The Anniversary Week - Thursday

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I awoke to my warm, comfortable, soothing, yet empty bed. Sierra was gone for the day already. For a moment I just lay there thinking, hands beneath my head while I stared up at the ceiling. Sierra had really outdone herself when she'd planned everything out for our anniversary week. Everything had gotten off to a relatively slow start, with our usual romantic setting in the tub on Monday and our laid-back movie on Tuesday. But yesterday was something different altogether, and Claire had been dropping obvious hints all over the place that things would be ramping up. She'd even hinted that she would be directly involved... today. How would that work out? Sierra clearly intended to push the envelope with our relationship, but just how open would she be? Claire was a long-time friend of ours, who'd been given a free pass from her beau. Sierra wouldn't be that open. Would she? My alarm went off, startling me out of my reverie. Slapping it down, I got up to get ready for the day. The only way I'd find out what Sierra had in mind for us would be to get through the day. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long to get to the good parts. I had gotten up a little earlier than usual, so when I stepped out of the bathroom to get dressed, I could just hear the newly working shower in the other room turning on; Claire, getting ready for her day. I figured I would surprise her with breakfast, like the one she had made for me the other day. So I got all of the relevant cooking implements out, and popped some of those pre-mixed cinnamon rolls in the oven while I made some omelets. Unfortunately I wouldn't have time to fry up some bacon, but there was always next week. I had just finished with the omelets and there were a few minutes left on the timer for the cinnamon rolls when Claire walked into the kitchen. "What's this?" she exclaimed, looking at the plate I'd set in her spot on the table. "I distinctly remember ordering French toast and bacon!" "I'm sorry ma'am," I said, reaching for her plate, "I'll just go and remind the chef that beggars are indeed choosers and have him start the whole thing from scratch." Claire snatched the plate out of my hands saying haughtily, "Oh never mind. There won't be time for that, I've got to get going soon." I let it go and reached to pull out the rolls as the timer had just signaled they were done. Switching to her normal tone, Claire asked, "What's this about, anyways? You already paid me back for breakfast on Tuesday when you took me to lunch." "Well, I was hoping I could bribe you into telling me what Sierra had in mind for today. Seeing as she seems to have you clued in to everything," I replied as I separated the rolls onto a plate and poured the finishing glaze onto them. Claire poured some orange juice and set the coffee machine to get started (how did I forget about that?) then flashed me a smile. "You know I can't tell you anything, Sierra would kill me if I ruined any of her surprises." "Hey, worth a shot," I shrugged. "I just thought that since you were going to be involved that you would have a little more leeway." With everything set on the table, I finally turned to Claire and got a good look at her. She was wearing old clothing that I'd seen her wear when she and Jason had helped Sierra and I when we painted the house a while back: faded blue jeans with a big ragged hole on one knee and multi-colored paint splotches all over. Her loose-fitting t-shirt had similar spots on it, and was likewise faded and featured some old sports logo. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. "You like my outfit?" she said cheerily, striking a sensual pose that wasn't flattering at all with those clothes on. "I'm going to be helping a friend move some things around today, so I thought I'd look the part." "Um, yeah. You've got the hobo look all figured out. I didn't realize I was so close to the mark with that 'beggars' thing I said earlier." "Oh shut up, it's for a good cause," she said, sitting down at the table and beginning to eat. I joined her. "Okay, okay. But you can totally stay here as long as you need. You don't have to live in your box anymore and our kitchen is immensely better than a soup kitchen." "Mhmm," Claire mumbled, with a big bite of a cinnamon roll in her mouth. Swallowing, she continued, "I think you're just trying to get into my pants. What with the surprise breakfast and the lame passes you're making at me." "Nah, I think I'm good without those pants. Who knows where they've been?" I said, cautiously grabbing at a corner of them. Claire slapped my hand away and affected a royal tone. "Tsk tsk, there goes any chance you had of convincing me to reveal anything to you. And you were off to such a great start!" I admitted defeat. "Fine then, m'lady. Just remember that it was you who came on to me. I merely prepared you a fine meal." "It hardly matters now," Claire said wistfully. "We'll never know what might have been. But..." she looked me up and down and shook her head disapprovingly. "It looks like I'm going to have my work cut out for me later." "What do you mean by that?" I asked nervously. But beyond a wink and a smile, she wouldn't answer any further. She instead opted to focus on the remains of her breakfast. "Thanks for this, Eric," Sierra said with a satisfied look on her face. "But I better get going - I've got a busy schedule today." With that, she gathered