Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5 After breakfast we jumped into Dr. O'Bryan's Jaguar with Bob in the frontseat and me in the back. Bob started laughing as soon as his dad startedthe car. "Dad, I cant't believe you called it the 'naked truth'. That wasso funny. Of course, now John knows that we camped out naked. I'm sure thatfreaked him out." "I'm sorry, guys. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to mess withyou two. I still don't understand why John David didn't just go back to hishouse after you finished playing cards," Dr. O'Bryan replied. "I know what you mean. We thought it was kind of weird too, but he turnedout to be such a nice guy that we both didn't really care," I said. "I guess he just likes hanging out with younger guys. You know he has ayounger brother who is in the sixth grade with John," Bob said. "That's right," Dr. O'Bryan said. "He and John play video games togethersometimes. I think his name is Paul. I remember that the first time he cameover I thought he was one of those girls who likes wearing board shorts andtank tops. That long hair and his innocent face made his look kind offeminine, but once I saw the way he was as competitive as John, I realizedthat he is 100% boy. Plus, he's pretty tough. One time, when I caught himand John wrestling, he pinned John in less than a minute." I let the video in my mind of John and Paul wrestling play itself overseveral times. I wondered if they got as hard as Bob and I did whenever wewrestled. Before I had time to give it much more thought, we arrived at theYMCA. Bob and I grabbed our swim bags and dashed for the indoor pool. Wehad to be ready to go with our goggles around our necks and our feetdangling in the pool by 9:00 a.m. sharp. Coach Pete added another minute toour warm-up swim time for every minute that a member of the team waslate. I removed my cap, t-shirt, and flip flops and stuffed all of theminto my swim bag in one fluid motion. I also remembered to take my swimbuoy out of the bad and to grab a kick board before I joined the otherfifteen boys on our twelve-to-f******n year-olds team. Bob and I almostalways shared a lane for the entire practice since our times were verysimilar. In the lane next to us were the Murray twins, Grant and Gary. One yearolder than us, they were both amazing athletes and incrediblyhandsome. They both look like younger versions of Tom Daley, the olympicswimmer from the UK, and they had super hero chins. The two were alwaystogether, oftentimes finished each other's sentences, and always wore theblack YMCA Sharks team speedos. Even though they were very masculine, theywere also very affectionate with each other--giving each other high fivesin the pool, slapping each's butts outside the pool, and hugging each otheranytime one of them won an event. I have to admit that I had entertainedmore than a few fantasies which involved the two of them kissing andjacking each other off. I always found male twins to be very erotic andeven fantasized about having my own twin who knew exactly what I wanted himto do to me when we had sex together. At exactly 9:00 a.m. all of our eyes were drawn to the door which ledfrom the coach's office into the indoor swimming area anticipating CoachPete's entrance in his faded red swim shorts and black coach's t-shirt withthe YMCA Shark emblazoned on it. He always got our attention my blowing thewhistle he wore around his neck. Instead, we were all surprised to see ahigh-school aged k** emerge from the office wearing the black team Speedoand nothing else. His body was nearly perfect and his long brown hair waspulled back into a pony tail. I could hardly believe my eyes. It was JohnDavid--the same John David whose Speedo I was wearing, the same John Davidwho had taught me how to give Bob a blow job a few hours earlier, and thesame John David who had blackmailed me into giving him a hand job lastnight. I was shocked! I was also surprised to see that right behind him was a younger versionof himself--ponytail, blue eyes, and all. He was also wearing the team'sblack Speedo, but it looked like it was his first time to ever wear aSpeedo since he had a board shorts tan. So, he had that awkward white parton his legs from where the speedos stopped at the top of his thighs down towear his board shorts would have covered him just above hisknees. Dr. O'Bryan was right, If this was Paul, John David's youngerbrother, he did have a face as pretty as a girl's. Even his eye lashes werelong. His body, however, had the definition of a runner without any fat. It wasn't until he shouted that my attention was drawn away from Paul andback to John