School nurse going wild

“Yes, that is me nurse, Stevens”“Please, call me Gina.”“I fell in gym class, and it hurts a lot. It is kind of embarrassing, but it is my you know, my fellows…”, Joe looked down blushing.“Nothing to be embarrassed for.”, Gina replied, trying to sound emphatic and caring, shielding her thoughts from her shitty husband.“Do you want to sit down.?”“Noo, it hurts when I sit down.”, Joe cried out, like he was seriously injured.Joe described the incident to nurse Gina. He was a typical teenager, 150 cm, skinny and short wavy hair. A cute little nerd she thought to herself.“It is probably something that will go away by itself, but we should have a look in case I need to send you to the regular hospital. We don’t want to damage the family jewels, right Joe?”Incidents related to the students genitals were always intricate for her patients, not due to pain, but to their sensitive souls. She had seen countless pricks, wieners, Johnsons and fannies.When Joe let his shorts and boxers drop to the ground he revealed a quite unordinary package. He had clearly grown out of rhythm, with his intimate parts accelerating away from his small body frame in size. A big ball sack crowned by a thick and long penis – and it wasn’t even hard. Gina swallowed. She noticed that his right testicle was swollen, which explained the pain. “I see you are swollen, but it is only your right one and not in all of your scrotum or belly, which is good. Nothing has broken. You will be fine.““But it hurts a lot nurse Stevens.”“It is Gina dear.”, she looked up at poor Joe above her glasses.“I could apply a balm that will have a cooling effect. It may sting some but it will reveal a lot of the tension you are feeling.”“Okay..Gina.. but promise it won’t hurt.”“I’ll see what I can do.” She reached for the balm in one of the medical lockers.She corrected her bra strap and wondered what idiot made uncomfortable bras these days. It often seemed the case with her large bust. 38 E cups lifting her boobies in to big pyramids. Looking down she realized she had forgot to button up all the way. Her deep cleavage was not easy to hide, and she knew that she needed to be proper with all these students flickering at her curves. She couldn’t afford a scandal. When she looked up at Joe ready to be treated she caught him staring down the valley of her boobies. “Just another teenager” she thought. “Here we go.”, Gina said before applying the balm. In a matter of seconds though, Joes above average soft cock rose to full erection. Was it her titties or was it the thought of her touching him. It hadn’t been anything affecting her if it hadn’t been for the sheer size of it. “I am sorry nurse Stevens, it happens all the time.”“Don’t be, it happens to all boys.”, she lied, Joe was no ordinary boy and it felt awkward sitting in front of his long and fat cock hovering just in front of her.Just as she began to apply the creamy lotion Joe came right out in the air.“Oh good, not again”, he cried.The cum from little Joe pumped out in long strands over Ginas blouse, face, hair and the floor. Maybe 10 pumps later the flood of cum finally ended and before Joe was cum, everywhere.“My lord Joe, what are you doing”, Gina screamed out in a mix of surprise and fear.“Oh please no, I didn’t mean to. It just happens sometimes. Please forgive me.”“I am not mad Joe, I am just taken off guard.”, surprised of hearing herself sounding so cool after this bizarre incident Gina tried to prevent Joe feeling guilt. When she had cleaned the mess of herself and Joe had dressed she needed to ask him.“Don’t worry about it Joe, it could happen to anyone. But may I ask, when do this happen, that you have an ejaculation?”“I have only had it in my sleep so far. My bed is a mess when I wake up. ”“So you don’t masturbate by your own?”“No Mrs. But my balls strain sometime when it is hard for a long time. Is that dangerous?”“I think that means that your fellow need attention. Maybe you should talk to your dad about it.”“My dad is gone, I live with my mom.”“Is that so.”, Gina wondered if she should just leave it to himself to find out. Eventually he would.“So how often does it get hard.”“Especially at home a lot. My mommy has really big boobies and often skips her bra a home. I know it is sinful to think about those things.”Well well, there we have it, Gina figured.“Would you mind if I consult your mother in this incident. So we may help you properly, both after today’s gym class accident, but also about the pain in your balls.”“Oh no, that is so embarrassing” Joe hesitated for a second before giving up.“But alright then…”, Joe sighed with a resentful look.Later that night before going to sleep, Gina couldn’t prevent herself from thinking of Joe and the accident at her office. Eventually she fingered herself to an orgasm with the scent of his cum from her hair on her mind.“Hi it is Susan.”“Hello, my name is Gina Stevens, I am the nurse at Joe’s school.”“Well hello there Mrs. Stevens, I am so glad to hear from you.”“Where you expecting my call?”“Yes. Joe said he was in an accident today and that you treated him. He wouldn’t say what it was though. Should I be worried?”Gina explained about him allowing her to talk to his mother and what kind of accident he had been in. “Oh that poor thing. You don’t want them to get hurt down there, it must sting as hell.”Gina also told her about the treatment attempt.