The "Five" part 3, Mistress Detour

After Rachel left from her collar ceremony, around midnight, I checked my email. Tracy had accepted my date proposal for Wednesday night. This should be interesting. I had only dated one other black lady, and nothing physical happened, other than a simple kiss.Teri, had asked me to meet her Monday at 1 pm. She said to not expect to be home until after midnight. I moved the start to two to give me more time to recover from the weekend events.I drove my pickup to see Teri. My jeep is very distinctive, the go to vehicle for meeting someone for the first time for a date, whereas my pickup is pretty generic. I am wearing a white western shirt, which I prefer because they usually have snaps instead of buttons, black jeans and belt, a black leather vest, and black leather jacket. I like the belt, it is a set of linked handcuffs.I had forgot about the afternoon heat, 102, I am melting! I press the doorbell, instead of "ding dong" it says "Someone is waiting at the door." Ah technology!I hear quick footsteps, Teri opens the door."Good afternoon Auroran." Teri greets me. She is conservatively dressed, but her blouse is open just enough, seductively showing some cleavage."Thank you Miss Teri" I giggle and she does too, as I had just stopped myself from addressing her as Mistress. "Yes equals today." Teri replies as she invites me into her home. She looks very comfortable her in her home, much more relaxed that when I saw her in Mistress P's dungeon (See Part 1).Teri directs me to a chair."Can I get you anything to drink Auroran, I am having some wine.""A glass of wine would be nice, Thank-you." She hands me a glass, then sits across from me."I thought tonight should be in two parts, First we will talk about BDSM, then move to my Dungeon. The way things go in the Dungeon will be dictated from our conversation. We will agree first, of course. Will that work for you?""That sounds quit interesting Teri, yes.""So you are a Gentile Dom, is that correct. In your profile you describe yourself as BDsm.""Yes that is correct Teri, I am not a sadist or masochist to a great degree, but I enjoy practicing bondage and domination, more mental than physical.""Mistress P noted that you have a high pain threshold, and that you enjoy some pain, correct.""Yes, I don't mind myself having some pain, often I find it very erotic, but I don't generally enjoy providing pain.""So give me an example of pain you find that is erotic.""Nipple torture, the pain goes straight to the base of my cock. When Mistress P caned my ass, the closeness of my balls to the cane was erotically tantalizing.""Would you like your balls to be directly caned, or slapped?""We could certainly try that if you wish Teri. Now last night at Rachel's submission ceremony, You certainly enjoyed my attentions.""Yes, I came several times, both from Rachel and your cock I my pussy and ass. I was surprised when you took my ass Auroran.""I couldn't pass on your cute ass bobbing in my face as you sucked Rachel.""So you like my ass. Tonight I will fuck yours, OK.""Certainly, as hard and deep as you like.""Do you have any subs, yet. As a new Domme on your own….""Yes, several girls, but only one guy, who is a slave by the way.""Are you considering me?""I know that you accepted training with Mistress P. I would not want to interfere with that, but Mistress P has told me to take you however I like, sub, slave, or something else.""What would that something else be?""We could be switches, or I could permit you to top me from the bottom. We will have to explore. Do you have an thoughts?""Switch might be interesting, I think we should just let things happen for now.""Yes, agreed."After another hour or so of erotic conversation, I excused myself for the bathroom. When I returned, Teri had moved to the couch."Sit here, next to me."An invitation I was certainly not going to turn down.I sit next to her, our hands touch, then I slide my arm around her. We move to kiss, then I lift up to kiss the center of her forehead. Light kisses on each cheek, then down her jaw to her chin. After a quick nip at the tip of her nose, she giggles and then my lips capture her upper lips, her breath is short and hot as my tongue slides between her soft lips. She embraces me as we kiss deeply, passionately, holding each other tight. Teri leans back, chuckling."God you are dangerous! And so very sensuous!""I try to be.""No way are you a sub to me! No one has ever done that to me!""That is a crime, such a sexy young woman.""God my head is spinning, you were so submissive in Mistress P's dungeon, then such a Dom, with Rachel. Who or what are you?""I guess I change with my partner or the situation, you had said we were to be equals tonight.""Oh, but that kiss had me surrendering my control to you! That does NOT happen!""Would that be so bad, with me, only?""Well yes and no. I will have to think about that!""Auroran, what did you think about me when I was with you at Mistress P's dungeon?""At first I thought you were a cute, sexy, young woman. Then you put the clips on my nipples, pulling on them hard, I knew then that you were a Domme. I enjoyed the pain, and your touch.""And the sounding.""Yea, well at first I didn't know what was happening, you were fondling