The Deflowering of Louise

There she was. Sitting on a bench, in front of the college building, reading some papers that must have been from her class. Wearing a white knit jacket over her yellow sundress, it showed off her petite body, espescially her silky white legs. Long wavy blonde hair gently flowing in the breeze, and I felt goosebumps when she would reach up to brush her hair on one side behind her ear. How I longed for that hand to be mine. Her bright blue eyes nervously looking around, as she was waiting for someone. And she was waiting for me. We had talked online briefly, and this is where we were supposed to meet.Her name was Louise, and she was a virgin. I say "was", because I plan on breaking her hymen, and making her blossom into the beautiful woman she is meant to be. Showing her the pleasures of bodily contact. I got out of my car, and casually walked toward her, ignoring all the other students, who were busy going from one class to the next. My only thought was how much wanted to fuck this girl, take her in ways she has yet to discover. But that's on the inside. If she knew what I was really thinking... Sitting on the bench beside her, I calmly said hello, indroduced myself, and reached out to shake her hand. There was a long pause, and she had this look on her face that was hard to explain. It was easy to tell though, that she was scared, nervous, and possibly excited at the same time. After what felt like an eternity, she smiled, and extended her hand... Which I gripped firmly, and placing my other hand on top of hers, I began to talk to her. She stared shyly at me as we talked, speaking very little, but she never let go of my hand. After a while, I suggested that we go for a ride. Louise meekly nodded, and I could literally hear her heart pounding, her hands trembling. Not letting go of her hand, we stood up, and I guided her toward my car. She asked where we were going, and I didn't answer. Looking deep in her eyes, I just smiled. Her eyes got wide in fear for a second when she didn't get an answer, then a shy grin, and turned her face to look at the floorboard. If it's possible for someone to turn completely red, she just proved it.I drove her to a spot I knew of, in the country. A place by a small pond, with large trees around it. Well shaded, secluded, and not a soul nearby. One could hear all the majestic sounds of nature here, as this place was untouched by the damanging nature of humans. After turning off the car, I looked at Louise. I am sure she could tell my gaze was on her, but she was frozen. Reaching up by her ear, I brushed her back, showering her with compliments on her body. As soon as I touched her though, I saw that her eyes would close, and let let out a soft sigh. It was obvious she was very nervous, but she tried not to show it. What's going through her virgin mind, I couldn't tell you. But what I can tell you, is what I wanted. I wanted that smooth skin under my touch, and my hard cock buried deep in her pussy. And I was going to do just that.I ran my fingers through her hair, the long silky curves finally made impulse take over. Leaning toward Louise, I just whispered...She turned in surprise and stared at me, her eyes, just barely inches away. My hand that's behind her head, pulls her to me. My lips connect with hers, and she was shocked.. Motionless.. Just for a few seconds. We kissed several times, each time longer than the last. Stopping only to brush my lips across hers, take in her sweet fragrace, and the taste of her lips. I could feel her tense and tremble, now and then, but soon she was becoming more relaxed. When she finally opened her mouth a little, I brushed my tongue on the inside of her mouth. A soft moan tried to escape, and that only made me much more excited. Our tongues played with each other's for a while, and breathing got that much harder. By now my cock is at full erection, painfully throbbing against my denim pants. All I could think of was... More...Pulling back, I put my lips to her ear and whispered to her ear a simple request. "Come join me outside.." And she obeyed, getting out and meeting me in the front of the car. Grabbing her, I pulled her close, and began kissing her again.. My hands having free roam, and my throbbing bulge pressed against her. I began to explore her, feeling every curve in back, all the way down to her ass. Rubbing it slowly for a minute, before I firmly grabbed her ass and set her on the hood of my car. She sat there and looked meekly at me, as I slowly got on my knees in front of her. Taking her left foot on my hand, I began to run my fingers up her leg and down again. She was shaking, but she didn't protest, so I continued. Reaching up under her dress, I pulled her pink panties down, and let them hang on one ankle....And there it was.. Unshaved, very blonde, and very moist. Her bush did little to conceal the fact that she was extremely aroused, I could see the daylight glisten on the wet slit beneath that patch of fur... And it was HOT.. Louise was obviously very embarassed, because I kept staring at her pussy. She would try to close her legs, but I simply put my hands on her knees, forcing them back apart. Slowly kissing her inner thighs, and working my way up her leg, I could feel her muscles tense each time. Never taking my eyes off the prize, I kissed higher and higher, until my lips were just in front of her clit. Her smell was highly intoxicating. I put one hand on her soft mound of hair, petting her, right when I opened my mouth and sucked on her outer labia. I felt her gasp and she bit her