some things together and headed for the door. "Typical, not even gonna help me clean up!" I shouted at her as I put the plates into the sink. "You'll thank me later!" she yelled back before she shut the front door behind her. Now I was really confused. And aroused. Just how would this afternoon work? It was clear that Claire was going to be intimately involved. Now I was sure that I'd have my pick of two women. But what was with her old clothing? She looked like she'd be doing some physical labor and she said she'd be helping a friend move. Just what would be going on? Shaking my head, I finished cleaning up the dishes and got my things together for the day. It was a good thing I'd done what homework I did in my spare time up 'til now, because if things went as I hoped they would I wouldn't have much time to do it later. Sierra's sense of organization must be rubbing off on me, it was rare for me to be ahead in my studies. But it worked out, because I couldn't think of a better time to be ahead. I went to class in high spirits. It might have been a little difficult to focus on my lectures, but I was ahead on the material so I just took the notes down and pretended to be alert. It wasn't too hard, I was feeling excited so it's not like I was sleepily falling into daydreams or anything. I just had to make sure I didn't stare vacantly for too long when I fell into my fantasies... Okay, so a couple of helpful classmates had to nudge me a few times when it became too obvious but so what? No harm done. I wouldn't have even gone to class if I hadn't needed to kill time before work. I just wanted to get through my day and see what Sierra had cooked up. At last, I finished my classes and had a quick lunch before heading to the music shop. It was surprisingly busy today, so I was able to keep my mind preoccupied while I helped customers find music and make up their minds between instruments. It was a pretty good day. The shop had just closed up and I was getting ready to head home when my mom called to wish me a happy anniversary. My mom is pretty hip and knows how I like to celebrate my anniversaries, which is exactly why she'd called. She innocently asked if she was interrupting anything and seemed almost disappointed that she hadn't. She still loves to embarrass me. I was just glad she hadn't called a couple hours later, when I would surely be in the midst of Sierra's activity. A few minutes later I said good-bye, hung up my phone, and headed home. Nothing looked suspicious when I pulled up onto my block, though I did see both Claire and Sierra's vehicles parked nearby. Taking a deep breath to try and contain my excitement, I parked in the garage and walked inside. "There you are, Eric! It's about time," Claire scolded me. She grabbed my arm and began pulling me quickly towards my room. "Sierra's almost ready, and you've got a lot of prepping to do." I didn't have a chance to get a word in edgewise as she threw me into my room and shut the door behind me, telling me to take another shower, make sure I was shaved in my nether regions, and get dressed in the clothing laid out for me. With my head spinning, I turned from the door that had been slammed in my face so I could walk towards my bathroom. No sooner had I turned, however, when I noticed a few changes to my room. Namely, my bed was gone, along with the night stands that were on either side. They had been replaced by the furniture from my living room, including the TV and entertainment center. Wondering what was going on, I crossed the room in a gaze and started my shower. The hot water calmed my nerves, but no sooner was I done and toweling off than I heard a knocking at the bedroom door and given a 5-minute warning before I was to be 'briefed'. Grumbling under my breath, I went to see what I would be wearing for Sierra's big surprise. It... wasn't much. Some slimming, navy blue boxers and matching ankle-high socks. I looked all around the couch, hoping something had simply fallen over the side somewhere, but that was it. Three little articles of clothing. I hurriedly put them on, then reached for the towel to cover what I could of myself when a gentle knock came from the door and Sierra stepped in. "Hi, Eric," she said sheepishly, making her way over to sit beside me. "Surprise!" "What's going on?" I said, after a stunned silence. Sierra wasn't wearing much more than I was with her new light purple top that barely reached down to her hips (and I could easily tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath) and matching panties. Her hair was down and had been straightened. Not to the point where it was flat, but it was straight enough that it looked natural and comfortable. She even played with a strand nervously. "I know this is a lot to throw on you," she began, "but you know how you've always wanted to make a video of us?" I did. It was on my bucket list. For the first couple years after we met I'd hounded her to let me tape us, so I could watch it when I wanted to. During that time, however, she very firmly turned me down and I eventually learned not to bring it up anymore. "Yeah..." I responded, not completely sure where she was headed with this. "Well, what I never told you is that the main reason I didn't want to let you is because I didn't want something like that to be filmed in poor quality and crappy lighting with terrible angles and jerky handling." Figures. My dreams shot down because of perfectionism. "So what's going on today?" I asked