The Supple Milkmaid

"Adam?""What do you want mom?""Me and you father have been talking, and since you've decided you're not going to university we're sending you to live with my brother and his wife.""What the hell are you talking about, aren't uncle Christopher and aunt Glenda part of some cult or something?""Don't be stupid, they're not part of a cult, they're Amish!""Amish?! What the hell's the point of sending me to live with them anyway?""You obviously have no plans for the future, and frankly we're tired of your boisterous ways. You think we can't hear you sneaking those girls in at night? And besides, while there you'll learn some valuable life lessons, like how to be part of a community, and how to take care of yourself.""But mom, you can't do this to me, me and my freinds already have plans for..""I don't care! Our word is final, get packed tonight, we're driving you over to their house tomorrow.""Fine.."The next morning they left bright and early, and Adam sulked for the entirety of the long drive. And around 10.00am they arrived, instantly Adam noticed a number of people reaping some corn in a field not too far from where the houses were."What are those tools they're using dad?""Those are called sickles son.""They look pretty sharp, maybe I can use one to kill myself before I die of boredom here."His parents ignored his sarcastic comment and kept on driving, and in no time at all they'd reached a grand wooden house, with Adam's uncle and aunt standing out front. "Welcome all!" said uncle Chris cheerfully!"It has been too long brother", Adam's father said remorsefully."Yes well I know my conversion wasn't exactly popular amongst our family, and it's not as if you can just pick up a phone and call me.""Yes that's true, anyway I have something I need to ask you Chris.""What's that my brother?""You know you said we could bring Adam to stay with you sometime? Well we were hoping he could come and live with you, at least for the summer. We think he would benefit from getting back to basics and working hard with you and your community here.""Yes of course! We'd happily accommodate Adam here, although I can see he may not be as willing, is that him pouting in the car?""Yeah, he may not understand it yet but this will be good for him.""Well there's no need to just stand around out here, please, come in you guys, we'll break some bread and get Adam settled in."That night, after a belly full of delicious home made food, and plenty of shared stories and laughs, Adam's parents departed, and Adam unpacked and settled in his new room. Then morning came."Time to wake up Adam.""What, what time is it?""It's 6.00am. Come on, get up, we have to get to work.""6.00am?! I've never been awake this early!""Haha, well that'll soon change, everyone around here wakes up at this time""Urgh, fine, I'll be down now uncle Chris."Alan soon bathed and was dressed in the clothes provided to him by Chris and Glenda."Before we start work I'll introduce you to the community."Alan and his uncle took a quick tour, and he was introduced to everyone, he was frankly amazed at how many people were in this community, 40 people at least, and Alan, who in his own words 'felt like a twat' in his clothes felt a bit more at ease since every man was wearing the same thing."And finally, this is Ishmael, his wife Elizabeth, and his daughter Jenny."Alan was frankly smitten by Jenny, she was a year older than him, and had vibrant ginger which was tied up in a bun. She had a very slender body, an ample bosom, and a very innocent aura about her, which appealed to Adam. After the tour he was set to work, reaping the fields with his uncle, and later on he learned how to put a horseshoe on a horse's hoof, and by the end of the working day he was drained, and rather famished, and very excited to sit down for food. To his amazement he found dinner very nice, an ear of corn, homemade bread, and various other vegetables."Oh wow, whoever made this butter is a genius, it's so tasty", Adam said excitedly."Thank you" Jenny said, as she smiled at him, "I have been told that I have a gift.""Yeah well they're right, you'll have to show me how to make it sometime!""Well we're running low so I'll be making some tomorrow, would you like me to show you?""That sounds great!"In this moment they both smiled at each other, and Adam noticed her cheeks glowing a warm red, she was obviously very happy to hear his compliment.Dinner passed and everyone headed to their houses, where Adam pretty much fell straight asleep."I hope he doesn't expect to fall asleep so soon without helping around the house", said Glenda, "He may have done that in the city, but around here that's not acceptable.""He's just