“How did he handle that. He is so shy and far from dating girls. Must have been a shock to him.”“Well, we can say it was. He actually came before I even touched him.”Surprisingly Susan let out a long laugh instead of calling her a pervert nurse as Gina had feared.“He really needs to learn a few things about life. I have tried to have the talk with him, but we wouldn’t let me.”“Thanks for understanding, it was a unordinary incident at work, so to say.”Gina told Joes mom about his constant hard on and the pollution in his bed and that he also longed for mommas boobies.“So now it was my time to be the devil. That is so bad of me. I have noticed his bed is a mess quite often but I didn’t understand it was in his sleep though. The thing is that I have very large breasts and have the bad habit of letting the bra go when I get home from work. Maybe I should have stopped with that long ago.”“I know what you feel. I have the same problem, actually. You don’t notice when they go from boys to teenagers and their interest start to grow.”“That explains the pain in his balls and why he came on you today.” “Will you take it from here or should I talk more with him?”“It sounds that you are reaching through better than me. Will you meet him again and let me know how things turn out? I will try to talk to him, but I have little hope of succeeding.”Joe showed up for his appointment a few days later. From out of nowhere she decided to remove her bra just before he had his time scheduled. Her breast jiggled as she moved, a threat for any man or boy. “Hello Joe, how are you?”“It stings sometimes from the accident Mrs. Stevens, but overall it feels better.” Joe responded nervously sitting in her visitor chair in his tight blue jeans and t-shirt. One couldn’t see what lurked beneath the fabric Gina thought as she quickly glanced at his crotch.“Glad to hear. I don’t know if you heard about my conversation with your mother, but we decided it be could if we could have another meeting. You look a bit pale by the way, can I handle you a glass of water?”“Yes please, it is really hot today.”Joe drooled as Gina walked over to the water pillar, feeling her heavy bust bump around with every movement.“What about your other condition. Still awaking in a sticky bed and feeling the cramp in your balls at home?”“Eeh, I don’t know, it is so embarrassing to talk about it Mrs Stevens.”“Don’t be afraid to tell me Joe. I am a nurse and I can assure you that everything with you is perfectly normal.” Gina lied.“This morning when we ate breakfast, mommy’s, you know, was hanging all loose and free again. Since that under the table and the whole morning it has been straining in my balls.”. Gina realized that Joes mother had kept her bad habit at home. “So you had an erection for quite some time but never relieved yourself?”“Yes, Mrs Stevens, is that bad?”“I think you should learn how to relieve yourself, going around all built up that long can cause you pain, and pleasing yourself is nothing to be shameful from.”Joe wiggled in his chair. Gina thought his jeans looked tighter all of a sudden.“But doing it when thinking of my mom, is that not wrong?”“What you think of is your business only, it was you do in real life that is more important. So if fantasying about your mommy’s big breast gives you an erection there is nothing to feel guilty about. Now I think you should let me have a look at you again. Would you mind? I think it is important that there are no further complications from the accident.”“Okay Mrs. Stevens, if you say so.”“So maybe this time, you could lay down for me and remove your jeans and boxers. I think it will be quick. As Joe removed his clothing it came apparent that he was semi aroused already. “Sorry, it is doing that again.” Gina smiled.“As long as you tell me if there are similar things as the other day coming out from it we’ll be fine.”When Joe laid down with Gina standing before him Joe looked at her wobbling boobs again. “I am sorry Joe, not meaning to stir up your sensitive mind, but I totally forgot my bra today. If it bothers you I think I have a spare one here.”“Oh, I see Mrs. Stevens. It is okay, you don’t have to.”“Good then. Just as your mother, I have quite a burden to carry around, and bras are not always so comfortable. I prefer letting them free sometimes,”“Uh huu”, Joe stammered as his erection rose again.“I better not forget putting some lotion on them later. I have dry skin you know.” She paused. “Now, let us talk about masturbation Joe. I think that will be an effective way to ease the tension on your testicles.”Gina lectured the boy about what it was and secured once again that it was no sinful act at all.“…so if you ever been think about your mommies breast you might want to relieve the tension by taking a good grab of the shaft of your penis.”Joe followed Gina’s instruction.“Then you simply pull up and down.”“Like this Mrs. Stevens?”Gina watched as Joe with clumsy movements started jerking himself. “That is a good start. How does it feel?”“It feels awesome.”“Lovely then. Just keep doing that for a while and I am sure good things will happen.”Not many moments later he announced his cum.“Here it comes again Mrs. Stevens.” Joe shouted.Gina watched as Joes body shook and his cock started spraying his torso and belly with cum.