The Roommate Pt. 01

I lean forward, staring at a big cock going in and out of a girl's tight ass on my computer screen. I'm jacking myself off so hard, and I can feel the thong pressing against my asshole, I don't know why it's turning me on so much right now. I'm getting close, and stare intently at how the cock rhythmically thrusts into her ass. Suddenly, my cock erupts cum into my hand, filling it and then some with a huge load. A feeling of shame washes over me. This isn't my thong, it belongs to the girl who lives in my apartment. I pull it off, feeling guilty about taking it, and ashamed that I wanted to wear it. I'm a man, men don't get turned on by wearing thongs. At least, that's not what a man is supposed to like. I stare at the cock...I mean her ass, for a few more seconds before I close the private window on my computer.I poke my head out the door to the hallway and make sure nobody else has come home. Then I sneak over to Claire's room. We've lived in the same apartment together for 7 months, after we were paired together to be roommates by a questionnaire from my college. I had written that I was looking for someone clean, organized, relatively quiet, and very respectful of privacy. I think she had written that she wanted someone who cooked, was willing to keep the place clean, and didn't mind her taking long showers. A natural fit as roommates.I delicately place her thong back into the top drawer of her dresser, sheepishly arranging it to look like it hasn't moved. I close the drawer and look around her room. It's pretty standard, and similar to mine. She has a nightstand with a lamp, some books, lotion, and deodorant. On her desk is her computer, pencils, a sketchbook, and what's this? Something I hadn't noticed when I first came into her room. Partially blocked by a tissue box I can see a tube of lubricant and a very realistic fleshy dildo. I take a step forward to get a better look, but simultaneously I hear someone trying to unlock the door to the apartment. I quickly, but quietly, tiptoe to the door of her room and gently close the door. I scamper back to my bedroom and sit in front of my computer, trying to look casual."Heyah" I yell to hear as I hear the door open."Hi, say do you mind coming out here and helping me?" She replies, somewhat fretfully. I can hear the crackling of paper bags and realize she needs help with groceries."Oh yeah, no problem." I say, getting up from my desk and walking out into the living room. I walk up to her and grab some of the bags for her."Thanks, just bring them to the kitchen and I'll put everything away." As she walks ahead of me to the kitchen I can't help but giving quite a long stare at her ass. It's being tightly hugged by her jeans, and she's slightly swaying her ass as she walks. She has dirty blonde hair that falls over her shoulders and halfway down her back, and it's razored at the edge to make it seem like that's how it is naturally. She's wearing a green jacket, sort of like an army jacket, but more stylish and fitted to her body. Her ass sways in her jeans because she's wearing 2.5 inch black high heels. She wears them religiously, probably because she knows the effect it has on her swagger.I put the groceries down on the marble tabletop of the island in the kitchen. "Anything else you need help with?" I ask, trying to sound polite. I try to be extra nice to her because even after 7 months we haven't gotten to know each other very well."Umm" She says looking around the kitchen and biting her thumbnail. "Not that I can think of." She replies, looking back at me. She makes direct eye contact, which in the light of the kitchen allows me to see how nice her eyes are. They're a piercing jade green, but the edges are accentuated by a bright orange. She has pale clear skin, topped off with a few adorable freckles. Her nose is slim, and her lips quite large, which just add to her aura of femininity."Alright, well if you need anything I'm not busy." I say as I turn and start walking back to my bedroom. I look back at her as I go into my bedroom. She is putting her long hair up into a ponytail and taking off her jacket. I've always thought she was cute, but am too much of a coward to make a move.In my bedroom I take a look at myself in my wall mirror. My face is slim, but quite rounded which has always made me look younger than I am. I've been 18 years old for 8 months and I still sometimes get asked for my ID. My eyes are almond shaped, and a bright blue, which often causes me to get complimented on them. I'm rather tan, which adds to the effect of my eyes. My eyebrows are rather thin and shaped, unlike the bushy eyebrows my brothers had. My hair is light brown, and I keep it rather short and tamed. I grew it out when I was younger, but my brothers would tease me about it, so I've kept it short ever since. To match my face, my body is quite slender. My arms have always had