The i****trious house of lannisters( GOT)

For generations the Stark’s family motto had stood as a constant reminder to the rest of the kingdom that somewhere beyond the edge of those warm long summers waited the bitter sting of winter. Fitting then that they kept themselves in Winterfell the coldest place this side of the wall.As the keep's farmers and smiths kept up their work, seemingly oblivious to the cold, a cloaked figure moved unnoticed by the townspeople and moved discretely but shivering through the marketplace. The figure, unlike those surrounding it was not used to the cold, since it had undertaken the long journey to Winterfell every day for them it had felt like they were going to die. Like they were heading into a frozen wasteland which no living thing could survive. Each day the figure felt a little further from home and each day they were shocked at how cold the new day was.The figure clasped its hands beneath its cloak and rubbed them vigorously being careful not to let any of the finery they wore under the shabby cowl shine through. The snow crunched under foot as the figure approached the large stone arch that formed Winterfell’s threshold. Two guardsmen were stationed on either side of the gateway. Instead of fine chainmail or long flowing cloaks these men wore simple leather armour, some of them with fur stitched on around the neck and shoulders. The men faced outwards from the town and had no reason to suspect or even notice one more traveller bundled up against the cold, the figure knew this but couldn’t stop them self holding its breath until it past the men. Exhaling in relief the taste of a bitter and chill wind filled the figures lungs and as she saw the overgrown stone path which led upwards to the keep’s walls, Cersei Baratheon: Queen of Westeros swore she’d never again set foot in Winterfell.The forgotten path was as out of sight as her brother had said and was every bit as unstable, suddenly the thick leather boots Cersei had taken seemed just as valuable as the fine silk and priceless jewellery she wore under her cloak. She scowled to herself in a pang of frustration, she was Lady Cersei Lannister, daughter to the wealthiest man in the kingdom and wife to King Robert Baratheon, all this...sneakery was beneath her. She was a lion and lions didn’t creep. But something very important to her was on top of that wall and she would have crawled on her hands and knees to get to it if she had to.So Cersei climbed slowly but surely hand by hand and inch by inch until she was at the very top of the wall and made hurriedly for the refuge of the dilapidated stone guard post. Only one corner of the structure was still fully intact the rest had been beaten down over the centuries and had perished in some places and completely eroded in others. The only sign of activity was the weak fire in the centre of the post. The trembling flames spread their flickering light across to the one intact corner and danced across the flawless metal chest plate of Jamie Lannister.“You are full of surprises sister, part of me didn’t think you’d make it to the top.” Jamie said grinning cockily as his twin sister huddled around the measly fire he’d built. Cersei stared daggers at her brother before returning to the fire and trying to get the sensation back in her fingers. Jamie stepped towards the fire “and in such...illustrious clothing” he quipped brushing the coarse cloak between his fingers“Some of us understand the concept of subtlety” Cersei shot back, Jamie stopped behind his twin and rested his hands on her shoulders. Cersei could only barely stifle a moan as his coarse hands began to gently but firmly massage her shoulders. “Is that what you want sister, subtlety?” His fingers dug deeper as the cloaked woman’s breathing quickened. “Or do you want something altogether more...interesting?” as Jamie began laying kisses on her neck Cersei felt her pussy lips twitch as they responded to her brothers lips on her frozen bare skin.Cersei had always been a strong woman; her governess’s ad told her father that she was too proud to ever make a good wife. Had she been born a man she would have made an excellent general, intelligent, scheming and never intimidated, in truth only one man would ever be master of her and that was her brother. Since they were c***dren the two had been close, for Jamie it had been about protecting and caring for her, whilst he was only the elder by minutes he still saw her as his little sister. For Cersei however it was something much deeper. Jamie was more than her brother, he was her missing part, and the two of them belonged together and would never be complete apart. It had been the most glorious day of their life when they made love for the first time. It had to be secret of course; Tywin Lannister already had a lascivious dwarf for a son, if the people knew what he knew about his c***dren there’s no telling what damage it could cause to his plans. But the two had tasted each other since they were 15 and despite the fact they slept with others either out of desperation in Jamie’s case or for keeping the King happy in Cersei’s, both Lannister’s knew that they belonged to each other.Jamie slipped the cloak from his sisters back and brushed over more of her exposed neck and shoulders. Cersei tipped her head back and embraced Jamie in a deep smothering kiss, their tongues fought each other fiercely until both were forced to pull back for more breath. Panting with desire Cersei span around and faced her brother who was already pulling his armour off, she resisted the urge to undress or to touch herself; she would act only when her lord wanted it until then he was hers to watch. Casting off the last off his plating Jamie stood in only his underclothes, an expression of pure carnal lust across his face. Cersei shivered at the sight of her brother and the flush of heat at the wetness between her legs.