Tent Sex Extravaganza 1 by loyalsock

My ex had just been visiting me for a couple days. Bad timing, I guess. I was living up in the mountains, working for at a national park, and I'd get visitors frequently. Why my ex wanted to come up, I don't know, but we got along fine. But the minute she left, I set my sights on Kat. I heard she'd been fooling around with some other guy that was also working up on the mountain that summer, but I still thought there might be a chance. It was about a week after my party that I saw her again. I was actually en route to my cabin when I could hear her laughter and loud voice in the distance. I made my way towards the sounds to find that about fifteen or so people were hanging out at a bonfire. I took a seat right next to Kat. Her guy was out of town or something, so that was no worry. She looked good. She was wearing a cute, white jacket that said Mexico on it, and even with the jacket on I could tell she had a large rack. We chatted and flirted, but it didn't go anywhere. There was the occasional arm grab and things like that, but I wasn't sure what was meant by them. She was certainly the life of the party, and I liked that.Unfortunately, nothing wound up happening with Kat during the month we were both living on the mountain. There was an undeniable spark between us, but she'd gotten into a relationship before I'd arrived that summer, and that was that. I figured the opportunity had come and gone, so I moved on.I went back to work on the mountain again the next summer. Kat did not. She was going to law school, and I think she was just taking a month or two off to relax during her summer. I was about one month into my season when I head Kat was coming up the hill. I hadn't slept in three nights, and was planning on crashing right after sundown, but when I got the news that all changed. I started drinking with some friends, and sat back anticipating her arrival.By the time she got there I was drunk. It didn't take her long to get on the same level. Once she was on the level, a plan was hatched to go skinny-dipping. The only people that were down were Kat, this other beautiful girl Jessie, my friend Enrique, and me. Much to my disappointment, Jessie changed into a bikini before going because she was a bashful one.We had to walk about a quarter mile through the dark forest to get to the swimming hole. When we got there and Jessie stripped down to her bikini, I couldn't believe the body she had. I'd known her three years, but hadn't hung out with her much, and certainly had never gone swimming with her before. She was a sexy Latina girl with dirty blonde hair, and a skinny body. Her breasts were large and perfectly shaped, her stomach was flat, and her ass was big and tight. It certainly took my attention off Kat for a moment.Unfortunately, no one else wound up skinny-dipping but me, but everyone else at least went swimming in some form of undress. Jessie stayed in much longer than anyone, and by the time she got out, she was shivering. Seizing the opportunity, I gave her my flannel, and cuddled up with her. She didn't object, even though she had a fiance. She wrapped her smooth, wet body up against my torso and sat in my lap. I quickly ran my hands up and down her back to warm her up. I kissed her on the forehead, and she didn't really acknowledge it.Walking back from the swimming hole, Jessie and I walked arm in arm. Kat and Enrique followed behind us, and everyone kept tripping over rocks and roots. We barely made it back to Jessie's in one piece. Jessie was still cold by the time she got there, and said she was going to take a shower. Immediately after she said that, Kat said she was going to set up her tent and go to bed. My first instinct was to ask Jessie if I could hop in the shower with her, but that seemed like way too bold of a thing to do considering she was engaged, and I'd have to ask it in front of my friends. So changing course I turned to Kat and said, "If you want, you can just sleep over at my cabin. I've got an extra bed."It was basically the first thing I'd said to her in an hour, but she took me up on the offer. It was only a three minute walk back to my cabin, but it seemed to take forever. The moment was oozing with sexual tension. When we got to my place, Kat started changing. She wound up in a white t-shirt and granny panties. She was sitting on my roommate's bed. He was out of town, but I knew he wouldn't give a shit if someone used his bed. He was a good friend, and nothing bothered that k**.But as Kat was sitting on his bed, I walked up to her and said, "Actually, I'm not sure if Wes would want you sleeping on his bed. You can just share mine with me. I promise I won't make a move or anything.Kat knew my roommate Wes from the previous summer, so she knew I was lying, but she agreed to climb in bed with me. "Sorry about the granny panties," she said, right before climbing into my cozy twin-sized bed.By the time she got in, it was 4:30 AM. It was the earliest I'd gotten to bed in four nights due to excessive partying, and it was the second time during that stretch when I'd wound up sharing my tiny bed. I had Kat right at my fingertips, and all I had to do was go in for the kill, but I was just too tired. I fell asleep almost immediately.During the night, or early morning rather, we wound up cuddled up, with her large assed pressed up against my crotch. The granny panties may not have looked great, but it felt great having all that silk rubbing up against my hard cock. With my hands I explored Kat's body. Neither her or I spoke a word. After a while, she grabbed my hand and brought it up to her large breast. I groped it for a bit, then slid my hand underneath her bra and started playing with her nipple. While I did this, she reached her hand behind her and placed it on my crotch. My cock was hard underneath my boxer-briefs. With her hand on top of my underwear, she grabbed my bulge and rubbed her palm flat against it. I started squeezing her nipple harder, and playfully biting and kissing her neck and ear. Her ears were very sensitive. As I nibbled on the lobe and massaged her nipple, she pulled