much more tone than bulk, although I've been ignoring the gym so much that they don't have much tone left either. I have fairly nice legs though, since I walk almost everywhere and used to bike ride. I've been doing squats in the safety of my own home lately to keep my thighs strong, although unfortunately I think it's mainly just been making my butt more shaped. I'm about average height too, around 5'7", which makes me look even less intimidating. I'm comfortable in my body though, I guess, I never wanted to be one of those guys who are really bulked up.After looking in the mirror, I sit down at my computer again. I think to myself, "You don't like wearing panties. I know you've been doing it for a few weeks now, but tomorrow you won't, because you're a man. On top of that, only lesbian porn tomorrow, you love lesbian porn for fucks sake." As I'm talking to myself, the guilt fades away, and I'm able to do a little bit of my homework. I'm doing Anatomy homework, mostly because I needed a Biology credit and all the Biochemistry classes were full by the time I registered. I wanted to be in a Biochem class because that's what Claire studies, and I wanted to share at least one class with her. In Anatomy, we're studying the reproductive organs, which can sometimes be a bit embarrassing in class sometimes when we have to look at diagrams of penises, but everyone remains pretty mature since we are in college. Tonight I was just studying some of the parts of the penis for an upcoming quiz on each parts function.However, because the guilt had washed away, the desire to wear panties had started to come back, along with a few other nagging desires. I start thinking to myself, "Well, you should probably look at some pictures of cocks, since you need to study for the quiz." So I start to look at some porn, with men and women. Soon, though, I begin looking at just pictures of dicks. I examine how each of them differed, how some were more veiny than others, or the head a little more pink and delicious...Oh god, I mean, a little more pink and, uhm, long. Claire's call from the kitchen pulls me back into reality, and I quickly close the tab I was looking at as she opens the door to my bedroom."Hey, do you think you could..." Claire says to me, before she glances at my computer screen, "Hey hey, haha, what are you looking at there?" She says jokingly, as she leans over and grabs my laptop."Hey wait, give me that back!" I say, standing up and reaching for the computer. She pushes me back playfully, holding the laptop with one hand."Wow, lots pictures of dicks here huh?" She says laughing."It's for an Anatomy quiz, Jesus." I say as I snatch my laptop back from her and close it on my desk."Hahaha, I'll take your word for it. But anyways, do you think you could help me with the TV? I tried to get the Wii hooked up to watch Netflix and I've messed it up." She asks me, still slightly chuckling, but looking at me playfully much like an older sister would."Oh yeah, not a problem." I say, getting up and following her into the living room. "It really was for anatomy class though." I can tell I'm still blushing."I believe you, honestly." She says chuckling, I don't know why, but it infuriates me that I know she doesn't believe me. I go behind the TV and plug in the cables from the Wii, I'm a little unsure how she's so bad at this every time. I grab the remote and turn on the TV, the Wii is up on the screen."Alright, there you go. What're you gonna watch?" I say, giving the remote to her."I dunno, maybe some Breaking Bad or something, you gonna watch with me?" She sits down onto the sofa and looks at me. As she says that to me, I look at the television and see that it's close to midnight, which makes me start to feel tired."Uhm, I don't think so, I have class tomorrow morning and I don't want to be too tired." I say to her, half-yawning."Oh, alright well then maybe tomorrow night?" She says to me, turning on her show."Yeah, that sounds good. G'night." I give her a playful tap on the head and start back towards my bedroom."Night" she calls from the living room as I close my bedroom door.After closing the door, I walk into my room and feel something under my foot. I look down and see that it's a pair of panties. "How the hell did these get here?" I whisper to myself, thinking back to make sure I did put the thong back into Claire's room. "Did she drop them, or, maybe they were on the floor and she accidentally kicked them in here." As I'm trying to figure out how they got into my bedroom, I can feel myself start to consider wearing them to bed. After a few seconds my will breaks, and I give in to my desire. I slip off my pants and boxers, and slip on the comfy, soft, frilly black panties. I give my ass a look in the mirror, it looks like a woman's. Actually, it would even be a nice ass if a girl had it. I put some pajamas on over the panties, turned my light off, and