Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 2 and 3)

Note: The following story is a work of fiction. All events depicted are just fantasies.Part 2-The next morning I woke up before my wife did. I went to pee and started remembering the night before. My wife had gone out on a "date" with another man. Then, she told me about sucking the guy off. The oral sex part wasn't true, but it was a wild cuckold fantasy of mine, and it turned into great sex. After the sex, just before we went to sleep, she said she wanted to talk to me about "this" (meaning my dream of her having sex with other men) when we got up in the morning. Well, now it WAS morning, and I was a bit nervous about how this conversation was going to go. Eventually, my wife woke up. She came into our office where I was pretending to work on the computer. "Good morning," she said, "we need to talk." She sat on the chair behind me, and waited for my response. I replied, "Its...just a fantasy of mine. I know you 'say" my cock is big enough, and our sex is good, but I'd love for you to experience a big cock. And a guy that can last a long time. I would love to see the pleasure on your face." "Is it MY pleasure, or YOURS we're talking about here. Somehow, I think your cum eating, cock sucking fantasies are a big part of this. You know, eating your cum out of my pussy after we have sex is one thing, but eating another guy's cum...thats pretty gay," she said. I started to reply, but all that came out was, "I...I...I." "You what? You want another guy to cum in my pussy, right?" she asked, waiting for a response. "And your mouth," I said. Shit, I didn't mean to say it, it just slipped out. "What do you mean? The same guy, or are you talking TWO guys you want me to have sex with? Seriously? You want me to do a 'gangbang' in front of you?" I was silent. She wasn't angry, just..."freaking out" a bit. "Well?" she asked. I couldn't respond, so I clicked a few times on my computer and brought up a secret picture folder. I clicked on my favorite picture and showed her. It was a man and a women in a 69, with the woman being fucked from behind, while she was sucking off another guy. I still wasn't able to look at my wife, so I continued to look at the computer screen. After a moment, my wife said, "Those guys have really big cocks. Show me what other pictures you have in that folder. Is this what you jack off to? Cuckold porn?" Again I couldn't look her in the eye. I clicked on a couple of the "less gay" pictures in my stash. Basically guys watching their wives having sex with other men. Then, my wife got up from her chair and bent over my shoulder. "Holy shit," she said looking down at the tent in my pajamas, "You're already leaking cum looking at this stuff." It was true. I was SO excited, my pre cum was leaking through my pajamas. "Gimmee that mouse. I want to see all this stuff. And take off your clothes or you're going to make a mess," she said. I took off my pajamas, and she told me to sit back down. As she started clicking through all my pictures, she told me to "masturbate." Some of the photos were of "fuck licking" and were pretty tame. However, when she got to the photo gallery folder, I was busted. Here were lots of captioned bi, cuckold, sissy and gay pics. There were pictures of husbands dressed in female clothes, sucking cocks while their wives watched. There were pictures of husbands licking the "bull's" asshole and licking their balls. Lots of "gay" stuff. Then, she came across a picture of a husband, on his knees, surrounded by 5 hard cocks. The picture showed a naked BBW, and the caption read, "Get them all nice and hard for me. If you do a good job, I'll let them fuck you, too. And don't forget, you get to lick up all their cum." My wife must of sensed my excitement, and she seemed to stop on this picture. That's when I came. I blasted a huge load of cum all over my chest, and moaned, "God I want that." My wife started getting all my cum of my chest and feeding it to me. I licked and sucked her cummy fingers. Then, she just smeared it all over my face. "You love my boyfriend's cum, don't you cucky," she said. "Why don't you clean my cummy pussy while you're at it." She was continuing my fantasy of me eating another man's cum. She sat back on the chair, and I got down on my knees. She was extremely wet, as my toungue lapped at her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and rubbed my mouth up and down her cunt lips. In about 45 seconds, she had a huge orgasm. When she recovered, she said, "O.K., two guys with big cocks. Is that what you want? One from behind and a blowjob for the other guy? Lots of cum. Is that really what you want?" I quickly said yes, with a vison of her being "spitroasted" by two hung guys. Then, I was totally blown away when she said, "I'll go on Craiglist later today and see what I can do."Part 3-All day, I was so horny. When my wife went on her computer, I was hoping she was searching Craiglist for some guys with big dicks to come over and fill her with cum. Another day passed, then another. I wanted to ask her about the cuckolding...about the gangbang. But I was afraid she'd feel pressured, and then the whole thing might not happen. When I was alone, I continued to beat off to cuckold porn. There were photo galleries on Xhamster with great cuckold captions. Those were my favorites that week. By the next week, I had given up hope. The thought of my wife fucking other guys in front of me was just a fantasy. It was never going to happen. Or so I thought. About two weeks later, on a Saturday morning, I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. My wife was in our den on her computer. The doorbell rang, and my wife got up to see who was there. Next thing I know, my wife walks in our living room with these two big, college-age