The Black brotherhood Club

Again and again I had heard and read about how great Black men were in bed and that a white woman who has had a black, will never want a white man anymore. I could not quite imagine this. I felt as if I was alone in the big city eager to find out where to find a black man, with whom I can go to bed. I was eager to learn - the only thing missing was the man.One day I met a pitch-black African at a party. I had been invited by the brother of a dear fellow student, He was as dark as the guy I met but neither had really Negroid faces. I chatted well with him, I liked him. The following day his sister said to me, her brother Tembo've probably had fallen for me, he spoke only to me. She told me he had asked her to invite me to visit them. I did not mind, and three days later she invited me for the evening to be for dinner. I was very curious to see what will happen to me. I noticed when I came to her place right away he was very keen on me. Obviouslty they had planned it and his sister would contrive again and again to disappear into the kitchen or anywhere else, so he and I were alone. He complimented me, drew close to me and touched me again and again becoming familar with my skin .The food, an African meat dish, was very good and the wine was OK. After the meal he sat on the sofa next to me and pulled up close to me, which I was not unhappy about. When I wanted to leave at ten o' clock, he said that he could accompany me home. I agreed. Soon we were passing near his small apartment. It was late but he asked me in. It was so so late yet. I was keen on him, I did not say no, and we went in the elevator up to his apartment.It turned out that he had a lovely, well-furnished three-room apartment. He asked to sit down and offered me a glass of wine again. We talked well and suddenly he came over to me, pulled me up out of the chair and kissed me deeply. I was so surprised that I instinctively kissed him back. Well, he did not let go of me again and a few minutes later we were both naked in his bed. Very quickly, I realized what he was in charge of a huge cock between his legs and he slid down to me to lick my pussy and kiss, I took - as far as I could - his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked to him as best I could. I was so excited that just by his licking I almost got my first orgasm.When he penetrated me, first very carefully and then, when he realized that it went well, with deep long strokes, I yelled out the first orgasm. Now I knew why women love black men. So we fucked most of the night and were happy with each other. I had one orgasm after another, moaned and cried and Tembo's stamina was incredible. I can not tell you how many times he has injected his semen into me, but it was very much and very often. Well, that was Saturday and we had no obligations on this day. In an appropriate moment I confessed to him that I had been having thoughts about giving myself to a black man and wondering would I have a great time. Now I was very happy that I was able to spend a night with him. It was as good as my fantasies.Tembo then asked me if I was dating and when I said no, he seemed to be very happy. He admitted that I was his first white woman and that for blacks it was not so easy to get a white woman into bed. His priority was to fuck married women, because tof how it humilated their husbands, but also unmarried like me were in high demand. However, I had a figure like they want here in Europe, but not in Africa, because broad-hipped women with large pendulous breasts is the ideal of most blacks. There was a brotherhood here in the city, all black stallions who have any white woman who they can get, the brotherhood Show. They then try to make these women to Negro whores. He wanted to let them know about me, unless I refused to continue to fuck with blacks.I didn't really want to be made a nigger whore, so I told him he could tell his group, but this should not mean that I was their fair game. I was willing to go to a meeting of the brotherhood, but it remained my business whether I would be active there, or not. He said he was glad about my attitude to the meeting because the next evening there would be a club session.. That surprised me but now, but I did not say anything just ok, let's go down there. We made a nice walk, but drew the attention of many other people to us with our contrasting skin colour. We did not care but we knew people were starign with disapproval. By late afternoon we went to my place so I could change my clothes. So then we arrived shortly after eight o' clock in the Club.From the outside, everything was very private and I quickly realized that is because almost all those present were already naked, or almost naked. Also, I noticed to my surprise that there were already 20 to 25 men in attendance, all without exception, black and almost all had impressive cocks. All the women (about 7 women) were white. Interestingly, I also found that some of the women were very full and quite had big asses. That was what was welcome here clearly.And another thing: I looked closely and could see that I was the only white woman that was still unmarried. Tembo went with me first in a locker room, where he undressed naked and invited me too, him to join him. So naked, he led me around and introduced me to almost all other people. I could notice that quite a few horny eyes wandered over my body. Suddenly, as we were talking with some people, Tembo was gone.I was alone and immediately was approached by a good-looking big pitch-black guy. He asked if I wanted something to drink and led me