went to bed. The apartment is always kept really warm, so I didn't bother putting a blanket on over me. I have a hard time falling asleep because my mind keeps wandering, stressing out about anatomy class, and getting distracted by the comfort of the panties against my body. Eventually I fall asleep. I open my eyes, half awake and dozing. I turn around and see my alarm clock says 3:30, and it feels cold, so I pull the blanket on top of my body. I fall back asleep, until my alarm starts to buzz and wakes me up.I hit the off button and take a look at my alarm clock. It reads 8:45. I snuggle with the pillow for a moment, and then force myself to get up. I pull of the covers, stand up, and then walk to take a look at myself in the mirror. I'm still wearing my panties, actually, I'm not wearing my pajamas! I turn around and see them on the floor, I guess I must have overheated and kicked them off in the night. I take the panties off, feeling a bit of guilt again after sleeping, and put on my pajamas again. I tuck the panties into a drawer in my desk to return to Claire's dresser later. Then, I put on an Abercrombie t-shirt and go into the bathroom. The only downside of this apartment is the horrible bathroom. I don't mean horrible like the sink doesn't work, I just mean that it is the ugliest bathroom in history. The floor is bright green tile that has been yellowed and tarnished by years of use, paired with a sink, toilet, and bath set that is a dark orange rust. I turn the shower handle to the hottest it goes, undress, and wait until the water is steaming before I step in. I love warm showers, they make my skin feel so smooth and soft afterwards. After letting the warmth wash over me I lather up my body with Claire's lavender scrub, it smells amazing. Then I grab my Old Spice shampoo and conditioner, but when I turn it upside down, nothing comes out. Realizing it's empty, I grab Claire's Sunsilk shampoo. I look at the label, "Strawberry and Cream", whatever though, shampoo is shampoo. I wash my hair and can't stop sniffing the air as it fills up with a sweet strawberry smell.After washing my hair, I hear Claire knock on the door and yell, "Hey! I made some breakfast if you want any before you head out!"I turn off the shower and reply through the door, "Really? Thank you, yeah I'll be right out." I quickly dry myself off with a towel that I then wrap around my waist. I grab my clothes and quickly scamper from the bathroom to my bedroom. I don't really like women seeing my body, since it's not anything impressive in terms of masculinity. As I'm searching for some clothes to wear in the closet, the idea crosses my mind to put on the panties under my boxers today. I swiftly put it out of my mind, but the thought keeps coming back. I think, "If they're under my boxers, nobody will know. But, if I just jacked off right now then I'd be disgusted by the thought of it. No, it's okay for a guy to wear panties, it's just because they're comfy, it's not gay or anything." My dissent breaks and I open the drawer and take out the frilly panties. I slip them on, put on my boxers, and then put on some jeans. I grab a t-shirt that's just a bit too small, but I like Passion Pit too much to get rid of it. When I walk out into the kitchen I see that Claire has made some eggs, toast, waffles, and already put some coffee on the table for me."Woah, thank you so much. Is this coffee for me?" I ask, pointing at it."Yup, I already had a cup myself. Sorta why I've had enough energy to make this much this morning." She says to be, turning around from pouring the syrup onto her waffles.I chuckle, and grab the cup. I take a long sip, knowing I'll need a couple cups to be able to stay awake during the lecture I have this morning. The coffee tastes really good, but I can't really put my finger on exactly what the added flavor is. "Hey Claire, what'd you put in this?" I ask, after finishing the last gulp. "It's really good.""Oh yeah, I think it's this new creamer." She says, reaching into the refrigerator and taking out a bottle of Almond Joy flavored half and half. "Do you want me to pour you another cup?" She asks with a smile, reaching out for me to give her the cup. She seems to be in a really good mood, which is rare for her so early in the morning."Yeah, thanks." I say, giving her the cup. I walk over to the table and start eating the plate she's prepared for me. I hear her pour the coffee, and then hear a small plurp as she pours in the creamer."Here you go, if you want anymore don't hesitate to ask." She says from behind me, putting the coffee on the table. "I think I'm going to start making breakfast more, I kinda like it." She says, smiling, as she sits down across from me and starts eating."Well, the food is damn good." I say between a mouthful, it is really good, and so I'm eating it fairly quickly. I chug the coffee, after which Claire grabs me one more. I