my balls, distracting me as you put the cage on. Then I felt you slide the sounding into me, it was very painful, shocking actually.""I was amazed at how well you took it, all of it."We kiss again, our passion building. Teri grabs my hair pulling it as I pull back."FUCK!!" She exclaims.Then she pulls me back to her, her tongue thrashing into my month. I feel the power and energy of her attack. She rips my shirt off, fortunately it has snaps. She grabs my nipple with her fingers pulling and twisting hard.I pull back, away from Teri."So Teri, what about you? What makes your pussy, wet? Besides giving me pain?""Oh! Well giving you pain, pushing your limit's is certainly high on the list. But pushing my limits certainly qualifies too.""Such as….""Such as taking my ass, the way you did last night. Watching you enjoy your new sub was very hot too.She is a very hot one, Auroran.""So you want her again?""Yes, absolutely. I would love a session with you and her both in my dungeon.""Oh the would be very hot, and fun! What else can I do to you.""The hottest thing I thing you can do, is taking control from me. Most of the men I see are so submissive, which is what I want from them, but you are different."I pull her into my arms, lips an inch from mine."You mean like this."My lips slide between hers before she can answer, though her moans speak volumes. I relax my hold slowly to a soft cuddle, our kisses slow but get longer, softer."You do things to me that no one has ever done, that I didn't even know were possible!""Teri, you are young, just starting out, lots yet to learn. One of the things that I have learned, is that no matter how dominant you are, there is always someone that you will submit to.""Mistress P told me that I should start a relationship with you because it would be a great learning experience, not in mechanics, but mental. That a Dom would want to explore what his subs does, from the submissive role. That is a special Dom. I saw the worry in your face as you learned that you would be fucked by two guys. I saw you submit, knowing that this is what you really wanted to explore, the feeling. The courage that that surrender took was very inspiring to me. I got very wet from that and Mistress P noticed, asking me if I wanted you. I said I did, so she arranged it. After you left we talked most of the nigh about you.""Really?""Yes, we both think you are special, you will be a special sub to Mistress P starting tomorrow, and you are special to me here and now! I need and want you in my bed, in my dungeon, and in my pussy now!""Mistress T, my body is yours to do with as you like, but I look forward to exploring your body and lovely mind too, my sexy Mistress."At that Teri excused herself to the restroom. Before entering, she turned to me,"If you would like to get comfortable, as it will be awhile before you may get a chance, there is another restroom through that door.""What if I just join you in yours?" I reply.She giggled, " But this connects to my bedroom, you will be there soon enough."I enter an Interesting bathroom, obviously for "her men", a shaver, several colognes, aftershave, mmmm. I do my business, trim up my pubic hair, leaving the stubble where it will prick against her pussy and resume my seat. Shortly she joins me, black thigh length stockings, garter belt, and nothing else."You are still dressed?" "Yes the more fun for later!""Come with me, and later will become now." She holds out her hand. I take it, getting up and pulling her into my arms. We kiss, she rips off my shirt, pulling my belt from my pants, she snaps the belt on my butt. Giggling, she keeps snapping it at me directing me into her bedroom."Grab the foot board." I do as directed. She slightly spreads my legs, reaching between to pull down the zip. She pushes my pants down my hips without unclasping them and taking my silk shorts with them. She stops just as my slacks reach the head of my erection. I turn pulling the minx into my arms and throwing her down on the bed. As I climb atop her, she releases my cock and hips by pulling my slacks further down.I bite down on her left nipple as my erection bobs into the lushness of Teri's pussy lips. She moans with my attack and wraps her legs around mine, locking me in place but also tilting her hips upward."I have you now!" she exclaims.I pull my hips upward as far as I can, my hard cock slides between her pussy lips and then I drive into her, hard. She screams with the unexpected entry. I feel her muscles tighten around my erection as we begin to thrust at each other. Our rhythms merge as her orgasm releases, two more and I feel her entering my ass, with something, whatever is vibrating! I cum explosively as she impales me with something! I gasp as she rotates it in my ass, now pressing on my prostrate. She rolls me over, milking me for all I am worth, biting at my nipples and lips. I reward her assault with another release, pumping more cum into her cunt. She lays on me gasping."When was the last time you came twice like that?"I gasp for breath, shaking my head, "I didn't think I could do that anymore!"She grins.We lay there in each other's arms, gathering out wits about us again. Giggling about intravenous Viagra."That was quicker than I wanted, but a very