“Stand up” The command rang through the air and Cersei quickly jumped to her feet and revealing the crimson and gold finery she wore beneath her cloak. Jamie feasted upon his sister’s image. Her subtle, slender frame quivering with excitement and her long golden hair flowing down to where her breasts were heaving with anticipation.“I need you, sister!” The last word set off the explosion within his twin as Cersei flung herself into Jamie’s a****l like grasp.At once the two once again attacked each other’s mouths. Fiercely grapping as their hands wandered across each other’s body. Jamie ran his hands down his sisters waist grasping her hips and pulling her in tighter as she clasped the back of his head, he slipped his hands past her thighs and grasped her ass through the thin silk causing Cersei to moan with pleasure. Jamie pulled himself away and started desperately yanking at the expensive material ripping and tearing it in some places before finally roughly pulling the garment past his sister’s thighs into a crumpled heap on the stone ground.Jamie grabbed Cersei by the hips and lifted her up, intermittently returning her frenzied kisses. Pressing her up against the wall he snaked his free hand between her milky thighs till he found her dripping hairless snatch. Pleased she had shaved for him he began to tease her labia lips with his fingers. Cersei moaned with passion, there were times when she wanted her brother to be gentle and delicate but now was not one of them.“Don’t tease me Jamie; give it to me now, ALL OF IT!” She screamed completely lost in the moment and not caring who might hear her. Not wanting to disappoint Jamie rammed two fingers inside his wailing sister and began finger fucking the Lannister woman for all she was worth. His hand already slick with her juices Jamie pistoned in and out of Cersei as the slender woman began to hump her hips down onto her brother’s hand, with his spare hand Jamie roughly mauled his sisters beautiful tits feeling her nipples rock hard under his palms. He moved his mouth down and began pleasuring the mounds with his mouth flicking around her areolas with his tongue whilst his fingers struck deeper and deeper into her womanhood. The dual assault was too much for the queen and she bucked furiously as her first orgasm of the night shot through her. Jamie backed away from the wall and his pinned lover and wildly tore the last of his undergarments off exposing his 11 inch cock to the cold air and felt lust once more overtake him as Cersei stared at him hungrily, practically licking her lips in anticipation of the fucking she was about to get.“Suck it bitch! Give me all you’ve got!”Cersei’s knees hit the floor before her brother was through with his sentence and immediately had one of her slender hands around his rock hard pole as she swirled her tongue around the end licking up the glistening pre cum from Jamie’s tip before engulfing the head in her mouth. With one hand cupping Jamie’s balls she began to fuck her own throat on his dick. Cersei was an experienced cock sucker and loved the ay her throat got filled as she took the throbbing member deeper into her mouth. Jamie grunted as her sister deep throated him, flexing her throat muscles and flicking her tongue as much as she could along the underside. Jamie looked down and saw the drool start to slip from her mouth as she continued to suck him, never gagging her bugging as he reached the end of her mouth with every throat. He loved his sister’s blowjobs because here he got to see her at her most primal and sluttiest form, on her knees frantically frigging her own cunt with an audible slipping sound as she thrusted in and out of her soaked lips whilst throating her brother’s cock. This was the side of his sister that belonged only to him.As much as he loved his sisters oral skills he wanted more, many was the time where passion had overthrown the pair and the they had been forced into a rushed and frantic oral session to relieve each other quickly and discretely. Well not here, here they were safe and private so he was gonna enjoy all her body had to offer him.Despite being desperately tempted to let himself cum all over Cersei’s pretty face, Jamie grabbed his sister’s hair and pulled her off of him, Cersei, disappointed of having been deprived of her brothers cock looked up pleadingly at her brother, panting furiously to get her breath back. Jamie smiled at his sister’s disappointment before once again scooping her up in his arms and carrying her over to a block of fallen stone work near the fire in the centre of the shelter. Carefully placing her on the cold stone block Jamie dropped to his knees and dove between Cersei’s legs. Jamie knew that she was in no mood to be teased but still he cruelly began teasing his sister’s folds with his tongue as she squeezed his head with her thighs.“No! No...Ugh .Jamie...I ...teasing!” she reprimanded between moans.Jamie however continued to eat Cersei’s pussy regardless of his sister’s pleas. Cersei may have told him to stop but the way her thighs were gripping him Jamie wondered if he could stop, even if he wanted to. As Jamie found the twins clit Cersei shuddered at the attention he gave her, she felt her second orgasm brewing deep within her as her loves tongue began to swirl around her clitoris with increased vigour. She felt the electricity begin to build within her as she neared a second climax. Jamie having sufficiently wound his sister up pulled himself from her grasp and leaving a shocked Cersei hanging on the borders of climax before the pressure building within her disappeared as soon as it had come.