chug that one too after finishing up the rest of my food. I bring my plate over to the sink."Do you want any more?" Claire asks, looking at me. I'm in a bit of a rush, since I realized I'm a few minutes late to be leaving since I got so distracted."No thanks, I've got to get going since the lecture starts in half an hour." I reply, putting on a jacket I grabbed from the back of the chair."Oh! Okay, well I'll see you later then, I'll probably be back here around 6, we can watch Breaking Bad then!" I turn to her, smile, and then nod. She looks me right in the eyes, and then leans forward and gives me a small kiss on the cheek. I blush, and then go to my bedroom, quite flustered.I think to myself, "Heh, wow does she like me? Or, was that like a friend thing? Or a brother-sister thing? Or does she actually like me? Hmph..." Then I notice, strangely, that I'm not hard. Normally if a girl did something like that, I'd be embarrassingly hard, but I don't feel anything except the comfort of the panties against my ass and cock. I put it out of my mind, grab my school bag, and then head out the door."See you later!" I yell to her as I go out the door to the street.The lecture is incredibly boring, and despite the coffee I still doze off during it. The only thing that stands out during the entire lecture is a guy sitting behind me who tells me my hair smells good. After a few hours, the lecture ends and I leave the school. I'm lucky to have had so little today, because for some reason I'm really tired. Rather than study at the school or get coffee, I go straight home on the subway, on which I also doze off. When I get home, Claire is gone, and I fly straight into my bed. It's warm, so I pull my pants off and throw them onto the ground. I get cold pretty soon after though, and pull the covers up onto me before I fall asleep.As I sleep, I have a dream that I'm walking down the street in the city center. I look at the signs that all hang from the buildings up the street, until one catches my eye. It reads, "Frisky Business" and has a black and red sign with a picture of handcuffs. I walk into the store, and am immediately met with a visual onslaught of cuffs, panties, garters, dildos, lubricants, condoms, butt plugs, chastity belts, vibrators, and a million other things. In the dream, I walk up to the clerk and buy an ultra realistic fleshy dildo, identical to the one I saw in Claire's bedroom. I go home, lube it up, and just as it is about to enter my ass I wake up. I'm in a sweat, and my cock is rock hard, forming a tent in my blanket.I feel a hint of guilt, but now that I'm awake, all I feel is burning lust in my cock and my ass. I do the first thing I usually do when I get this horny. I poke my head out the door, to see if Claire is home, then go into the shower to jack off. Something about the hot water usually makes me cum extra hard, which helps when I'm extra horny like this. As I'm jacking off in the shower, I feel the hot water run from my shoulders, down my chest and back, over my cock, and in between my ass cheeks. The warmth turns me on, but after 20 minutes of jacking off the water begins to get cold, and I still haven't cum.I can't stop thinking about going into Claire's room and getting her dildo. I keep putting the thought out of my head, but I can feel my resolve slowly breaking. I quickly wash my ass with soap before the water gets too cold, and then turn off the shower. I grab a dry towel from the laundry hamper and quickly dry myself off. I slip on the panties. Then I peek out the door to see if Claire's home, she's not, and then nervously go into Claire's room. When I get into her room I see that her clock says 4:55. "That gives me plenty of time", I think to myself as I look under Claire's desk. I don't see the dildo, and then begin to panic because looking for it has made me want it even more. I open the top drawer of her dresser and see all her panties, but no dildo. I open the second drawer and see all her thigh-highs and socks. "I never knew she had these" I say to myself as I pick up a pair of sexy black lace thigh-highs. I discreetly slip them on, and then put my towel back on over everything. I open the third drawer, "Aha!" I say to myself excitedly.I see two realistic dildos, one inflatable dildo, a butt plug, different lubes. I feel like I hit the jackpot. I eagerly grab the dildo I had seen in her room the day before, some lube, and run to my bedroom. I get onto my bed, pull my panties down, then lube up the dildo from its head all the way down to its silicon balls. Then, I get on all fours poking my asshole right up into the air and use one hand to reach back and stretch my ass cheeks apart. I put my face into the bed, and with my other hand I bring the wet dildo right up to my eager, puckered, pink, tight asshole. I get so horny I can't control myself, and without even putting the dildo in my ass I start to