Taking a shot while shopping.

'Whoa, she's nice looking," I thought. Best thing I'd seen in this store full of pre-Holiday Season shoppers. I stood in line watching her curvy ass sashay down to the end of the aisle, then decided I needed "something else" before leaving. I went down to the end where I last saw her, hoping to see her up close just once more. Didn't see her right away, so feeling it wasn't in the cards, walked back.On a hunch, I turned a corner and looked down the aisle again. There she was, walking and talking w/ a tall girl pushing a cart. She wasn't alone, which didn't surprise me. Determined to see her anyway, I walked down to where she now was. The taller girl took her cart to the Wine section, and her friend stopped to look at some figurines on a shelf. "Ooh, here's my chance."So I sauntered up behind, slipped by her and got her attention. "Excuse me?" She looked up (not "gorgeous" but attractive indeed.)"Don't mean to disturb you, but I just wanted to say you look good in those jeans. Very shapely." She was pleased by this. "Thank you!" she said, offering a smile featuring small, bright teeth. She had shoulder length, dark-blonde colored hair. Framed her pleasant-looking face nicely. I noticed she had nice-shaped breasts under her tops. 34-D's, by the look."Thank YOU," I laughed, walking away to let her be. OK, now I could go home happy. I was surprised to feel a tap on my arm, half-way down the aisle (in the bedding and linens section, talk about a sign.) She'd followed me w/o my realizing it."I appreciate what you said, that made my day." I thanked her again, saying I'd meant it, she was quite fun to look at."Do you want to, maybe...go for coffee, or you know...do something fun, sometime?" This caught me off-guard. She wasn't alone by my reckoning, I didn't know if she meant "now" or "in the future." And my idea of "fun" wasn't cookies and lemonade.I asked what she had in mind by "fun," smiling back and moving in just a bit closer. "Well, what do you like to do?" Oh, great the ball was back in my court. I said we could exchange information, and later we could spend some quality time at my place to decide how to spend time together, if we wanted to. I felt a little frisky, so I asked if she felt like doing something fun. Like today."You mean like, now?" "Well, if you had time. I saw you weren't by yourself, so..." "Oh, that was my friend from work. We didn't come here together, we just ran into each other coming in." "Oh, I see. Well, my name is Lee, sweetheart and I've already eaten but if you'd like, I could take you somewhere for a snack, a drink, a coffee, whatever you'd like." (Pause, thinking it over.)"Okay, I could do that. I'm Crystal. Nice to meet you." (We shook hands.) "Let me put these things back, Crystal and I'll take you somewhere, or we could meet someplace if you'd prefer." "Oh, you can take me. We'll figure it out."I put the stuff back, we walked and talked a bit, taking our time. I was elated to meet someone nice, so unexpectedly. I lagged behind a bit, wanting to check her out and enjoy her strut, her nice ass doing that twitch that sexy asses do. She noticed me watching."I like watching you move," I chuckled. She laughed, and touched my arm in a teasing manner. "Oh, lord. You crazy." Out in the parking lot, I pointed to where I was parked. "This is me." I'd brought my truck, which I'd had only about a week."This is nice!" It was rather nice. I'd traded in one truck (I'd grown disappointed with) for this one. It had lots of miles, but was in great shape. Dodge, silver, quad-cab, new tires and rims, new struts raised it 3" higher than previous. I was still getting used to it.I opened the door to let her step up inside, never taking my eyes off that derriere. She turned and smirked at me, knowing I'd watched her sexy ass slipping up into the cab, and now I'd a nice view of those full tits. "Here we go," I said closing the door gently.I climbed in beside her. "So, where can I take you?" "Tell me, what would you like to do?" I could have held back, but I felt like being totally honest. I don't like coffee, I told her. What I really wanted, was to take her to my place, watch some nice movies, get to know each other, have some wine or spirits, perhaps go out and eat Chinese foot, and if she felt like it, fool around."Fool around?" "Oh, I'd love to get my hands all over you!" She said, "You would? How?" Nice, very direct. "Oh, I'd stroke your thighs, like this." (I rubbed her film upper legs, reaching down to caress her calf, the one I could reach.) And then touch your face, your hair." (I touched both, stroking each gently.) She smiled ear-to-ear. "Then I'd rub your breasts." (I cupped one, then the other in my left hand, easier to reach across and grab a handful of sexy sweater beacons.) She gasped as I did."Then I'd rub that hot ass of yours. I want to bite it. I want to lick you all over." She really laughed at that. I released her, then leaned back to lift the console between us, up