Sex And Grandmas New Man Friend The Beginning

This was a whole new experience in this summer of 1993, because while I had been sent to spend the summer with my Grandma every year since Grandpa died four years ago, things had changed around the old farmhouse. Grandma had a boyfriend, and I know that the term sounds funny when you attach it to a man that was in his mid-sixties like my grandmother, but that's what he was. My mother didn't know about it and I think that was because Grandma was embarrassed about it. I don't think that I would have been shipped out here had they known about him. The purpose of me being out there was to do chores and help Grandma out, because even though the farm was no longer a real working farm like it had been, there were still things that needed doing. I never minded coming out because I loved Grandma, but things had changed. Now there was Nick in my life, and being stuck out here for four weeks before college began would strain our already tenuous relationship even more. Nick was not going to be celibate that whole month, and by the time I got back I would have been replaced. It would be no surprise, since he pretty much came out and said it, but it would still hurt to be dumped. While I had messed around with guys before, Nick was the first man who I had fallen for. The only other men I had experienced had been older guys who had used me like I used them. So when Grandma's boyfriend showed up after my Mom had dropped me off, it made for an awkward situation. Grandma didn't want her daughter to know she was in a relationship with a man, but there was no way to hide him from me. He didn't actually live there, but I sensed he spent a lot of time at Grandma's judging by the amount of his stuff in the spare bedroom I used to use. "This is really a nicer room," Grandma had explained to me when she showed me my new sleeping quarters, a room at the other end of the house that had been empty for years. "I would appreciate you not telling your Mom about Ted," Grandma had said to me after showing me my new room. "I'm going to tell her eventually, but I thought I would wait for a while. She might get upset, but Ted's really a nice man. You'll like him, and if we're still seeing each other come the holidays, I'll introduce him to the family." That was fine by me, although if it was up to me I would have gone back home and spent the summer with Nick's cock down my throat instead of being stuck out here in the middle of nowhere where I was no longer really needed. Instead, I was helping Grandma keep a secret that I thought was silly for her to have, given her age and the amount of time she had been alone since Grandpa passed. I went along with it though, not only because I loved Grandma, but because her boyfriend seemed like a nice guy. He was about 6' tall and very solidly built for an old guy. Ted had mostly grey hair and I guess in a way he looked a little like Paul Newman, or so my Grandma mentioned when she spoke about him. He was also, at least during that first day I was there, very touchy-feely. Ted was always patting me on the back or the shoulder whenever we passed each other. I was out in the back bringing out a sack of topsoil for Grandma, and after I set it down he came over and squeezed my bicep. "You must be a lot stronger than you look," Ted commented after checking out my muscle, and that was true because he was able to put his thumb and index finger almost all the way around my bicep, and then he slid his thumb up further. "Say Jeremy," he exclaimed while rubbing his thumb in my armpit. "Got a little hair under your arms already I see." I squirmed away giggling, wondering what he had expected. I mean, it wasn't like I was a k**, I was 18, even if I didn't look it. After he left I shook my head, more than a bit embarrassed but not only because I had a scrawny build. My dick actually tingled after Ted touched me, a sure sign that I was missing Nick already, and I suspected that this was going to be a long month of jacking off in the shower if my Grandma's boyfriend merely touching me had that effect. After dinner that night, I took a shower, enjoying the fact that I had my own bathroom at that end of the house. That meant not having to share the other one with Grandma any longer, and just like I had predicted I got myself off. When I came I was mostly thinking about Nick, but there was a bit of it inspired by Ted. I guessed that to be inspired by Ted's arms. They were muscular in a wiry way, and covered with grey hair so thickly it obscured a couple of old tattoos beneath. I started think about whether Ted and my Grandma did it, although that seemed far-fetched. When I pictured that scenario, it wasn't Grandma I visualized. It was Ted and those arms. Maybe it was because Ted's arms were like those of that man at the library, who insisted on giving me a ride home when it closed. That was a ten minute trip that took over an hour, but getting my first blow-job was worth it. I made sure my spunk made