my underwear down to my thighs. She took my cock in her hand and started methodically stroking it. We were both only half-awake, and as a result she was jacking me off at a snail's pace, but it still felt phenomenal. She wasn't stroking the entire time, but she probably kept her hand on my dick for ten minutes before going back to sleep. Although some pre-cum leaked out, she didn't finish me off, instead leaving my balls tight and my cock hard. I left my underwear at my thighs, pressed my package up against her sexy, brown ass, and went back to sleep.The next time I awoke, it was time to go to work. It was only 8:15. I told Kat she could sleep in as late as she wanted and to make herself breakfast and all that. "I'll see you tonight," she mumbled before going back to sleep.I was walking on sunshine that day at work. I couldn't stop thinking about the coming night. My homeboy Javier was having a birthday party, and I was going to see Kat again. I figured there was like a 99% chance I was going to get laid, and even though I still hadn't caught up on sleep, I felt completely energized just knowing later that day I'd be sliding my thick cock in and out of Kat's tight pussy.As soon as I got home from work, I hopped in the river, barbequed at my place, and got drunk with a small group of friends. I got to Javier's at about 8:00 for the party, and everyone there was completely smashed. I was definitely drunk, but was lagging behind most of the partygoers. Kat was there. She was sitting on a bench by the fire. There were guys sitting on both sides of her, and I didn't blame them. We made brief eye-contact. She smiled and looked down, right as some drunk friend of mine grabbed me and forced me to chug a beer with him. It was a good twenty minutes before a spot opened up next to Kat. I played it cool. Instead of immediately taking the spot, I instead took some shots with other people. In that time, no one else took the empty spot. Feeling tipsy, and therefore confident, I took a seat right next to my little, Mexican sexpot. I deliberately rubbed my shoulder up against hers. "Nice to see you," I said."Nice to see you too," she said. "How was your day?""Well, I had a lovely morning and then I had to go to work. But work wasn't bad.""It was a nice morning," she said. "And after I woke up, I went for a hike, so that was nice too."She was wearing tight jeans and a yellow tank top, that showed her ample cleavage, hugged her curves, and left most of her back exposed. I badly wanted to just grab her and kiss her all over her body. The only problem was we'd both agreed that morning that we didn't want anyone to find out about our little tryst because it was a tiny community of people on the mountain, and neither of us cared much for gossip. This meant I would have to hit on her in secret.Meanwhile, the party got out of hand. A dance party broke out in Javier's tiny cabin, people were falling over left and right, and one girl sitting on the other side of me even fell in the fire. I just so happened to be the one to pull her out.Not long after that incident, Kat and I started holding hands. Then I unclasped my hand and rested it on her upper thigh. She did the same. By that point most people had gone inside, but there were still some people left around the fire that could see what was going on. All of a sudden we weren't being so discreet anymore. Then it got to the point where I could take it no more. I wrapped her up in my right arm, brushed the hair off her face with my other hand, drew her in close, and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth as I opened mine, and our tongues started dancing. There was over a years worth of sexual tension built up behind those kisses, and I could feel every ounce of that. Her chest heaved up and down as we kissed, and got red. As great as the kissing was, though, I'd had a lot to drink that night and was nervous when I realized I wasn't getting hard.We kissed for quite a while before finally gasping for breath. "You're so shy," was the first thing out of Kat's mouth. "You should have made a move on me last night. You already had me in your bed. You know I would've went for it.""Patience is a virtue," I said and we kissed some more.After maybe five more minutes of necking, Kat removed her lips from mine, and drew them up to my ear. "We should go back to my tent," she said."Really? I'm having a good time at the party," I replied "I'm having fun too, but don't you think it would be more fun to go back to my tent and fuck?" she retorted.There was no arguing that. "Yes," was all I could muster.Immediately we stood up to leave without saying goodbye to anyone. We were walking away arm in arm when we tripped over a rock and hit the ground. Instead of getting back up, I rolled on top of her, and spread her legs apart. She then wrapped them around my torso. I planted kisses down her neck to her chest, and on the tops of her heaving boobs. "Hold on, hold on," she said. "We shouldn't do this here. Everyone can see.""You're right," I said. "Let's go deeper in the forest.""Let's just go back to my tent.""Why don't we just go to my cabin?""That's too far away," she said, even though going to my cabin would only entail about a two minute longer walk than going to her tent. "I want to fuck you right now."As we stood up, I heard someone yell, "Good luck Tommy!"The journey to her tent was short but arduous. It was damn near pitch black out, we were both hammered, and neither of us had a flashlight. But we made it, and the moment we got inside we shed all our clothes in mere seconds. She was disappointed to see I wasn't hard, even after all the excitement. "Sorry," I said. "I've had a lot to drink.""It's okay," she responded. Why don't you lie down next to me."The tent certainly wasn't comfortable. All Kat had in there was one small, thin blanket, and one pillow. There was no sleeping pads, air mattresses, sleeping bags, or anything like that. There was a rock digging into my side, but I didn't care. My tongue was exploring Kat's mouth while her hand explored my cock. I put my hand up against her wetness and ran my finger up and down