Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

If you read part one of “Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC”, you know that I had written a fictional story of a fantasy I had about my wife and another man. Since then, you might say that my fantasy has come true, although in no way how I had hoped or envisioned it.The following is the real life follow up of what really happened:cuckoldna man whose spouse has committed adulteryor, the husband of an unfaithful wife.vbto make a cuckold of (a husband). or, to make a cuckold of someone by being unfaithful, or by seducing his wife.That’s it. That’s all it takes to be a cuckold. I don’t wear a cock cage, I don’t wear panties, I don’t sit in the corner and watch, I don’t get verbally humiliated, and I don’t “clean up”, as the porn websites are so popular in portraying of the cuckold lifestyle. But still, I am a cuckold, as my wife has been unfaithful to me. Numerous times, and I just recently found out. The reason I am a cuckold, is that I am still with her, otherwise I would just be an ex-husband lol. The men who bedded my wife knew she was married, knew me or knew of me, and between all of them, they all enjoyed every inch of her, as I was sitting at home completely oblivious to the cock craving fantasy that she was fulfilling. Going back to my previous story, I have, or we have, discussed a scenario like this for quite a while, but I was to be involved. It was supposed to be a shared experience, and something that would help to keep our sex life spicy and new, would help keep us from a wandering eye and straying away from the marriage. But instead it just opened her eyes to the fact that I didn’t mind if she had sex with another man, and I guess she just decided that it would be more fun without me being involved, so she went out and did it, a whole bunch of times, and I am sure she had a blast doing it. All I got out it was the feelings of lies and betrayal that were bestowed upon me as I discovered the evidence little by little. I won’t focus on all that though, as I am sure if you are reading this you are more interested in reading of her sexual escapades than you are in hearing of some butthurt emotional husband crying about how wrong it all is. The fact of the matter is that I put myself in this situation by bringing up all this sex with other men talk, and then by not paying attention as she went her own way hooking up with these guys on Facebook, etc.That’s how I found out by the way. Her Facebook notifications kept going off and one day I just got curious as to what they were so I clicked on her account page at our home computer while she was apparently also logged in while at work. Expecting to see some talk with girlfriends about happy hour plans or whatever, the first one I saw was from a guy named Mike:“Next time I’m in town I’m going to rock your world! Last time I took it easy on you. This time you getting it all!”To which she replied, “Deal! Now you just have to get your ass here.”And then from him, “I need a pic of you to jerk off to until I see you again so go in the bathroom and take a pic of your pussy and send it to me.” These messages were coming through to me in real time as they were having the conversation, and I was blown away. My sweet little wife was having sexually explicit conversations with another man, but of course it was really nothing more than cyber sex, so I was just like wtf, but not like steaming mad about it. It did, however, pique my interest as to other conversations that she may be having so I looked for others that were from men, and sure enough, another conversation from that same morning with a guy named Shawn:From her: “So have you ever had 3?”Shawn: “Nope.”Wife: “It will be new for both of us then.”Shawn: “Are you going to hold my hand? lol.”Wife: “ lol- I think the 3 of us will be just fine!”And she finished by saying that she would send him a text. Now this really had me thinking. Was she going through with OUR plans for a 3-some? Was this the guy she had picked? I was unsettled, unsure, but kind of excited all at the same time. I decided to lay low with the information I had and just wait and see what happened next. That night she seemed normal, nothing was mentioned, and we went to bed. I suddenly remembered though about her mentioning sending him a text, so I got up and went and checked her phone. I found a text thread with Shawn’s name on it. It ended up being a group text with Shawn and a guy named Glen. Apparently the 3 OF THEM were planning a 3-some on the upcoming Thursday but there was conflicts in time scheduling between the two guys. By what she was saying though, she was ALL in, and was definitely pursuing more than being pursued. I wasn’t able to screenshot the whole conversation so I will just paraphrase some of the more interesting