it down the drain before stepping out of the shower, and after drying I put on my robe and ducked into my room. The living room was dark, so I guessed that Ted had gone home and Grandma had turned in just like she said she would went I had said goodnight. After I put my pajama bottoms on I went out to the kitchen to get a drink, but before I went back to my room I heard some noise down at the other end of the hall. Since I had nothing to do and was nosy by nature, I went down to see what it was. Part of my job before was to make sure that if Grandma had any need for assistance, like being ill or falling down, Mom had always told me to keep an eye out for Grandma just in case something didn't sound right. That had never been necessary because while Grandma was petite and in her mid sixties, she was as healthy as I was. As I neared Grandma's bedroom door I stifled a giggle because on the other side of that door both of my earlier questions were being answered. Ted had definitely NOT gone home, and as for whether they did it or not at their age, the answer was a loud yes. "Damn," I sighed as I heard Grandma sounding like she was trying to be quiet, her little yips barely audible over the grunts of Ted and the bumping of the bed against the wall. I felt pathetic standing there with my hand in my pajamas, pulling on my dick as I leaned against the wood while straining to hear the guy pounding my Grandma into the headboard. If I hadn't cum a few minutes earlier I would have got myself off again by the time they finished, the end punctuated by a loud groan that had to belong to Ted. Taking my cue, I hightailed it back to my room. Even though I was giggling after I got to bed, the fact was that I thought it was exciting to be listening to them like that. Take that Nick, I thought as I slipped under the sheets. You're probably getting your dick sucked by that new k** that just moved next door to you, but I'm getting turned on by listening to senior citizens screwing. One thing was for sure. This was going to be a long summer. **** It was tough seeing my Grandma and her boyfriend the next morning and not thinking of them grunting and groaning the night before, but luckily they went shopping so I saw little of them. Before they went into town Grandma pulled me aside and asked me a question. "Jeremy," Grandma said, her hands clutching each other as she looked at my shyly. "Sometimes Ted - he doesn't drive home at night if he's had a couple of beers. I hope that doesn't offend you." I assured that it was her house and her business. Besides, I was happy that she had made a friend like that because I knew how lonely it was for her these last few years without Grandpa. "I know I'm an old fuddy-duddy, because things have changed and all, what with hippies and free-love and things," Grandma declared, and I nodded although hippies were ancient history in 1993. "I'm happy that you're happy," I told her, and it was true that she seemed to be more sprightly these days. "You sure seem it." "Oh, I sure am," she said with her eyes twinkling. "Ted's not your Grandpa, rest his soul, but he's a good man." Having heard him last night, I was tempted to say that he sure sounded good but I bit my tongue. **** After dinner and the obligatory watching of The Golden Girls, I said goodnight and went in to take a shower, leaving Grandma and Ted out in the living room. I decided not to jerk off, and not because I didn't want to because it seemed I always wanted to pump one out. Even when I was home and seeing Nick I would end up with my best friend in my hand at least once a day. I don't know what the record for 18 year old guys masturbating was but I was sure that I had shattered it, and now I was planning something else for tonight. I knew the chances were good that they wouldn't be getting it on again tonight, but if they did I was going to be ready. Sick, Jeremy, I told myself as I made sure not to scrub my cock too much in the shower. Listening to your Grandma with her boyfriend is about as sick as they come. After leaving my bathroom I took a look down the far end of the house, and saw that there was light showing under the doors of both the other bathroom and Grandma's room. I guessed that meant that Ted was staying over, so I went into my room to get fully dried and put my pajamas on, kicking the door closed behind me. I had pulled my robe off and was drying my hair, which because I wore it long took a while, when I got the feeling that something was wrong. I was not alone. "Nice," said the voice in the corner, the deep tone of Grandma's boyfriend, and although there was only a night light on I could see him standing there. What was worse was he could see me quite well. "Ted!" I blurted, fumbling while trying to pull the towel from my hair to cover myself. "Nothing to be ashamed of Jeremy," Ted said as he leaned back against the wall, wearing a bathrobe and a smile. "You've got a bigger one than I had expected for a little guy like you." "What are you doing