“Woow, that is great Joe, now keep pulling it throughout the whole ejaculation.”, Gina said joyfully, cheering on Joe. As the pumping stopped and Joe a bit surprised stopped, Gina licked her lips, thinking how delicious his cock looked. All big , swollen and glistering of sweet cum.She fetched some paper and started wiping Joe clean. “It is important to clean yourself up, you don’t want to smell sperm all day.”Joe watched in fear as Gina made the process longer than needed. She stood next to the bunk, leaned over him exposing herself. “Oh damn, it so darn hot here, I really looking forward skipping out of these clothes when I get home.” Gina made a concerned face. Finally she took a new tissue and wiped the area around Joes dick and up on his shaft and head. “Mommies titties you say, can you describe ‘em for me Joe?”“I don’t know, I guess they are pretty big.”“I bet they are soft too?”“Yes, I think so Mrs. Stevens.”“And what would you like to do with them. Just touch them or even suck on them. Suck on them like you were a baby Joe?”“What? I guess..” Joe looked like he was about to burst again.“Wow Joe, you are all hard again. I think we need to take care of that once more. You did a great job before but if you improve your technique it will be even more efficient to you.” Gina reached for a pair of plastic gloves and a bottle of lube. “You are my patient and I can’t touch you so I’d better use gloves.” She squeezed some lube directly onto his hard shaft.“It is really cold.”“Don’t worry, you’ll be warm again soon.”Gina felt Joes stiff teenage monster cock in her hands and jerked him softly with her right hand, not wanting him to come too fast. “Oh god, Mrs Stevens, it feels so nice when you do it, and with the lube.”When Joe shortly after came, Gina squeezed his balls while she emptied his load. By purpose she directed it over her nurse’s blouse. “Well. Isn’t that typical. At least you didn’t get too much on you. Gina said ironically while looking at her cum stained blouse. When Joe left her reception room Gina switched to a new blouse after putting her bra. She felt the smell on the stained blouse, hoping she could taste his fresh load sometime.Joe kept visiting the school nurse during the coming weeks. Every time Gina had him there, she let him tell her about his mom and how she had been dressing. Afterwards he would be proving his masturbation skills to her, jerking off in front of her before she please him. She allowed herself to dress more sexy and show more of herself. “Joe, have you been peeking at your moms bust the last week to?” Gina asked sitting in front of him dressed in a short skirt and an half way unbuttoned nurse’s shirt. What Joe didn’t know was that Gina had no underwear on.“I sneaked into her room last night since I heard sounds, just like she was in pain. But when I glanced through the door opening she was kind of rubbing herself between her legs. I didn’t dare to step in and I watched from outside.”“Oh, so your mommy was masturbating. Women does that to you know.”“I loved to see her do it. Do you do it to Mrs. Steven?”“Well Joe, that is very straight forward and a private question.” “I am sorry.”“Don’t be. I guess you would like to touch your mommy’s pussy?. How did it look like?”“It was really hairy but looked very beautiful. Maybe when I get older I will get to touch one.”“Want to know a secret?”“What Mrs. Stevens?”“A part of your treatment with me is to get to know women’s anatomy to.”“Can I masturbate Gina? I have such an erection.”“Please do so, that is why you are here. Don’t be shy.”Joe bent out his raging cock from his jeans while sitting in the visitors chair in front of his school nurse.“Today we will be masturbating together, so you may learn more how the vagina works.”Gina could not stand with being so wet and unpleased as she had been with Joe coming in her office so many times. She really needed to come to so she pulled up her skirt to reveal her newly trimmed pussy. Joe gasped from amazement. “Oh god.”“Good Joe, you should worship a woman’s vagina. It is a very sensitive thing, As you see it is a bit different from your mommy’s more hairy version. I like to trim mine as it feels fresher and allows for better access.”Gina briefed the boy about the anatomy of a woman’s genitals. The boy stared in amazement as she pointed out the different female parts. She showed him how she rubbed herself on the clitoris while she pushed two fingers in with the other hand. “I love rubbing here while pushing a few fingers into the vagina.” Gina said in a moaning tone. She was actually not far from climax. Seeing Joe jack his massive cock acted as a catalyst on her pleasure. They pleasured themselves for a while.“Can I touch it?” Joe asked suddenly.“Gloves on!” Gina commanded and Joe obeyed and put on a pair of rubber gloves.“Now feel my pussy and how wet it has become.”Joe leaned forwards and put his hand over her mound.“Now rub it and put a few fingers into it.”He obeyed and examined her shaven pussy with trembling hands.“It is so soft and warm.”“Keep jerking your cock while you push your fingers in and out. It will be like you are fucking me.” She commanded again.Joe sat before his nurse and pushed two fingers in and out while he stroke his swollen cock with hard movements. “Oooh, aaaah, that feel right, yes, yes, keep fucking my pussy.” Gina panted as she rubbed her clitoris at the same time.