hesitantly. "Today we're gonna make a porno!" she declared, putting her hands on mine. "I enlisted Claire to get everything together and she'll make sure it turns out perfectly." "A porno?" I said dazedly. "Well, a scene really," Sierra amended. "Ah," I said, warming up to the idea. A video. With Sierra and I. Something I could watch over and over - with crystal clear quality and semi-professional camera handling! But wait. "Doesn't that mean Claire will be watching the whole time? As we..." Sierra giggled (from that alone, I could tell she was excited - Sierra rarely giggles) and leaned in to nestle on me. "Technically she'll be doing a little more than just watching - she'll be directing. Which means she'll be telling us what to do." So that's what Claire had meant when she said she'd be involved. This was a lot for me to take in... To be seen in such an intimate setting with Sierra, and even be told what to do? "I don't know, this is a lot to go through with," I said doubtfully. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with having Claire do all of that." "Hey," she said, looking up at me and setting aside some of her giddiness, "don't worry. This is just for us. Claire might be the catalyst, but she promised to be professional and behave, and once she's done editing the shoot she'll erase everything except the finished version and we'll keep the only copy." "That's good to know, but that's not all I'm worried about," I said, still not convinced. "It's just going to feel weird with her seeing us so intimately like that. I don't think I'll like it." "Aw hon," she said delicately, sitting up so she could look me in the eyes. "Don't worry about that. I'll be right there with you the whole time. But of course I won't have you do anything you're uncomfortable with. If you're not feeling up to it 5 minutes in, I promise you we'll stop everything - no questions asked and no consequences incurred. But you've got to give me at least that," she pleaded. That sounded pretty darn reasonable to me. And it was something I'd wanted to do for a very long time. Why not? It could be fun. Maybe I'd get into the whole voyeuristic thing with Claire watching. Plus, something told me Sierra was gonna owe me big time. "Okay," I said. "But you're going to owe me big time if I do go through with it." Sierra gave a squeal of excitement (something else she doesn't do very often; man was she psyched for this), and threw her arms around me. I could get used to this new, enthusiastic Sierra. Usually she was so self-contained! This was much different from yesterday, when she played someone innocent and eager to please. Today she was simply... uncontrolled. Something about today's activity was really allowing her to let loose. "Of course, hon," she sighed into my bare chest. "I'll even tell you about our plans for tomorrow later tonight." That alone piqued my interest. "Really?" I said excitedly. "Yup. And I'll tell you right now that it won't make you the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, it'll feel like a mini-vacation. But that's it for now," she said, cutting off my reflex question by putting one finger on my lips in a hushing gesture. "Right now we should get you ready for our acting debut." With that, she left the room to tell Claire I was ready. Or so I thought. They entered the room together, and the first thing I noticed was how different Claire looked. She still had her sleek, red hair pulled back in a ponytail but it was tighter, more professional. She'd ditched her old hobo clothes from this morning and was wearing a white, comfortable-looking button-up top that, while not thin material, allowed her black bra to show through, and some dark blue denim shorts. The outfit made her look both professional yet comfortable and sensual all at once. "Okay, it's time to get you ready," Claire said briskly. "I'd like to get the shooting underway as soon as possible." "But I am ready," I responded, gesturing to myself. For the first time since I'd come home, Claire cracked a smile. It was aimed towards Sierra, but I'll take what I can get. "Not hardly. You still need to get your makeup and hair done. I know, it's clichéd," she said, cutting off my remark before I could make it, "but for the quality we're going for you need stage makeup and your hair isn't right either." "Don't worry, we'll be brief about it," Sierra added reassuringly. With an exaggerated sigh, I allowed myself to be led into the bathroom where the two girls promptly went to work on me. In a boring way. For over twenty minutes they slathered me with makeup and discussed my hairstyle as though I wasn't there. Once or twice I tried to give some sort of input, but I was immediately shushed and ignored again. Finally they were done with whatever they were doing and I was allowed to look into the mirror. I must say, I looked pretty stunning. All of my minor skin blemishes I never really noticed were gone - I looked like a model. My hair was perfectly tousled, which matched my underwear look I guess. The three of us then made our way over to the living room, which I hadn't had a chance to see when I had been rushed through the house at my arrival. It had what my bedroom was missing - my bed and the two nightstands. But that wasn't the strangest part. The room had been arranged like a set at a studio; with special lighting placed to cover specific areas, alongside light reflectors. The works. Sierra and Claire showed me the two cameras that were going to