognized as desire in his eyes.Before I go on, let me explain that in the 7 and a half years since livingwith Martin, he always took great effort to hide his body from me, and gaveme all the privacy I wanted. I always tried to sneak a look at him, but hewas always very very proper. Martin had also devoted all of his free timeto me, there had never been any women in his life. He was 27 years oldwhen I moved in with him and now he was 33, and during those years, therewas no one in his life. He was devoted to his "project." Me.That morning he followed me into his bedroom, where I stood at the foot ofthe bed and allowed the robe to completely fall off of my shoulders. Istood naked before him. My A-B cup milky white breasts were topped by mylarge light pink nipples. They were hard because I was excited and becauseof the coolness of his room. My hair flowed down my back with whisps ofblonde curls touching my face, shoulders and breasts. My light blue eyeslooked with longing at him. My slender narrow waist brought his attentionto the bit of boyhood I still possesed. Semi erect, coming out of analmost white soft patch of peach fuzz. My hips where broader, almost evenwith my shoulders now and my long slender legs were firmly planted on theground. He stood in front of me, and I swear his hands were shaking as hetried to look at all of me. He started the exam as usual by kneeding the outside edge of my developingmammal gland. As he moved his fingers in toward the nipple I sighed withpleasure, and that startled him. He stopped for just a second, and thenproceded with the exam, when he felt just behind my nipple and squeezed it,I threw my head back and sighed again. I could feel how red my face wasgetting. As I brought my face back to face him, I looked down and saw theunmistakeable "tenting" of his robe. My uncle Martin had a hardon and thatin itselft stirred up all types of feelings within me. He moved his darkhairy arm towards my other breasts and began the exam again and I let outyet another sigh as he felt behind that nipple. Then he palmed my breast, and he said in a voice that cracked withnervousness "Dani these are growing beautifully, are you happy with them?""Yes," I responded. "I love how they look, how they feel, and what a greatfeeling I get from pulling on my nipples." With that I looked down andgrabbed my exposed nipple between my index finger and my thumb and pulledon it hard. "You really enjoy that?" he asked. "Yes I do" I took my handaway just as his came up.We were now standing facing each other as he pulled gently on both my lightpink she-boy nipples and I noticed that his breathing was starting tochange and that his eyes were fixated on my breasts.. All I could say is,"please don't stop." After a few minutes of this (which seemed aneternity) I reach down and I attempted to untie his robe, he pushed backand said, "No dani, this is wrong. We shouldn't be doing this." I grabbedhis hands and put them back on my nipples and said "I love you Martin, Iwant to be your lover." The best I could do at fifteen, but it workedbecause he started pulling and pinching my nipples again. He didn't moveaway this time when I went to untie his robe. Then I pushed it open andreached down and took his 8" thick uncut dick in my hand and startedmassaging it. This was the first time I had ever touch another man's cock,and it felt like I was holding on to fire. I couldn't take my hands or myeyes away from it.I allowed my self to fall back onto the bed at the same time pulling myuncle on top of me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thighas we came face to face. I put my arms around his neck and brought my faceup to his and we kissed. Deep passionate kissing, with great longing, histoungue down my throat I alternated between sucking his tongue and lettinghim him bite my lower lip. I could feel my hips almost involuntarily beginto grind against him. He slid off of me just far enough down so that hismouth was now directly over my nipples.He wrapped his amrs around and under me, lifting my chest to his mouth, myhead tilted back onto the bed. When I first felt the warmth of his mouthon my nipple I felt a shiver through out my body. He took as much of mybreast in his mouth as he could, then slowly allowed almost all of it toslip out. When he got to my nipple he clamped his teeth down on it andsucked. I felt electricity running from my nipple to my belly then to mygroin. He alternated nipples spending several minutes on each. I couldn'ttake it anymore, and I started shaking with a feeling I had never feltbefore. I convulsed several times as I had my first orgasm. When I openedmy eyes Martin was looking down at me, and at the age of 15, I knew whatlove was.Martin moved up from my now very sensitive nipples and started kissing meagain. The full weight of his body was still on me, and I could feel himreaching for his nightstand. He opened the drawer and I saw the large tubof Vaseline come out. He stuck his hand in it as he continued to kiss meand as my sperm continued rubbing into our skin. He slid his hand betweenus and with one strong moved spread my legs. He put his hand beneath meand with expert fingers separated my firm ass cheeks and began applying theVaseline to my hairless hole.With the first thrust of his index finger into my virgin hole, my nipplesagain hardened. He lifted off of me and I could see his massive organjutting out from between his legs. The large purple head glistened frompre-cum and I instinctively reached out to touch his low hanging and hairyballs. He pushed me back onto the bed and started pulling on my nipplesagain. He stopped long enough to place my legs on his shoulder. I feltthe head of his dick push against my anal opening. He looked at my withhis hands on my hips and said "I love you Dani." Then my Uncle Martinbegan to truly make me his "girl." More later.