and out of the way. She let me take her hand, guide it to my throbbing boner pulsing under my zipper, about to burst the seams. I leaned over to whisper to her. "You want me to take it out?" She nodded, "Oh, yes!"Looking quickly around, I could see the lot was crowded, but not where we were. No one could see up in the cab, unless an equally tall or taller vehicle pulled up beside us. Still, you don't want to be caught literally with your pants down, if you can help it.I unbuckled, jerked my jeans and shorts down enough to release my pecker. "Ah, that's better." I made it bounce, to show how eager both of us were. I'm no stallion, but there's enough meat there to fill a mouth, pussy, etc. nicely. Crystal seemed pleased, and took me in her hand, stroking it affectionately w/ the back of her fingers, then giving it several brisk tugs. "Ooh, slow down, baby."I grinned at her, told her maybe we should leave. "I live 30 minutes from here, can I take you to my place? It's quiet and a very nice area, you'll see." She agreed to let me take her. "Well, alright. I'll just zip up, here." "No, I'll hold onto this." "Really? Um, okay. I'll uh...okay, let's go." She laughed again, "I'm just teasing. You can have it back." "Say, uh...before I do, do you ah...want to give me a kiss?" (Wink, wink.) "Oh, you're funny. (Crinkled her nose.) "I'll think about it." "Okay, you think, now!"We rode off, enjoying the crisp, Fall afternoon. I'd look at her w/ lust in my eyes from time to time. She cupped her breasts w/ her hands, licked at her nipples under the fabric, to keep me aroused. She didn't have to work too hard. I mentioned again how glad I was to have met her, how I appreciated her talking to me instead of just saying "Thanks, bye!" And oh by the way, was she still thinking about kissing my penis? "Because I'd love to see your sexy smile wrapped all over my dick!" I wiggled my hips upward to mimic my pleasure in thinking about it. "Ooh, Crystal. You so good, baby!" I could see despite her willingness to come home w/ someone she'd just met, Crystal was just a bit shy in this regard. She'd smiled, and coyly turned her head to the window, giggling at my randy antics. "I'm not pushing, I'm just thrilled you're here." She moved across, hugged my arm, sighed. We arrived at my place. Walked past the other lofts to my door, which I opened to let her through, and fondled that marvelous booty of hers in appreciation.The next several hours went by too fast, as they always do. Once inside, I stripped and started undressing Crystal, rubbing and kissing every new exposed body part as I went. She turned to face me; we hugged, held each other. kissed gently. I prober her lips w/ my tongue-tip, which she butterfly-licked w/ her own. Damn, I wanted to feel that on my dick-head. But not just now, no hurry. I led her to my bedroom, asked her to sit on the bed and wait just a moment. Going to the bathroom and coming back w/ condoms and lube (the soft, non-greasy kind that heats up in "heated" moments) I sat next to Crystal and said I wanted to taste her, explore her pussy in gratitude, and for the fucking fun of it. But first, I wanted to feel me inside her. "Can I do that?""Sure." She gave me a bashful smile, put her head on my shoulder. I patted her hair in mock-fashion. "Good girl. And maybe give me a blowjob, later?" She chuckled again; I was so horny, I didn't care about pushing hard for a slurp-job, anymore.Condom applied, I told Crystal to lay back and let me in. Kneeling between her legs, I stuffed my dick in that hot-pink hole of hers, letting it feel her heat and enjoying the wetness of her snatch. Then I popped it out, straddled atop her, guided myself back in her (surprisingly snug) pussy. Getting into a nice rhythmic fucking, I gripped my lower lip w/ my teeth in pleasure. Resting on my elbows, looking into her light-brown eyes, feeling her tits against my own...wow, this chick was a fun fuck-machine."Sex is great, ain't it? I got a dick, and you got a pussy!" I breathed into her ear. "Oh, yeah. Fuck my pussy! she moaned back. I reached back w/ one hand to grip one of her firm legs which she'd raised up higher as my thrusts gained momentum. "Ooh, yeah. You like this, baby? I knew when I saw you I wanted to get your legs up in the air! Get my hands on your hot ass!" Crystal slammed her head back on the pillow, eyes half-closed, watching me and letting me pound her as those legs slid around my slim waist."I am coming. I'm coming for you, Crystal. Here it comes...oh...oh...ah!" I came hard. shooting several molten bursts out. Painful, quick bursts of white-hot semen, but it was a good hurt as they say. I moved back and forth a few more times, feeling my rod slip in and out of her squish-mitten. Amazing that rubber had stayed on, I thought. When I slipped from her and nudged it off, it was soaked and quite full at the bottom. I laid my trophy in the waste-basket, and we relaxed next to each other for awhile, coming back to