here?" I asked, not wanting to tell him that when I had gotten in the room, I had half a hard-on and was probably looking as good as I would get. Nothing like what I was hiding after it shriveled up from shock. "Thought I'd return the favor," Ted said, enjoying the discomfort I was not able to hide. "After all, you weren't shy about coming down and peeking on me and your Grandma last night, were you?" "I wasn't!" I insisted, and he tilted his head as if to say I was lying, which I wasn't. "Uh - I was listening," I confessed before adding that if I could have looked I probably would have. "Saw the shadow of feet at the bottom of the door," Ted said. "If you're going to be a good spy make sure the hall light is off. Did you like what you heard?" "Sorry," I said sheepishly with my towel crunched up over my crotch. "Kinda boring up here." "Want to watch us tonight?" Ted said with a chuckle. "You can get into the closet. Your Grandma usually conks out after I fuck her, so you can sneak out then." "NO!" I said indignantly. "You never had the urge to see her naked? Not a bad body for a gal her age," Ted informed me. "Her tits sag a bit but she's got a tight pussy. Sure you wouldn't like to check her out?" "Definitely not." "Thought so," Ted declared. "You see, I've got a sense about some people. I think it's called gaydar." "What?" "You know what I mean," Ted said. "Certain guys I can just tell, and you? Or am I wrong?" "I think you better leave." "I'm going because your Grandma is getting ready for me and I don't want to keep her waiting," Ted said as he took a step toward the door. "Don't let this conversation stop you from coming down to listen though. I don't think Effie would like to know you were listening, but the idea turns me on a great deal." I said nothing while stepping aside so Ted could get to the door. When he got there he stopped in the doorway, and after peeking out down the hall he turned around to face me. "You sure you can't see inside her room?" Ted asked, and after I shook my head no he asked me another question. "Want to see what your Grandma's going to get?" Ted asked me, and I shook my head no. It wasn't going to matter if I answered him or not because Ted's hands were already going to the knot that held the robe together. After it came loose he opened the robe wide and stood there brazenly naked beneath it. "Don't turn away," I heard Ted say as I looked over at the wall. "Look at me. I want you to look as much as I know you want to." "What do you think?" Ted said after my eyes went down to what he wanted me to look at. "Not bad, huh Jeremy? Your eyes look like Effie's did the first time she saw it. Guess it's nothing like what she was used to getting." "Please leave," I whispered, still in shock over what I was being forced to look at, and Ted finally nodded. "I expect to see your feet down there in a bit," Ted said before walking down the hall. "And after I get done sending your Grandma to dreamland I'll come back and pay you a visit." Ted finally left, and I went over and closed the door with my body trembling like it was cold in the room, even though it was just the opposite. What had I done? I had gotten caught being nosy before. That was what had gotten me involved with that man in the library. I had been in the men's room peeing when than guy came in and stood at the urinal next to me. I couldn't help but take a peek over after watching his arm move. After I looked down and saw him wiggling his cock, I glanced up and saw him looking over at my dick. But now this? This was worse. If Ted ever told my Grandma about this, she would tell Mom. Even though the chances were that he wouldn't say anything, what if he did? It would kill Mom to know her pride and joy was really a pervert. That was a terrifying scenario, which makes the fact that a couple of minutes later I was putting on my pajamas and walking down the hall hard to understand. **** "Ted honey," I heard Grandma whimpering after I had been outside the door for about ten minutes enjoying the rhythm of the squeaking bed thumping against the wall along with the two of them grunting. "I'm getting too sore. Here - let me..." "That's it," I heard him grunt while Grandma tried to hush him. "Suck it. Suck it dry." That same moan came again from Ted soon after and that was my cue to scurry back to my room. It must have been quite a sight with my left hand holding up my pajamas while I cradled a handful of cum in my right. I paused to rinse my hand off in the sink before going into my room and closing the door before looking for the latch to secure the door. It was a lock that was not there. "Shit," I said to no one. "What if he really does come up here?" I killed the light and climbed under the sheets, no longer feeling like an 18 year old pervert but more like a c***d afraid of the dark. *** Ted had been only k**ding around. He was just having fun with me as a punishment for being caught snooping. Ted wasn't coming up here. I came to that conclusion after