The Fantasy House by loyalsock

"Wouldn't be great if we had a safe way of living out our fantasies for a day.. or even a weekend?" Barbara asked wistfully. I looked over at Mary Kate and she nodded silently. Our eyes met, and then the idea struck me."Why don't we pool our resources and make such a place?" I said slowly. The other two looked at me in disbelief, and then they realized I was not just joking around. "I have this cabin not too far from town that is not used all the time....""Oh, wow.. and we can find men to match the fantasies.. and..." Barbara chimed in."I bet the men and women would pay for that kind of experience. But, we can also look for a place here in town for shorter fantasies," Mary Kate added."Right... and Jodie is a real estate agent. I bet she would love to invest in this deal!" As we chattered, the idea began to take shape. Over the next couple of weeks, we looked for a suitable place in town, and I got the cabin into shape. We placed a couple of discrete ads. Then we found the perfect house - a semi-remote house set back well from the road with a basement, master bedroom suite on the main floor, and three more large bedrooms on the top floor. Out back, there was a nice pool and hot tub, all surrounded by nice tall trees. The house was on its own road, and there were no neighbors in site. Jodie, one of our buddies, put the downpayment on the place as soon as she saw it.We had decided that to keep the tension level high among our "clients" we would discretely arrange to have their fantasies fulfilled. There was a separate entrance to the basement, so we figured we could take care of one or two fantasies at a time. We placed a small add in the local adult newspaper, and on a couple of local bulletin boards. We had our first client a few days later, and a possible male to fulfill it the day after.I was working at the house the day before we were to entertain our first tryst. I was dressed in a pair of shorts and tshirt, and a pair of sandals as it was quite warm out. Just dusting and tidying up, placing fresh linens on the bed in the master bedroom. I must not have heard the doorbell ring, because I was startled out of my bedmaking duties by a man's voice in my ear and his hand over my mouth."Don't turn around.. and put down the spray bottle," he commanded as he wrapped a strong arm under my neck. "Are you going to behave?"I nodded slowly as he held me firmly. When he was sure I would cooperate, he took his hand away from my mouth and released me. I was too scared to attempt moving, much less protesting. He startled me by placing a blindfold over my eyes, and then he started caressing my shoulders. Soft hands.. gentle touch driving me wild. I began to melt into his caresses. Who would know I was here working alone today? Or what I was getting ready for?The warm hands pulled my shirt out of the waistband of my shorts, and began to explore my soft skin. They stopped at my bra, and teasingly worked their way under it. I held my breath as the fingers wrapped themselves around a nipple and softly stroked. They worked themselves over to my other tit, and did a slow dance on that nipple, too. My shirt was slowly removed, and I felt the cool room air on my exposed chest. I moaned softly.The soft, warm hands were now at the waistband of my jean shorts, unbuttoning them first, then unzipping them. I blushed when I realized this stranger would discover how wet I was, or just how much I wanted him. He placed his chin on my shoulder, and I reached up, arching my back for him as he began to lower my shorts. He removed my sandals and had me step out of my shorts. I was now dressed in only a sheer bra and panties in front of a total stranger, and I was more turned on than I had ever been. I was dying to pull the blindfold off, and he must have sensed it."Don't even think about it... You will regret it very much if you do!" He cautioned. Something in the tone of his voice told me to go along with him. "In fact, I think I need to do something to make sure you won't! Put your hands behind your neck and lace your fingers together.. NOW!" As I reached back, he grabbed my wrists, and taped them together firmly. I now began to shiver.. who was this man?He let me stand there and wonder for several long minutes while he got undressed. I felt him walk in front of me, and look me up and down. I was startled back to reality by a hard cold object slipping under my left bra strap, then cutting it. It moved over to the right.. a knife! He peeled the cups of my bra down, and teased the nipples into full erection by running the cold knife around the dark areolas. Lifting the soft fabric with the knife blade, he cut through it easily, then discarded the destroyed garment.Taking my right nipple between his fingers, he pinched it lightly, pulling it out from my chest. I moaned softly as he lowered his lips to the left, and licked it hungrily. Sucking it in deep, he began to nibble on it while he teased the right tit with his fingers. He snaked one hand down my belly, then over the silky fabric of my panties until they reached their goal.. my panties were soaked!"Very nice... very nice, indeed. I love to see a woman get excited," he murmured softly as he worked his hand into the waistband of my panties. "And shaved, too... even nicer!" He forced my legs apart with his feet and hand, then took the knife blade to the sides of my panties, cutting them off of me. As they fell away from me, he held me at an arm's distance, now totally naked for him, and very aroused. I shivered as he looked me over. He shoved me back onto the bed roughly, with my hands still behind my neck. Laying down beside me, he began to tease and play with my generous 38Ds in earnest, sucking and licking them. I felt the presence of another person in the room, and jumped when this newcomer settled down between my legs and began to play with my dripping wet pussy.I started to protest, but