to the bar. At every step his huge cock swung back and forth, which did not seem to disturb him. He put one of his great hands on my butt, to guide me in the right direction. When we had our drink, he looked me straight in the eye and simply said, Tom. I introduced myself also. He did not hesitate and gave me a kiss, I gladly replied that Tembo had just left me for a moment. He then said that I was indeed the only woman today that was here for the first time, so it would fall to me. When I asked him what he meant, he replied, now, all the men would try a new woman that came up for the first time. And I needed to understand that white women here at the club have no voice, they must do what they are told, they are there to fuck and only just to serve black men, to give them pleasure, that is respectively whores, more or less just fair game.Now I knew why Tembo had left me alone. All these men would tonight satisfy their lust in me. And no one would wear any protection, they all fucked me with her naked cocks. Tom was first to begin.. He took me by the hand led me to one of the lawns and we lay down on the mat. He stroked me gently up and down, twirling my nipples and sucked on them, while his hand went down to my pussy, he also stroked until he entered a finger into me. He was in no hurry and worked me very slowly so that my pussy was soaking wet.Meanwhile I was wanking his cock , whcih was so thick I was barely halfway around with one hand. Finally he lay down between my legs, put his penis to my lips and slowly but surely penetrated into me. It was an incredible feeling, yet again different and arguably more beautiful than with Tembo. When he was all the way inside of me, he stopped short silence and then began to hit me. Immediately, I could not help but to moan - and as the first orgasm came over me - screaming out loud.Undeterred, he fucked further and after a long time I realized that it was him and he was in many bouts emptied into me. I do not know how many orgasms I had and how many times I was passed out briefly, I just know that it was a very wonderful experience. Through my crying, other men became aware of me and looked over at us. Tom told me that the other men would now not go with me on a mat on the lawn, a new whore you take in the bar area and mostly standing. From now on, I got no peace again until all the men present had mounted me at least once and fucked me.What can I say? One was better than the other, they were all screaming potent stallions and for all and I groaned without ceasing and all erupted in me, emptying themselves of semen. When I then looked again at the clock it was after 1 clock I had been stretched and fucked for four hours without a break. My last fucker then asked me to accompany him and took me to an office where he asked me to sit down on a thick towel, which became soaked with much of the semen, which flowed out of me. I realized that he was the chairman of the club wanted to tell me on behalf of all of its members that he had been very pleased with me. He offeed me the chance to be the one woman located just in the house to be active for the club. To put it in a crass way, to work as a white nigger whore in the club. I was indeed not married, but was so good that they would not like to do without me. Since I was a student, it would suit me to have free accommodation but tI would also earn money here. It was my duty to attend at least two, three or four nights during the week and be available to members. I would get a flat rate of €500 per evening - and - if it should be more than 4 men who reach for me, for each additional fuck an additional € 100, because I knew a Club whore should not reject any suitor. He added that if I waive all contraceptives and allowed myself to get pregnant at the club, I would receive an allowance of €75,000, - extra. I should think it over.I was pleasantly surprised, but said that two nights a week would suit me and I could only do more in exceptional cases when something very special was on. And I let myself think about pregnancy. I asked him then why one of the women was not a prostitute, and he said that she was the white woman of his deputy and it should only teach her yet that they either never come to the club or one of the whores will.Later on I found out that they had decided to prostitute me because I was mostly to be found in the club and was well attended. I had the desired quite voluptuous figure with large hanging tits, which was very welcome here. So suddenly my financial worries were over. He brought me again to the lawns, climbed and fucked me incredibly well and very very long time until I lay exhausted after five orgasms. The large amounts of sperm that had been sprayed that evening into me, flowed out of me incessantly.I should not hve accepted his offer, because I had been up there, and before I knew it, one after another came again to - as Tembo had told me - fuck me. They fucked me into the ground. So I had a new job. In fact, I made my new job a lot of fun. I enjoyed it very much running around naked at the club and I loved that every club member had the right to take me by the hand to go with me on one of the lawns and to fuck me to their hearts content without having to be nice. I was just one of the employees there a bitch that you used when you felt like.And Lust took over the guys often. But what I especially liked was that I could build with my total of about 15 white women colleagues a close friendly relationship very soon. Although they were all but one significantly older than me, were wives and many were mothers, we were a close-knit