The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

I awoke feeling refreshed and excited. Of course part of my energy was from my early bedtime the evening before. Sierra and I had gone to bed right after our dinner and bath time together, which couldn't have been much later than 9:30. But mostly it was because my mind was abuzz with all of the possible scenarios Sierra might have planned out for us to engage in throughout the week. With her in charge, they could be anything... Well, almost anything. We did have a budget to think about so we couldn't do anything too crazy. Could we? Shaking my head to let other thoughts in, there'd be plenty of time for daydreaming later, I clambered out of my empty bed and made my way to the bathroom. This time I was aware enough to check the occupancy status before barging in and making a fool of myself - again. Determining it to be empty, I walked in and started my morning routine. I did notice that the shower had been used recently. Apparently Claire had been more embarrassed than she had let on yesterday morning and had made sure to shower earlier. Just before I got into the shower, a knock came from the bathroom door and I heard Claire's voice. "Hey, I'm making scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, do you want any?" "Uh, yeah sure!" I shouted back. "I'll be out in a few minutes. Thanks!" "Don't worry about it, you'll just owe me something later!" she said, and I could practically feel her smirk through the door. With another part of my day to look forward to, it didn't take me long to shower and get dressed. A few minutes later I went to meet Claire for breakfast. "Breakfast smells good, but I hope you haven't burned anything," I said as soon as I'd stepped into the kitchen. I began pouring some orange juice for the both of us. "Your portions might be a little scorched, but mine sure aren't," Claire replied, serving up the eggs. The toast was already on the table. "I knew you'd make some comment along those lines and I didn't want to disappoint you." "Ouch," I said, feigning a wound, "I guess I'm becoming a little too predictable." "Darling, a hungry baby is less predictable than you are," she said with a shake of her head. "And all he can do is cry." "That's just because he knows he gets to see some breasts whenever he cries! I'd cry all the time too if that were my reward." "Oh please, then what would this world come to?" Claire said, exasperation in her voice, "A bunch of grown men vying for women's attention by bawling their eyes out?" "Hey if it worked, don't think that wouldn't happen. It'd be way easier than having to learn how to fight and all that junk. We'd just have to do what we were taught from the start!" "Yes," she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "because men with snot running down their noses and red circles around their eyes just scream 'sexy' to women." "Don't knock it 'til you try it!" I quipped. "I hear more 'sensitive' men are becoming popular these days. You might see a rise in crying men yet." "I think I'll pass on that particular craze if it comes to pass. Sex is supposed to relax me, not give me a headache." With that, she put her empty dishes in the sink and began to head towards the front door. With a mock pout she added, "I think you should clean up, since you started my day by putting awful ideas into my head." "Whatever, you're just afraid I might be right." I said dismissively. Suddenly remembering that Sierra had wanted me to have lunch with Claire, I added "But while we're on the topic of payment, you should let me take you to lunch. Since you cooked breakfast." She paused at the door and said, "Alright, I suppose it's the least you can do. We haven't had much of a chance to talk lately anyways." "Cool, I'm free after noon so we can go where you want then. Pick you up at your class?" "Yeah that works. See you then." "'Bye!" I said, and started to wash all the dishes when she'd gone. There weren't many, since Sierra had washed everything else the night before. Thinking of that led me to remember my conversation with Claire over dinner last night, which brought me to wondering what she had planned for us again. Before I realized what I was doing, I started to imagine having a threesome with Sierra and Claire. It was very sensual picture, our three bodies intertwined with one another. Surely they’d have different preferences too… Finishing with the dishes and collecting my things for the day, I put the fantasy out of my mind. Claire was gorgeous and definitely not sexually shy, but she was just a friend. It had been this way even when we'd been in high school. Sure, something might have possibly happened between us at one point, but then she met her current boyfriend Jacob and I met Sierra a while after, someone I genuinely care about. And although Sierra might be super cool and rarely got jealous, she'd never be okay with me outright cheating on her and I'd be dreaming if she ever suggested a threesome. Especially a threesome with someone as gorgeous and self-confident as Claire. With a sigh, I got into my truck and left for my classes. My classes went by very quickly. Even though I paid attention to everything that went on, I just felt elated and focused and time flew. When I finished with all of them for the day, I found I still felt energetic. Ready for whatever might come my way. I had to decline a few offers to hang out or go to lunch, and went on to pick Claire up. You might be wondering why I never go to lunch with Sierra. It's not that I don't want to; it's just that she usually has to entertain clients for lunch. She's very dedicated to her work and will skip lunch or eat lunch with her clients while they work on the details for their events. Very exhausting work really, and we're lucky we can usually get our evenings together. I had a feeling that she had set some time aside throughout this week, to make plenty of time for our daily activities. Anyways, I picked Claire up and we headed to the restaurant of her choice. It was a sit-down lunch place with a wide variety of foods that were all pretty good. And the prices weren't exorbitant either, which made it a favorite spot for college students; Claire and I waved to several people we knew as we passed them and took our seats in a corner booth that was fairly isolated from the people around us. We had been idly talking the whole