“I am coming, oooh yeeeah”, she almost screamed as Joe also came. His big cum load sprayed onto her pussy and her stomach with the usual volume.“Did I do good Mrs. Stevens?” Joe asked proudly.“You are a fast learner, that was so good.” Gina answered and glanced up at the watch on the wall. She realized somewhat panicked that she had another patient any second.“We must dress, now. I have another patient.”While putting on her dress, never mind the underwear, she glanced at the door and realized the door was not really closed. Outside there was a waiting room and anyone sitting there would have heard them. She felt a wave of dizziness as she saw her carrier pass by and how she would lose her job. As Joe hastily left her reception she felt the scent of cum and saw the stains on the floor. She had quickly wiped the stains from her body but felt how wet her pussy still was while she bent down to quickly clean up. Suddenly there was a knock and another student standing in the doorway. “Hi, just a second, I was just fixing one thing.” Gina stammered as she saw the girl standing there. About Joe’s age she guessed. Short and skinny girl with straight blond hair and freckles. “Sorry Mrs. Stevens, I heard sounds, like you were in pain so I opened the door. Maybe I shouldn’t.”“And what did you see?” Gina asked in a panicked voice.“Joe was examining your fanny somehow.”“You know about patient secrecy? It means I am not allowed to reveal anything about patients to anyone but their parents. Neither can you do. That would be i*****l.” “I won’t Mrs. Stevens, I promise.” “Good”“But I wonder what was wrong with his penis. How can it be so swollen, is he sick?”“Joe is not sick. But the thing is that a man’s penis grows large when it is aroused.”“My friends say that you are supposed to have the penis in your vagina, but that one would never fit, that is for sure.” She giggled.“Well, that is a long story. In fact you will be ready when the vagina is moisten and you feel ready.”“Did you feel ready when he was playing with your fanny and you screamed like that? It sounded like when daddy is on top of mommy sometimes.“Let’s not talk about me now. Why are you here really?“It is kind of related. I wonder what is wrong with me.”“Wrong with what?” “My fanny and my breasts, they are not like my friends.“Can you explain. Please?“I am the only one with no hair down there and my breasts are not developing either.”“Don’t worry, everyone develops in their pace.” “But Tammy has really nice and big ones and a large bush to and I am in fact older than her. Can’t you at least have a look?”What a hell, Gina thought. She had already done so many weird things this week.“Please remove your dress and underwear and sit down on the bunk here.”She watched as the girl lifted the dress over her head. Underneath she wore a pair of pink underwear. As she started removed them it became apparent that she was really late in development. The bra was completely unnecessary since there were nothing to hold up, only a slight indication of a forthcoming breast but well developed nipples. That was normal, the girls felt older when they dressed in women’s clothing. Below her flat stomach was her hairless pussy just as she had described. She sat on the bunk and parted her legs slightly which gave a glimpse of her pink and probably untouched private parts.“Alright then, let me see.” Gina said pretending there were need of further analyze. “You see, I am far after the other girls.”“In fact, you shouldn’t be worried. You are perfectly normal and very beautiful. When your body is ready, all this development will happen to you to. When I was in your age, I was also to late in development, but you see now, that is hardly something you could imagine, right?” “For real? And you have really big boobies Mrs. Stevens. I wished I had them.”“They can be in the way to, I can promise. And about pubic hair I can tell you a secret. I bet your friends will shave those off eventually, so one can say you are one step ahead.”“Can’t I see, pleeease? It would help me look more positive to the future if I knew what could be in it.”A crazy suggestion and any other day Gina would have laughed at such request, but today she was what you could say, open minded to the students requests. And she didn’t’ wore a bra, neither any underwear due to her playing around with Joe a few minutes ago.“I really shouldn’t but I will make an exception to you.” She started unbuttoning her shirt. The girl stared in amazement at her as she separated the fabric. Her proud E-cups revealed themselves. Due to the always to cold reception – she had complained countless times to the janitor without any result – her nipples where stiff from her freezing. The girl reached out and felt Gina’s breast in her hands.“Hey there, what are you doing, who said anything about touching” Gina cried out and grabbed her hands.“I am so sorry Mrs. Stevens but they looked so nice and I never felt a couple before. Imagine if mine will be like that.”Gina had really sensitive breast, and the touch sent a tingle down through her belly.“Breast are really sensitive and you must be careful.”“When I rub my nipples it tingles a lot in my fanny. Like this, do you do that to?” She demonstrated by pinching her own nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, pulling and rolling them.“Well of course, that will certainly arouse most girls if doing it carefully.”