softly moan and talk dirty to myself. "I have such a hot little ass, such a hot little tight ass. Mmmf, oh my asshole is so tight your big cock will barely even fit. You'll stretch my little pink ass so wide with your nice big cock." I talk to myself like I've heard every porn star speak.about a minute, telling myself it hurts too much. But, it starts to hurt less after a couple more minutes, so again I eagerly push the cock against my pink asshole. It pops in, and it hurts, my eyes water, but I can take it this time. I start to push in a little bit further, and further, feeling my ass pulse and squeeze on the silicon dick. It doesn't hurt as bad, I push it in a little, pull it back out a little, my ass starts to get used to the feeling.Soon, or what feels like soon, the balls of the cock are against mine. "I bottomed out that giant cock in my ass!" I think excitedly. Then, I start pushing the dildo in and out of my ass a little bit more, and little by little a gentle fucking becomes an extreme pounding. I start pushing the cock in and out of my ass hard, and fast, and fuck it feels amazing. I fuck my ass hard, like I see the pornstars do it, and soon I start to feel sore, but I don't even consider stopping. I moan, and begged for more, really losing myself in the intoxicating feeling of having the big dick stretch my ass. After calming down a bit, I keep pushing the cock in and out of my ass, and suddenly remember that I still have to pay attention to my dick. It's been throbbing hard the whole time. I reach down and grab it, feeling my hand squeeze my cock and my ass squeeze around a fake cock simultaneously. Cum shoots out of my dick in no time, and my and gets soaked in cum. I fall to my side on the bed, overcome with sleepiness and shame.I pull the dick out of myself and look down at it, embarrassed and ashamed that I used a dildo, particularly one that's so realistic. My memories of the past while of masturbating flood back to me, and the guilt of having begged for a cock make me even more tired. I look at my cock and realize I've accidentally soaked Claire's panties in cum, now I start to panic. I look over at my clock and it reads, 5:52. Okay, no I start to really fucking panic. I run out of my bedroom to the bathroom, quickly wash the lube off the dildo and dry it off. I return it, and the thigh-highs back to Claire's drawers, then take the panties off and hide them in the bottom of the hamper. I need to remember to do the laundry before she does. I go back into my bedroom, put on my clothes from earlier, and then go onto my computer and act casual. The time on my laptop is 5:59, damn close, I'm glad I made it. "Did I seriously masturbate for an hour? It felt like no time at all", I think. "I can't believe I broke the rule I'd set for yourself, only yesterday! That was most definitely not 'only lesbian porn'. What if Claire finds out? She might actually like me, but she'd move out for sure if she knew I used her dildo and wore her clothes. Don't do it again, I just hope she won't notice." After calming myself down a bit I take a look in the mirror.Something looks a bit off, but I can't exactly tell what it is. I take off my shirt. "Hold up, that seems weird." I say to myself as I get closer to the mirror to examine myself. It seems like my chest has grown a little bit, like, if I look from a certain angle it sorta looks like I have little boobs. Really little, but that's still weird. Also, my nipples seem a bit bigger, ever so slightly, and a bit darker too. I reach up and touch one. "Woah. That-mmf, that definitely feels different", I say to myself. I let go of my nipple, and then take my pants off. I look at my whole body and face in the mirror, my chest isn't the only thing that seems off. My waist looks a little bit slimmer, and my hips a little bit wider. I turn around and look at my back, my butt looks a bit bigger too. My butt looks bigger and rounder, almost like, even more feminine. Looking in the mirror, I notice something else that bothers me. I hadn't noticed before, but my dick looks smaller than it did yesterday. I look up at my face, and I realize that my lips look a tad bit bigger, and my hair quite a bit longer. "What the fuck?" I say to myself as I stare at my reflection.Suddenly, I hear Claire. "Hello? Are you home yet?""Yeah, I'm in my room, I'll be right out!" I call back. I consider telling Claire about this, but I'm too embarrassed, it could just be in my head. Plus, she might like me, I don't want to ruin anything. I put on my pants and a sweatshirt, in case my chest is visible. I walk out of my bedroom and see Claire in the living room scanning through shows on Netflix. "Heyah." I say to her.She turns around and looks at me. "Hey, how are you feeling?", she asks quite tentatively. I'm a little perplexed by the way she asks, but don't think much of it."I'm feeling pretty good, you?" I reply as I sit on