not used to our routine, he'll learn soon, and he did work hard today, he'll be fine", said Chris.Adam found himself waking up even early than his uncle and aunt, he was just too excited about spending the day with Jenny.So he bathed early, and was all spruced up, ready for the working day start. As the community woke up, he and Jenny both went to start preparing the butter. Adam watched eagerly as Jenny taught him step by step."How long have you been doing this?""Since I was a little girl, it's really easy to pick up!""So pretty and sol talented, you're wasted on the Amish!""Hehe, are you flirting with me Adam?"Again he noticed that her cheeks were growing red, and she was looking towards the floor in embarrassment."Mayyybe", Adam said, smiling."So... Jenny, how do you know when it's ready?""You taste it of course, here!"At that moment Jenny dipped her finger into the butter, and lifted it up towards Adam's mouth, with a smirk on his face he wrapped his lips around it and sucked the butter off."So, how does it taste?""Perfect."At that moment Jenny walked over towards the door and closed it, propping a chair against the handle so no one could get in. She waked over to Adam and they both wrapped their arms around each other and started to kiss."I thought you Amish didn't do this kind of thing.""Just shut up and go with it."At that moment she pulled his braces' straps down from his shoulders so they were hanging towards the floor, and with a smile on her face she slowly got down on her knees and unbuttoned his trousers, Adam couldn't believe his luck, she pulled down his trousers, and pulled down his underwear."My.." she said, "You are truly blessed.""Yeah aha, my friends in school used to refer to it as a baguette."She put her petite right hand under his cock and lifted it, gently pulling back and forth, feeling it get more engorged every second, and as lady like as you could be in this situation, she put her lips around the tip of his cock and started to suck. "Oh wow, that feels amazing"Adam was now fully erect, and Jenny stood up and sat down on top of the cabinet nearby, Adam walked over and dipped his fingers into the butter, walked over to Jenny and started rubbing her neat little pussy while kissing, and then said:"I guess I'd better lick that off."He kneeled down in between her open legs and started licking her pussy, and she starts writhing aroung in pleasure, and with hr free hands starts grabbing and rubbing her breasts."Pay attention down there, we wouldn't want you to miss as spot."She could tell Adam was smiling as she looked down at him, and his eyes were looking up at her too. Then Adam, stood up, and placed his cock just above her pussy, and started to slide it up and down on her belly. She was quite intimidated as it was coming about half way up her stomach."Please, be gentle", she urged.He grabbed his member and placed the tip on her pussy, and started rubbing it over the lips while just slightly inside of her, he saw that she had closed her eyes and was biting her lip, and very gently he started to push in, She moaned with pleasure, as he was sliding inside of her, and retracting, and sliding in again only deeper than the last time, and until he was almost completely inside of her, though he didn't try to go further as he didn't want to hurt her. Very gently and passionately he started making love to her, and she was using her hands now to caress his body, while they both kissed. This happened for a good three minutes before he put his hands under her thighs and carried her to the wall, and with one of her feet on the floor and another wrapped around his waist and backside he started to fuck her against the wall, going faster now as she had become dripping wet and grown accustomed to his huge cock. "You think anyone's gonna hear us?" "Doubt it, these walls and doors are thick, and they're all busy doing their own jobs.""If you're sure, was just worrying, with you screaming so loud and all." "So you'd rather I make no noise at all?""God no hehe.""Are you close?" "No not yet, are you?""Yeah, I'm going.. to.. cum.."And with that Jenny experienced her first orgasm ever, she gripped Adam hard closely as he continued to pump her with his thick shaft, waves of pleasure were emanating from her clit, each thrust providing more than the last, until eventually Adam too was close."Okay, I'm gonna cum too now."He pulled out as she grabbed his cock and starting to pump it really fast, and using a nearby cloth she held it out and caught every last drop. Adam sat down in the chair by the door, with Jenny sitting on top of him, both naked and sweaty, and Adam couldn't help but think that Amish life may not be so bad after all.