Thank God I'm a CUCKOLD

I thought I would take this moment to talk about how great it is to discover my calling in life...that of being a cuckold. Even though this lifestyle has caused my wife to divorce me, the sexual intensity and addictive joys that being a cuckold have provided help me to not only understand why my wife of 12 years would divorce me, but when I think of how she chose her "Owner's" big cock over our relationship it usually turns me on and I'll soon be stroking my little dick until I cum. I'm addicted to being a cuckold and I have no desire to ever have a "normal" relationship with another woman ever again. I hope to marry again, but it will be known that ours will be a cuckold relationship...including having c***dren bred by real bulls. I'm going to list, in no particular order, the most erotic things that I've experienced in being a cuckold:1) In the nearly 7 years that my ex-wife cuckolded me with 6 different bulls, she never used a condom with any of them. It was one of my two "rules" that I gave her as we started down this Lifestyle path...never, ever refuse sex to any of her lovers and never, EVER disrespect their sperm by making them wear condoms.2) I've eaten over 200 creampies. I had tried for some time to keep track of how many creampies I'd eaten but once my ex started spending 2 or 3 nights per week over at her Owner's house I lost an exact count. There were times that I cleaned her pussy 6 times in a single week when he'd fuck her at his house and she'd return home in the morning for me to clean her and then he'd be over spending time with our family and take my wife once our daughter was in bed before he'd go home. There's nothing better than fresh creampie. 3) Three times I watched Nick fuck my wife while he and our family were swimming in our pool. I always would watch him and my ex starting to get a bit quiet and playful and pretty soon I'd see her put her bikini bottoms on one of the inflatable rafts and lean over it while he would be fucking her from behind. They were very restrained as our daughter was there, but I had to entertain/distract her as I could see what they were clearly doing. 4) Once, when they were fucking in the pool, it was clear that they were both needing to get more aggressive and not restrain their sex, so he pulled off my ex and I guess pulled his trunks back up or on then grabbed my ex and pulled her from the pool leaving her bikini bottoms on the raft and showing anyone that cared to look, including my daughter and me and our neighbors, that my ex only had on her bikini top and was bare-assed. Well, I had to continue to distract and entertain our daughter why they went inside to fuck in our marital bed. Well, after maybe 15 or 20 minutes he came out and sent me inside while he swam and I found my freshly fucked wife on our bed and she had me eat her creampie and then I got to fuck her until I got close and then I finished by stroking my cum off into a towel. 5) The Bulls that my ex invited to cream her pussy over the last 7 years of our marriage: Keith, Clay, George, Darin, Nick, and Jim. I enjoyed multiple creampies from each of these bulls and four of them watched me clean their sperm from my ex-wife's filled pussy. Only two of her bulls ever watched me have my little dick in her pussy and only once with one of her bulls during a single cuckolding session did I ever get to cum inside of her was already filled from the bull and when I slipped into her cum slickened and stretched pussy I maybe lasted about 10 or 15 strokes and less than a minute before I came...she wasn't really harsh with me but she was not happy that I'd cum inside her as at that point in our relationship, cumming inside of her was reserved for her bulls.6) My ex's Owner, Nick, tattooed my wife as HIS "Bitch In Heat". The idea was mine...well, having her get a tattoo for her Owner was my idea. I've always loved women that have sexy tattoos and as I recognized my role as her cuck hubby, I thought it would be extremely sexy for her to get a tattoo as a symbol of Nick's ownership of my then wife. I had even considered getting a cuck tattoo for myself and wished I had...heck I may just get one since as I'm typing this I realize that I still have a desire to permanently mark my status as a cuck...if I marry again, my next wife will know early on that I'm a cuck. Well, back to my ex's tattoo...I loved how Hotwives would have tattoos. I absolutely loved girls that had Queen of Spades tattoos right above their pussies or something similar and sexy. After discussing my wishes with my ex, she also liked the idea and stared to discuss it with her Owner, Nick. After coming up with many sexy ideas for a tattoo, he decided that he liked a paw print of a wolf as he was clearly her Alpha Male. At that point in time he would openly call her his Bitch In Heat as he said she craved his big cock so much...she was spending the night twice a week at his house and he would come over as often as she could get him to visit and usually as soon I closed the door to our daughter's room I'd hear our bedroom door close in the hallway and soon I could hear the moans of my ex getting fucked and I'd have to turn up my daughter's radio...well, my ex was Nick's Bitch In Heat. So, I designed the paw print he sent me with the letters "N B I H" in the center of the tattoo and sent it back to him for his approval. My thought and plan was that she might have it placed right in her pussy region or maybe on her ass. A week or so went by and one evening that I expected to have her home for the evening she called me at work and asked me to pick up our daughter from school as Nick wanted her to come over that evening. Later that evening she called me and said he'd taken her to a tattoo shop and he was getting her a tattoo. I was bummed because I'd hoped to be there to see. Only after she was done did I know that he tattooed her with the tattoo that I'd helped design not on her pussy or ass regions, but on her upper shoulder and the tattoo is about the size of a fist. It is totally visible when she wears any tank top type of top or dress. Nick said he didn't want his mark to be hidden but rather he wanted my ex to be proud that she belonged to him. She was and is very proud. I can't explain why, but having another man mark your wife as HIS property is one of the most intense cuckolding acts I've experienced or even heard about and I'm still proud of her tattoo and still get hard when I see it. 7) The most mind-blowing cuckold experience that I experienced with my ex was when she called me a little bit before I was leaving work and asked me if I could stop by the pharmacy on the way home and pick up a home pregnancy test. At that point in our relationship I was no longer allowed to have sex with my wife, though I cleaned her bull's cum from her multiple times each week and heard her and occasionally watched her having sex in our home. So, as my heart skipped a beat, my dick got rock hard (sign of a true cuckold) as I nervously asked about 5 questions at once. She told. Me to shut up and explained that while she didn't believe she was pregnant, she had missed her period by a solid week and wanted me to pick her up a test to check. Being a cuck is filled with such a range of that moment, I had to consider the real possibility that her Owner had successfully bred her and I was so sexually excited and so totally scared to death all at the same time. When I went to the pharmacy I had to read a few of the EPT boxes to gage which one seemed the best. I ended up buying two different tests. When I was checking out I totally felt that somehow the cashier knew what was going on...that she knew I was heading home to see if my wife was pregnant by her bull. It was an amazingly humiliating experience. The fear of my wife being pregnant was made even more real because my ex had spent the last three or four months trying to find a birth-control that didn't cause her, I totally believe that she could have been pregnant and I knew that though she was having issues with her BC, she never slowed down her unprotected sexual activities. She made me wait until after our daughter was asleep and then I watched as she used one of the tests. She peed on the test and we both watched with anticipation for the result to show. It was a scene that any husband and wife would lovingly share except for us we were waiting to see if her Owner had planted a baby in her. I found myself genuinely sad when we discovered that she was not "with c***d".