bits:Wife (talking about a morning rendezvous): “Isn’t that too early? Don’t you need some orange juice or something to get your stamina up? I’m a morning person so the 2 of you could be going for a while.”Glen says: “Thursday before noon won’t work so don’t wait on me.”To which she replies: “Oh no buddy, this is a GROUP effort. Wouldn’t be the same, my dreams wouldn’t cum true if we changed things up.”I missed some of the text in the middle but at some point she says, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint the both of you.... all this talk and then....oh that’s it.”Glen replies: LOL - You will be the one pulling double duty!”Wife: “True.... But I think the two of you will keep me going!”Well, my wife was being a slutty little whore! I thought to myself. But so far, no evidence that anything had happened beyond slutty talk. I checked other texts and saw one from just Glen. The most recent texts being from yesterday, around noon time. Glen mentioned that his mother in law was at his house and what was my wife doing:Wife: “Still here packing what timing.”Glen: No, that’s GOOD timing, rather she came over now instead of while we going at it.”Wife: “Right! Better now than in 30 mins”Glen: “OK she’s leaving.”Wife: “OK I’m headed your way. Park in driveway?”Glen: “Pull in the garage.”I’d say that was pretty solid evidence that she cheated on me. Yesterday. And today lining up future partners with the 3-way, and the guy Mike. I scrolled up to more of her and Glen’s conversation. From two weeks ago:Wife: “So that was pretty ballsy for us today.”Glen: “LOL, sorry about that.”Wife; “ But wouldn’t have changed it.... except to be longer.”Glen: “Couldn’t chance her walking down on us.”My mind was racing at this point. She’s been doing this for - How long??!!! FUCK!! I also put together a timeline from texts that me and her had from yesterday that, and this is truly embarrassing and a complete mind fuck; that at the exact same time that my wife and Glen had been fucking each other, I had been on Xhamster jerking off to porn. So while I was shooting a load of cum into a pair of her panties while watching porn, Glen was shooting a load of cum inside my wife. Then I began to wonder if the panties I was sniffing were leftovers from another possible encounter that I didn’t know about, and who’s load might have been in them. Man my head was spinning and I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Somehow I managed to keep my shit together the following morning because I hadn’t yet been able to decide what the hell I was going to do, kissed my wife’s whore mouth and went off to work. I got home before her, and decided to do some more investigating. I looked on her Facebook again and low and behold, a message from a guy named Vince. What’s this? So I open it and Vince says that he had a dream last night that he fucked my wife in the ass and came in her ass. She asked him if he knew the song “Hello” by Adele. A song about two lovers that went their separate ways. How sweet. Well this message was a continuation from older posts so again, I scrolled up and boom:Vince: “So you want this super rock hard for 3 hours?”Wife: “I already did! Well ok, for 1.5 hours and I can’t even take that lol!”Vince: “You been timing me? U freakWife: * thumbs up emoji *Vince: “Ok, rate my dick, and lovemaking”Wife: “Ok to rate it.....dick, a 10..... Lovemaking, a 6.”Vince: “Damn a 10, I gave your pussy a 12....And good don’t worry about my lovemaking anymore.”Wife: “ Lol, well if I can go above a 10 then yes, your dick is a 14, and your lovemaking is awesome.”Vince: “My dick is hard. I’m horny.”Wife: “Haha surprise surprise.”Vince: “You tricked me, and now no more pill and no more azz....why you not acting right.”Mother. Fucker. My wife was apparently just the neighborhood whore! If you’re keeping track, that makes two strange cocks that had been inside her, who knows how many times, and ongoing plans for two more. THAT I KNEW OF!!!If I wasn’t so pissed off I would have been amused by the 6 rating for lovemaking but WTF was I going to do about this??? Well, I sent her a text and told her that I knew what she had been doing and that her bags were packed. She raced home from work and had little to no explanation except she was sorry I found out. Not sorry that she had done any of it, but that I had found out. OK so I booted her.