Surprise Surprise III

After a long week at work, which had included many trips to the toilets for a cheeky wank, Friday had finally arrived. Plans were afoot to go out with my friend who had been there the week earlier and another friend of ours. We had decided we wouldn't tell our mate about the threesome the week earlier. It would raise too many questions. The afternoon was really beginning to drag as the excitement for a night out began to build when a text appeared on my phone. It was Christine. My eyes lit up and before I'd even began to read the text my cock started to stiffen. "Hey. I hope you're not ignoring me! Last week was so much fun, but I feel like such a naughty girl! I hope you've not gone off me" read the text. "Hi. Of course I'm not ignoring you! I just haven't known what to say. Last week was amazing. I'm kinda sad my mate has also had the pleasure of you and I'm no longer the only guy I know who knows just how fucking amazing you are, but it was so good I can't really complain" I replied. "I know what you mean and I thought you'd feel like that, but for what it's worth you're 10x better than him in bed, 10x better looking and I'd never dream of just fucking him alone-you just got me so turned on that I wanted to try something dirty" she saidThese texts were incredibly formal in comparison to our usual exchanges but it was clear this was going somewhere."Hey, that's my mate you're bad mouthing" I joked "No, he's really nice, he's just not you". She said before almost immediately adding "what are you doing tonight?""Well strangely enough-we're both going out for a few beers with another mate of ours I replied. We haven't told our other mate yet and we've agreed to keep it a secret". "That's a shame. I was thinking we could do it again". I knew she was after something. I was immediately turned on but along came that twinge of jealousy that she didn't just want me any more. "Am I not enough for you now" I said"Course you are. I just want to experiment further. I've done it now so might as well do it again now I've got the experience and will be less shy and reserved"Christ, had last week been shy and reserved? We'd both cum in all her holes, DPd her, spit roasted her and covered her face with our cum. If she'd had reservations I hadn't noticed!"I'll speak to my mate, but I don't think it'd be fair to stand our other mate up at this stage, he's had a hard time lately". She instantly replied "what does he look like?". I never for one minute imagined she would fuck three of us at the same time but she was clearly already considering it. I sent a pic and, again, almost immediately got a reply "why don't you invite him too? If it'll swing it, I've got a mate who I've been telling all about last week. She's extremely jealous and I'm sure she would love to come along. Three of you, two of us". "Send a pic" I replied. A few hours later my friends and I were sat at my house drinking a few cold beers and playing PlayStation. Needless to say, after explaining the situation to the third friend he had said "let's fucking do it" and it seemed Christine's friend was equally as keen. As talked excitedly about what was about to happen, without a knock the front door opened. All three pairs of our eyes shot towards the entrance to the living room where before us stood two extremely sexy milfs, wearing nothing more than their underwear. "Fucking hell, I hope the neighbours didn't see you coming in like that" I joked. "Our overcoats are in the hall" said Christine "we just thought this might help get things started". Christine's mate was equally as sexy as Christine but for different reasons. Her tits were huge, hair lighter and longer but face similarly pretty and as with Christine she looked a lot younger than she was. It hadn't been obvious from the pic Christine sent that she had such big tits, they were literally bursting out of her bra."What a pair of tits you have" I observed before Christine blurted out "I know, they make mine look shit stood next to each other like this". I didn't agree but she was right, I couldn't stop looking at them. "36FF" she announced as she grabbed them both with her hands. I know had a decision to make. I could go straight to her and leave Christine feeling unwanted or head straight to Christine knowing I would still get to enjoy her mate throughout the evening anyway. I decided it would be best to start with Christine and made my way across the room towards her, my friends also making a move behind me. "Start with Nicole" Christine said "I've told her all about how good you are so let her finally see. I'll take the other two". I unclipped Nicole's bra and threw it to the floor. I had expected such huge tits on such a mature woman to sag straight down but they remained impressively pert. Nicole grabbed my head and shoved it to her right tit. As I sucked away on her wonderful, juicy tits she began to undo my belt and before I knew it I was naked from the waist down. I removed my tshirt and Nicole stepped out of her gorgeous black underwear before kneeling straight before my stiff cock. She sucked away like her life depended on it and fucking hell could this slut suck dick. Behind me I could hear the other two lads were having fun but I couldn't see just how much. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Christine was already bent across the sofa, cock in her mouth and a cock from behind. I looked closer and was unsurprised to see the cock was already up her arse! They had wasted no time at all!Nicole took my cock from her mouth, stood up and took up position alongside the rest of the group. She knelt alongside Christine and pulled me close. She grabbed my cock and put it straight into her arse too. I couldn't believe what was happening but didn't want it to end. The five of us fucked away for only a few more minutes before it became clear none of us could hold back much longer. My mate next to me groaned as he emptied his load deep into Christine's arse. I watched as he pulled out and hot cum ran from her arsehole, down her pussy and onto my sofa. He made his way to the front to put his cock in Christine's mouth but Nicole demanded it in hers. Fucking hell, what a slut - sucking the dick that had just been deep inside your mates arse. She took it all in her mouth and I could hold back no more. I pulled my cock from her arse and sprayed my load into her arse crack and over her pussy. My second mate had already made his way round to Christine and was fucking the arse that was already filled with cum. He had watched as I sprayed my load over Nicole's arse and pussy and as I made my way round to Christine to let her lick the last few drips from my cock he had pulled out of Christine and was now deep inside Nicole's shaven pussy...but not for long."I'm gonna cum" he shouted. At this point, Christine removed my dick from her mouth and made her way down to Nicole's behind. "Shoot it into my mouth" she exclaimed. It would be a brave man that went against those orders. He pulled out of Nicole, and I could see the cum was already starting to shoot from his bellend, some also dripping from Nicole's pussy (he'd obviously been unable to hold back) but he wasn't finished and as he grabbed his cock, wanking as he directed it towards Christine's open mouth an almighty load shot not just into her mouth but all over her face and into her hair. I could tell I was ready to shoot again so rushed down to where Christine knelt. Nicole repositioned herself from being on all fours to kneeling alongside Christine and it was in this position that Christine's tits really did look small! Nicole and Christine were knelt in front of me, mouths wide open, Christine's face already covered in cum and Nicole's begging to be the same "Cover my face" she begged "it's not fair that she gets it all". POW - within seconds I had shot my second load and it had gone all over Nicole's face. Her forehead, eyes, nose and chin were covered in a huge load of fresh cum. She smiled as she licked her lips and my mate unloaded over Christine's face once again. The night was young and was about to get extremely interesting!