“I have heard that sucking the nipples is even better. But my tits are so small I can’t reach them. I bet you can suck on yours. Do you ever do that Mrs. Stevens.”Gina looked at the tiny girls tiny tits and their raised nipples and swallowed to herself, thinking how curios and naïve the cute girl seemed to be. “Now it tingles a lot in my fanny. Seeing you and Joe before and looking at you now have made me so horny Mrs. Stevens. It happens so often that I must rub myself. There is no way of controlling it.”She looked at the pink pussy in front of her. She could almost see that it looked almost swollen a bit glistering from being aroused. “You will have to be able to deal with that eventually as you become older. Things will set your motion running and sometimes one need to be able to put a lid on those feeling. But now, if you really need to you may rub yourself. It is partly my fault for you feeling this way.” That much was in fact true.“Oooh thanks Mrs. Stevens, I really need to.” She answered in a tone of relief. Unshyly she began rubbing her labia and her clitoris. Gina listened to the moans from her soft voice and looked at her instinct driven motions. The girl really needed to come. Gina new the feeling.“That seems so nice. Can I do anything?” Gina asked caressing the girls shoulder, realizing she still had her shirt open and that the girl looked at her breast.“Aah aah, Mrs. Stevens, this feels soo good.” She whispered and once again reached for Ginas breasts. This time she didn’t protest as the girls warm hand squeezed and explored her breasts. The felt the tingling sensation in her stomach spread downward into her pussy. She reached around the girls head, pulled it towards herself and welcomed her curious mouth over her chest. The kissed and snuggled with the soft bust in front of her and looked up into Gina’s eyes with her cute and young eyes. “Now I want you to stand on all four on the bunk here and I will help you out.”The girl quickly obeyed and quickly placed herself in the position commanded while Gina put on her medical gloves. The girls small hips and her skinny body made her delicate womb totally revealed when she bent forward with her butt back. Her pink anus and her moisten labia made Gina drool from excitement. Such an exquisitely beautiful pussy she thought.The girl kept rubbing her pussy while standing on all four, rocking her butt back and forward while moaning increasingly , apparently not realizing Gina had planned to take over.“Stop touching yourself Gina commanded and got immediate response.“Sorry, I got carried away.” The girl apologized.“It is okay, I will help you relax.” Gina gently started caressing her but, feeling the smooth skin under her rubber encapsulated right hand.“So you are a horny little girl I see.”“Yes, I can’t control it. Please, I need to come.”She carefully started to rub her already soaking wet and tight pussy. “Oh Jesus, that feels so nice.” She managed to say while pressing herself against Ginas hand.With her left hand Gina felt the girls flat stomach and her tiny breasts. When she pinched her nipples the girl cried out from ecstasy.“You like that ‘ha? When I pinch your little titties and rub that pink cunt of your.”“Oh yeas Mrs. Stevens, I love it so much. Don’t stop. Pleeease.” Gina rubbed her index finger over her pussy hole, circling it into her vagina. Once again she felt the feedback as the girl pushed backwards to feel more.“Like getting fucked by my fingers to? Such a dirty girl you are.”“Ahaaa, fuck me with your finger. Oooh good. Fuck me Mrs. Stevens. ”Gina pushed her finger deep into her tight slit while she kept playing with her nipples.As the girl came her whole body shook in forceful spasms. She squeezed her legs together and collapsed on to the bunk while Gina kept shaking her hand and finger over her flooding pussy. The girl’s body shivered and her almost scream like sounds faded out eventually until she just laid there panting. “Please don’t stop. I want to come again.” She begged, more like a wimping request. She managed to stand on all fours again. The bunk was soaking wet from all the fluids escaping her body.Gina pressed two fingers from her left hands into her mouth and rubbed her own pussy with the right.“Now suck this cock hard again and you will be fucked again.” She felt the nervous connection between her sucked fingers and her cunt.“Mmmmh, aaauummm, mmmm. Ooouuumm.” The girls choked sounds as she desperately sucked on Ginas fingers.“Imagine it is Joes big cock you are sucking. If you do it good it will penetrate your filthy cunt again. Would you like that?”“Ooouuum, yeah, please Mrs. Stevens, please let him fuck my sinful cunt.”“Maybe we can arrange that.” Gina replied. Hearing herself sounding like a witch.Once again she started rubbing the girls pussy. She added one extra finger.“I think we have to practice this pussy if it is going to fit such a big cock.”“Ooooh, aaaaah. That feels even better.” , she cried out almost in fear feeling the additional volume filling her up.Gina couldn’t resist tasting this sweet thing and placed herself behind the girl looking into her juvenile entrance. Standing behind “Hi again, it is Gina Stevens from Joe’s school, I thought I should give some feedback on his progress.Gina explained about the progress of the injury he got in school.”