Saturday Night Fever (bi-male first time)

Tim and I both took notice of what a total package she was. I didn't think either of us had much of a chance with something like that but I caught her smiling at me twice as she sipped on her drink and played with the little stir straw with her mouth.Tim caught it too and urged me to go talk with her. I had just enough liquid courage earlier to make small talk. She said her name was Terry and she was tired of sitting around the apartment and looking for a little action. I informed her my name was Chris and was trying to think of some witty come back when she asked if I wanted to dance.We danced to a couple of songs before we headed back to the bar where I sucked down my beer and ordered us both another couple of rounds. My buddy Tim walked up and introduced himself and then said he'd gotten a call and needed to get back to campus. He inquired if I was ready to leave or whether I had a ride back.Terry answered before I said anything, "If he's not afraid of an older woman, I'll make sure he gets home okay."Tim smiled and when Terry looked away, he mouthed quietly, "You're in man!" Holy shit I thought to myself as I looked at the stacked blonde beside me. She was wearing a low cut white blouse and it was evident she didn't have on a bra. I could make out the hard little nipples poking through the fabric of her top. I wondered if before the evening was over if I'd really get a chance to see those beauties.Terry and I had a couple more drinks and we seemed to talk more about me and school than she shared about herself. I told her I was a senior at State and was Vice Chairman of our fraternity in charge of RUSH and social activities.We danced a couple more times before she asked if I'd like to go back to her apartment for a couple more drinks before she ran me back to campus. I couldn't believe my luck. This lady wasn't beating around the bush. I was pretty sure she was looking to get laid and I was just the guy to help her out.Whatever she did for a living, she must do well as we jumped into a fairly new red Lexus convertible. This was like a dream and I was scared of waking up before I had a chance to see it through to the climax. Terry lived in one of those upscale apartment complexes in town.When we pulled up she hit me with something I was totally unprepared for when she explained she had a boyfriend back here at the apartment but he was okay with her bringing guys' home. Actually he was into different things she continued as she pressed her hand on my leg and leaned into me.She closed on my lips in seconds and her soft, warm lips found mine as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her hand moved up my trousers and found my manhood which had already begun swelling in my pants. "Mmm," she moaned as her hand closed on my dick, her tongue pushed harder, her plump lips sliding across mine.Boyfriend or not, I wanted this chick. I was definitely worked up and wondered if I wouldn't shoot a load right there in the car if we didn't get out soon."Are you sure he's okay with it?" I asked hesitantly. "I mean, I don't need any drama.""Yea, he's real cool," she assured me. "He likes to watch me bring young guys home. Maybe suck their hard cocks. Let them fuck my little pussy. You up for that?"You had to be fucking k**ding me! No one was ever gonna' believe me back at the frat house."Sure, that's great," I said as her kisses had trailed to my neck and she bit gently on my ear before swabbing it with her tongue.She took a long look at me, her eyes piercing mine as she smiled and then stepped out of the convertible. I followed behind her as we walked down the sidewalk to her front door. She removed the keys from her purse and slid the key in and opened the door.I could hear music in the background, a soft jazz of some type and voices. Shit, I thought to myself. They had company. There goes my chance to get laid.We walked into a kitchen area where two men were leaning against a counter. Both were drinking some kind of red wine."Chris, this is my boyfriend Jim and his friend Rick," Terry said as she first introduced a really clean cut guy, just a few inches taller than me. His friend Rick was definitely ripped by the size of his chest. Both appeared to be in really good shape.Jim poured Terry a glass of wine and gave me a beer from the fridge. We exchanged pleasantries before Terry took me by the hand and led me into the den. I was a little taken back by her boldness in front of her boyfriend, but he didn't seem to mind and actually continued his conversation with Rick.We sat down on a leather couch, as she slipped off her shoes and pulled her bare feet up on the couch, tucking them under her. The lights were