Thailand Part 2

After coffee we went down to the pool and managed to get a couple of sun beds by the pool, she asked if I would rub lotion on her back and I worked my way from her shoulders, down her back to her bum cheeks. were I took an extra amount of time rubbing the lotion in and then on to her legs and inner thighs. I could see she getting worked up and my cock was semi hard from seeing and rubbing her cunt and arse, however modesty prevailed and after telling her that she had a great body she offered to do the same for me. I had to lay on my front for a long time to ease the tension. After a couple of glasses of wine she then told me that my mate did not have it in him any more and the marriage was for her all but over.At that point my mate appeared and we settled in to having another bottle of wine between us and discussed what we should do that evening. By the time the sun was going down I was well pissed and we went back to the apartment to wash up and get ready for the evening. Although the apartment was big it only had one bathroom and it became clear that we had lost all inhabitations at that point and while my mate wife was pissing and getting make up on, he and I were in the rather large shower soaping up and washing. I made a point of washing his arse crack and he returned the favour reaching round and touching my cock a couple of times. An action his wife noticed and made a couple of comments about gay boys and needing a real cock to satisfy her.As well as all the other things Bangkok has to offer, it has some fantastic restaurants, and Japanese was to be tonight's experience, I phoned down to make a booking and we arrived in time, although semi drunk and me horny from the touching in the shower. After dinner the wife wanted to hit the ping pong bar again and while that's always to good place to start it made me wonder what else was in store. The same girls met us at the door and led us to a booth. Drinks flowed and the wife was talking to one of the girls who left and came back in civilian clothes, looking good for an older whore, tight white trousers which showed off a camel toe to be proud of. of. After some conversation about what to do next, we found ourselves in a taxi with the whore on the way to Nana Place, the top floor where the ladybois strut their stuff. I had been there a couple of time and knew that this was on the edge of the normal. We walked in it was still reasonable early so the pace was full of girls! and guys looking to hook up. The whore sat between me and my mate and played with our crotches while my mate wife looked at the girls on the dance floor, after a few dances the wife got up and spoke to a couple of girls and brought them back to the table. We now had 4 cocks and 2 cunts at the table all touching and feeling the crotches to make sure we knew what was what!.After a short conversation with the management the girls and my mates wife went off to the toilet area and she came back smiling and I am sure a damp patch had appeared in her crotch, white trousers are not the best thing to wear.My mate paid the bill and the 6 of us, got into a taxi, I had the whore sitting on my lap while my mate had a ladyboi grinding his crotch. Back at the apartment, the girls disappeared into the bathroom and left me and my mate to consider options, he really wanted to fuck the whore while I was hoping his wife would let me fuck her (in any hole).The girls came out naked and his wife had both ladyboi cocks in each hand, which were big and thick, and declared that she was going to fuck both of them. 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