be used; one would stay on a tripod and the other Claire would operate by hand. I don't know much about cameras, but these looked like smaller versions of the ones Hollywood uses. Claire warned me not to mess with them. Sitting on my displaced bed with Sierra while Claire put the finishing touches on everything I asked, "So how come you two moved everything in here? And where did you get all this equipment?" "This room is more open than the bedroom," Sierra answered, "which gave us more room to turn it into a set." "And I called in a few favors," Claire said. "Had some people I know loan me their things and help us move things around. They'll help put everything back tomorrow." "This stuff looks expensive! They just gave it all to you? Just like that?" I said in disbelief. Claire, apparently done with her final adjustments, turned to me and smiled. "Just like that. They owed me some pretty big favors. But they will kill me if anything gets broken, so please be careful." "Is everything ready?" Sierra asked. "Yup. All that's left is to go over our 'script'." Claire said that last word while making air quotes with her fingers. It was pretty straightforward. Obviously we were going to enact a bedroom scene. Specifically, morning wake-up sex. We went over all our possible positions, settling on what we wanted to do and leaving some wiggle room for improvisation. It was all very professionally discussed, yet I couldn't help but get excited for what was about to happen. And it was going to be filmed in style! I was still a little nervous about Claire seeing Sierra and I in all our glory, but not nearly as nervous as before. "Any questions?" Claire asked, startling me out of my musings. "Um, could you go over that again?" I said sheepishly. Sierra playfully knocked her shoulder into my side and Claire rolled her eyes as she repeated: "Remember not to talk at all - it's much easier if you don't have any speaking parts to think about, and easier for editing to not have to remove anything spontaneous that doesn't work. And you both have to work with me. It's going to be a challenge for me to work both cameras at once, so I need you both to be listening for my directions; you can't get too caught up in what you're doing." "Okay okay, no talking and listen to instructions. Got it." I said, giving her a thumbs-up. "Let's get busy then," Sierra said, giving me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek before moving to get under the covers. It didn't take me long to follow. Soon we were laying side-by-side and I could tell that Sierra was nervous and excited. She was working to hide it, but she was fidgeting slightly and her breathing was a little faster than normal. "Okay, and... action!" Claire called after dimming the lights. Sierra and I promptly pretended to be asleep. I guess I don't have much of an acting career ahead of me, because it was tough for me to keep my breathing regular and it was all I could do to keep myself from rolling on top of Sierra and starting things up my way. Somehow I managed it, though. After what seemed an eternity but what probably closer to 30 seconds, Claire turned the lights on in a good approximation of the morning sun. Which was another challenge to not react to. Then we were given the go-ahead to start. Sierra "woke" up, stirring under the covers and sending anticipatory shivers down my spine. I didn't see it, but she looked at me and smiled, then slowly and gently pulled the covers up to expose us both. Claire spoke gently and encouragingly, her voice moving about the room as Sierra reached out to grab me through my boxers. Once it was clear I was hard, Claire gave her the go-ahead to reach in and pull me out. It all felt great, but was agonizing to pretend to be asleep. Then I got my cue to wake up - Sierra brought her mouth down onto my throbbing member and began to slowly and tenderly suck. I opened my eyes, doing my best to ignore the camera Claire had in my face, and began to run my hands along Sierra's body - first just touching her through her shirt, then working my hands underneath. Taking another cue from Claire, Sierra took her mouth off of me (replacing it with her hand) and we looked into each other's eyes and smiled at each other. Then I pulled on her so her lips met mine and we slowly greeted each other for the "morning". All the while Claire kept coaching us through everything. Sierra seemed to know what she was doing, but I kept getting told to move my hands as they blocked some shots. All the instructions took some getting used to, but after a while I didn't even notice them. Claire's words and movements simply became a part of the environment, and Sierra and I lost ourselves in each other. Everything was masterfully orchestrated by Claire, and we were her willing puppets. We broke off our kiss as I lifted up her shirt to expose her breasts and I gently sucked on them while she arched her back and let out a low moan. Then her shirt was gone and I played with her nipples, which got Sierra a little more excited. All the while, she never stopped gently stroking my penis, which was generating a madness that would have to be attended to soon. Sierra's breath was hot and heavy by now, and I determined it was time to take things a step further. Laying back down, I motioned for her lay backwards on top of me and no sooner had she done so than she was back to sucking on me. It felt so good that I had to get her to stop and just stroke me for a while, or else I'd be