“I must ask you something. Being a single mom I have felt the loneliness a challenge to endure. The only intimacy and appreciation you get is from your son staring at your body. I should despite it but somehow I enjoy it.”“Joe told me in session that he spied on you masturbating. Maybe you should consider doing it when he is asleep. He was really, how to say, affected by it.”“Oh my god”, Joe’s mother cried out.“I think he needs some woman comfort and confidence. He laid his eyes on me a lot too. As I see it, you both are in need of physical comfort and attraction. Maybe you should dress more outgoing and give him the change to compliment you. He might need the practice, and you the positive feeling from being watched.”“Would that be morally acceptable though? Seducing my son sounds tempting but wrong.”“If you keep your secrets to the family and me and make sure you are not forcing Joe to do something he does not want to do. I see no problem.”Gina somehow managed to convince Joe’s mother to take these extreme measures. Finally they agreed that Gina should make a home visit, to see that everything was alright in Joe’s home environment.Joe’s mother Sandra welcomed Gina by the door. She was in her 40:s, long and slender with delicate curves. She looked a bit worn but had beautiful features underneath the stressed face of a single mother. They both smiled and shook hands, scanning each other. Sandra wore a deep cut dress revealing much of her impressive cleavage. There were no doubt that such sight would trigger the fantasies of a young man. Gina herself had tried to not be to revealing and more informal. Her round but high butt filled every cubic centimetre of her tight jeans and her shirt framed her shelf perfectly even though she for now had most buttons closed. The situation was not completely unloaded and they both knew little how the evening would turn out. Sandra showed Gina around the house and allowed her to say hi to Joe who was in his room sitting in front of the computer. “Red from Valpolicella, is that okay to you.” “I have always loved Italy, would like going there sometime.”Susan opened the wine bottle and poured Gina a glass. “Feels a bit strange to see you like this looking at the cause of our meeting, but anyway, cheers to you Gina.”After some talking about wine Gina decided to break the ice surrounding the hot topic.“So, how would you like to do this. You want me to check on Joe’s injury while you attend or should I maybe come down when we are finished. “I guess I should be there while you check on him. To be honest, I am quite curious.” “Hi Joe, it is good to see you. How are you?” Gina asked as she and Susan entered his room. “Good I guess.”“It is great to finally meet your mother, she is a very nice and beautiful woman.” Joe, not knowing what to wait or expect looked down a bit shy.“With these type of injury’s it is important to include a parent somewhere in the process, and since your mother happens to be here I think we should have a look right away.“You mean both of you should look at my Johnsson?”“It is okay honey, no big deal, I have seen it countless times when you were younger.”“It is a pure medical examination.” I understand your feelings on this, but it will be rather quick.Reluctantly Joe lay down in his bed with the two women taking seat in the bed next to him. He unbuttoned his jeans and nervously pulled them down with wiggling movements. “The boxers to need to go, I am sorry. “ Gina added when Joe seemed wait for the instruction he knew would come. His penis was for softer than usual, completely deflated. Still a respectful piece.Gina heard Susan swallow just before the nurse started examining her patient. She carefully folded his penis to the side and examined his scrotum with her hand. Joe twitched nervously in his bed. “Does it hurt baby?” his mother asked in a tone of compassion.“No no, it is okay”“See, here is the actual injury. There was a bleeding within the cavity of the left testicle. It is still a bit swollen but better than a few days ago. Here, I think you should feel it to know where it is.”Joe tried his best to prevent an erection. But the combination of nurse Stevens examine hands and his mother’s breast appearing in his sight as she leaned over to lay his hands on him was too much for him. “So to limit the risk for it to cause pain or pressure you should help him put on this inflammatory gel.” Gina continued. “Oh god, no, I am sorry mom.” Joe cried out as his erection rose in front of them. Like a big bat unfolding.“No worries Joe, you know it is perfectly normal. ” the women almost said in chorus.His mother gasped in amazement looking at her sons grotesque erection. “Wow Joe, I am so sorry, but I never knew you were so well equipped!”“Moom, I don’t want to hear.”“This will only take a minute. It is however important that we can apply the gel. I will show first then you can try under my surveillance.” Gina said comfortably as the felt her pussy twitch from this absurd situation. She put a click of gel on her finger and massaged it into his scrotum with an exaggerated level of tediousness. When she was done she handed the small tube with gel to Susan. First she focused on the small area where the injury was but then she let her hand apply it to all of his ball sack while she bent his now fully erect cock upwards. Joe panted from the treatment.Susan looked down on herself and realized she had been exposing so much of herself. “I am sorry honey, I shouldn’t expose myself like this to you. Gina have told me you are in a sensitive phase and showing my big old titties to you doesn’t really help even though I am flattered.”Joe lifted his eyes from the deep valley of his mother cleavage and blushed like a tomato.