Earth.We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening in the same fashion. I took her doggy-style (wanted to see that ass shake, which she playfully did for my benefit before letting me stuff my next erection into her pleasure portal for an enjoyable, ass-slapping humping.) I gave her a back massage to lighten the mood (using the lube, nice and slippery) then went down on her w/ long, lingering licks and sucked on her soft, tiny flesh-folds. Salty-tangy w/ strong hints of where I'd just been (tasting myself, glad I'd drank a lot of water that week) and something fruity like orange rinds. I confess when younger I'd orally please women just to get the favor returned, but sometimes it was a pleasure to do so even w/o thinking I'd be pleased the same way, myself. This was one such time, and she slid around the sheets agreeably to my administrations, cooing and humming.At some point, we dressed and made plans for dinner. Spent a quiet time in a Chinese restaurant near me, drinking Malibu Hurricanes and eyeing each other over plastic orchids and soft candlelight. Later, we cuddled on the coach to watch television. I didn't have to work the next morning, Crystal did. I said I'd be happy to take her back to her car (back at the department store lot) or she could sleep in and I'd take her to work the next morning (figuring she'd likely go for the former, despite our escapades.)To my surprise, she wanted to stay (I'd only one bed; small apartment, as it was supposed to be temporary digs and I just ended up staying.) "Oh, good. Are you sleepy, do you want to turn in?" "Not yet." Crystal looked into my eyes, kissed me deeper than before. She lifted her shirt over her head, unsnapped her bra and showed me those bouncy tits again. Freckled around the nipples (each as wide as drink-coasters) which contrasted w/ their dark, tan-pink color against her light yellow-brown skin.I jerked my jeans down and off, holding my suddenly hardening cock out towards those nipples of hers. Crystal pumped me w/ her fist, grabbing me down by my balls and stroking upwards to my purple head, which opened and closed to each pump. Oh, it was time for some good dick-sucking. When she eased up (she'd taken me in both hands, squeezing my balls in one and pulling at the head w/ the fingers of the other) I stood in front of her, and nodded. "We're gonna find out what it's all about, baby girl. Kiss me, sugar." I held my dick toward her lips. Crystal grinned, looked down almost shyly, but did as I asked.A gentle peck at first, but she followed w/ several more, all over my swollen head. "Close your eyes, and show me your tongue, you naughty girl!" She laughed a bit, again following my lead. Her tongue was cherry-red, narrow and curved-upward at the end.This excited me to no end; I rubbed my erection all over her wagging tongue, back and forth and gently bouncing it on her sticky-wet flesh carpet. I stroked her lips and face w/ my dick, then asked Crystal to finish me off w/ her mouth. "Suck me, suck me into your wet mouth! That's it, ooh you cock-sucking little thing, you!" She'd dragged her lips along my rod's length, then opened up to engulf me in her cavity, tongue caressing my underside as she repeated her lip actions from before. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I took her head in my hands, rubbed her fine, straight locks of hair and started to fuck her mouth and lips. I held her in place to pause her movements, letting her bathe my cock w/ her saliva-covered tongue, making sucking and gurgling noises. "Mmm...mmm...MMM...oh, yeah here I go, taste my cum, baby!" I unloaded again, and Crystal gulped as the first spurt splashed her tonsils, then I eased myself out to spread the remaining hot load across her lips and chin. I aimed for those tits of hers, getting her throat wet in the process. But I used my dick as a squeegee to spread my seed from her now-slimy mouth to those puppies of hers. I lifted my softening dick and requested Crystal kiss my balls, which were rolling around in their sack. She buried her face between them, kissing and licking them like a sweet little girl. Damn, what a satisfying suck-off for someone who'd behaved as if she wasn't up for such action, earlier. We snuggled some more before tiring out and hitting the straw, arms in arms. Still wasn't interested in being someone's b/f at the time, but I was keen to repeat this experience w/ Crystal. We did become "fuck-buddies" for nearly eight months afterwards, before she met someone she regarded as special, and ended our fun together. A shame, my sex-drive still misses the feeling of seeing her at my door or hers. Seeing her dressed casual in cotton pajamas, or sporting a silky, one-piece pantsuit. Wow, did her body look dick-pleasing to me in just about anything. And diving between her legs, or waving my hard-on at her call-girl looks and breasts, I sure miss those times, too. Take a chance. Step up to some babe you take a fancy to. But step lively; she'll appreciate that, and so might you. =)