Star Trek: TNG Crusher's Mistaken Memories

"Thank you Jean-Luc, may I interest you in desert...?"Her words hung in the air. Captain Jean-Luc Picard picked up the remains of his wine and blushed slightly. He had known Chief Medical Officer Dr Beverly Crusher for many years now, having set her up with her husband Jack, who died serving Starfleet just over 15 years previously. There had always been chemistry between them but apart from the odd drunken kiss he had never acted upon it. He knew Beverly would jump at the chance to do more but he didn't believe it was appropriate for a Starfleet Captain to fraternise with their crew.He looked at Beverly as he finished his wine. She was in her casual clothes, black tight leggings and a long top with a cowl neck that seemed to come down her front and rest just so it showed her voluptuous cleavage but nothing more, although as she drunk her wine she would often lean forward and he could see the start of where her breasts began. Part of him wanted to kiss her so much, to get his hands on her bare breasts, to run his fingers over her far-too-tight leggings and to tease that pussy that he'd often lay awake and relieved himself thinking about.However those fleeting erotic thoughts left him and he made his excuses. He would need to be on the bridge in 6 hours and had reports coming out of his ears, the usual stuff.Once Jean-Luc had left, Beverly sat back and sighed. It had been far too long since she'd had someone to please her. Someone to kiss her. Someone to fuck her. The closest thing to interest from a man she'd had was her son Wesley 'accidentally' walking in the bathroom while she was in the shower or 'accidentally' catching her while she was undressing. That happened a lot less now he had separate quarters next door with an inter-connecting door that had to be unlocked from both sides. She quickly put the dishes in the waste reclimator, turned off the lights and took the remaining half glass of wine she had left to bed. She slipped off her leggings and top. She knew it had been naughty to wear no underwear and that she could tease Jean-Luc with her tits hanging in her top and her pussy lips pressed against the front of her leggings, although the only thing this seemed to do was tease herself. She looked at herself naked in the mirror. She knew she was in great shape. She was 45 and a mum-of-one but thanks to a lot of yoga with Deanna Troi, 24th century moisturisers and a couple of hypo sprays every year to tighten the skin above her 34dd breasts, her body remained firm and her breasts held up gloriously if she thought so herself. Smooth all over except a small amount of red hair trimmed above her pussy, she wondered what else she could do. She certainly noticed Jean-Luc's eyes drawn to them, albeit briefly, and she knew her 18 year old son next door would gladly put off his studies for a quick look.Wesley was probably asleep now anyway. It was late. Beverly hadn't been sleeping that well, a mixture of work and too many mixed-up thoughts flying around her head. How could she get the Captain to just give in and fuck her? Did she still feel guilty about her feelings for her dead-husband's friend? What would she do about Wesley if he kept trying to sneek looks at his mother's body?Beverly tried to clear her head as she finished the last dregs of her wine and lay nude underneath the silk sheet in her bed. She tried to sleep but her mind kept wandering, as did her fingers. She ran the tips of the fingers of her left hand over her breasts, tracing circles over them, then moving them to tease her nipples, pinching them one after the other. Her right hand went further down her body and soon found her wet pussy. She quickly slid a finger inside and then slowly removed it. She then placed the finger in her mouth. She had always loved the taste, although apart from a spell back at Starfleet Academy and one night on the holodeck with Jack a year after they married, she hadn't tasted any other women but she did enjoy the taste of herself. She thought back to the holodeck that night 19yrs ago. She had been the one to suggest the programme, an Asian inspired bar back on Earth with a sensual Thai 20yr old behind the bar. They ate at a table for 2 in the corner of the bar and drank as the holographic patrons came and went. Beverly and Jack kissed more and more passionately, and the last patrons left the attractive holographic bar person came over to them. She had flowing black hair that came down around her 30c small and nubile breasts that were obvious in the red tight Thai-style dress she was wearing with ornate gold patterns. It went around her neck, coming down to cling against her small tits at the top and the bottom came down just above the mid-point of her supple thighs. Her legs perfectly smooth and bare, leading to equally bare feet. She had big sensual brown eyes that lit up as she smiled and just a light amount of make up on her pretty face. "Can I help you two at all?"She lifted the bottom of her fitted dress slightly, so it must have been just below her small but perfect bottom and the point where those supple thighs met and led to a place where any man or woman would want to explore."What do you think, Jack?""Bev, do you mean it? Are you sure it's not just the wine talking?""Well I was the one who set the programme up, Happy Anniversary darling." 