finger, trying not crying out, but a sweet moan managed to escape. It was too much. Parting her lips enough to expose her clit, I put my lips on it, kissing it one time before sucking hard. Locking my lips on her, I used my tongue to circle and dart around her clit, fucking it the way the my tongue played with hers earlier. I could feel her hips move and shake beneath my mouth, and my chin getting soaked from her juices that were now flowing. Looking up I saw her staring at my face buried in pussy, with her mouth open in awe and amazement. I could tell she was really close, so I stood up and began rub her pussy rapidly with my fingers. And then it happened.. Louise laid flat on the hood, arched her back, crying out loudly, and gushed hard. Her orgasm wracked her body, and pussy pulsated as streams came shooting out, flowing down the front of my car. I looked at her, smiling, and said..I grabbed her hands and pulled her up off the hood of the car, my lips locking with hers. I am sure she could taste herself when I did so. Sliding off her knit jacket, and letting it fall to the ground, I reached behind and unzipped the back of her dress, as well as the strap to her bra. Grabbing the top of it and tugging just a little, I looked down and watched as her dress and bra slid down her petite frame, exposing her silky while body in all its glory. She tried cover herself in embarassment, to which I just showered her with compliments on her beauty. I said to Louise. And I took her hands placing them on my belt and crotch. As I unbuttoned my shirt, she fumbled with my belt, looking to me for some assistance. But she would get none from me, if this is what she wanted, then she had to prove it. When she finally got my zipper down, I told her to get on her knees, and slide my boxers off. She willfully obeyed, kneeling on her dress, and locked her eyes on my now free cock. Bouncing and throbbing in front of her. She placed a hand on it, running her fingers up and down my shaft, and also spending some time cupping and massaging my balls. I could tell she was unsure of what she was supposed to do, so I took her fingers and wrapped them around the base of my hard member, and tilting her head back a little so she was looking up at me. Without hesitating, I pushed my hips forward, the head of my cock just inside her warm mouth, and ordered her to do what felt natural. Slowly and shyly at first, I watched this innocent young girl lick and suck my cock, worshipping it. My moans and hard breathing encouraging her please me more, especially when she saw my reaction as her tongue circled the head of my cock. Unable to restrain myself, I grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her lips, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. Her hands grabbing my hips and ass as she obediantly let me fuck her face. By now my cock was nice and wet, with her saliva dripping off of it, and running down to my balls. Pulling Louise up off the ground, I spun her around and pushed on the hood of my car, her little hands holding her up bent over in front of me. She looked back at me with a pleading look in her eyes.. I think she wanted me to be gentle, but at this point, I didn't care. Grabbing her ass, I aimed my cock right at her tight virgin hole, and plunged my cock inside....Louise cried out in pain and pleasure, which only fueled me to push deeper and deeper. That feeling, the breaking of her hymen, caused me to leak some cum inside of her.. I couldn't help it, nor did I care. Feeling her tight pussy grip my cock, and her cry out that it hurts, didn't even phase me. I sat there for a minute though, and let her absorb the feeling of my cock throbbing inside of her. Looking down I could see a small trickle of blood leak down along the sides of her legs. Was all I said before kicking her legs farther apart, and reaching forward to grab a fist full of hair. I began to pump my cock in and out of her hard and fast, pulling her back with her hair to meet my forward thrust. Slamming my hips into her ass as hard as I could, the sounds of raw sex echoing through the trees, and her supple tits bouncing when my cock reached its base in her pussy. Louise tried to reach back at one point, I think to try to get me to slow down, but all I could do was grab her arm.. Use it for more leverage. God she felt so good. I wanted to fuck her like this forever. I wanted to make her mine. Pulling out, eventually, she collapsed on the hood.. Breathing panting hard. I was far from done, though. I rolled her over on her back, and picked her up, holding her by her ass. Louise wrapped her legs and arms around me, as I slid back in with ease. The fucking resumed, but it was hard to control myself.. And shot a little cum inside. I know she felt it, and she has finally realized the whole purpose me being here. It wasn't just to fuck. It was to breed. And she welcomed it, kissing me, as I pounded my cock in and out of her. I could feel her sweet juices flow down my balls and leg. We fucked like this for a while, and it was too much. I was going to cum, and I wasn't pulling out. Laying her down on top of her dress, her legs still wrapped around me, I began to fuck her relentlessly... My cock swelling and ready to burst. Looking Louise deep in her bright blue eyes, I cried out in an explosive orgasm, and she did too.. my hot cum shot deep inside of her pussy. I collapsed on top of her for a while, and we kissed while my cum started leaking out. But it wasn't long before I felt myself getting hard again... After all...It was barely even noon.. ;)