huddling under the sheet for about a half hour with my back to the doorway. It was time I spent looking at the shadows on the wall caused by the moonlight coming through the tree outside my window. People did stuff like that to me all the time, scaring and intimidating me. I guess they did it because I let them get away with it. I should have just stuck my finger in Ted's chest and told him to fuck off, but when I ran that scenario through my mind it was followed by imagining Ted snapping my finger in two. As I started to get tired and waited for sleep to overtake me, I thought back to Ted. I wasn't thinking about him and Grandma either but only him. I was thinking back to the afternoon when he grabbed my muscle, and the way he tickled my armpit while making fun of the little cluster of hair as he played with it. Ted probably had real hairy armpits, I surmised, judging by how hairy his arms were. He sure had a hairy chest. That much I knew from when he opened his robe in the doorway, but I didn't really get a good look at his chest because when he had told me to look at him my eyes went lower. Down past the silver cloud on his chest, and lower than the still trim stomach. Lower than the grey bush of pubic hair as well. My eyes were focused below that, and even now I could not believe what I had seen. The man in the library had a pretty big dick, and Nick's was bigger than mine as well but Ted's was in another world. My heart was still racing as I recalled the way that absurdly long hose hung between his skinny legs while he stood there arrogantly exposing himself to me. Who could blame him? If I had that thing between my legs I would never wear pants. It was shaped almost like a spear, thick at the base and tapering down almost to a point, probably looking that way because he was uncircumcised and seemed to have a really long foreskin. "Wish I had a foreskin," I heard myself whispering to the shadows, adding another thing to the list of stuff I wished I had. "Wish Ted had come up here after all," I added, but even as I said it I knew damn well that if he had showed up I would have probably wet the bed from fear. Then the door opened. Slowly while the hinges cried out their need to be oiled, the door opened and the hall light began to fill the room. As it did the huge shadow of the man in the doorway filled the back wall of the room I was staring at, not looking like a slender six foot senior citizen but more like the shadow of a behemoth. Just as slowly the door creaked closed again, and for a minute I wasn't sure whether Ted was in the room or not. Then I heard the floorboards giving away the footsteps approaching the bed. The footsteps stopped and then I felt the sheet being pulled down, and as the bed bounced a little I was no longer alone on the bed. "Waiting for me, Jeremy?" the deep voice behind me asked, and I could feel his breath on my back as well as smell the minty toothpaste. I didn't answer, somehow hoping he would think I was asleep. Then I felt Ted's hand on my bare shoulder and heard him asking me if I liked the show. "Tried to make it fun for you," Ted said as his hand massaged my shoulder. "I'm afraid I wore your Grandma out but she didn't fall asleep right away like usual. I think I made her pussy sore. Hope you didn't mind the wait." "This conversation is a bit one sided," Ted said after I didn't respond, and then he added that he knew I was awake. "What do you want?" I asked, my voice barely audible. "You're k**ding, aren't you Jeremy?" he asked. "I'm glad you aren't wearing the pajama top, but tomorrow night when I come to you don't have the bottoms on either. They will only get in the way." "Please," I said, sounding like a sissy as Ted's had slid down to the snap on my pajamas. "They're coming off Jeremy," Ted informed me as the snap clicked open. "It's much easier if you help me do it." "What about Grandma?" "She's asleep, and there's plenty of me to go around if that's what you're worried about," Ted said as his hand slid into my pajamas. "Hmmm... you don't have much hair down here either, do you Jeremy?" he mentioned as his fingers raked gently through the modest tuft of curls above my dick. "I noticed earlier today your legs have only a little down on them as well. I love that. I'd love it even more if you were smooth all over. Young smooth guys like you are so erotic. Old hairy guys like me are so - ugh!" I wanted to tell him that I sure didn't agree with that but while I think my lips moved no sound came out, a sign of how terrified I was. "Like what I'm doing, Jeremy?" Ted asked as his fingers kept doing a little ballet in my pubic hair without going any lower, tormenting and teasing me while I squirmed."No," I said. "Tell you what Jeremy," Ted informed me. "I'm going to slide my hand a little lower, and if your dick isn't hard I'll go back down the hall and never bother you again." "Please don't," I begged but by then it was too late. "Nice," Ted sighed, biting me lightly on the neck as his fist