*End of Chapter*Updates Since it All Went Down - Ok, so I have some more details, after some time, we have talked, and she *maybe* came clean as to what happened. I am suspicious because she only copped to what I already knew, so it’s a little hard for me to believe. But if anyone is interested, I’ll give you some more interesting information. All these guys are firefighters, with the exception of the out of town Mike,who she had met before I even knew her. The firefighters she had met through a firefighter award program through her work. So, they were all *heroes*, and boy did she ever reward them. Also, they were all black, and as I have previously mentioned, that’s kinda her thing. Don’t know why she is married to a white guy, but obviously she missed getting dicked down by black cock so I guess she just couldn’t help herself. She told me that she never would have gone through with the 3-some thing, it was all just talk, but I don’t believe that for a second. Also, with the firefighters, she had actually brought me along to a few firefighter events in which she was trolling for these guys, I do remember meeting Glen and Shawn. Little did I know that she was making plans to fuck them with me just standing there clueless. I am sure they all had a good laugh about that.She gave me some details about the sex, but I don’t think wants me to know everything. Apparently it all started when Vince seduced her through meeting at these firefighter events and also through Facebook messaging. They spent their 1st night together in a hotel when she was supposed to be out with friends. That was when he did her for 1.5 hours, in every position, they did *everything* was all she would say, and that he was too big. Apparently it was pretty damn good though, because she went back for more again and again, mostly in his firehouse bunk, and at least one time at her office at work when nobody else was around. The mention of no more pill, well that took a minute to sink in, but back a few months before I had noticed that she was taking birth control..... which was weird because I have a vasectomy...... I was dumb enough to believe her when she said she went on it so she could control her periods. I’m a guy and don’t know shit about that stuff, but I sure missed that red flag, what an idiot. She went off it I guess when she decided that she was feeling guilty about what she was doing and broke it off with him. I am guessing it wasn’t long until she started missing that side piece, so that’s when she started trolling for more. Glen was apparently an easy choice, he was game, he was also married, and also vasectomy safe so no worries about the pill with him. She said she did it twice with him, at his house, and the comment about “couldn’t chance her walking down on us” was that his 3 daughters were all home at the time they were doing it. How classy. She also said that they had told each other that was the end of it and they couldn’t do it anymore, yet, it was the very next day after their second encounter that they were discussing the 3-some thing, so again, I don’t believe her on that. And then, another bombshell. But again, not by her admission, but by me checking her phone one more time when we were together trying to “talk through” things. Guess what: Guy #5!!!! Again, supposedly not consummated physically, but she had basically picked him up at a bar one night while out with a girlfriend, another married whore. Who knows what they did besides talked, we never did discuss that, maybe making out, maybe groping in a dark corner, maybe....who knows...... but this guy was from out of town, and she had kept in contact with him since that night. The very next day after I kicked her ass out of the house, she made plans to go visit him in New York, got herself a plane ticket and everything. Wow, she was really all broken up about our marriage being over wasn’t she?Fast Forward to Today and Feedback from Readers Please!Well due in part to her remorse and regret, and due in part to that I am a pathetic loser and a glutton for punishment, I forgave her and let her move back home. I guess I figured that if everyone else was going to get to hit that pussy then I might as well be hitting it too. I myself had committed to a marriage and had not cultivated a big list of female friends that I could look up and go on dates with, like she had with her men. I really just didn’t have the energy to start over again and try to find someone else that would eventually cheat on me anyway so I figured I would just stick with the one cheating whore versus dealing with multiple cheating whores. That’s my reality. She will probably continue to do what she does, though she says she won’t. Given what I found out happened over the past year, am I really supposed to believe it hadn’t happened before, or maybe the whole 14 years we’ve been together? So did I want to be a cuckold? I guess I did, only I wanted to be a part of it, an experience we could share together, only that’s not how it went down.The moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. I am a cuckold, end of story. I accept it.So as you all have read the true story of what happened, I would really appreciate any feedback &/or any questions that you might have about my situation. I look forward to hearing from you!