guys. I must have looked confused, because my wife said, "Remember what we talked about a couple weeks ago? This is Jerry and this is Tony. They're here to help out with your fantasy. You like your surprise? Just wait, you're going to love it!" The guys were very handsome. They were smiling. After all, they were about to fuck my wife. I must have looked embarrased, or just dazed, because my wife laughed and said, "I'm going to go take a shower. Why don't you get our friends a beer while I clean up." I just nodded as my wife went toward our master bedroom to take a shower. She shut the door, and I heard her lock it. I figured it was all part of the surprise she had in store for me. I returned with some beers for all of us. I wasn't expecting company, and I was still in my sleep pants. Now, however, my sleep pants had a large tent growing in the front. I sat down and cracked my beer. The guys each opened their beers and remained standing. It was an awkward moment. Was I supposed to thank them for coming? Hmmm... Just then, I heard the shower turn on. Jerry turned to Tony and said, "Guess we better get ready." They set their beers down and started to strip. Next thing I know, there are two beautiful hunks, with really nice dicks, standing in front of me, drinking beer. Tony looked at me and said, "You should strip, too. Looks like you're pretty excited. You don't want to cum in your pants." Jerry laughed at this, and I turned red. "O.K.," I said, as I pulled off my clothes. I sat back down on the couch, and wondered when my wife was coming out. Since the guys were still standing, and I was sitting on the couch, I was "eye level" with both their cocks. I think I was just staring at them when I heard Tony say, "Your wife said you're going to eat our cum. That's pretty gay isn't it? You ever eat another guy's cum before? You a closet cock sucker?" I didn't know what to say. Jerry stepped closer to me so that his cock was inches from my face. "Go ahead, suck it. Make it hard, so I'm ready to fuck a nice tight hole. Don't worry, I promise not to tell your wife." The boys laughed, and both of them moved closer to me. I involunarily licked my lips and started to open my mouth. Jerry started rubbing the head of his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth more, and he thrust forward so that the head of his cock was in my mouth. "Oh yeah. Here we go. This is going to be good." Tony said. At that point I reached out and grabbed Jerry's balls and gently pulled him closer. I started licking his shaft and balls, then kissing back to the head. He was getting hard, and I took him deep in my mouth. Then, I felt Tony's cock slapping me on my left cheek. I turned and took him in my mouth. He was already hard, as I went back and forth between sucking the two fantastic cocks. Then, Tony moved my face toward him. He was spreading his ass cheeks and moving my head nearer to his ass. "Rim me faggot." he said. I immediately dove in with my tongue and licked his asshole. He pushed on my head, and my tongue was parting his butthole. Suddenly, I felt my head being turned the other way, and now it was Jerry's butt I was eating. A minute later, I was back to sucking cock, whose I didn't know or care. More sucking, salty precum in my mouth. Their dirty talk, calling me "fag, cum slut, cock sucker." Jerry said, "Time to fuck that tight hole, now." He grabbed me under my arms and pulled me to my feet. He led me to the couch and pushed me so I was bent over the arm. I heard him spit, as Tony positioned his cock in front of my face. I felt my asshole being lubed up and a finger probing my anus. Tony grabbed my head and forced my mouth down on his cock. Suddenly, I felt the head of Jerry's cock pushing into my butt. It hurt, but I couldn't complain as now Tony was holding my head and fucking my mouth. The cock in my butt went deeper, briefly pulled back, then thrust in again. I heard Jerry ask about some lube. I tried to answer, but I was gagging on cock. Then, I heard Jerry say "thanks". Thanks? What? The next two things that happened, did so simultaneously. Jerry withdrew his cock from my ass (I assumed to lube it up some more), and my wife entered my field of vision (holding her cell phone in front of her face). "Having fun?" she asked, smiling. "This is what you really wanted, isn't it? Big, hard cock filling YOU from both ends. Tony here looks like he's ready to fill your mouth with cum. You almost ready Tony? You'll swallow it all like a good queer, won't you? Then, Jerry is going to give you a sperm enema. You'll love how it feels dripping out of your fag pussy. Maybe, you can even clean your butt juices and his jizz off his penis when he's done. This is what you really wanted isn't it?" Tony then said, "I'm cumming!" He continued to hold my head in place as spurts of hot man juice filled my mouth. I had no choice about swallowing. I had to, as his cum was loading my mouth. I looked at my wife who was laughing and filming. "Yay! The faggot got his prize," I heard her say. "Only one of his prizes," Jerry said, "I've got some more coming right now!" He proceeded to pump his cum in my ass. Deep thrusts, making squishy noises, as he pulled in and out. When he finally pulled out of my ass, my wife said, "Now just one more thing I need to get on this video. Jerk your little clitty as you lick Tony and Jerry's cocks." I sat up on the couch, and the boys started rubbing their dicks all over my face as I jerked off. My wife continued to video the whole thing and said, "Perfect. I can't wait to show this movie to my girlfriends." I sucked on both of them and licked their balls. Suddenly, I shot my load all over my chest. My wife got some cum on her fingers and rubbed it all over my face. "Good fagott." she said, "Aren't you glad I agreed to a little gangbang?"