26 yr old Beverly Crusher stood up. She was wearing a sexy slightly loose black dress with thin black straps that hung down around the mid-point of her thighs and with a top line just above her breasts and went down in-between them, giving a dramatic cleavage. She had her favourite black strappy heels on and this was coupled with black stockings that Jack knew would be connected to suspenders underneath that sexy dress. Jack stayed seated, smiling. He was a handsome Starfleet officer but wasn't in uniform tonight. Tonight he wore black trousers and a smart striped blue shirt with the top couple of buttons undone, exposing the beginning of the hair on his toned manly chest.She went over to the holographic Thai bar girl and kissed her soft lips, running her fingers through her long black hair."I think you could definitely help us. I want to give my husband an anniversary he'll never forget. Do you have a name?""My name is Prârthâ, it's Thai for desire.""It's beautiful, and perfect! I'm Beverly and this is my husband Jack.""It's a pleasure to meet you both. I would love to give you both a perfect anniversary. Would your husband mind if I undressed his wife?""I'm sure he wouldn't mind, would you darling?""Mmm... not at all!"Jack sat back in his chair with the biggest grin on his face. Prârthâ kissed Beverly and slid the thin straps of her black dress off her shoulders. She then reached around to the zip behind, pulling it down slowly. Barely 2 meters from her watching husband, Beverly melted and submitted to this beautiful young lady as her dress fell down her body leaving her in her stockings, suspenders and black lacy knickers. Prârthâ's fingers trailed down Beverly's body and over her naked breast, standing proud for her. The Thai girl massaged the firm tits and played with Beverly's nipples, pinching them one after the other. Then she planted kisses on them as her small delicate fingers slipped down to the lacy black knickers that clung to Beverly. She ran her fingers over them, teasing Beverly's soaking wet pussy the other side of the thin material. Prârthâ then ran her fingers along the bottom of the knickers and began to pull the gusset of them aside and expose Beverly's pussy to the cool air. She then slipped finger into Beverly's wet pussy. It slowly came back up and Prârthâ placed it in Beverly's mouth where it was slurped and tasted greedily.45yr old Beverly was licking her finger tasting her juices still thinking of when she did it with Prârthâ, the Thai holodeck character she created for her and Jack's anniversary. By now her other hand had reached into the bedside draw for her dildo. Made with a soft but firm material that always felt slightly moist, it was around 8in long and was soon between her legs. The silk bed cover was now just clinging on to the bottom of the bed, her legs having kicked it away and left her naked body exposed to the empty room and the dildo sliding inside her. Moans escaped her as her thoughts went back to that holodeck bar but something had changed...Beverly stood in her black stockings and suspenders in the now-empty bar as Prârthâ was now kneeling in front of her, licking over the front her damp lacy panties, teasing her. Soon she felt Prârthâ finally disconnect the stockings which stayed in place from the suspender belt which remained on and slide down her soaking wet panties as her eyes made contact with the man sitting down next to them, watching them, with a large bulge in his trousers. The man she loved.Jean-Luc watched intently as he adjusted the clearly erect penis under his trousers. He had moved his chair slightly so the table was no longer in the way and he had a clear view of what was happening. Prârthâ guided the panties all the way down to the floor and then undid Beverly's shoes and she obligingly stepped out of them and her panties. Prârthâ then, lying on her belly it seemed, kissed the stocking covered feet, moving those kisses slowly up the stocking covered legs. She moved herself back up onto her knees in a kneeling position as the kisses slowed down further as they travelled over Beverly's thighs to the top of the stockings.Beverly closed her eyes as Prârthâ placed kisses on the top of her thighs before finally feeling her soft moist kisses on top of her pussy lips before Prârthâ's tongue slid slowly and deeply inside her pussy. Beverly opened her eyes again and saw Jean-Luc watching still but now holding his erect manhood, his trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles, his now unbuttoned shirt showing off his firm chest and abs. Beverly smiled, he must have been 8in big and it stood so proud as he stroked it. But Jack had had a thicker but smaller cock.Beverly thrust her toy deep inside her. It was Jack that had been there that night but all she could think of was Jean-Luc. Her moans were getting louder now but she didn't care. She was holding the toy with her right hand, her legs spread wide apart and her left hand grabbing her left breast...Beverly felt a hand on her breast as Jean-Luc had now stood next to her. He was kissing her passionately with his tongue, caressing her breasts with his hand. Prârthâ had her hands behind Beverly's thighs as she hungrily lapped up Beverly's juices and her tongue kept thrusting inside her. Beverly kissed Jean-Luc back hungrily, the kisses getting more and more wet as he held Jean-Lucs hands against her exposed breasts massaging them with him. She was moaning in-between kisses and Jean-Luc's tongue exploring her mouth as she did the same. His kisses broke away briefly to kiss her neck and she looked down and noticed Jean-Luc's cock out straight, then she made eye contact with Prârthâ before going back to Jean-Luc's kisses.Prârthâ understood what Beverly wanted, and her left hand went to Jean-Luc's firm cock and began to stroke it softly as she continued to taste Beverly. After a few more strokes she moved a little on her knees to face his manhood and began to suck slowly but deeply on Jean-Luc's cock, holding it with her left hand and sliding 3 fingers of her delicate right hand inside Beverly. She was an expert, but then again she was programmed to be. Beverly knew she was getting close to cumming and