community, with many I met also outside the club, not a few also invited me over for a cup of coffee or a dinner a. So I got to know the husbands who were proud of their wives, because they worked so successfully. They were mostly cuckolds and always rejoiced when their wife brought someone home from the club , who then fucked them before the husband and gave him to understand that he was much better than the white man. Some customers stayed overnight and then insisted that the husband was there and she waited.But there were husbands who simply tolerated, that her wife worked as a nigger whore. Some of them wanted me then - when I was there to visit - like fuck so as to taste something of the cake. My women friends now would ask me to let her husband fuck me. I almost never no and was all a very welcome guest.The husband had once again a young slim woman in bed, because his own wife was the desire of blacks accordingly usually somewhat plump or at least had a broad butt. With some of my new bitch girlfriends I had lesbian relationships, and there were fun years. Still, I never neglected my studies and made soon after the minimum period of study the exam with very good resultsWith the Negro whores the turnover was low, but now and then you could always enjoy a nice touch with the new and in some cases with their husbands. The amazing thing was that these women were mainly from middle-class circles yet hired themselves as Negro whores. But even if you - for any reason whatsoever - dropped out of the circle of colleagues, they always remained in good contact and as uest Whores they were always very welcome. The oldest of these guest whores was almost 70, however, was when she came always fully occupied by men. I kept my job as a nigger whore until I was done with my training and left the city.I married soon after. My husband knew about my past and when we arrived in the university city, which was not very often the case, I always visited the club as a Guest Whore. My husband was allowed to come with the club, but could only watch, he was not allowed to join in. The blacks then showed him clearly what they did with his wife and how willing I was at their service. One night my husband came home from work and informed me that the he had been offered a partnership in the company , first as director directly under the board, but with the assurance that after one year he would become member of the board of directorsl. This was an offer that you really could not refuse.My law firm has had an office in this city of five lawyers, so I could do my best to be able to work there, which I then succeeded. The interesting thing for me was that my earlier study city was only about 55 Km away. And there was still the brotherhood of blacks. Although I was also become older, but had a wider pelvis and get quite large hanging tits, exactly what the men were there. Especially just also I was married.Shortly thereafter we moved to this city and when we finished moving in and things were back to normal I discussed with my husband if I should get in touch with the brotherhood again as a Special Whore that could be fucked at home in the presence of the man, exactly what the blacks sought in the first place. My good husband was had already gone so far on his journey to become a Cuckold that he agreed immediately and was looking forward to be able to see if I get mounted and penetrated by huge Negroes and fucked by their big cocks.Now it paid off that I had from time to time visited the brotherhood and was not completely forgotten. Few men know me yet and asked whether I wanted to start again since. I explained the situation, after which I took the younger one by the hand and brought me to the manager's office. When he heard that I had for years been a bitch of the club and now coming forward as a married woman that wanted to be one of their prostitutes, he was immediately enthusiastic. He asked me to take off my clothes to examine me can. As soon as he had seen me naked, he called by telephone to some club brothers, they should come immediately. Quickly the room filled with an additional six men, so that now a total of eight large black men stood in front of me and surveyed me.All were naked, and each held a significant erection angled horizontally or steeply upwards. It filled me with pride that all of these relatively young men were so keen on a woman with my character. My broad hips and especially my big hanging tits had it done to them. Still, they had to test me, which they then did. Since I was one of their prostitutes for them, they did not care much about a prelude. They attacked me, spread my legs and then I was mounted and fucked gorgeously. As before I reacted very noisily, screamed and moaned and enjoyed being used. I was a pure sex object, I was designated as sow and bitch, each of the fucked me and made with me what he wanted, he humped into me in all positions, offered my ass and my mouth to his brothers, so I often had three big dicks in it and all injected large amounts of cum in me and on my body.This was six years ago and since that day I'm a Negro whore in the club. My husband is happy if I - what the case is by no means rare - on one of my Free Nights bring along a negro and am fucked by him after all the tricks, while my husband is watching. Of course, my husband fucks me because he likes to penetrate me, when the Black has just gone and I'm still full of his sperm. In addition, insofar as what falls for my husband ever again, so to speak, because when I visited one of my colleagues, these are often willing to let my husband fuck them.