wrapped around my dick, which was in the very condition he had expected it to be in. "You're so hard too. I can feel it throbbing. Mmm... what is it they say? Anything more than a handful is a waste?" I groaned as his fingers worked my dick like it was a musical instrument, and then he was leaning away a bit so he could put me on my back while he reclined on his hip next to me. Ted was smiling at me. I could see that even in the murky darkness as he let go of my dick. It slapped back onto my belly and then his hand went lower, parting my thighs so he could get at my balls. My sac was shriveled and taut when his hand first got there but his warm grip loosened them up so he could soon roll my nuts around in his paw. That gentle kneading caused my legs to churn around in response. "That's it. I can tell you're starting to relax," Ted said. "Nice pair of balls you've got on you here son. I'll bet they're busy making cum non-stop, if you masturbate as much as I did when I was your age. So tell me, did you like listening tonight?" "Yes." "Good. I wanted you to," Ted said. "Here, let me enjoy all of you." With that Ted used his free hand to grab my wrist, bringing my hand back to the headboard while lowering his face to my underarm. As his tongue slid through the hollow and over the tiny cluster of hairs my body convulsed involuntarily, causing Ted to chuckle. "Nobody ever did that to you before?" "No," I answered truthfully although Nick had me do it do him all the time, and as I savored the strange sensation I discovered why Nick liked me working over his bushy pits. "Are you like me, Jeremy?" Ted asked, and when I told him I didn't understand he elaborated. "I mean, I like girls and boys. Are you bisexual?" "I don't know," I replied, squirming as Ted's hand kept kneading my balls. "I mean, all through school I tried to. I mean I went on dates with girls but I never did very well." "Did you do better with the fellas?" "Not really. I never did much with anybody." "Just sat at home and jerked off?" Ted asked, and when I didn't answer he chuckled. "So tell me about your first experience with a fellow." "It was a man at the library," I explained. "He was in the men's room taking a leak and I was next to him. I kinda looked over at him. "A pecker checker, huh? You like watching guys pee?" "No. I'm just curious." "That wasn't the first time you looked at a guy though, was it Jeremy? I'll bet you've looked at a lot of men in a lot of places. I'll bet you went crazy in the locker room at school," Ted correctly deduced. "I never actually knew you but I think I know you. I've known a lot of guys just like you. A lot of guys like to look, and there's a lot of guys like me too. Guys that like to be looked at. So go on with you and the man at the library." "I left the library and as I was walking home he pulled up in a car and made me get in with him." "Made you?" "Well, he said to get in." "Big difference." "I was scared," I explained. "He took me for a ride and then he asked me if I wanted him to suck my dick." "And you said yes." "I didn't say anything so he just did it." "And you liked it, didn't you? I'll bet you came right away." "No," I confessed, and then told Ted how I was so intimidated that I couldn't get hard. "The man was very patient and said he would keep sucking it until I got hard. It seemed to take forever and the longer it took the more nervous I got, but eventually I got a boner. Once I did then I came real fast." "Then what?" "He said we should take a walk. There were some woods behind where we were parked, and when we got out of sight he told me to get on my knees and - you know." "He wanted you to suck his cock, and you did." "I tried but I wasn't very good at it. After a while he had me take my pants off and - ooh!" "Sorry," Ted said, lightening the grip he had on my nuts. "Got carried away there. He had you take off your pants? He wanted to fuck you in the ass, didn't he?" "I didn't know what was happening, I swear," I related. "He put his finger in my rear end. It was greasy but it felt good. The next thing I knew he was climbing on me and I couldn't stop him." "You didn't want to stop him, did you Jeremy?" Ted asked. "Did it hurt?" "Yes, it hurt a lot but he kept doing it." "But you liked it?" "I guess. He told me that it would hurt less the next time." "You met the man again?" Ted asked, and I nodded. "Every night for about a week," I admitted. "And I'll bet you got better at sucking cock too," Ted suggested. "I guess." "You still see him?" "No, the last time we went back in the woods we got caught by a cop," I explained. "He got away but the policeman caught me." "You got arrested?" "No. He told me he was going to take me home to my mother, but then when he looked at my I.D. and saw I was 18, he said he changed his mind." "What did he do?" Ted asked. Don't tell me he..." "No," I said. "He said he wasn't interested in sloppy seconds, but he took out his dick and told me to suck it and if I did he'd let me go." "And you