the sofa next to her."Not bad." She says, smiling at me. "Got anything you want to watch tonight?""Not off the top of my head, it's up to you." I reply. I turn off the lights and she puts on some romantic comedy I've never heard of. It's not too bad, but it's pretty damn girly. I keep dozing off during the film because I haven't stopped being tired today. About halfway through the film, Claire leans onto me and almost starts cuddling me. Throughout the second half of the film she tentatively brushes her hand against my chest and my crotch a couple of times. I can't stop dozing off, and I think being so tired keeps me from getting hard. Not that I want to get a boner, that would be embarrassing if she notices.I start dozing off right near the end of the film, my eyelids feel way too heavy and I basically pass out. I awake a couple of times, but only drowsily. It almost feels like when I black out drunk sometimes. When I wake up, I'm lying in my bed. I'm not sure how. I look to my right and see my alarm reads 10:36. "Jesus, I slept for like, 14 hours." I say to myself.I shift in the bed to get up, and I'm welcomed with a lot of strange feelings. Firstly, I pull off my covers and notice that I'm wearing panties. Then, when I try to sit up, I feel incredibly dizzy. I look down and see that I really wasn't crazy. My chest definitely looks different. I start panicking, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. How the fuck did this happen?" My voice sounds weird, almost like it's higher, and softer. "I-I-I'm a fucking B-Cup!" I yell-whisper to myself. I'm in full panic mode now. I pull down the panties and look down to see if my fears are true. Not exactly. My cock is still there, but it's small, a lot smaller than it used to be. Then I notice, whenever I turn my head I can feel something brushing against my shoulders. I run towards the mirror and stare back at my reflection in shock. "Oh fuck... How the fuck, how the fuck was I so stupid to not fucking tell anyone about this last night, when-when I could have fucking done something! Oh my fucking god!" I whisper and yell to myself. I still don't want Claire to realize what's going on.I look at my reflection again. I'm definitely shorter. My hair has gotten longer, and it goes down a couple inches past my shoulders now. My face seems even softer now. My lips, and eyes are bigger too, but I don't actually look all that different in my face. Definitely more feminine. My chest is probably what shocks me the most, last night was just a tiny difference, but these are like, tits. I have tits. Perky tits actually, and they're definitely a B-cup too. My nipples are bigger, and they're hard right now too. My waist is even more slender, and my muscle there has turned to just nice flat abs. I pull down my panties to assess the damage. My cock is probably only 3 inches max, and it's hard as a rock too. I turn around and my ass has gotten even bigger, and rounder. I thought I had a feminine butt before, but now, Jesus this is a fucking bubble butt. I can't stop swearing to myself, I'm almost hyperventilating. I catch my breath, eventually doing deep breaths that calm me down.I grab a pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, but the pants don't fit around my hips anymore, my hips are too big. All my pants are the same size too, none of them fit, after trying on three pairs I see that a pair of Claire's yoga pants have somehow ended up in my pants drawer. Without thinking, I put them on just to have something to cover myself with. I put on the t-shirt, and my hard nipples poke right through it, so I cover myself up more with the sweatshirt. I poke my head out the door, I don't think Claire is home. I walk out into the hallway, I feel dizzy, and I don't know what the hell to do now. Do I go to the hospital, do I go the school medical wing? Suddenly, I hear Claire's door open. I run towards the living room, but I fall because my feet have gotten smaller and I'm not used to it."Hey! Are you alright?" Claire asks and she runs towards me and helps me up. She looks at my face, and says, "Oh wow, this worked a lot quicker than I expected.""What? What do you mean?" I say to her, perplexed but also angry because I feel a sense that I know what may have happened. My voice still sounds weird, it's not mine, it sounds more like a woman's voice."Well, think about it for a second." Claire says, looking straight into my eyes.My mind feels like it's about to explode. I'm bombarded with emotions and questions, and overwhelmed with confusion and... anger I think? "Claire, did you do this to me? Did you..are you turning me into-" the hyperventilating starts coming again, and I pass out.As I sleep, I have a dream again. It starts out the same as the last one. I'm walking down the road, until I see a sex shop, and then I go inside. However, this time, rather than buying a dildo I go behind the