David. "Boys, hit the bleachers. We need to have a short teammeeting before we get into the pool." The boys quickly and obediently movedto the bleachers eager to hear the news. John David stood on the pool deckfacing the bleachers with his hands on his hips. Like Coach Pete, he alsohad a whistle hanging from his neck. However, unlike Coach Pete, everymember of the team could clearly make out the outline of his teen cock andballs in his Speedo; damn he was hot. He started his talk: "My name is JD,and I will be your new swim coach. This handsome k** here is my youngerbrother, Paul. Since I was offered the job of coaching the team, he decidedto give swimming for a team a try. Even though this is his first time totrain to swim competitively, he is a strong swimmer, a fast runner, and agood athlete. I hope you'll make him feel welcome." All of the guys clappedtheir hands and shouted words of welcome. Coach JD (John David) continued, "I know that you are probably wonderingwhy we both wear our hair long, since swimmers typically seek to reducedrag by removing all the hair from their bodies and keeping the hair ontheir heads short. Well, the reason we wear our hair this way is because weour one-half Coushatta Indian. Since our grandfather is chief of the tribehere in Louisiana, we spend a great deal of time with him and ourgrandmother on the reservation. We wear our hair long out of respect forour grandparents and our heritage. Are you guys cool with it?" When hepaused, several of the guys assured him that they thought his NativeAmerican heritage and long hair were both very cool. "Oh yea, before Iforget, no one ever calls my little brother here Paul. We all call himIndian Boy." The sound of his voice and his awesome presence made my cock swell to itsfull four inch length inside my swim suit. It pointed toward my bellybutton and nearly popped out of the top of the swimsuit. Thankfully, Bobseemed to be the only one to notice. I definitely needed the benefit ofcold water and its natural shrinking effect to save my pride. I wasthankful when he said, "Okay boys, let's start with a fifteen minutewarm-up--free style on the odd-numbered laps and breast stroke on the evennumbered ones." Half of us lined up in front of the eight lanes of thepool. Once Coach JD yelled, "Ready, set, go!" eight boys, including me andmy boner, dove into the pool and swam free-style toward the other end ofthe 25 meter-long pool. During our flip turns eight more boys dove into thepool to start their first laps. When I passed Bob at the midpoint of ourlane, he gave me two thumbs up underwater. I guess he was as excited aboutour new coach as I was. It turned out that Coach JD led a great two-hour long practice. He evengot into the pool with us during the last 15 minutes of sprints. He tuckedhis ponytail into a swim cap and showed us how competitive he truly was. Hewould lead us to believe that we could beat him, but he invariably surgedahead and touched the wall before any of the other boys on the team everytime. After the practice was over, we all headed for the shower room which waslocated in the swim team locker room. It was basically a tiled square roomwith five shower heads on three of the walls and a large round drain in thecenter of the room. There were enough shower heads for all sixteen of ussince Gary and Grant, the twins, always shared the same shower head. Boband I typically chose to the two shower heads right next to thetwins. Today, however, Indian Boy took the one Bob normally used, so wetook the next two. The warm water felt good on our skin, and we were allpretty quiet as we tried to recover from the grueling practice. We were all surprised again when Coach JD joined us in the open showerroom to rinse off. Coach Pete had never even set foot in the boy's dressingroom, and here was our new coach showering with us. He chose to share theshower head Indian boy was using. It was right in between Bob and theMurray twins. Like the rest of the team, he started his shower with hisSpeedo still on in order to rinse the chlorine off of it. I began to wonderif he would let the entire team see his hairless body or would he keep thata secret. Since most of the eighth and ninth grade boys on the team had atleast a small bush of pubic hair above their cocks, they would expect himto have a fairly large bush. While I was musing about pubic hair and furtively scoping out myteammates to see if any of them were going to take off their jammers andbikinis in front of our new coach, John David boldly pulled his bikini off,poked his head through one of the leg openings and wore it around his neckwhile he soaped up his chiseled naked