was silenced by the first man's mouth over mine while he fumbled with something. He pulled his mouth away, and replaced it with a hard, round object. My head was lifted, and this new thing was tied in place. "Just suck on that penis gag until we have one for you to suck on for real, baby." He went back to my tits while the new stranger pulled my legs far apart and slipped a finger deep within. Mouth covering my tit, fingers pulling and tweaking the other nipple made me arch my back for more, almost forcing my breast down the first one's throat. The second one pulled his finger out of me, and held my lips apart, pulling the hood back on my clit. He fingered it first, rubbing it until it was fully erect and nicely engorged. Then he lowered his mouth to it, and started nibbling and sucking while he went back to fingerfucking me. I was going crazy by this point, and came in a wild, shuddering orgasm, flooding #2s face with hot, fresh pussy juices. He stopped teasing my clit and drank the hot goo noisly. I moaned through my gag as I came and came.The guys turned me over onto my belly, pulled me to my knees, and undid the gag in my mouth. The gag was replaced by a growing cock, and my legs were pulled apart. The hand that had teased me to an orgasm a few moments before now stroked the full length of my crack, then came back and started rubbing my now-exposed ass. It worked itself down to my tight rosebud, then teased my tight asshole. Meanwhile, the head of a huge cock was poised at the opening to my wet cunt. The finger in my ass slid out, and dipped itself into the juices flowing from my hot pussy, then went right back to work sliding in and out. I moaned softly and ground my hips back into the invader. The cock in my mouth slid in deeper and deeper. As my hands were still taped behind my neck the guy under me supported me, and used his position to thrust the length of his fully rigid cock in and out while I sucked and licked. I ached to play with his balls!The guy behind me slammed his rigid dick into me slowly, then pulled himself back out slowly. In and out.. a little faster and deeper each time, grabbing onto my hip and using his finger buried deep in my ass for support. I felt my asshole being opened wider with each thrust. It was soon joined by a second finger. I moaned softly into the cock deep in my throat."My, my... she loves having something in her ass.. " the guy behind me said softly. Pulling his fingers out of my ass, he replaced them with his large cock, and rammed it home. I yelped just a little, then began to relax as he stroked in and out. He reached down and started rubbing my clit in time to his thrusts. I moaned again, and began shuddering with a huge violent orgasm. As the man in my mouth felt my spasms wrack my body, he grabbed the back of my head and held me very still with his cock wedged deep in my throat. Load after load of hot, sticky cum filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could, and allowed the rest to drip down my chin. The man filling my ass also had to cum, shooting his wad deep into my darkest recess."Oh, baby.. that was so good..." the man at my mouth said as he eased himself out of me. I sighed, and swallowed deeply, thinking my torture was at an end."Hey, guys... whatcha doing... up... here...." a new voice said. I jumped about a foot. Now there were three!"Having a little fun with the lady of the house. Want some?" the guy who had just filled my ass asked the newcomer. I must have missed the reply, for all I heard was the new stranger stripping his clothes off. I was helped to my feet for just a moment, while one guy laid down on the bed. My legs were held apart, and I was impaled on his fully rigid cock while he grabbed me by the tits and pulled me down towards him. Holding me with my legs far apart, a second cock was at the entrance to my cum-dripping asshole. The man under me pulled my asscheeks apart while the man behind me caressed my ass, then eased himself in. I opened my mouth in shock to feel two big cocks filling me so completely. As I did, it was filled with the third cock. The man buried deep in my pussy thrust in and out of me slowly, grinding his hips into mine, forcing his cock all the way in. He twisted and pinched my tits as he impaled me. The dick in my mouth slid in and out easily.. hands gripping my hair and pulling me along for the ride. The man at my ass gripped me by the hips and thrust his full length deep into my ass, then pulled back out until just the head remained inside me.. then slammed it home again. He leaned down and nibbled my back. Within minutes, I was screaming again as I was in the middle of another wild orgasm. The cocks in all my openings kept pounding away, having no mercy on my cresting spasms. The fingers at my tits pinched harder as I crested, sending new waves down my spine. I came and came all over the invader in my pussy. As soon as the man in my pussy felt my hot juices, he came, followed by the man in my mouth. Mmmmm.. another fresh load of cum for my dining pleasure. My ass was now getting exclusive attention from the man piledriving his huge member into me. He came soon after in several deeply grunted thrusts, spanking my cheeks smartly as he did. He spasmed several times, shooting more and more spunk into me, then he quietly pulled out.I heard the two men pad out.. and then the man under me wrapped his arms around me, carefully undoing the tape at my wrists. Finally, he removed my blindfold. I blinked several times, allowing my eyes to focus on the dimly lit room."Jason!!!! You dog!!!! How.. how.. how did you know?" I gasped at my long- time boyfriend - the one buried deep in my pussy."Hehehe.. you talk in your sleep, dear! I wanted you to be the first to have her fantasy fulfilled in this house.""You are so sweet! Such a nice rendering, too! Thank you, baby." I silently hoped that everyone had their wildest dreams filled like mine had been.