dimmed low and the jazz filled the air from the Bose speakers strategically placed in various locations throughout the room. I was extremely conscience that the two men were in the next room but threw caution to the wind when she again reached down and began rubbing her hand across my crotch.I looked over and when our eyes met, she again closed the distance and continued the kiss we were sharing in her car. This chick was hot and she clearly wanted to fuck in spite of the fact there were two other guys in the apartment with us.I felt her hand tugging at my zipper and before I knew it her little hand had already snaked its way into my fly and was squeezing my cock through my boxers. Both of those guys were a hell of a lot bigger than me and I knew they could beat the shit out of me if they wanted. But right then, all I could do was think about this blonde practically r****g me on the couch.I broke our kiss long enough to glance over my shoulder to the kitchen and when I looked back, Terry had pulled her top over her head leaving those two beautiful breasts exposed. Her titties were much bigger than any of the girls I had been with and were capped by two hard little pink nubs.She pulled my head down to her breast and urged me on."Lick me baby. Suck on my titty," she encouraged."Damn, you didn't waste any time..." I heard as I glanced over to see Jim walking in with Rick two steps behind. Both settled onto a loveseat across from us as Terry pulled my head back into her chest.As I sucked on her nipple, I felt her fiddling with my belt and then unsnapping my pants. She pulled me up from her titty and began our kiss again, even as she pushed down on my pants encouraging my help. I knew we were putting on a show for Jim and Rick but at this point I simply didn't care. I slid my pants off and went ahead and pulled my shirt over my head leaving me buck naked in front of everyone.Terry still had on her skirt but was topless as I lay back down on her as we both lay across the couch, kissing, her tongue pushing madly into my mouth.It was at this point I smelled a joint that Rick and Jim had fired up. The reefer smoke travelled across the room as the jazz played on in the background. It surprised me that the guys were getting high as I was making my moves with his girl just a few feet away.Jim walked over after taking a long drag and in his best attempt at holding the toke in, asked Terry if she wanted a hit. Terry took the joint and took a long hit and then moved back to my mouth, shot gunning the blast of smoke. I coughed as the strong smoke filled my lungs.While I'm not a complete novice on pot, it isn't something I do every day and I could feel in minutes how strong his stash was. It seemed a blur between her taking sips of her wine, another kiss, and one more shot gunned toke as she continued to kiss me and rub my cock which was growing stiff in her hand.Terry unzipped the side of her skirt and I pulled it off along with a pair of red thongs that held her little pussy. Her lips were shaved bare with just a tuft of hair above her snatch. A little butterfly was tattooed just off of her right hip close to her pussy. Her hands rubbed up and down my ass as I went back to sucking on her titties.It was about this time, I glanced up for the shock of my life. There on the loveseat, Jim and Rick were in a hot embrace. I could see Rick's tongue slide into Jim's mouth as Jim tilted his head back. Rick's finger's unbuttoned a shirt button and slipped into his shirt as he rubbed his bare chest.I had never seen two guys kiss before... at least in person. I had seen videos and porn and stuff on the Internet. But here were two guys I had just met going at it.Terry pushed me down toward her pussy and it didn't take much encouragement as I began to lap at her hot box. She was already very wet and moaned as I dipped my tongue between the folds, sucking on her clit, and her outer lips. She ran her fingers through my hair and groaned as I tongued her, my mind already blurred from all the beer and pot.It only seemed like a moment, but when I glanced back over at Jim and Rick, both were completely naked. A little pile of clothes lay beside the couch as Jim had sunk down to the carpeted floor and was now sucking on Rick's member.I suppose I had stopped dead in my tracks because Terry took notice of what I was watching. "That's so hot isn't it baby?" she cooed to me."It turns me on so much to see guys getting it on," she whispered softly as we both watched her boyfriend sucking on another guy. "Damn, I like watching it. I get so turned on," Terry continued as she reached down with her right hand and rubbed her clit slowly."Would you do that for me baby? Would you suck on Jimmy's