“She also told me she had been able to talk about masturbation.”“Yes, Joe have responded very well to my instructions and I believe he no longer have any trouble pleasuring himself whenever the tension builds up. He has also been able to tell me whenever you have caused him to be excited, like when you didn’t wear a bra.”“Would you like to masturbate now honey. I see you are very hard.? Gina, why don’t you take over here and I will go and prepare the dinner.”Susan gave Gina a smile before she left her son’s room. Gina didn’t hesitate and started stroking Joe’s cock shortly after his mother left. Joe looked frighten but shortly after gave in to his lust. “Your mommy really is hot. I must agree to that. And her breasts, wow.” Gina commented while she jerked her patients iron hard rod.“Would you like mommy to jerk you big cock Joe?”“Oh yeah, that would be so nice. I want to fuck her hairy pussy to Ms. Stevens.”“Mhmmm, I bet you would fill her deep pussy with your cum.”Gina could resist any longer and leaned over him to take him in her mouth. She felt like a teenager sucking cock while her boyfriend’s mom was cocking dinner for them. She couldn’t take all of him down her throat, he was simply too big. But with gagging and slurping sounds she did her best to suck him as deep as possible.“That feels amazing. I am going to cum really soon.”. She deliberately lifted her head up when she knew he was close and jerked out his ejaculation which sprayed cum like a fountain all over them and his bed in motion with heavy body spasms before she again leaned over it and tock the last pumps into her warm mouth. She sucked his cock clean from cum before she looked up and smiled to him. “That was oral sex by the way. I hope you liked it.” Gina said, and realized her blouse were all filled with stains of semen. You better change those clothes before dinner. “How did it go?” Susan asked curiously when Gina came down from the stairs. “Well, how do I put it. He came all over the place as usual. He is changing clothes now.”“I don’t know what you or he did, but wow, I have never seen such a large penis, and my reaction was too obvious.”“I saw your reaction. That is why I wanted you to feel it like you did.”“God, I really had to restrain myself from doing more than I already did.”“He came on my blouse as you see here. Maybe I can borrow something from you. I believe we are about the same size?”They went into Susan’s room and the adjacent walk in closet and Gina took of her blouse. Underneath she wore a black satin bra holding together her round boobs perfectly and framing in her flat stomach.“Wow, you look really great. No wonder Joe talks so much about you.”“Well, I must say the same about you. If I look as good as you when I turn 40 I will be proud.”“Hey, where are you? Weren’t we supposed to eat?” Joe yelled from the kitchen.“Honey, we are here, in my room.” Susan shouted in response.“You don’t mind if we let him help you chose clothing?” she blinked towards Gina.“It could be fun” Gina replied with a smile just as Joe entered.“Oh, sorry!” “Don’t be, Gina had a stain on her blouse and she were to borrow something from my closet. I was thinking either this one.” She quickly held out a blue knitted polo sweater. “Or this one, that is a bit too revealing for me but should be perfect on you.”, she said showing beige buttoned blouse.Joe who just had waken from his dream scene upstairs stared with awe at Gina’s body. She tried on the polo first which fitted her body nicely and made her boobs look even bigger. “I am not sure, let me try the other one to.”, when it was on her halfway she asked if Susan could help her with the buttons.“I actually never used this one, and it is even tight on you to.” She buttoned up and had to press Gina’s bust together leaving the top ones unbuttoned, creating a push up effect. “Peeuw, it is really tight. Your breast would never had fitted here, am I right?” Gina asked Susan as if Joe wasn’t there.“They would spill out or something, I wouldn’t dare to try it on.” she giggled.“What do you think Joe, is this to revealing?”, Gina finally asked poor Joe who couldn’t decide what to lay his eyes on. Ginas new outfit made her cleavage longer than his mothers. Joe blushed and looked down before he could answer.“Joe, answer please. I thought you would like it based on what I have heard from Mrs. Stevens about what female attributes you find appealing.”“I like it, okay.”The ate dinner together. The two women really enjoyed each other’s company and stood for most of the talking. Eventually they asked Joe something but mostly he kept quiet, not trying to stare too obvious at these two hot women. Later that evening Gina left Joe and his mother to return back home. She was glad to have found a new friend. She believed this would not be their last meeting. They had both promised each other to update one another about the progress with their common interest.“This has been great, I really hope we can meet again sometime.”