Sissy at gym

It began like a ordinary day and how I ended up sucking and fucking a BBC I dont know. It must be my sissy nature. But I went to the gym as I often do in the mornings when its few people there, mostly just a bunch of old people that sit there and talk for ever and a handful using the machines so you are free to use them when you want. After a sweaty and hard workout I went down to shower, but got naked and sat down to breath for a moment since I thought I was alone in the locker room.. that was before I saw someone I had never seen before, but it was a bit tubby man in the shower, but had the biggest black cock i had even seen, one of those you see on movies.. my jaw dropped and I found myself staring at him and biting my lip, and without knowing I had became hard myself, but im only 6 inches, so hid it between my legs, rocking them a bit back and forth. But I bit my lip and controlled myself so my dick became limp again, but i threw everything into my locker and hurried to the shower as i never had done before. Cause in my head I couldn't let this chance go. Since i had never seen the man before it might be a one time chance. So i picked the shower placed close to him and began to shower myself, soaping myself slowly, shaking my hips a little bit as i was humming to a song, biting my lip as was picturing the things I wanted to do to him. And Iv always been a feminine boy, I'm not tall, and no matter how much i eat, my waist is slim, but my hips and butt becomes big. I also shave my armpits, my chest hair, and my butt so its soft and pink. So when I was moving around in the shower I bend down to clean my feet, pushing my ass up in the air towards him, before i began to soap it, before I moved down to my legs. Using my chance to glance over at his dick and him, my heart was racing. Since what if he did not like it.. what if I got thrown out of the gym? So i did my best to be sensual, discreet, but in the same time sexy. After I was done with my feminine bubble-butt I turned around and looked at him, first in the eyes, then down at his dick.. my god its so big and sexy.. I want it. Even tho I didn't say it loud I guess he could understand me, since my dick was semi-hard again. So I turned around fast to hide it, my heart was beating fast again and the thought came back.. what if he dont like white sissy boys.. But it looked like he was enjoying the view, maybe I was wrong. And then I suddenly hear him step into the sauna as the glass-door closed behind him. I felt miserable and the thoughts and ideas I had in my head about that juicy BBC went away so I continued to shower a bit before I thought, well I can take the sauna too since nothing gonna happen. I walked in and sat next to him and thought no more of it, began to think about what I needed to buy at the store later, and what I should eat for dinner. Chicken ? Maybe lasag.. before I heard him talk.. So you like my cock boy? I just starred at him.. Thinking, what did he say ? He looked me in the eyes before he grabbed his own cock and smiled. I bet you are one of those white boys who are straight to they see a big black cock huh ? I smiled at him and just nodded. He continued. Come here bitch and suck it. I found myself crawling towards him without even a second of doubt, before sitting 1 row under him and looking up at him, his soft dick hanging down like a hose in my face, and didn't look like he had worked out a lot since he has a sexy beer-belly too. His hair was shaven, but had sexy beard.. I paused a moment and said, what if people come? He slapped by face with his hand and talked in his deep voice. What if you suck my dick like the bitch you are and I will watch out if people come? I moaned a bit and just nodded my head faster. It was not my first time sucking cock, so I began to focus on the head of the dick, running my tongue around without using hands to tease him. I could feel it only grow bigger and bigger as I grabbed his dick with my hand, stroking him slowly. Licking up and down the shaft to get his dick wet and moist. I began sucking his balls before i took a glance on it.. holy shit its bigger then my head I thought. I began to run my lips up and down the shaft and spit on it. It was like holding a beer can in my hand, and even with 2 hands I couldn't cover all the skin. I began to pop the head of the dick in and out my mouth as i stroked him slowly. I heard him moan and whisper. Yeah that's my bitch. I continued to do as he told me, and stack my tongue out each time I took his cock deeper into my mouth.. At least as long as i could take it He started to moan deeper and put his hands behind my head forcing it back into my throat making me gag. But didn't seem like he cared and pushed it deeper as my extra spit worked as lube for him. He began to skullfuck my head, giving me small breaks to breath. And after some time I began to relax more and enjoy it, I no longer gagged as much, but ran my hands up and down his sexy belly, keeping eye contact with him as I moaned.. I could feel he tensed up and I was feeling happy, thinking I'm gonna make him cum.. But I was wrong, he slapped my face a bit hard, this time it hurt. Before he ordered me to turn around. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but in the same time i was a bit afraid, his dick was 9 inches and I had never taken such a big dick before. However in the same time it turned me on when he treated me like the bitch I was. So i laid down in front of him. I could feel him spitting on my ass before slipping a finger inside turning it as he rocked it back and forth, continued to dirty talk to me. Damn you are a tight little bitch. I bet this pink pussy has been spared for BBC, but not anymore. He began to ask me if I wanted it. And I could't lie, moaning back to him. Yes master, yes daddy, yes god.. I need you, I need your cock inside me, please make me the bitch I am. I heard him laugh as he spanked my ass and slipped 1 more finger in, then 3. Twisting his wrist as i pushed em all inside me. Fuck it was turning me on and then I heard him say. Its time bitch.. prepare. I felt the cockhead push against my pink little boy-pussy, still meting resistance even after loosing me up. Before it suddenly slipped into me, the point of no return. I bit my lip and pushed my hands against the warm wooden floors. But right now the biggest pains was his big cock inside me, feeling like a burning iron rod poking inside me as he began to rock his hips back and forth, moving deeper and deeper into me. But it did not take long time before the feeling went from pain, to numb, to slowly starting to love it. I felt his hand grab my hips as he began to go balls deep into me, making me moan uncontrollable, it felt too good and now my own dick was rock hard. I could feel his balls slapp against my ass, and his BBC filled me up like I never thought was possible. Each time he pushed his dick into me it feel like he was hitting my g-spot so I began to lean a bit forward to angle my ass in correct position, pushing back each time. After 10 mintues I felt I began to get close to a orgasm, it was all just too perfect. The sound of his balls slapping into my pink boy-pussy, hearing him moan louder as I was for filling my role as a white boy for BBC. I began to tense up, precum dripping out of my cock before exploding cum all over the benches.Which lead to my ass coming to spams making my master fucking me even faster.. Then it happened, I felt his dick tense up and responding to my spams. His deep voice and words made me shiver.. I'm gonna cum. He began to push his hips hard into me grunting like a warrior who had won a battle each time.. I counted 7 times, I guess that was the amount of cum -streams he shoot inside me. I felt his body rest on mine, as his belly was laying on the top of my butt for some time before he slipped his dick out of me, leaved my boy-pussy gaping as it was suddenly missing a vital piece. He then spanked my ass and called me a good girl before leaving the sauna. Leaving me there alone laying in a pool of my own cum, and better yet, a pool of cum inside me. I tried to walk but my legs where numb, so I to use my arms to turn me around and sit up straight which I found out wasn't a good either, cum began to slip out of my once tight hole, and by butt had gotten a good beating so hurt to sit on it. I ended up waiting to I heard my master leave the shower, but as I looked around it was big amounts of cum, both where i had exploded and now where i sat. So before I left to take a shower and laid down and licked up every single drop of both my own cum and my master. So no one would ever know what had happened in this typical gym. However.. I hope I see him again