good beginning to what I hope will be many evenings of pleasure together.""What of the dungeon?" I ask."Save your strength for Mistress P. You will need it! Besides it isn't going anywhere!"Mistress P, My Training beginsSo I come to Mistress's P door again. I have some expectations now, but you never know. Mistress T, Teri, meets me at the door, and soundlessly escorts me to the bath/dressing room where she cleanses me inside and out. She adds the cuffs, collar and leash, leaning me into the Dungeon. Mistress P is waiting."Is he clean, completely?" She inquires."Yes, my Mistress." Mistress T is being especially deferential to her Mistress this evening.She inspects Mistress T's handiwork. "Very good, wait upstairs." "Yes, I need time with my trainee alone this evening you had your fun yesterday. Mistress T told me about your escapades. Did you expect them to be private? I hear you enjoy ass play, and CBT. She started as a sub with me four years ago and now she is a mistress of her own, but she still has much to learn. As do you my trainee."Mistress P leads me to the bench, where I was before, (See Part 1) locking the heavy chains on my cuffs in place. She places a small ball under my cock, so that my balls will be pressed upward, more exposed to what is to come. Then something is placed in my anus, not too large."Are you comfortable, trainee?""I guess so, Mistress." She adds a ball gag and a soft blindfold.With that, I hear her walk back towards my feet, a swish in the air, the cane lands mid-thigh. I jump with the unexpected impact. But I can't move. The next lands on my buttocks above my asshole, the next between my asshole and my balls. The next swing lands on the peg in my ass, painfully driving the peg deeply into me. The pain on my ass is minor compared to the eruption of fame from my asshole. The next swing lands at the base of my but, just touching my balls. My toes curl, I breathe as hard as I can through the gag. Mistress P pauses for a moment, I hear a door open. My legs and ass are trembling with pain and I am sweating everywhere. "Let me introduce sub Karen to my latest trainee.""Karen, place these on his nipples." I feel something sucking on one nipple, then the other. The cups are then pulled very tightly stretching my chest to the limit.""Take his gag off to give him a chance to breathe.""Very good Karen. Now we can't forget his cock. You haven't done this before have you? Watch carefully." I feel cool metal rings around my balls."We need to squeeze his balls in here then force his cock in here." My cock is trying to expand, as it is forced into the cage."Ok, lube this end, and pinch the head of his cock like this.""Will this hurt his Mistress?""Let's see shall we."I feel the sounding slide into my cock, the fire is just surrounding my cock and balls. The sounding slides in, then is coming out."Here sub, you slide it into him.""Yes Mistress, thank-you Mistress."It slides back in. I am breathing very hard to manage all of the pain!"Now we will move him to the cross." My arms and ankles are released and I am mounted on the cross, nipples sucked hard, ass violated, and cock and balls caged. I groan as my arms being raise for the cross stretch my chest."Karen, take the string that comes from his ass and pull it out."The dildo, was all the way in! and now here it comes out. She braces herself against my ass to pull it through my sphincter. Mistress P, now removes my blindfold, so I can see the large strapon the she is wearing. She struts behind me, placing the head of her cock against my hole."Now Karen, remove one of the nipple suckers and bite that nipple."Karen is young, naked, and extremely sexy. As the blood rushes to the tortured nip, Mistress P expands my ass with the head of the strapon, thrusting deeply into me. Now Karen's teeth clamp on my screaming nipple.After Mistress P is done fucking me, she removes everything from my body except for the cage on my cock and balls.Mistress T returns and begins to seduce and then fuck Karen in front of me. Mistress P chuckles as she hears my pain increase again as my cock tries to swell wiling the cage. As Karen cums, Mistress P pulls the sounding from me."Now trainee, you may not cum, for at least two minutes."I watch the girls continue to fuck and Mistress P has circled around me again, sliding her finger into my ass, she expertly finds my prostrate and begins to milk me. My cock wants to expand, but can't with the cage. My balls, just want to explode from the torture, any release, god, any!I grit my teeth to hold my control. Mistress T is now cumming from Karen eating the pussy, that I enjoyed just 24 hrs. ago. God the finger on my prostrate…..i…..explode in gouts of cum shooting across the room."Trainee, you came without permission, but you lasted two minutes, barely. Lots of work to do, but that will wait till next time."Mistress P has Karen and Mistress T clean me up in the shower, they are both giggling as they wash me. I am on fire from the knees to the waist.Mistress T says as I leave, "Be careful sitting down!" she giggles. I get in my truck and the heat from my ass brings a tear to my eye. I feel a strange feeling, pain, relief, and euphoria, a potent mixture. Did I go into sub space, probably not, but still……..