her slit. Once she was ready, I inserted them. While we kissed, she jerked me off and I kept sliding my fingers in and out of her flower. I couldn't believe how wet she was getting. In fact, I'd never been with a girl that would get as wet as Kat. She damn near left a puddle on the blanket. And yet I still couldn't get hard. "Still nothing?" Kat said."Sorry," was all I could say."Let me try something," she said.She took her lips off mine. She started planting a trail of kisses down my body, only stopping when she was right above my pubes. The whole time she kept pulling on my dick. Finally, she put my soft cock in her mouth, and sucked it up and down. The slurping noises were loud as could be. It grew in her mouth in no time, and the second it did she took it out. "Sorry, I know I give shitty head," she said. "I hate doing it.""I ain't complaining," I said.With my dick hard, I climbed in between her legs, and pressed the head of my cock up against her cunt. I ran it up and down a few times, just like a credit card. Then without warning, she grabbed my shaft and guided me in. Her warm pussy felt so inviting on that cold, mountain night. I started thrusting, but didn't get to go for very long before I bashed my knee on a rock. "Maybe missionary's not the best for tent sex," Kat said.I pulled out, and Kat rolled onto her side. I scooted up behind her. She lifted her leg up over mine, and I slid my spear up her cunt. I thrusted in and out as the warm insides of Kat's pussy engulfed my cock. The moon was near full, and in the moonlight I could see the moisture from Kat's wet pussy glistening on her brown ass. Being unable to resist, I reached back and gave her ass a light smack. She reacted almost immediately, and started gyrating her big ass in circles all around my dick. From my vantage point I could see her tremendous ass rippling back and forth. I badly wanted to blow my load deep inside of her, and with every thrust I went deeper and deeper. I pushed my cock as far up her love tunnel as I could, and left it in there, pulling her ass down on top of it. She jiggled her ass so every inch of my cock could feel the sensation of her warmness. Then out of the blue I started fucking her like a jackrabbit. As flesh slapped against flesh, the sound echoed throughout the forest. I was just about ready to bust my nut when we heard voices coming our way. I kept my cock up Kat's pussy, but took a pause. It wasn't just a few people, but rather pretty much the entirety of the group that had been at the party earlier. For some unfortunate reason the party had shifted to Enrique's place, and Kat's tent was set up no more than ten feet from his cabin.By the time everyone got inside, I'd gone limp in Kat's sweetness. I wiggled it out, and Kat sighed deep. I cupped her ass with one hand, and ran my fingers through her hair with the other. My tongue found hers, and her hand found my dick. She stroked me for a while, until I rolled onto my back. I didn't say a word, but she got the message. She dropped down between my legs and started sucking my dick. While she was licking my dick like it was corn on the cob, someone shined a light at the tent. Evidently there were a number of people hanging out on Javier's porch, and they wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The onlookers were treated to a silhouette of me lying back with my hands behind my head and Kat's head bobbing up and down on my johnson. The onlookers laughed and went inside. "So much for not being in the mountain gossip," Kat said.Fully hard once more, I lightly grabbed Kat's hair and pulled her mouth off my rod. Don't get me wrong, it was nice having her give me oral pleasures, but I wanted to be back inside her lovely warm, snatch. She mounted herself on top of my rock hard dick, and placed her hands flat on my chest. She rode me up and down and side to side for a few minutes before we were interrupted by some people who'd gone outside to have a smoke. This pattern kept repeating itself over and over again, and every time I felt ready to cum, which was difficult considering how drunk I was, I'd get interrupted by my so-called friends.It went on that way for well over an hour. I could tell Kat was getting frustrated, too. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure if I'd managed to make her cum yet. We'd once again found ourselves lying down waiting for people to stop smoking when Kat decided it was time to throw all caution to the wind. With our friends standing right outside our tent, she started tugging on my meat. With my dick still in her hand, she hopped onto her knees, and backed her ass into my lap. Using just two fingers, she guided my cock inside her walls. I couldn't believe she would let me fuck her doggystyle the first time we'd ever gone at it. I violently smacked up against her, and she shouted with pleasure. In time everyone else got the message and left, but admittedly it was quite the turn on fucking Kat in front of all those people. With or without people near the tent, I rode Kat as hard as I could, right until I felt her convulsing on my cock. There was no longer any doubt that she was having an orgasm. She started shuttering without control, and all of a sudden her arms gave out underneath her, and she collapsed. As her ass twitched uncontrollably on my cock, I rapidly pulled out. I put my cock right in between her ass cheeks, and shot my first load. It had been building since that morning, and it showed. It nearly reached her neck. Load after load squirted out all over Kat's smooth, brown ass until I had nothing more to give. Completely spent, I collapsed on top of her, as she still lay face down. We both simultaneously started to chuckle, which quickly gave way to full-fledged laughter.When Kat finally composed herself, she said, "You cum like a fucking elephant.""I've been saving that for you for a long time," I said as I rolled off of her.I cleaned all my cum up with the blanket, which was completely drenched by all our fluids. We got a good laugh out of that before Kat turned to face me and gave me a high five. "Yay, we successfully fucked in a tent," she said