cock?"I couldn't believe she had asked me that. That was the last thing I thought I would ever do. Suck another guy's dick? Was she nuts?"No one has to know and that would really get me off," she continued as she again trailed her lips and tongue on my neck."I'd fuck you all night if you would...please, would you do it for me? Maybe just a quick little lick. If you don't like it, you can stop and I'll still fuck you senseless after."I looked at her. Her green eyes staring back into mine, almost pleading. I couldn't do it. There was simply no way. Sensing I was about to say no, she pulled us both up from the couch and in moments she had Jim standing above us as we knelt below on our knees. Rick sat back on the couch, his hard cock waving and wet from Jim's saliva."Watch me me suck his cock," Terry said as she closed her soft lips on the head of his dick which disappeared slowly in her mouth. She moved up and down on the shaft which grew longer as she moved back and forth. She tongued the head and moved down the shaft as she licked leaving a wet trail.Her eyes met mine and she closed on my lips, her wet lips, the lips which had just caressed his cock were now sliding across mine as her tongue again snaked into my mouth. She took my hand in hers and lifted it until it was wrapped around his cock. She then moved my hand back and forth as I felt the soft skin of another man's penis for the first time.Slowly she brought my head down until it was inches from the hard pink shaft with the slit which seemed to invite me. She took my head and pushed it closer until my lips were almost touching the wet glistening head."Go ahead baby, kiss it. Suck his cock. Do it for me baby. I promise, no one will know...just us, and I'll make it all worth your while," she said softly in a sultry, sexy voice.Whether it was the reefer and alcohol or my own curiosity, I dropped my lips to the velvet head. It was warm and wet, still covered in her spit. I took the head into my mouth as she pushed my head down and the shaft moved further into my mouth."That's right baby. Suck that cock. Oh, that's so fucking hot. There's nothing like watching a guy suck his first cock. Damn, Jimmy's cock taste good? You like that dick baby?" she went on.I could only nod my head up and down as she continued to guide me. Her hand pushing my head up and down on her boyfriend's cock. Eventually Terry let go of my head and moved behind me. I could feel her hard nipples on my back as she reached around and pinched my own nipples. I had never had anyone play with my tits before and I was surprised how it felt. I felt a surge down to my nuts as she pulled and pinched at my hard little nubs.Rick had moved off the loveseat and scooted under me taking my cock in his warm mouth. He bathed my balls in his mouth as he tongued them and my cock in one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. As I moved my head up and down on Jim's shaft, Terry kept encouraging me on as I felt Rick spread my legs and push one of his wet fingers into my ass."Suck him baby....Damn you're a good little cock sucker. Does it feel good Jimmy," Terry cooed as she looked up at her boyfriend who was now guiding my head back and forth on his hard shaft. "He's a natural... are you sure this is his first dick?" he snickered as I continued the assault on his prick."Suck my balls, lick my nuts dude," Jim said. I complied without thinking as I took his plums in my mouth, washing them with my tongue."Fuck, that's hot," Terry continued as she moved back up on the couch and began playing with her box, teasing her clit with her finger that she would wet with her mouth and then stick back in her twat.Rick had slid another digit into my tight ass. He sawed his fingers back and forth as I heard him spitting on his fingers and then lubing up my hole. I had never had anyone mess with my asshole before and it was uncomfortable at first but I began to accept his fingers, two then three which probed my back door. I felt Rick shift from under me and I assumed he was headed over to the couch to fuck Terry who was moaning as she masturbated herself to the sight of three guys making out on the floor beneath her. Then I felt Rick moving my legs apart and it occurred to me he was going to fuck my ass. The fingers moments before was just to loosen me up. I started to object, moving off Jim's dick before he plunged it back in, making me gag as it went deep, touching the back of my throat.Jim held onto my head and Rick positioned his cock head to my hole. It was one thing to suck a cock. I had no intention of getting fucked in the ass. But before I could move away, Rick had spread my cheeks and pushed the head of his cock into my tight ass.It was