Save some for me

I laid on my bed, the warm night air caressing my naked body. The room was dark, only a few candles lighting the area. I closed my eyes and gently brought a hand up to my breast, I stroke it. I take my right soft nipple in my fingers and pinch it. I start to rub it, then stop. I put my fingers in my mouth and wet them, taking them back to my breast. I moan in pleasure as my fingers playing with the hard nub. I slowly feel my pussy getting damp, but continue to play with my tit. I bring my other hand up to my left breast, touching the sensitive nipple, I rub it. I take my hand down to my pussy, feeling the wetness ohhhh. I dampen my fingers with the liquid and take it up to my breast. I smear the juice over my breast and enjoy the sensation as it gets hard between my finger and thumb.Both my nipples are rigid, and stand proud on my breasts. I continue my left hand rubbing my pussy juice into my left nipple and take my right hand down to my slit.It is wet. I open my legs and gently pull my knees up. My hand is over my pussy, slowly, my fingers make contact with my swollen lips. Ohhh, they're so puffy. I pull the lips apart slowly and stick my index fingers gently into the heat. I moan slightly as my finger makes contact with my clit. I start rubbing it slowly, moaning as I do. My fingers are now drenched in juice, running down my hand. I bring my middle finger to join my index finger in the heat. I slipped them into my vagina, further, slowly. My muscles clamped around my fingers, but I pushed them in further until my hand stopped them going any further. I used my thumb to massage my clit. Ohhh, I am so close to cumming. My left hand leaves my breast and reaches over to the bedside table. I find my vibrator and bring it down to my pussy. I remove my fingers my within me, but still massage my clit. Oh god, I'm so close.I plunge the vibrator into myself. Its slow pulses stimulating me mmmmm..... I turn it up to high. My pussy starts shaking violently, and I angle the vibrator so it touches my clit. I bring my other hand up to play with my erect nipple. As I cum I scream out breathless, juice pouring over the vibrator and my hand, slippery and hot. Ohhhh.... Fuck, my pussy exploding in senses. Once I finish cumming I take out the vibrator and turn it off. I lay there naked, my pussy recovering. I bring the vibrator to my mouth and lick my juice off it. I taste myself, salty. My tongue snakes over the vibrator, not missing a drop. "Save some for me," a voice calls from the doorway to my front right. I jump as I realise my housemate Aimee is standing there, her eyes looking straight at my red pussy.I see she is topless, her hands rubbing her erect nipples. She had obviously been watching me for quite a while. "Care to join me?" I ask, we both knew we had been with other women, but not together. She walks into the room and stops at the foot of the bed. She looks down at me, then gently leans forward and places her hand on my wet region. She takes it away, I push my hips forward, trying to regain the contact with no luck. She grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed. My legs make contact with the floor as Aimee releases them and pulls them apart. She sits on the floor so is face to face with my slit. She gently breathes onto my pussy lips. I gasp as the air brushes past them. She leans forward and I feel her tongue lashing at my lips, pushing past them and then going for my clit. Ohhhh it feels so good. I push my hips further to her face, hoping for her to go at it harder. She takes the hint and her tongue fercly attacks me. I moan out loudly at the pleasure she was giving me, I place my hand on the back of her head, grabbing her hair and hold it in place over myself. Without warning she sticks her tongue right up my vagina, making me scream out her named loudly. She continued to attack my insides. I was so close, I pushed my hips forward further, feeling myself about to come. She gently sucked onto my clit, sending me over the edge, "I'm Cummming," I warned. My juice flooded into Aimee's mouth, where she lapped it up. I screamed out, "oh Aimeeeeeeee, oohhhhhh". My body shock at the intensity of the orgasm, I hadn't cum this hard in a long time. I continued screaming her name and released her head. "Enjoy that?" she asked wickedly, her face appearing from my legs."I've had better," I lie also wickedly, and she knows that."Better show me how its done then," she giggles as she gets up from the floor and sits beside me on the bed crosslegged. I sit up too and face her in a crosslegged position, my pulsing red pussy being exposed. She looks at it again."You tasted so good," she comments."Let me see," I learn forward and kiss her, my tongue slipping in, tasting myself in her mouth. We stay kissing for several minutes. I feel her hands on my breasts, and I