The Making of a Sissy (Part 2: The Metamorphosis)

I lifted myself up out of the bed and wandered over in front of the mirror by my closet. Looking myself up and down, I couldn't help but remember all of the things he had said about me the night before and how feminine he made me feel. The closer I looked at myself the more I felt like he was right about all of it. I pulled off my shirt and slid my shorts off, tossing them into the hamper. I studied my lean figure as my tiny cock rested softly above my little balls. Clearly this guy was right, and I felt like we didn't even belong to the same gender. I turned and glanced at my ass, and for the first time noticed how sexy it looked. I still had the panties in my hand, so I bent down and slid one leg at a time through each hole, and pulled them up. As the soft texture grazed my thighs all the way up until that tiny piece of fabric captured my little cock, or as he had called it my clit, it felt so natural and amazing. Watching myself in the mirror, how my cute little bulge pressed through the panties, I turned and checked out my ass again. My tight little round booty looked so sexy with this tight lace wrapped around my cheeks, and I had no idea what had overcome me. But I could tell I loved it.It was Saturday, and my mom was off from work. After a long shower, during which I thought about this whole situation, I made my way upstairs for breakfast. Not a word was spoken between my mom and I about anything regarding the night before. Both of us just acted like nothing had happened, and as far as she knew, nothing really had happened. As she stood there in the kitchen I kept picturing all of the events from the night before. I couldn't believe what I had seen, but I was so happy and nervous at the same time about how it had affected me. Her phone would periodically chime as she received text messages, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were from him. I didn't even know his name, but I couldn't stop thinking about him and hoping I would see him again. She smiled as she replied to whoever she was texting which just made me more curious as to whether or not it was him. The afternoon rolled around, and she told me she was going to the grocery store. The day was dragging along so slowly, and I was full of anticipation and anxiety wondering if I was going to ever see this guy again. My mom came home with a car full of groceries, which I helped her unload, but I also noticed a full brown paper bag in her front seat. It looked like she was stocking up her liquor cabinet, which was something she rarely did. I tried to stay upstairs that afternoon, because I didn't want to miss anything. Later that evening while I was watching t.v. in our living room our doorbell rang. She quickly answered, and I was completely caught off guard when he walked in. She put her arms around him and gave him a kiss, and then they walked in and she couldn't avoid introducing him.She looked at me reluctantly and said, "Brian this is Sam, and Sam this is my son Brian." By the look on her face I could tell she was watching to see my reaction to tell if I was going to get upset as I had with previous boyfriends, and since this was the first black man she brought home I figured she was expecting me to completely lose it.He smiled at me and extended his large black hand, "Nice to meet you Brian" he said.I reached out to shake his hand, which practically swallowed mine. It felt like a surge of electricity when he touched me, and the contrast of his hand and mine was so beautifully apparent. I smiled back and replied, "Nice to meet you too...Sir."He gave me a grin while my mom had a puzzled look of shock on her face as if she was surprised at my reaction. He put his arm around her, and they walked into the kitchen. Trying to keep my eyes on them, I heard some brief chattering. They poured some drinks and went outside on our back patio. Now that he was here I was getting nervous, and time felt like it was slowing down as if the day hadn't already taken long enough. The entire evening I was anticipating what might happen, replaying the events of last night. Eventually I made my way back downstairs into my bedroom. It was getting really late, and I was beginning to get tired. Around 11:30 was when I started hearing what sounded like some soft moaning. Just like the night before, the noises started getting louder and louder. I could hear the slapping of him against her body as he pounded her harder and harder. I pictured what I had seen before, and my cock began to grow firm again. This time I wasn't going to risk anything by letting my curiosity get the best of me. I remembered what Sam had told me the night before, so I took off all of my clothes and pulled out the panties he had asked me to wear. I could still smell her inside of them as I slid them back up my slender hips. Again my cock had been contained by this little bikini, and the lace outlined my waist and my tender little booty. I observed myself in the mirror once again, just further confirming that feeling like a sissy was just natural for me. While they were still going at it hard, I laid back down. My throbbing little cock was pressing through, creating a little wet spot of pre-cum. He must have been fucking her for at least an hour, because I began to doze off around 12:30. I had left only a single lamp on in my dimly lit room, and my eyes were still closed when I heard my door open. I wasn't fully awake when I felt the touch of his hand on my bare legs. I was laying on my tummy, wearing nothing but the panties he had asked me to wear for him this evening. His hand slid up my leg, inside my thigh, and then around my panty-covered ass. He slid his hand between the elastic waist of my panties and my back, moving his hand inside and grabbing my ass. By this point I was awakened, and he moved his hand up the small of my back around my shoulder blades up to my neck. The feeling of this man's touch was the so intense, and I knew it was a feeling I would always crave. His strong hands going wherever they pleased on my body, while I submissively laid there trying to anticipate his next move. He had his hand around the back of my neck when he pulled me to him. I opened my eyes only to find his long semi flaccid cock swinging in my face. He was still soaking wet from all of the sex he had been having upstairs, and I could smell all of the juices from her pussy lingering on his manhood. I opened my mouth as he pulled my head into him, and the tip of his cock entered my warm little mouth. The taste was strong this time, a mixture of both his and her cum filled my mouth as I took it deeper one inch at a time. I felt his massive cock growing, getting harder as my lips wrapped his shaft and my tongue licked up all of the mess from his cock. "You look so sexy in those panties baby" he whispered. "You been waiting on daddy's dick haven't you Brianna? Craving it?""Y..Y..Yes Sir" I mumbled with a mouthful of his manhood. In fact I had not been able to take my mind off of this thing in my mouth that was changing my life.He gave my ass a firm slap. My little clit sized cock was getting stiff as well, while I gently rocked back and forth kind of humping at my sheets while my head bobbed back and forth on his shaft. By now, I would have done anything this man had wanted. I was so happy to have my lips around his cock once again. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my throat again, feeding me his long dick. When he would pull it out, I would smile and admire every inch of it. I estimated he was probably about nine and a half inches long, and so thick I could barely get my hand around it. He kind of turned me over on my side and started rubbing my chest and my nipples. It felt so amazing having his hand caress my body. He worked a hand down to my tummy, and slid his fingers between my panty line. I felt so helpless with his big hands entering my girly underwear. His fingers passed over my rock hard clit and wrapped tightly around my balls. He had everything that made me a boy, tightly in his grip, and it was clear to me that it belonged to him. Not only that, I was certain he was going to take it away.He rolled me onto my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Then he slid my panties around my hips and pulled them off. I was laying there with my legs spread, my cock so hard it was just resting below my waistline. He was towering over me, stroking his massive cock. Then he rested it above mine. Not only did it cover mine, but his long black dick extended all the way past my belly button into my tummy. My cock was throbbing so hard against his, the skin from two totally different colored and sized penises resting against one another. "Are you ready?" he asked in his deep sexy voice.I wasn't sure exactly what he meant, but I just kind of bit my bottom lip and nodded. He smiled back at me and pulled his cock down. It passed over mine and then continued on between my legs. His huge black dick was still soaked from my saliva and the mix of cum that was already on there. He spread my tight little booty open and rested the head of his cock against my hole. I couldn't believe what was happening as I quickly realized this wasn't going to just be another hot and steamy blowjob. He pressed his big head against my tight little virgin hole. I started to squirm a little when he grabbed my hips and continued pushing hard. He was making a little rocking motion with the tip of his cock, which was begging my little hole to open up for him. Once it started opening to his cock, it was so painful I had to close my eyes and grip the sheets of my bed tightly. As he eased it back and forth persistently teasing my hole, I finally felt my muscles relax and it suddenly opened up and the tip of his cock just kind of slid right in. For anyone who had never experienced this feeling, it is the most amazing sensation when your ass finally relaxes and that cock just plops it's way right inside. In that instant it was like my body had determined that I wasn't a man, and something inside me changed, feminizing me from that point forward. My cock had become only semi hard now, and cum was oozing out of the tip of my clit. This was my metamorphosis.As he pushed slowly deeper, back and forth, I could see cum continuing to leak down onto my lower tummy. I felt the last bit of my manhood escape when I let out a girlish moan as he penetrated deep into my newly discovered hole. It was the ultimate mix of pain and pleasure as I slowly rode his cock while I laid there feeling him move back and forth inside me. I just knew this was where I belonged. On my back, spreading my legs for a big black man. He put his hands around my waist and pushed deeper in. I didn't realize I was only getting about half of his huge monster cock inside me. For my first time, my little hole was getting stretched to the maximum. "Your pussy is way tighter than mama's, baby" he whispered in my ear and he laid on top of me making me take it one inch at a time. "You love it don't you Brianna?"In between my moans of pain and pleasure I softly replied, "Yes Daddy! I love your big dick. It feels so good inside me."Something about the way I said that must have turned him on, and we both knew that from that point on I belonged to him and I was all his. He started pumping his cock deeper inside me. His thrusts became rougher with each push, and he didn't seem to care if it was hurting me or not. I was now completely his little fem-boy slut, and he was making me take more than I could handle. I started pushing my hands against his abs, trying to prevent him from going any deeper, but he just held me down and make me take it. "I can't...I can't take it" I moaned with tears in my eyes."You can...and you will..." he grunted back, continuing to pound me even harder. His cock was so big, it was not only stretching out my tight hole, but I could feel him deep inside my tummy.Once my body adjusted to how deeply he was penetrating me, my clit started to stiffen up a little more. I could also feel his cock getting firm while he was deeply thrusting it in and out of me. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. I felt his lips around my ear and he started gently biting. His hands wrapped around my ass and he was pulling me deeper into his cock. With each movement I could feel him massaging my prostate with his large dick. As I felt his cock get as hard as a rock, we both started to climax around the same time. He let out a loud moan as he began to release his load deep inside my boy pussy. As his cock flooded me with his seed, breeding my cute little tight ass, my little cock also released a little creamy spurt while I began to to have the most intense orgasm as well. Cum was oozing from the little tip of my clit, covering my tummy and belly button while he was still emptying his balls inside my cunt. With each push, I could feel more and more of his cum releasing inside me. His cock released a lot more cum than it had previously. When he was finished, he slowly pulled it out. As the head of his penis escaped my hole, I could feel the muscles contract. Suddenly all of the cum that he had put inside me squirted out of my tight little hole, leaking down between my cheeks. He looked down at me, his amazing body towering over me. "You're my little slut now baby" he said. I couldn't keep my eyes off of his cock as he turned around and started to walk out of the room. My body was shaking, and I was still in tears, whimpering while his sperm continued to spill out of my tight little stretched out hole. He didn't seem to care, but he knew I would always be ready, wearing nothing but panties, waiting for more anytime he wanted it."Yes Daddy" I responded as he walked out of the room, closing the door. TO BE CONTINUED!