while, about our classes and the mild drama that goes on in them; at one point she mentioned she'd be out late tonight, working on a group project for a theatre class. But after we'd ordered and a short lull in the conversation arose, I decided to broach more serious topics. "So how come you had to move in with Sierra and I for a while? Is everything alright between you and Jacob?" She sighed and looked away from me, clearly unsure how to answer and most likely debating whether to brush it off or not. Not wanting to make things awkward, I quickly said, "Sorry, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything." "No no, it's fine," she said at last. "You should at least get to know what's up since I dropped in on you guys unexpectedly." "No, it's totally fine. We've been friends for forever, you don't have to explain yourself if you don't want to." Claire looked at me sharply and said, "Uh uh, you don't get to back out now. I'm laying everything out and that's that." I held up my hands in a placating manner and gestured for her to continue. "Alright, go ahead then. You've got my full attention." "Jacob and I are going through a phase, a very delicate one. We kept it quiet but he... sort of proposed to me a couple of weeks ago." Before I could think of anything to say, she continued on. "Now I love Jacob, but I don't know if I'm really ready to settle down yet. We've been dating since high school and I'm just filled with these doubts. How do I know he's the one if I've never really dated anyone else? He's great, he really is, but how do I know for sure?" "Well-" I started lamely before she cut me off. "No, please just listen." I nodded and let her go on. "I didn't turn down his proposal, but I didn't accept it either. We had talked about marriage before, I just didn't know he was ready for it now and he really surprised me. He really understood, and gave me some time to think about it. A few weeks or so. I'll probably accept after the time is up, but for now I'm completely unattached. We can both do whatever we like, no questions asked and no repercussions. Our only rule is that we see each other a couple times a week, which is why we went to dinner last night. So that's why I asked if I could move in with you guys. Sierra and I have already talked about all of this, I just wasn't sure about how to bring it up with you." "Wow," was all I could come up with, after 4 years of high school English and 2 years of college. Claire smiled, some of her playfulness from earlier returning. "I know, it's a lot to take in at once. And don't worry, the time is really helping. There are just a few things I want to do before I get hitched. I do love him. I mean, how many other guys would give their girlfriends a hall pass, lasting several weeks, right after proposing to them? Although he's probably making better use of it than I am," she laughed. "Anyways, thanks for listening. I know you don't like a lot of drama." I was still processing what she'd just told me, but I smiled anyways and said, "Don't worry about it, glad I could help. Even though you might as well have been talking to a wall most of the time." Claire smiled and said, "I wouldn't say that... Most walls are more responsive than you were just now. I'd say you were more like a mute paralyzed man. Who was asleep." After that we fell back into our usual banter and I eventually took her back to school for her afternoon classes and I went to the gym. Then I went to work for a short, closing shift. All the while my mind was reeling from my conversation with Claire and trying to wrap itself around her words. Jacob had proposed? Why shouldn't he, they'd been going out for forever. They might as well have married years ago. But she still wasn't ready... What would this mean for my relationship? She said she'd already talked to Sierra about everything. What did she think about it all? Finally I had to put it all from my mind, as I was getting too distracted to focus on my job. I would just have to talk to Sierra. At last the time came for me to head home, and I did so with a slight feeling of dread. I pulled up to the house and went in through the garage. "Hey Ser Bear, I'm home!" "Hey honey, I'll be right out!" came the response from our bedroom. I approached it cautiously and just before I could open the door Sierra popped out and greeted me as she had yesterday, standing on her tiptoes to kiss me before burying her face into my chest in a full hug. She was wearing very comfortable clothing, an oversized t-shirt and some sweatpants, and her frizzy brown hair was loose. From the hug I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and I guessed she wouldn't be wearing any underwear. "How was your day?" I said after we'd pulled apart, my heart not quite in the question. Picking up on my discomfort and ignoring my question, she frowned and asked what was wrong as she pulled me into the bedroom to sit down. "It's nothing," I began, but quickly stopped when I saw the disbelief on her face. "Okay, I went to lunch with Claire like you wanted and she told me about her and Jacob." Understanding and relief flooded into her expression. "Oh, that. So you're worried about what all of that might do to our relationship?" I nodded. "Well, yeah. We're pretty close friends with them, and we've been together for forever like they have been." "Don't worry, hon," she said, smiling. "We're all very different people. We all have different expectations and circumstances going on in our lives. I don't expect you to feel any pressure to propose just because some of our friends are getting ready to take that step. We both have to be ready for it. It's not something we've talked about much, so it's still something for the future - especially since you're still in college and not settled in your career yet." My confusion dissipated and I pulled her close for a kiss. What was meant to be a short 'thank you' peck turned into something long and passionate and we lost ourselves for a moment. The doorbell rang and we broke off, startled. Grinning sheepishly Sierra explained, "That must be dinner, I ordered Chinese takeout for our movie night. You should put on something more comfortable." "At once, Ser Bear," I said. "Anything for my lovely lady." She put her hand on my chest and kissed me one last time before leaving to answer the door. Before moving to dress into my pajamas, I stopped