huge and hurt like hell as he moved inch by inch into my nether region. I winced as Jim's cock moved back and forth in my mouth and Rick moved slowly and deeper into my ass. After what seemed like an eternity, Rick's pelvis was flush with my ass cheeks."I'm in... he took it all," Rick said as he patted the small of my back with his hand. "Damn this bitch is tight," Rick groaned.Bitch? Was he calling me a bitch?He moved slowly back out and then forward again. His cock felt huge in my ass. Rick reached under me and found my cock hanging limp now. He stroked it and rubbed my balls, pulling on the sack.The pain gradually subsided and was replaced by a very warm sensation as he continued to move slowly back and forth in my ass while Jim continued to feed me his cock which he pulled out every once and a while to rub across my face and pat gently on my lips."Oh fuck that is just too fucking hot," Terry chanted from her perch. "Fuck his ass. Fuck that little cherry ass."Rick moved a little faster, a little more deliberate as he withdrew his cock, almost allowing the head to slip back out. I moved with him. My ass moving back to greet his thrust until finally he removed his cock altogether. My ass sought it out. I backed up until I found it and pushed until the hard cock again filled my hungry hole."Looks like we got a real cock slut here Terry," Rick said smugly. "You've turned another one."I wasn't sure what he meant but I was now fucking his cock. Riding up and down on his shaft as I slobbered all over Jim's cock."Damn, I think I'm gonna' cum," Jim moaned as I sucked harder."Where do you want it baby?" Terry asked, watching me suck her boyfriend. "You want him to pull out and shoot a load on you face or you want to swallow it? You want Jimmy to shoot his load down your throat?"I rose off his cock long enough to tell him to cum in my mouth."Stick your tongue out boy," Jim commanded. "Open that mouth wide.""Look up at me you little cock sucker," he moaned as he jacked his hard shaft which was turning a much redder shade of pink. I looked up at Jim who stared down at me. I held out my tongue, waiting for my first taste of sperm. Kneeling naked as he stroked his hard cock inches from my mouth. I wanted it. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to taste my first load. Perhaps the first of many more now that I had sucked my first cock.Then he released. A shot of cum splattered across my face as he stuck the head back in my mouth. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as often and as quickly as I could. He removed his cock and a small load dripped onto my waiting tongue which I returned to my mouth and greedily swallowed. It was salty but not nearly as bad as I imagined. In fact, I liked it and licked his head for the remaining cum that seeped out."Damn that was soooo fuckin hot guys," Terry groaned as she stroked her box and pulled at her own nipple."The guy you were with at the bar...what was his name?" Terry inquired."What?" I glanced back."Your fraternity brother, the cute one, what was his name?" Terry asked again."Tim. It was Tim," I shot back as Rick continued to move back and forth in my ass."Yea, Tim. I'd like to see Jimmy fucking his cute little ass. I'd like to see both of you sucking his cock," Terry panted as she rubbed her clit.My blood surged as she said it. Tim was straight as an arrow. He had lots of girls chasing after him. No way would he agree to sucking cock."I don't, Tim wouldn't.." I started as Rick picked up his pace, more deliberate in his thrust."He's not gay. Is that want you wanted to say?" Terry interrupted me. "Were you before tonight?" She glared back, her eyes piercing mine.Here I was on all fours in her den. A man was fucking me in the ass and another's cum was wet on my chin."You leave it to me. You just bring him to the bar next week. Next Saturday. I'll do everything else," she kept on.My mind was racing. Tim would never, ever do something like this. But then neither would I and here I was getting fucked in the ass. On one side I was terrified at Tim thinking I was gay, or bisexual, or whatever the hell I was now...but what if he was getting fucked too?"Wouldn't you like having your buddy sucking your cock? You like cock now. Look at you. There's no going back. You're a little cock slut," Terry stated matter of factly. "You like, no you love that dick in your ass. I saw the way you took to sucking Jimmy's dick. You're a cock sucker now.""Imagine your buddy, your frat brother sucking your cock. You guys could be little fuck buddies. You'd like that wouldn't you. You'd like to fuck his little ass wouldn't you?" she went on.I couldn't believe what she was saying but at the same time I had visions of