repay the favour by massaging her breasts. Her nipples are hard and inviting. I break the kiss and lean forward, taking her nipple into my mouth. She leans back onto the bed and pulls me down to her, her trousered legs opening eitherside, so I can lay comfortably between. I continue sucking at her nipple."Ohhh..." she cried, "harder," she begged. I increased the suction and then bit down on the hard nub. She cried out in pain, but I knew it was a pain she enjoyed. I stopped sucking, and used my tongue to run over her nipple, then circling it round her breast, covering her in saliva. I brought my hands up to massage her breasts as my mouth left them. My tongue continued the trail down to her stomach, into her naval, sucking it. She continued to groan. Again my tongue went on its journey, meeting the waistband on her jeans. I look up to her and make eye contact, giving a small smirk. God she has beautiful blue eyes.My hands stop massaging her breasts, and take her own hands and bring them to her breasts. Our fingers entwine as we begin touching her tits together. She groans loudly, allowing her eyes to close.I pull my hands away and start opening her jeans, she lifts her lips so I can bring them down her legs. As I roll them off each leg I stoke her hairless lengths. Her legs were so smooth, I can hear her moaning again. She always was so noisy, I could always hear her through the walls getting fucked.Her jeans now removed, I climb back up her legs. She was only wearing her panties now, a pale pink pair made of a thin cotton material. I could see a line of wetness over her slit. I ran my finger over the line gently, then again a bit harder. She cried out my name and begged for more. The cotton getting stuck to her pussy lips, making them slightly visible through the wet material. I hooked my fingers over the material and brought them down, teasing her slowly, exposing her bush then slit. I took the panties straight off her, eager to start on her. I ran my fingers through her long bush, I was surprised her hair was long, expected it to be as bare shaven as her legs. I continued rubbing my fingers over her dampening bush, then down her very wet slit. I pushed her legs open further, exposing her pussy. I learnt forward and gave it a small kiss. "What do you want?" I asked teasingly.She bucked her hips, "ohhh, Sarah, eat me," she begged. I decided to give her what she wanted. Her lips were swollen and red. I opened them with my tongue, taking one lip into my mouth and french kissing her pussy. She tasted fantastic, her salty taste and musky smell turning me wild. Her screams were turning me on as much as having my face in her pussy. I decided to have some fun, I was very selfish during sex, and if someone was going to get off, so was I, even though I had already cum twice so far tonight. I pulled away from her, and she signed "finish me," she begged, her eyes looking into mine. "I have a better idea," I told her. I crawled up her body and turned around. My pussy was sat just inches above her face, and my own face was above her pussy. "Oh, 69!" she screamed.I pushed my face into her pussy and started to lick her clit. I played with the hard nub, feeling her tongue slowly enter my entrance. The harder I played with her clit, the harder her tongue would lash at me.I had an idea, and I slowly rolled on my back, pulling her on top, still in the 69 position. I found the vibrator I had used earlier that night. Still my with tongue in her slit, and her tongue up mine, I took the vibrator and wet it on her juices below where my tongue was working. I removed my tongue, then turned the vibrator onto low, and inserted it into her vagina. She enjoyed it as she continued to suck on my clit. It felt so good as she worked me. I took the vibrator from her vagina and replaced my tongue. She was so hot and tight inside, my face wet from her flowing juice. I took the soaked vibrator and located it over her asshole. Using her juice as lubricant, I slowly pushed it into her ass. She stopped working on my pussy and screamed in delight as the vibrating object went up her ass. "More, harder, give it to me, oohhhh," she screamed. She used her fingers to massage my clit so she could remain vocal, and I remained licking her. "I'm cumming" she screamed, and so was I. I turned the vibrator in her ass into high and felt her interior muscles tighten around my tongue. I felt her pussy release its juice and I used my tongue to get it all. My own pussy was soaking Amiee's fingers, clamping and unclamping around them. I pulled the vibrator out of her ass and we collapsed naked beside each other. I saw Aimee lick my cum off her fingers, and I gave the dildo a quick lick. "That's how you do it," I said to Aimee, but she was already asleep. I crawled up beside her and placed my hand on her breast and fell asleep next to her.