sister's share everything

So it all happened when I heard my fiancé and her sister Suzie stumble in from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.Sometimes my fiancé brings back some of her friends to chat over that night's incidents, but as I lay in bed upstairs trying to get back to sleep I thought I could hear male voices. I thought I must be dreaming and drifted back off to sleep.A little while later I woke again and heard male voices again, they seemed to be groaning and I could definitely hear a woman's voice in between the male voices. My fiance's side of the bed was still cold so I went down to investigate.As I sneaked downstairs in just my boxer shorts I could make out the voices far clearer. Definitely two men and what sounded like my fiancé. To my horror as I got to the living room door I heard a male voice say: "Suck that dick bitch". Another male voice then said: "Your pussy tastes so sweet". I wondered if my fiance's sister Suzie had brought back some guys. She was known as a bit of a slag around town, and always wore really short skirts and tight tops to attract men to her. But she was in her late 30s now and should know better.I listened intently to the noises the three of them were making, my cock starting to stretch my boxers, but then the woman spoke - and it wasn't Suzie.Instead my fiancé said: "Paddy your cock is so huge, I can't get it all in my mouth". My heart started racing. I wanted to burst in and say something, but I just couldn't and despite my fiancé now cheating on me with god knows who my cock was still getting bigger. My fiancé spoke again: "Yeah put it in my pussy". At this point I decided to start peering around the slightly open living room door. I pushed it open a bit more to see my fiancé lying back on our sofa. One guy, who I presume was Paddy, was kneeling on the sofa thrusting his cock into my fiance's mouth. She was staring with her pretty eyes directly at him and seemed to be smiling as she sucked him off. The other guy Dave must have been licking her pussy, but he was now in position between her legs to fuck her. She turned her attention to Dave as he entered her pussy. My fiancé had been with other guys before I met her, but never like this and while our sex life was good she was never this adventurous.She encouraged Dave to pound her faster and I watched as her body convulsed and she started to cum. She turned to Paddy and said: "I want your big cock now". As they repositioned themselves I noticed Suzie was asleep at the other end of the sofa. Dave said: "Hey, be careful not to wake sleeping beauty when you start to scream from Paddy's cock bitch". I could also now see both men properly. Paddy certainly had a big cock, at least 8/9 inches and much bigger then mine. Dave was more average in size, but both men were athletic and complemented my fiancé who was slim and attractive but boasted nice boobs and a gorgeous ass. My fiancé was now on all fours on the sofa with Paddy behind her. He started fucking her and I watched and listened to him slapping against my fiance's ass. She was digging her nails into the sofa and biting her lip the best she could as he pounded her better then anyone had ever done. Dave was grabbing her big tits and rubbing his cock over her face, before Paddy told him it was his turn to take "this bitch"Dave turned his attention to Susie who was starting to stir with all the noise. He was rubbing her pussy under her skirt which soon woke her up. She seemed startled and I could tell she was really drunk. She looked angry at first and then confused. "s*s what you doing" she said. My fiance's face was a picture of pleasure and she just smiled back. Dave continued to touch Suzie which got her annoyed and she told him she was going to bed. I suddenly realised I needed to get back upstairs. As I creeped back up I heard my wife scream and Paddy groan. I suddenly realised he may have just cum inside her without protection. I started to feel jealousy yet my cock was still rock hard. I needed some action.When I heard Suzie coming upstairs I made sure the spare room was all closed off and instead made my bedroom look inviting. I'd put a bedside light on and left the door ajar. I was hiding outside the room. She took the bait and went inside. I watched as she started to take off her top. She had no bra on and her tits just hung there beautifully. She unzipped her skirt to reveal a red thong underneath. I was amazed how similar her body was to her sister, but she just looked sexier. Maybe it was the excitement of the situation. I decided to go for it. I took off my boxers and walked into the room my cock swinging out in front of me. She turned startled. "Oh god" she said. "Sorry Suzie, but this is my room". She had initially covered her huge tits the best she could, but she started to reveal them as she looked at my cock. I started to move towards her, "you look great" I said. "Thanks" she said reaching out towards my dick. She touched it "I see what my sister likes" she said. With that we kissed.Suzie was now rubbing my cock. I kissed her tits and grabbed her ass. She started to move down my body before kneeling in front of me. She gave me a smile before sucking the tip of my cock and then moving down my shaft. She made eye contact with me as she worked her mouth along my cock. She now put my cock on her face as she sucked my balls before saying: "I bet my sister doesn't suck you like this". After a while she moved onto the bed and peeled off her thong to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy. She ordered me to lick it. It tasted sweet and wet and I could see it was more well used then her sister's. She rubbed her clit as I licked her out and she was soon cumming. She now told me to fuck her. I'd come this far so I wasn't going to stop even if it was my fiance's sister. I slipped my cock into her soaking pussy. It felt so good fucking her after knowing her for so many years. "Am I a better shag then my s*s?" She said. "Oh yes" I replied. "Let me ride you" she said as she got me to lie on my back. She was really in the mood now and quickly took my whole cock in her mouth before climbing on top. She rode me better then any woman has. She was shaking her hips and pulling my head into her tits as she told me how much she liked fucking me. She also told me to grab and slap her ass as we shagged. "Cum in my pussy" she started to say. I looked her in the eye as I started to cum. She continued to ride even faster which made me keep cumming. "I want all of it" she said. She quickly jumped off me and took my cock in her mouth to get every drop of it inside her. She swallowed what was left. She soon left for the bathroom, but came back in to collect her clothes. "Night, I'll see you in the morning" she said.The next morning I got up to find no sign of Suzie. With trepidation I went downstairs. There I found my wife semi naked asleep on the sofa. There was no sign of Dave or Paddy. None of us have ever spoken about that night. We still plan to get married and who knows maybe I can hook up with chief bridesmaid Suzie on my wedding night.Originally Posted by Assmeanything