Tim sucking my dick. Me fucking his ass!"Yea," I heard myself groan."Yea, what" Terry countered."I'd like that. I'd like to have him sucking my cock.""Okay, I tell you what. You bring him to me next week at the bar and we'll bring him back here and by the end of the night he'll beg you to let him suck your cock. Tim will be pleading with you to fuck him. What do you think? Will you do it?"Rick was still moving in my ass. It felt on fire. I couldn't believe what I was thinking...what I was about to say. She was asking me to recruit my friend. To recruit my fraternity brother so she could turn him into a cock sucker. A little cock sucker like I had become."Yes, I'll do it. I'll bring him to you," I moaned."And what will I do to him," she cooed back."You'll make him a little cock slut. You'll make him a little gay cock slut like me," I moaned as Rick's hard cock sawed back and forth in my ass."Yea, we'll do that. Now it's time for you. It's time for Rick to cum in your ass. Cum in your ass so you can be the little whore you've become. A little slut that will let a stranger fuck their little hole and cum in their ass. That's what you want isn't it. You want Rick to shoot his load up that hole of yours don't you?"The nastier she talked the more turned on I got."Yes, cum in me. Cum in my ass," I groaned back at Rick.Moments later I felt his cock spasm in my hole. His cum splashing my bowels as I moved my ass back to meet his thrust.He moaned as he slammed into me, pulling my hips back into his cock. He slowed and I felt his member withdraw as he wiped the remaining cum from his cock onto the cheeks of my ass.I slumped down onto the floor, exhausted from the fucking I had received. My hole was gaping as I felt a trickle of cum leak out and roll down my ball sac.I caught my breath for only a moment before Terry commanded me to get up on the couch and fuck her. She had me stand and she expertly sucked my dick, getting it hard as a rock before she slid back down on the couch with her heels on the couch and her pussy spread."Fuck me frat boy. I promised you some pussy so get down here and fuck me," she almost sneered.I slid my cock into her hot hole. Her pussy was wet and my cock slid easily in as I moved up and down. She leaned into my chest and bit lightly on my nipple. Sucking, pulling on the hard little nip which hardened under her tongue. She moved up and I kissed her.Her mouth was hot, moist, as her tongue moved madly in my mouth. I felt a hand on my ass and glanced back to see Jim. He slid his cock easily into my ass, still lubed with Rick's cum. He didn't move at first, allowing me to get a rhythm in Terry before he too started moving. The three of us fucking.It didn't take long at all before I was shooting my load into Terry's wet box. Her cries filled the air and drowned out completely the jazz we had initially been listening to.Jim kept fucking and he too shot his load not long after I did. Two loads mixed together in my ass as I withdrew from Terry's hot cunt.We all took a break and drank a little more. Jim fired up another joint and we all sat on the floor naked and took turns taking hits. Rick shot gunned me just as Terry had done earlier and his lips touched mine. It was electric! It felt so different to have my lips touch another guy's. We didn't actually kiss but I wanted to, and likely would have if I didn't have a lung full of smoke. I stared into Rick's eyes as we sat on the floor and hoped I'd get another chance. This time, I'd let him kiss me like I had watched him kiss Jim earlier.Before I had a chance, Terry reached over and took my hand and pulled me up. She asked me to come with her and take a shower. Afterwards, she led me to her bedroom where we made love again later that night before falling off to sleep.I had no idea what Jim and Rick did and they were gone when we got up the next morning.Terry took me back to campus in her convertible the next morning and dropped me off at the fraternity house. A few of the brothers were standing on the steps as she leaned in and gave me a long lingering wet kiss in front of the guys. She squeezed my cock and then whispered in my ear she looked forward to Saturday. It would be even better than the night before.I got out of the car and saw Tim standing on the steps - a wide smile across his face. If he only knew what Terry had in mind, I wondered would he still be smiling. Terry looked back over her shoulder as she drove off. I couldn't tell if she was looking at me or looking at Tim. But I did know I'd do what she asked. I would deliver to her my buddy – my frat brother – my soon to be - fuck buddy. I had to. She had made me into a cock slut. I was turned and soon Tim would be turned as well.