coming soon. I wanted to take my time and enjoy things. She was still wearing her panties, which were now directly on my face. I had one hand playing across her back while I used the other to rub her slit through the material. The new underwear was soaked through, thoroughly giving away her excitement. I reached my tongue up to taste her, then used a finger to move the panties aside and tasted her again. I felt a tremble move through her as I did so, along with an audible gasp. That was all I needed, so I began to lick her more quickly. Eventually I began to rub her clit at the same time. I could feel her as she trembled on top of me, enjoying everything I did to her. I don't remember when she began blowing me again, but pretty soon we were both moving towards a climax together. The faster I worked on her pussy, the faster she worked my cock. Then we both came, together and in each other's mouths. When it was over, Sierra rolled off me and joined me at the head of the bed, the both of us gasping with excitement. Of course, everything we had done had been at the express instructions of Claire. There was no way Sierra and I would have peaked together on our own, not on the first try. We usually had to alternate orgasms, before we could get our timing right. Gone were all of the reservations I'd had earlier. If everything was this fantastic the first time around, I couldn't imagine how great it would be to watch it all later! But now was still going on. As our breathing calmed, we stripped off our remaining clothing, clasped hands, and I pulled her on top of me again so that she was straddling my hips just about my now-limp member. We kissed for a while, laughing and smiling at one another. Eventually Sierra slid down off of me, so she could charm my snake back to life. It didn't take long for her well-practiced mouth and playful fingers to coax me back up into an erection. By now we were feeling very much awake and energetic, so we decided to go with a more playful position. Sierra sat up for a second to stretch out, then settled down onto her hands and knees in front of me, waiting. She wasn't waiting for long. I sat up as well, then got onto my knees and aimed myself into her. For a second we just held our breath, enjoying the sensation. Then I leaned down over her and, holding myself up with one hand, cupped one of her breasts with the other and began to thrust my hips. Expecting this, she leaned her head into mine and moved her hips to meet mine. We moved together, picking up speed and strength in our lust for each other. Eventually I had to sit up again in order to increase our speed any further. I reached for her hair and lightly pulled her head back while I held onto her hip with my other hand for support. Sierra was moaning and gasping beneath me. I could tell she was working towards another orgasm, which was good - I wouldn't be far behind. Then her pussy clamped up around my penis and she arched her back, moaning loudly. I stopped my pounding to let her enjoy her moment, then pulled out. Immediately Sierra sat up and began blowing me again, working a hand along with her mouth. Unable to contain myself any longer I shot my load onto her face, little shots of sperm going everywhere. We collapsed onto each other after that, gasping once again. Then we kissed a few more times and pulled the covers back over us. "And... Cut!" Claire said, setting down the camera she was holding and moving over to check the one on the tripod. "That was perfect!" "You think so?" Sierra said breathlessly as we sat up. "Definitely," Claire confirmed, handing Sierra and I some towels so we could cover up. "It's going to be a piece of cake to edit, and I'm sure you two are going to love the results." "Well that's good," I said, "I would hate for all of this to have been a waste!" Sierra giggled and gave me a shove while Claire pointedly ignored my comment and told us to get showered and dressed. Sierra and I made our way to our bedroom and took a quick shower together. It might have been a little longer than strictly necessary as we played with each other a bit, but we were both too tired to do much more right away. While we dressed, I figured I would push my luck and see if I could get Sierra to keep her promise from earlier. "So what do you have planned for us tomorrow?" I asked tentatively. Sierra looked up at me sharply, then smiled. "I guess I did promise to tell you, didn't I? Alright. We're going camping tomorrow. I've already got all the supplies we'll need for a night, so we'll be going as soon as you're out of classes for the day. I thought it'd be a nice change in scenery." "That sounds promising," I replied, fantasizing about a few possibilities in my head. “But I have a way to improve on the day.” “Oh?” she queried. “I’m ahead in my classes, I can miss tomorrow. So there’s no reason why we can’t go early in the morning, make the most out of everything.” Sierra smiled. “Alright then, our usual camping time?” she asked. I agreed. Once dressed, we joined Claire in cleaning up our "set" and in packing up the equipment that we could. Then we had some much needed dinner, chatting and laughing all the while. We didn't stay up long, instead opting to go to bed early. We were all pretty exhausted after the shoot, and Claire and Sierra had spent all day moving furniture. Sierra and I settled into our bed in the living room, eager to be ready for what awaited us the next day.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------