counter. From there, I walk through a doorway into a corridor with several small dimly lit rooms with curtains in front of them. I go into one of the rooms and sit down in a chair. There is a hole in each wall in the little room, and from each of them comes a cock. I grab the cocks to my left and right, and start jacking them off. Then, I look down at the cock in front of me. It was a little glistening bead of delicious looking precum. The cocks have an intoxicating smell, and as I see the precum start to drip from the cock I quickly put my tongue below to watch the cum. Just as I'm about to put my lips up to the head of the cock, I wake up.When I awake, I'm lying on the sofa in the living room. On the floor in front of me is the dildo I used before, the thong, and the cum soaked black frilly panties. Alongside those are several pictures of me in the frilly panties, and pictures of me in the panties I woke up wearing this morning. I sit up, still feeling dizzy, and then I notice that Claire is standing across from me on the other side of the stuff on the floor."Do any of these objects seem familiar to you?" Claire asks sternly, standing above me intimidatingly."Uhm"...Do I lie? Or do I tell the truth because I'm too far gone to lie? "Yeah, well, except for the pictures.""Uh-huh. Well the pictures are my insurance. If you do anything I don't like those pictures are going to your parents, brothers, and everyone in our college. So tell me, why do you recognize these objects?" Claire looks back at me with piercing eyes, she's really intimidating, and I can't lie to her."Well, the thong I wore a few nights ago when I jacked off. The black panties I found in my bedroom, wore to bed, and came all over. And... well the dildo, I uhm..." I say, trailing off."Spit it out." Claire snaps."I fucked my ass with the dildo." I say, shamefully. "And, I woke up wearing those panties this morning.""I know, I put those on you. I also left the black panties on the floor for you to find. I knew you'd been wearing my panties since the first time you did it. You left them in the wrong drawer and they were wet with precum. I didn't think much about it until I noticed you were wearing my panties on a near daily basis. So, I thought up a plan that would help both of us." Claire says, deviously. I look at her, hanging on every word out of the intense curiosity I have for what has been happening. She looks at me to see I'm still paying attention."You know that Biochemistry grad student I've been spending a lot of time with? Well, he's been working on a secret side-project to develop a gender swapping pill. I found out about him from another student in my chem class last semester, and after you started wearing my panties I decided to contact him. He told me he could use a hand in the lab to help developing it, and that he needed a test subject. Fortunately, I could do both. Once we got a powder done, I brought it back here and kept it in my drawer, waiting to see if I would need it."Once you got cum in my thong, that was the last straw, and after I saw you looking at all that cock online I knew it was time. I had to set a trap first though, one final test. I left the black frilly panties in your room on purpose to see if you would put them on, which you did. Not only that, but I noticed that my dildo was damp in my drawer when I got home. After you fell asleep, I checked under your pajamas and saw you had them on. Then, I took off your pajamas and took a few pictures of you. Those are right here." She says, pointing down to the images of my ass in the moonlight in panties, and full body shots of me in just the panties.Claire looks at me to see that I'm not passed out again. I'm still paying attention, a lot of confused emotions towards Claire and towards myself are building up inside me. "Well, then I made you breakfast. I wasn't sure you'd eat it though, but I knew you would have coffee. I filled the coffee with the powder, a lot of it too. Fortunately, it tastes kinda sweet rather than disgusting. You downed so much of it I wasn't sure you weren't going to pass out and become a bimbo on your way to the lecture. Do you get it all now?" Claire looks down at me somewhat condescendingly, and all I can do it look up in shock.She opens her mouth and continues, "When I got home, I could tell you'd used my dildo. It was slightly damp. But that didn't convince me the powder had worked, since I think you've been a bit of a cock loving slut this whole time. When I saw you, that's when I knew the powder had worked, your boobs were starting to fill out, and your hair was longer. Your voice was definitely higher, and you had hardly any feeling in your cock because whenever I touched it during the film you hardly noticed. But that's all in the past now. Now, you're mine, and there's nothing you can do about it." Claire means it, and she's right, there's nothing I can do. Oh fuck.