body and his beautiful uncutcock. For a full minute every guy on the swim team watched Coach JD's everymove and admired his excellent physique before their impulse controlreminded them that it was not cool to stare at another guy's nudebody. Then, in unison, every boy removed his swimsuit, and the guys wearingbikinis hung them around their necks just like Coach JD had done. I wouldnot have been surprised if, then and there, that every single boy,including the beautiful Murray twins, would have shaved off their pubes ifsomeone had produced a razor. The new coach had made an incredibleimpression on his new team. When Coach JD took the bar and soaped his little brother's back, I wassurprised again. The two of them seemed to be every bit as close as theMurray twins were. We were all used to watching them wash each other'sbacks; we just thought it was a twin thing. When Indian Boy started washingJohn David's back, it seemed that the older brother's cock started tobecome semi-hard. I realized that I was definitely devoting too much of myattention to John David. I did not want to make my fascination for himobvious to the entire team, so I furtively looked around the shower room tosee if any of the other guys had caught me perving on our new coach. Icould not have been more wrong; not one member of the team was paying anyattention to me because nearly every one of them was watching Coach JD'severy move. I swear that I heard at least four of the boys gasp when JohnDavid's cock went from a semi to a full fledged six-inch-long hard-on. Withhis eyes closed, he allowed the warm stream from the shower to rinse thesoap out of his long hair and off of his back while he wrapped his fingersaround his engorged uncut cock with one hand and cupped his balls with theother. In front of an audience of sixteen other boys, including histwelve-year-old brother, our new coach was actually masturbating. Of all ofthe surprises that the past twelve hours had held for me, this one was, byfar, the greatest! I suddenly became aware that my cock was bonehard. Right next to me, my new boyfriend was also hard as were the Murraytwins and Indian Boy, who was also uncircumcised. (At that point I thoughttheir uncut cocks were probably another facet of their Coushatta heritage.) I thought that Indian Boy was the first one to join his brother. I couldnot be sure, however, because as I looked around the room, one afteranother of the fifteen other members of the team began to stroke theircocks unabashedly. No one could possibly have choreographed this scene anybetter. Each boy was stroking his cock with his right hand while playingwith his balls and perineum with his left hand. We were all facing thecenter of the shower room with warm water washing down our backs, and wewere watching each other. It was amazing. Even when we accidentally madeeye contact with one another, no one self-consciously broke off theconnection. As I looked around the room, I realized that I had never beenmore turned on in my entire young life. This was so fucking hot! Eventhough, except for the Murray twins, no two cocks looked the same, and theywere all different colors, girths, and lengths; we all had at least threethings in common. We were all horny boys, masturbating as one, dying tocum. At some point, Gary and Grant, the twins, who were standing side byside had switched off and were stroking each other's five-inch-longcocks. I had a strong suspicion that this was not the first time they haddone this. Before I realized what was happening, Bob had moved to my side. He nudgedme and looked over at the Murrays. I knew what he wanted to do, so I noddedmy head. My heart started racing even faster than it already was when hetook my cock in his hand, and I took his cock in my hand. As we kept onstroking, I knew that this single act had just told the other boys that wewere gay. It was one thing to lose your inhibitions and take part in acircle jerk, it was another thing entirely to boldly take another boy'scock into your own hand and to stroke it--this behavior marked you asqueer. When I looked over at Coach JD, to see if he had reacted to thecoupling of the Murray brothers, and Bob and me; I was amazed to see thathe and Indian boy were jacking each other off as well. I was alsopleasantly surprised, and a little bit jealous, to see that Indian boy'scock was as big as his brother's cock. Now I wanted to see who had the biggest prick in the room. I immediatelythought of Jamal, a ninth grader, who was also the only black boy on theteam. Just like all of the horny white boys, Jamal was getting into thiserotic act. I had always been impressed with his black