Redbook Date --- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part III

She had left the door latch wedged between the door and the doorframe so that I could walk right in. My eyes immediately scanned the room, she was nowhere in sight. Closing the door behind me I heard her voice from the hallway, "wait for me". Ashley was walking down the hallway with an ice bucket in tow. She apparently wasn't concerned about her attire…a form fitting, shiny silver dress that barely covered her body. Her heels were tall and lead up to her bare legs. Walking pass me she kissed my cheek, smiled and brushed the ice bucket against my chest. "Sit down, sit down. I want to show you something"… I sat on the bed she pulled out a bottle of expensive vodka. It wasn't "top shelf", it was the stuff kept in the back room. Grabbing a couple shot glasses she filled them up and we toasted. The vodka was as cold as ice and was smoother than Grey Goose or Belvadere. Snatching the empty glass from my hand, she started kissing my neck. Her breath was filled with booze and the smell of burnt almonds, which as I had learned is what meth smells like when smoked. She grabbed my crotch, "Oh Daddy, I want you to fill me up before Mommy comes home". I needed to jump in the shower first, allowing Ashley time to make us drinks.The bathroom had a pile of towels on the floor, there may have been 2 or 3, or it might have been 5 or 6. How many men has she seen today? Is she THAT busy or where they all hers? It didn't matter…I wanted some more of her and of that d**g she uses.When I came out she was sitting in the chair with her pipe in hand…"Here, have some"…."You first", I said. As she hit the pipe my hands found their way under her little dress to her sweet, slutty pussy. "Spread your legs for Daddy. Do you like to have your hole played with while you hit the pipe?". She nodded yes and smiled. As she pulled the pipe from her mouth she motioned for me to bring my lips to her. The sensations of her mouth and tongue coupled with the billowing smoke brought my cock to full attention. It sprung from the towel I had wrapped around my waist. Ashley wasted no time, going down on me like she was a hungry little woman. Her eyes looked into mine. She had a TON of eye makeup on…green eyeshadow, mascara and blush…"Daddy, when its time to cum will you cum inside my slutty, wet lil pussy?"…Of course I will Baby Girl.After dumping a load in her hole and one in her mouth it was time to go…."Daddy….stay with me again soon…please?"….Two days later I was there again.