“Take care of your boy now, he really needs your attention you know.” Gina said smiling a devilish smile.Half an hour later when Joe was in his bed, about to go to sleep his mother entered the room. She had taken a shower and was dressed in a satin robe with a knot around her waist. In the damp light it was hard to make out much more than her silhouette. “I am sorry if I acted weird earlier, I just want you to feel good and be satisfied with your life. Being a teenager can be a challenge and maybe my ways haven’t really been of any help. “It is okay mom. I like you and nurse Stevens as well.”“You shouldn’t need to take help from your school nurse for such things when you have me.”What do you mean?”“I mean, first of all to talk about the stuff, such as masturbation, intimate things and if you ever hurt yourself as in school. You can always talk to me.” She sat down next to him.“Okay, I will try. But you are my mom, and it is embarrassing stuff you know.”“And by the way. It is perfectly normal if you are attracted to your mom. I have heard it is very common among teenage boys. I am just glad you don’t find me repulsive”“How could I think that, you are the hottest mom ever.”“Thanks baby, I like when you look at me..”, she rested her hand on his chest and softly caressed him while she slowly untied the knot around her waist making her gown fell open. Joe stared in amazement at his mom and her revealed breast. They hang out in their full glory over her stomach with her dark areolas and her long nipples crowning them. “Are these what you have been longing for to see? I don’t mind sharing them with you.”“God mom, I can’t believe this, you look so amazing.”. He reached out to touch her soft mammaries.“That feels good. Don’t be shy honey.” Gina said convincingly while noticing the big thing bulging beneath the blanket.Joe pushed down the blanket and revealed the tent pole.“Look mom, I am hard again.”“Why am I not surprised?”“Touch it please.”“Joe, this can’t be right. I really shouldn’t.”“I know you want to. I saw it in your eyes before. It is not only nurse Stevens that loves my cock. Just feel it..” He said in a cocky tone and started jerking his cock slowly in front of her.“All right, stop dishing about it. Just a little then.”Gina gently felt his balls and up his shaft with her fingers.“Oh lord, how can it be that big and hard.?” She took it in her hand, like she was examining it before she slowly pulled up and down.“Yeaaah, that is so awesome..”. With his mother leaning over him now he was so close to her breasts. Hi started kissing them gently feeling them brush against his face. She played along and leaned over his face. “Suck on them.” She commanded and Joe spent no hesitation and welcomed her long nipples into his hungry mouth. She gasped for ecstasy and unintentionally begun jerking him harder and harder. She was surprised when his orgasm shortly after came as she felt the hard contractions in his cock and the hot semen flooding down her hand. “Oh baby, come for me. That is so good.” She whispered with him sticking on to her heavy breasts like he was nursing on them. She couldn’t resist licking her fingers clean from his hot fluids. She felt how wet she where and how much she wanted to be stimulated. Somehow she resisted the urge and left her hungry son and went to bed When Joe came down to the kitchen, dressed as usual in nothing but his boxers his mother was preparing breakfast. “Hi mom”.“Hi honey did you sleep well.” She welcomed him with a big hug, pressing him onto her large chest. With strengthen confidence based on the last nights experience he opened her morning gown and scanned her body as he wanted to touch her breasts. Then he soon realized she was naked underneath and seeing her large pubic triangle made his dick flinch. “Honey, I am not wearing anything underneath she said sternly. It is not appropriate.” Susan said in protest as her son caressed her soft hips and breasts. She closed her gown and tightened it around her wide hips. “Mom, you are so sexy, I can’t stop thinking about you.”“Baby, I am glad to hear that, but you can’t take me for granted. I am not your girlfriend. Maybe you have a new time with Mrs. Stevens soon?”. She looked at the great bulge in his boxers.“I can’t wait that long. It hurts in my balls now already.”“Oh baby, I am so sorry for you. I will do anything, I promise.” Susan said and sat down on her knees and commanded him to take his penis out for his mommy.“There we go, let us relieve that tense fellow.” Susan whispered as she started stroking Joes erection with rhythmic motions like she was washing something. She opened her gown again so he could look down her cleavage. In only a minute Joe released his load in long burst over his mother face and down over her chest. “Oh boy, that is such a big load. Come for mommy!” she cheered on as his midsection shake from the hard contractions. She looked down on herself and felt the hot semen in her face. She massaged it into her chest and on her breasts with fondling movements.“Wow mom, that felt so great. Exactly what I needed.”“I hope you are satisfied now baby.”“I guess, but I really…” he hesitated, “you know, would like to try the real thing some times. Can’t be a virgin forever.”, he said in a sad tone.“Isn’t there some girl in school willing to do it with you?”“Mrs. Stevens told me about this girl that could be interested. But why can’t I do it with you mommy?”If I have the strength I might continue with a part two.