The passage of Lydia Part 1 Aunty Bev

I wasn’t your average 18 year old, sure I liked football, music and all the teenage stuff but I always felt different, I was somewhat taller than the rest of my peers by a good few inches, 5’11” and fairly athletic build from playing rugby and swimming for my school. But I felt different something I couldn’t put my finger on until later but something that lingered in my sub conscious. I had had a few girlfriends and some fumbling around after school discos etc. but I wasn’t driven to find a girlfriend if you catch my meaning. I had dabbled with porn and stuff but it never quite sat right with me and more often than not when finding a girl attractive and getting aroused at the thought it wasn’t how good looking she was but how she looked, dressed etc.Home life was a happy one. My dad worked away a lot, Asia and Africa, something to do with oil, all I know was he made a shit load of money and we were very comfortable. My mum had been a nurse before I was born and after I started High school she went back into it, not for the money but I guess something to do, what with dada being away for weeks at a time. Yup, home was good.Ok that’s just a brief bit of my history that is needed to tell you my main story.We had been having some renovation work done to the house, a loft conversion, and some ham-fisted builder put a 6” nail through a water pipe and it caused so much upstairs damage that it was not habitable for a few weeks. The insurance company put us up in a reasonable hotel but unfortunately it was the wrong side of town for me getting to school effectively so I was sent to stay in the spare room of Aunty Bev.Aunty Bev was not a blood relative but that close friend of my mums who was always known as Aunty Bev. Bev was my mum’s oldest and closest friend the right side of 40 like my mum and quite a good looking woman. Aunty Bev worked in the bank and lived a few streets away from us. Bev was widowed at a young age, her husband Fin died in an industrial accident and Bev received a lot of money after it was dragged through the courts. She never remarried, saying that Fin was irreplaceable.Ok I am rambling again; let’s get to the soul of story.Bev as she always did made a fuss of me. Laughing with my mum saying she was going to corrupt me and turn me into a man etc. , all innocent fun and in truth I found that nice. I liked my aunty Bev in fact I loved her as I would a real aunty. I also have to admit she was a strikingly beautiful woman. Standing over 6’ in heels with dark almost black hair and I guess I kind of had a crush on her.So let’s go to the day that changed my life forever.I had been staying at Bev’s for 2 weeks, our house more a bomb site than a building site still. School had an in teacher training day and I intended to have as lazy a day I could. Bev popped her head round the door to say cheerio and head to work , she asked if I wouldn’t mind putting the washing on if I have a minute from my busy schedule then laughed and I hear her heels like little hammers as she ran down the stairs and I head the door close behind her and the car drive off I dozed then must have dropped off.As I squinted my eyes at the clock it told me it was about 10 past 10. I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the bathroom and switched the shower on. I gazed at the corner and saw the overflowing washing basket and remembered what was asked of me. I dragged it down stair to the utility room I was all for emptying the lot into the machine when I remembered the mishap at home a few months ago with red socks. So still sleepy I emptied the contents on the floor and began to sift through Aunty Bev’s dirty laundry. It was an epiphany when I picked up the crumpled tan tights I don’t know why but I spread the gusset open and buried my face in them, inhaling the most intoxicating fragrances I have ever known. My cock began to struggle against sleep shorts I was wearing, my head was spinning, and I had never felt this horny and turned on before. I stared at the pile on the floor and there was a shiny pair of silk black panties. Taking my attention away from the tights I slowly worked this soft shimmery piece of fabric around my hands, my fingers tingling at the touch. My head was swimming with visions of Bev , I was being carried away on a wave of lust my sense of reason was shot through. I took the tights and panties back to my room, kicking off my sleep shorts I was about to wrap the tights around my throbbing cock and sniff the sweet scented sex filled panties but NO I stopped and whatever it was it hit me then, took over me. I stepped into the black panties, which although slightly tight, offered little restriction to my hard dick. Remembering seeing my mum put on tights in the past I slowly rolled each leg into their gossamer sheaths, my body was electric. I ran my hands over my legs and butt and I felt amazing. I wanted to see how it looked so I headed into Bev’s room and the full length mirror. Twisting this way and that, in front of me my reflection flaunted itself and I could see the femininity in me and I felt wonderful.I couldn’t go on much longer I stood there rubbing the bulge that strained against the panties and tights, I groped and tugged at cock and it broke free of the fabric just as I let go the most mind blowing orgasm. I came like never before, hot spray of mu cum splashing against the mirror then as I fell tome knees the remains oozed over my nylon clad thighs. I struggled to breath and after what seemed like an eternity I stopped shaking. Looking back at me, my reflection looked confident, happy and sexy. I knew I wanted to try more of this. I waited a few minutes then carefully rolled the tights and panties down over my legs, wiped the cum from the mirror with them and headed to the washing machine.As I showered I began to question things but despite that I felt no shame or remorse infect I felt so alive I was almost going to burst. I knew that the feelings of difference I had had had been leading to this. I slowly washed my body, I took time to feel my skin, I wasn’t very hairy and the little I had was very fair. I had a couple of small scars on my shin from rugby but my legs were pretty good and as I recollected the vision from earlier I realised they were a great pair of pins when in nylon.As I dried myself I checked the time, 11:40. Hmmm my mind raced. Bev not home till around six. OK I thought it is time explore.Still naked I entered Bev’s room again I sat at the dresser and cast a glance at the perfumes, make up and all manners of stuff alien to my young mind. I opened the first wardrobe to find work suits, blouses and dresses hanging and underneath sensible shoes. The second wardrobe when opened revealed the glamorous side of Bev, sequins ,sparkles and stuff that glimmered in the light. And strappy shoes with deadly looking heels, I was in awe.I took myself over to the tall set of drawers and opened the top one. Socks ,cotton pants, thick tights nothing glam just sensible , however the second drawer revealed an Aladdin’s cave of delights shiny tights, stockings with seams, fishnets, stockings with lacy tops then at the other side suspender belts and 2 basques. My eyes were drunk at the sight. The next drawer was bras and some more panties, the next t-shirts then the bottom two were a mix of jeans and skirts . I sat naked on her bed I looked up and saw what looked like hatboxes but that had little interest to me.I knew I had to be careful so I took my time, careful not to put anything too out of place. I spent the next few hours trying on as much as I could, different combinations of bra, pants tights etc. I found a mini skirt with an elastic waist and with a blouse which was a little too tight and a pair of sensible heeled shoes ( 1 size smaller than I took) I managed to fully dress for the first time and I felt alive like never before.I stared at the makeup etc. and knew that that was the next step but I wasn’t wanting Togo to far too soon. I needed to catch my breath and I also had to be careful at not getting caught. Part 2 to follow....soon