skin and athleticbody. I had noticed that he had a little hair under his arms and that hefilled out the pouch of his Speedo better than anyone else on theteam. Now, the mystery was over. Out from his bush of tightly curled blackpubic hair protruded the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be atleast eight inches long, and it was also uncircumcised. Damn, he lookedoutrageously sexy. I realized that I was being unfaithful to Bob, by perving on the otherboys, so I refocused my eyes on him. Holy fuck, was he ever beautiful. Hesmiled and licked his lips when my blue eyes met his green ones. I thoughtfor a moment that maybe he wanted to kiss me, but I was not ready to dothat in front of the entire team. We would find time to kiss when we werealone. My focus on Bob was short lived, however, when I heard John Davidand Indian Boy start moaning. Simultaneously, the two of them startedshooting rope after rope of cum from their six-inch long Indian sticks. Grant and Gary were the next to go. They both laughed out loud while theyejaculated, filling the air with their sperm and fulfilling one of myfantasies. Watching the first two pairs fire their cannons, definitely setoff a chain reaction as one after another of our Speedo-loving team beganto moan and to shoot their loads coating the shower floor with their saltyboy cream. When I felt my balls draw up, I looked down at Bob's balls, andsaw that his sack had become tight too. I stroked his penis harder andfaster and fought the urge to kiss his wet lips. Bob also stroked myboy-sized cock more firmly and quickly until we both reached our orgasmstogether and, in spite of the fact that we had cum numerous times in thepast twelve hours, began to shoot rope after rope from our boycocks. At this point all but one of the s*******n cocks in the shower room hadfired its schlong juice onto the shower floor. Jamal had not yet releasedhis venom from his long black snake. With all of our eyes upon him, Jamalclosed his dark brown eyes, squeezed his large black ball bag, and began tofire a seemingly endless rope of white chocolate cum into the mistyair. When he was done, the guys actually applauded while he walked aroundthe white-tiled room giving high fives to every white hand which waswaiting to connect with his strong black hand in the air. I had never feltcloser to a group of guys than I did to the s*******n boys in that showerroom at that moment in time. It was truly surreal, and I did not want thesexual high to ever reach its end. Shortly after Jamal returned to the place where he had fired hisawe-inspiring load, Coach JD spoke, "Listen guys, even though what justhappened here was fantastic, it has to be our secret. If anyone finds outwhat we did here today, we will never be allowed to do it again, and a newcoach will be assigned to the team." After he turned off his shower headand exited the room, the rest of the team followed him out. Coach JD didnot even bother to wrap his towel around himself as he walked around theentire locker room with his soft hairless cock and balls swaying betweenhis muscular legs, praising each boy specifically. When Coach JD got to me,he said softly so no one else could hear, "Let me and Indian Boy know whenyour next campout is going to be." Then, he added in a normal speakingvoice, "Matt, the technique you used with your arms in your free stylestroke was nearly perfect. Good job!" It was all I could do to keep myyoung cock from growing hard again while he stood right next to mecompletely naked praising my technique. Since he had set the tone, it seemed that all of the boys sat on thebenches in the nude much longer than they ever had before discussing thepractice and our upcoming meet. It was amazing! Bob and I began to discusswhat we were going to do with the rest of our Saturday. I had to gostraight home after practice to do some chores and weekend homework. Bobwas going to have to clean out the tent and take it down. Then, he had topractice the piano and give his dog a bath. Next, we began to plan how,when, and where we could find some time to be alone together. Since we bothhad siblings, it was tough to find a way to have some privacy withoutdrawing attention to the fact we were spending a lot of time behind lockeddoors. We finally decided that we would meet at his house after church Sundayand go for a walk in the woods. Hopefully, we would be able to find aprivate spot to take our clothes off and have some hot boy-on-boy sex.Finally, we put on some soft dry shorts, t- shirts, and flip flops andexited the swim team's locker room. This had definitely been a day ofsurprises that we would never ever forget.