did," Ted said. "And you liked it." "I guess." "You must have. Look how hard your dick is, and I haven't even touched it yet. Look at the way it's drooling pre-cum, and see the way the skin is stretched out so tight around the base of the glans? It's like piano wire the way it's so taut. Damn, how I wish I could get that hard," Ted admitted. "And I'll bet you want to cum, don't you?" "Yes," I confessed because he had been working my balls over non-stop during all the time I had been talking, sometimes gently and sometimes rough. During that time I learned that no matter how rough he handled my nuts I still liked it. "Tell me more," Ted asked. I told him about Nick, and the things we did and how much I loved him and missed him. "Well, this won't be a total waste of a summer," Ted explained. "You'll have me and I'll have you, and maybe by the end of summer I'll have made you forget all about Nick and the man at the library. What was his name anyway?" "I don't know. He never told me," I mumbled. Ted laughed at that and said I was really a little pig to do all that with somebody whose name I didn't know. "I'm jealous of that nameless man," Ted confessed. "I would have given anything to be the first to have you anally." "You?" I said way too loudly, but as I began to tell him that wasn't going to happen he interrupted to tell me I was wrong. "I'm going to have you," Ted assured me. "Not tonight but one of these nights, and it will be great for both of us. For now, I think it's time for you to cum. I'm not even going to touch your dick either. See how red and angry your little rocket looks?" I looked down and saw my dick pointing back up at me with a rope of pre-cum hanging on the tip. Ted's hand was still churning my sore nut sack below it, and just like he said, he never touched my dick. Instead, I think he used the side of his thumb to rub the space between the base of my penis and the top of my balls, and when he did I felt what seemed like an electric charge start at my toes and run through my entire body. I came. What might be a more accurate description? I erupted. I came so hard my head was spinning. My body jerked around violently like I was a manic marionette dancing for a perverted puppeteer, which was probably true. Even after my dick spotted spurting, after I had ropes of semen not only all over my chest and stomach but even on the side of my face, my body still convulsed. Intense pleasure washed over my body but that pleasure became, if not pain then at least discomfort. I found myself begging for Ted to let go of my balls, which had a hollow ache that would still be there come morning. "Boy Jeremy," Ted sighed as he looked at my cum encrusted body with the milky ropes glistening in the moonlight. "You cum hard and you cum in quarts. We're going to have a great summer, you and me. I guess I'll let you get to sleep now." Ted climbed off the bed and started to leave but then changed his mind and came back to the bed, climbing on it and moving up to the headboard. "Before I go, how would you like to taste what your Grandma's pussy tastes like?" he asked while knee-walking towards my face with that elephant trunk of a cock swaying lazily between his pale thighs. "Just a taste for now." Above my face his over-sized organ hung like the sword of Damocles. The foreskin so long that the entire head of his cock was hidden, and I found myself opening my mouth for him to drop his manhood into it. "That's my boy," I heard Ted sigh as my lips moved a few inches down his flaccid tube, and while I could see that his penis was quite thick at the base, the way it tapered down made it much easier to suck on than I had thought. The part further down, well, no mouth was ever going to get near enough to try and handle, but I sucked on the end of that tool eagerly. So much so that to my shame Ted had to pull it out of my mouth in order for me to stop. "Tomorrow," Ted said, playfully slapping my cheek with his cock before leaving. "I think you should take me for a walk out back. Your Grandma mentioned something about an apple tree near the creek that she used to get fruit from. I'll suggest that and you will agree. Okay?" "Yes sir," I said and then he left, his cock swinging like a metronome as he walked. I looked at the clock on the night stand, and to my shock saw that Ted had been in with me for a hour. My balls felt like they had been used as a punching bag and the cum on my chest and stomach had hardened like dried paste. I knew I could never fall asleep like this. I was disgusted with myself not only morally but also physically since I was sweaty and covered with cum, so I went in to take yet another shower. Before I stepped in I looked at myself in the mirror and had to laugh because there was even dried semen in my hair. Under the spray I rinsed off, and as I very gently cleaned my balls I thought about tomorrow. I wondered whether the emotions I was feeling were those of anticipation, shame or fear. Maybe it was a combination of all three.