The Camcorder

When I bought my husband a camcorder, I had a feeling I knew what he’d want to do with it. Sure enough, he soon suggested we film ourselves having sex. I dressed up in stockings, a garter belt, and a tight waspie corset and looked a real screen slut sucking his cock on camera. I really enjoyed doing it because it was soo nasty. When Hank was away on business, I’d watch it and use my favorite dildo. I’d be working myself to a dripping wet orgasm as Hank balled me on the TV screen.Last week Hank was away on business, so I decided to watch our video again. As I looked for the tape, I found another one in the closet that I’d not seen before. It wasn’t labeled so out of curiosity I decided to watch it.When the picture came up, I saw a close-up of a woman’s ass and her hands rubbing it. The shot pulled out as her hands started to caress her very hairy pussy. As the shot got wider, the woman rolled over and I instantly recognized her as my neighbor, Maggie. I’d never seen her like this before. My heart was beating fast as I watched her slip two fingers in her pussy and masturbate for the camera while stroking her big tits and pinching her chunky nipples. As incredible as this was, what shocked me the most was the thought that Hank must have filmed it. Did this mean he was having sex with Maggie?I started getting angry and had just decided to turn off the tape and go kick my neighbor’s ass when I caught a glimpse of a cock jutting into the picture. Maggie giggled and slid over to lick it and I saw it more fully. It certainly wasn’t Hank’s! He is well-hung, but nothing compared to this stud. Then the man asked Maggie if she was enjoying being filmed sucking dick and I realized the voice belonged to her husband, Jeff. Now I realized why she always looks so happy.I watched the whole tape through. It was obvious by the end that Hank didn’t have anything to do with the making of the video. Maggie and Jeff had done it themselves. I enjoyed watching them fuck and I started fingering my pussy when Jeff started jerked off on his wife’s boobs for the grand finale.Next day I went over to Maggie’s place and casually mentioned they’d left a video tape of them at our house. Maggie went pale and asked if I’d watched it. When I said yes, she said Hank only had it because he was making them a copy. I said I thought it was great and told her Hank and I had done something similar. I thought it only fair she should watch us since I’d watched them.So we watched our tape. Midway through I commented that Jeff was much better hung that Hank and Maggie said sometimes about wished her husband cock wasn’t quite so big. We looked at each other and both knew what the other was thinking. We wanted to trade husbands! “How can we get the guys to agree?” I asked her.Maggie had an idea. “We should make a tape of ourselves,” she said, “then get both of the guys to watch it.”That is just what we did. We both got dressed up in our sexiest lingerie, and then filmed ourselves on the couch. It wasn’t that explicit, but we kissed and squeezed each other’s tits. I even sucked Maggie’s huge nipples. Now that Hank is back, I’m going to have Maggie and Jeff over tonight for dinner and we’ll play the guys our tape. It should be fun to see their reaction when they see their wives getting it on, and I’m certain there’s going to be even more fun afterwards.