as Prârthâ looked up at her she obviously sensed it too as her thumb started rubbing her throbbing clit. She stopped sucking Jean-Luc and said in her beautiful Thai accent words that Jean-Luc understood immediately."Your wife needs you now."Jean Luc smiled as he knelt in front of Beverly, taking Prârthâ's place and rubbed Beverly's clit as his mouth was over her dripping pussy. Soon he felt her jerk as she came hard all over his face. He continued to lap up her pussy and didn't stop until she finished. As soon as she had and he'd cleaned her up with his tongue he stood up and kissed her. She could taste herself in his kiss and loved it, but she wanted more. She wanted his cock inside her.. and to taste his cum!Beverly bucked hard against the bed and screamed aloud as she began to orgasm. Afterwards she opened her eyes and briefly thought of how thick (or not) the walls were of her quarters, especially with her son next door, but then the thought left her and she lay there. She slid the dildo out from her sensitive wet pussy and put it in her mouth to taste. Damn she tasted good. However she wasn't tired at all and as a naughty smile came over her face, she reached into her bedside draw for her little vibe. The vibe was a small vibrating device that had a remote control and was smooth but when turned on, could grow and shrink in a pulsing motion. The pulses and vibrations could be controlled by the remote.She slipped this vibe inside her and immediately turned it on to a low pulse setting. She closed her eyes and thought back to the holodeck 19yrs ago...Now she was bent over the table, she felt his cock slide into her slowly but then developing into a quicker rhythm. Prârthâ moved in front of her, undoing the part of her dress around her neck and then the zip behind her. The dress was soon sliding down leaving her gorgeous naked caramel body standing in front of her. She was so close to Beverly that she could smell her aroma and see how wet her holographic snatch was. Beverly decided she wanted to ride the cock that was fucking her and taste Prârthâ delicate little hairless cunt so she moved off the manhood that had been fucking her hard against the table and took his hand, guided him down to the floor and lay him down. His blue eyes lighting up as she began to slide down onto his hard 9in cock.. 'But Jean-Luc's wasn't this thick or quite this long, and he doesn't have those beautiful brown eyes that she had seen so many time and loved', Beverly thought.She looked down and saw Wesley looking back at her smiling and enjoying as she slid up and down on his cock. She felt herself try and stop as she saw her son there but couldn't and soon all of his cock was inside her, stretching her. Prârthâ had now come over and squatted over Wesley's face as he used his tongue on her young pussy as Beverly watched on, getting quicker, feeling her sons cock pulsing inside her.Beverly turned the remote so the vibrations were at medium but the pulse was also getting quicker. She tried to distract herself from how Wesley had entered her thoughts from the past. Yes she'd seen him naked before, 'accidentally' catching him once in the shower herself as payback (although she felt after it'd probably made his lusting worse) but not seen him erect. She knew she was close to cumming again and realised she couldn't stop herself and her thoughts wandered back to the altered past..As Beverly continued to ride Wesley she felt herself getting close to cumming. He filled her with his cock and it felt so good. Prârthâ now was over Beverly and Beverly had her tongue inside her, tasting her young Thai pussy. Soon she began to buckle as her orgasm took over her. As if on cue she tasted Prârthâ's holographic juices begin to cum all over her mouth. It was perfect and she finished cumming with her son's penis completely inside her. She only now wanted one more thing. She slowly got off Wesley's hard cock that was covered with her juices."Stand up darling Wesley. I need you to finish.""OK Mom."Beverly knelt down before him and began to suck Wesley's cock sharing it with Prârthâ. Both ladies on their knees in front of him, taking it in turns between the head of his hard penis and his balls, Wesley standing there moaning loudly. Beverly then took as much as she could inside her mouth and really sucked on him, deepthroating him. Soon she felt him twitch and then he began to cum. Beverly swallowed the first bit of cum that escaped him and then moved back on to her haunches next to Prârthâ and Wesley's cum covered them both on their faces and breasts. She couldn't believe how much came out of him and loved being showered by him, as apparently Prârthâ did also. After he was finished, Beverly kissed Prârthâ, their cum covered breasts rubbing against each other before they licked up all of Wesley's creamy liquid off each other. It was perfect. After they had finished, Prârthâ kissed Wesley softly and then Beverly did, but deeply. Prârthâ then stood up. Beautiful and naked."The programme is complete, but the holodeck will be locked until you're ready to leave. Happy anniversary."Beverly sat on the floor of the holodeck bar exhausted but satisfied.Beverly came hard, her orgasm lasting even longer than the first one, the vibe having been turned up higher bringing her to ecstasy. She was finally exhausted and ready to sleep. She'd screamed 3 names that night. Her long deceased husband, her friend but ideal lover and her son. She'd have to talk to Councillor Troi during their yoga session tomorrow afternoon after her shift.Jean-Luc finally got to sleep, having cum in bed thinking of his red-headed Doctor. His friend. His fantasy.Wesley finished cumming, having heard his name screamed from next door. He never thought he'd hear it. His mom. his fantasy.