to marvel at how lucky I was to be with such an amazing woman. At last I pulled off my clothing and re-dressed in an undershirt and some basketball shorts. I purposely forgot the underwear. Sierra and I sat down in the living room, eating our Chinese food and talking about our day. The room was cozy, with a couple of armchairs, a comfortable matching couch and a small coffee table, all facing our entertainment center and TV. Nothing fancy, just the typical stuff. We both sat on the couch and ate off the table. Sierra didn't want to start our mystery film until we'd eaten and gotten relaxed. Once we had finished with our meal and ran out of things to talk about, she sent me to the kitchen to throw all the empty cartons away and put the leftovers in the fridge while she got the movie ready. When I got back, I found that our mystery movie was an adult film. I wasn't too surprised, not with all of the secrecy she put into the whole affair, but some surprise was there all the same. Sierra never watched pornos! I'd tried to get her to watch some with me before, but she'd refused. The one she'd chosen in particular was one of my favorites. One of those rare films with an actual plot, (Hey, I'm an English major. I need some story sometimes!) it was about a lesbian couple that wanted to have k**s - but they didn't want to adopt and they wanted to conceive naturally. So they set about seducing different men and competing to see who could get knocked up first. Lots of good stuff. "Well well, this is quite a surprise!" I said in a slightly mocking tone. "I thought you never wanted to watch something like this with me?" "I know, but this is our anniversary week," Sierra responded, resignation in her voice. "We're both going to have to do things we normally wouldn't. To show you I don't mean it to be unfair, I'm going first. It's your night tonight." Smiling, I hugged her and gave her a quick kiss. Then we both settled onto the couch, me lying down on my side and her lying in front of me, with one of my arms around her torso. It wasn't really cold, but Sierra threw a blanket over the both of us and we snuggled against each other. She started the film. The opening sequence rolled by, then the introduction of the main characters. This, of course, was of them making love in their bedroom one night. The actresses were both professionals with a smidgen of real acting abilities. Their lines were said almost realistically and their movements were graceful as well as sensual. The whimsical nature of the film was also introduced, because much of their conversation took place while they pleasured each other. It wasn't long before I felt myself growing hard. Sierra couldn't help but notice, as my member pressed into her. After a while, I noticed that she'd slipped a hand down between her legs and was playing with herself. By now the film was a good 20 minutes in and the couple was attempting to seduce their first men. It was comical, because while they knew how to tempt others, they'd never been with men before and didn't know what to do once everyone was unclothed. It didn’t help that one of the men was also gay. Sierra was rubbing herself vigorously by now; I could feel her quick movements as vibrations through her body. To remind her I was there I began to play with her breasts over her shirt and nibbled on her ear. I alternated between nibbling and kissing her neck, and the vibrations I felt increased in intensity. Then Sierra let out a small, nearly inaudible gasp, her body trembled against mine, and then all her vibrations stopped, though her breathing was quick and shallow. I ceased what I was doing and held her tightly to me. After their failures, the on-screen couple sought help from a ‘professional sex doctor’ who promised he could show them what to do. Sierra reached down to my very hard, throbbing member and began to rub it over my shorts. Then she reached inside and began to slowly stroke me. After a while, she stopped. She let me go, then squirmed a bit as she pushed down her sweatpants. I took her cue and pushed down my own shorts, and I felt myself touch her bare skin, already covered with a light layer of moistness. She reached down again, and guided me inside of her; she was well lubricated from her earlier orgasm. For a moment we lay like that, enjoying the sensations. By now the end game of the movie had arrived; the couple was throwing a party filled with mostly straight men and were leading them away to their room one-by-one, desperately trying to find someone to impregnate them. As the actors worked themselves up into frenzy after frenzy, I began to kiss Sierra - on the back of the neck, the shoulders, the back. I slowly alternated between these spots and felt her breathing quicken. She began to push her hips against me, driving me deeper inside of her. I responded in kind, and we fell into a rhythm. As the movie reached its climax, so did we. Thrusting against and with each other, we matched the tempo on the screen. Sierra's moans mixed with those of the actresses, until I could hardly tell them apart. My own grunting was lost amidst the lustful sounds. And then Sierra had pulled me out of her, and was very masterfully stroking me against her stomach. Unable to contain myself any longer, I released my load. As soon as I had stopped spurting, Sierra wiped me off on the blanket and had pushed me back deep inside her before I could get soft. The main scene had ended, and the film was now on to its epilogue, to the two on-screen lovers congratulating themselves on both of their pregnancies by enjoying one another again. Sierra and I were a sweaty mess, and her moaning was reaching a familiar pitch. Determined not to go soft before she'd finished, I pumped for all I was worth and she replied in kind. At last her thrusts ceased and she arched her back against me panting heavily. We lay like that until the credits ended and the menu screen pulled up again, sensually comical music playing in the background. “I think I could try something like this again sometime,” Sierra said breathily, to which I chuckled and squeezed her against me. Then we untangled ourselves from each other, threw our clothes and blanket into the wash and we both took a quick shower together. Exhausted, we clambered into bed and said our “Good Nights”. “Yes”, I thought moments before I fell asleep, “this week is shaping up to be fantastic”.