“Jamie you bastard!” Cersei shrieked at her brother’s grin. She hated it when he teased her almost as much as when he left her hanging just before an orgasm.“You were the one who told me to stop” he replied his smirk growing at the sight of his flustered sister“I wanted you to stop at the beginning. You should finish what you start.” Cersei said behind gritted teeth as the last of her would be climax dialled down.“So I should finish you now then? Is that what you want?”“Yes” Cersei spat“Then beg me for it.” Jamie knew that behind her sister’s supposedly furious expression she was loving this. Cersei was cool and collected in her everyday life but past experience told Jamie the blonde loved begging for her brother’s cock and how slutty it made her feel. She slid onto her belly and stuck her ass in the air, presenting herself for her lover.“Please brother, finish me. Take me like I won’t let anyone else take me. Fill me full of your man meat and fuck my slutty hole!” she screamed.Satisfied, Jamie grabbed his sister’s hip and drove himself roughly into his sister’s warm pussy as she was pushed forward from the powerful thrust and granted at his entry into her. Cersei was hardly a virgin but she was still amazingly tight and felt every inch of her brothers welcomed invasion. Cersei reached under and tweaked her nip as her brother began to pick up his rhythm and thrust into her deeper. The feeling of the cold stone against her breasts was amazing and Cersei began to enjoy the way the cold brought her senses alive through her naked flesh, awakening every nerve as the pleasure from her pounded pussy and that caused by her manipulating her tit seemed to be amplified by the chilling breeze that swept across them. Despite enjoying the icy sensation Cersei’s body was on fire with pleasure as Jamie kept pounding himself into her little box, he grabbed her hair and pulled as he humped into her. Cersei grunted and began humping back faster as Jamie reached under her smooth stomach to where her breasts rocked back and forth in time with the banging she was receiving leaving Cersei to steady herself with her now free hand.“Tell me what you want whore!” Jamie whispered as he pulled Cersei’s blonde hair up so he could whisper in her ear. “What should I do to you?”“I need you inside of me brother” she squealed “Impale me on your big fat cock and use me for your pleasure, nothing makes me happier than having your cock use all my holes until I pass out in ecstasy and you fill me with your creamy load” Jamie’s thrusts got quicker as he felt his climax approaching, taking this as her cue Cersei stepped up the dirty talk.“You close big brother? Are you gonna fire that spunk right up inside of me? I want you to pump so much of that stuff into me it’ll be oozing out for days! I want to walk around feeling your seed still secretly warm inside me .Can you do that for me Jamie, please? Can you fill up your little cum slut queen?”As Cersei screamed these obscenities at him Jamie felt his climax ever closer until he could no longer hold on and with an a****l like howl he emptied his load straight into his sisters waiting cunt. Cersei screamed in orgasmic bliss as she felt herself being filled to the brim as Jamie’s cum shot right through to her womb and began to mix with her own juices as the gooey sensation brought the Queen to her last and most earth bending orgasm of the night.Jamie pulled out of his sister and collapsed against the walls exhausted Cersei, panting like a dog slumped against the cold stone platform she’d just been fucked against and watched as her and her brother’s cum began to drip out and pool on the ground. Making sure that Jamie was watching, Cersei scooped up some of the couples combined cum with her fingers and, her eyes never leaving Jamie’s, she stuck the fingers in her mouth. She made a show of sucking the fingers and smiling at the taste.“Mmmmm, we taste good brother!” she said through her minx like smile. Jamie smiled partly at her sister’s display but also at her expression. Cersei was always keeping her emotions tightly wrapped up so when it got too much and she exploded into the pairs frantic love sessions, it made Jamie happy to see his sister smiling. He pulled himself up to where she was sitting and sat next to her dr****g his arm over her shoulder. Cersei laid her head against his shoulder and the two lay down on the cold stone floor and just held each other in post orgasmic bliss. Predictably it was Cersei who spoke first.“It’s freezing up here Jamie could you not have built us a bigger fire, or at least brought some furs or blankets?” She said her smile twisting into a sarcastic smirk“A bigger fire would have been too visible and blankets would have made me stand out.” He turned and faced Cersei “Some of us, dear Cersei understand the concept of subtlety” he said grinning, Cersei shot him a disapproving look before snuggling down back into his embrace. “I haven’t forgiven you for leaving me twisting in the wind earlier. I think you owe me for that Jamie” Cersei said in what seemed like a serious and grave tone. “Oh, then I’ll have to think of a way to make it up to you, Lady Lannister.” Jamie replied in an almost purring voice.As the two prepared for another round of lovemaking far beneath them, completely unaware of what lay above him and how it would change things forever and after taking a moment to look at his dire wolf pup and then back to the wall Bran Stark smiled and began to climb.