our 1st time MMF

Ok first a little about us im 28 6'2'' average build my wife is very sexy short slim petite little blonde bomb shell with small 32 a boobs. we have a great sex life but we spoke about the fact i wanted to try a 3some so we joined AFF were we got chatting to a guy much older then us (55) but my wife liked him. as we chatted we found out he was a single man that was only about 20 miles away, so we decided to meet him for a night out and a few drinks and catch the train home. we got chatting and we hit if off very well he was a good bloke and a good laugh and best of all kept or drinks full, so much so we lost track of the time and before we knew it we had 15 mins to get back to the train station before we missed the last train. so we all finished off our drinks and jumped into a taxi to the train station and then steve would take the taxi back to his. as we got into the taxi we told the driver about the train we wanted to get he laughed and said good luck but after about 10 mins he turned round and said he wont get us to the station in time so we spoke and said to go back to town so we could keep drinking (as none of us wanted to stop the party) and we would get a taxi home later. so happily we all went back to the bar and kept drinking soon the bar we were in started to empty and still not ready to end the night we spoke about going to a club me and steve said sure but as being not much of a dancer steve said how about we go back to his and party as his and then we can get a taxi from his back to ours. as i looked to my wife to ask her want she wanted to do she answered for me and said sure sounds like fun so again we all jumped into a taxi this time steves hand was rubbing my wifes leg that she had no problem with. when we got back to steve's he let us into s very nice flat so me and my wife sat down while steve sorted drinks, a little later we started playing the old fav 'spin the bottle'. by this time me and my wife were really starting to feel the drink and as luck would have it we soon ended up with my wife in her bra and thong. here next dare was to kiss steve to and she happily jumped up and sat on his lap facing him with her legs either side of him. where they then enjoyed a long slow passionate kiss. i could clearly see there tongues meeting, this went on for about 15 seconds but felt a huge amount longer before my wife broke of the kiss and turned to look at me to make sure i was ok. as she did this steve went to work on her neck this is a massive turn on for my wife she loves it and already feeling the buzz from the vodka she was getting very horny. once she had seen i was enjoying the show and the sensation of steve on her neck she turned back to kiss steve again. this time she started to grind her self on his hardon that was now very clear in the front of his jeans, steve responded by reaching round and undoing her bra freeing up her pert little boobs. i'm sat here watching and enjoying the best porno of my live then my wife started to undo steves shirt, once she had that off he picked her up and plonked her on the sofa where he started of working his way down from her mouth down to her boobs taking each one in his mouth and tweaking the other till he got to her thong where he pulled that off and went to work on her pussy. she starts to moan and buck her back as she cums very fast, while she is still shivering from her orgasm he works his way back to her mouth while pulling at his trousers. by the time he reaches her mouth again he has his trousers and boxers down and his massive cock swinging around. my wife feels it brush her legs so she reaches down and starts rubbing it and i could she she was impressed with what she felt. he then moves her hand and tries to push inside her, i try to say something as she was not on the pill and we always use condoms but the alcohol made my mouth stop working but luckily my wife stopped him and said he needed a condom, he stops and looks in his wallet but moans he hasn't got 1 there and that we should go to the bedroom as he has some there so we all get up and walk to the bedroom. my wife jumps on the bed and spreads her legs wide open while steve is looking for a condom, after looking in both bedside draws he says this hasn't happened before but i'm out. me and my wife both moan in disappointment and look at each other when my wife smiles and says as he has been a total gent the whole night he can go bare as long as he pulls out before he cums. i'm in total shock but he thinks all his birthdays have come at once and soon jumps on top of my wife kissing her again and i can see her small hand holding his huge cock as she aims it to her pussy, then she stops as he slowly pushes all the way in. once he is all the way in the sound she makes is one of total enjoyment. he very quickly starts really fucking her hard. as the whole room is full of the sounds of her moans and his balls slapping against her arse. i start to take my cloths of and walk round the bed watching from different angels , as i walk past the foot of the bed i can see the juices on steve's huge cock as he is almost pulling her insides out and his massive balls slapping against her each time. i stand there total mesmerised as i then get snapped out of my daze as steve slams into my wifes and holds himself deep inside her twitching and i know he is cuming inside her! i stand there in total shock as he is still shooting more cum inside my young wife once he has stopped he just lays there on top of her still as they start kissing she breaks off the kiss to give him a playful slap on the arse and says i thought u were going to pull out he just laughs and said he was going to but was enjoying himself to much to stop so my wife tells him that she isn't on the pill and has always used condoms and has only ever had a bare cock on a few occasions and never had someone cum inside her before. he starts to say how sorry he was and that he thought she was on the pill, she tells him its ok and she should have told him again or not let him go bare, he then pulls his limp cock out of her pussy and thats when both me and steve have a look at her red puffy pussy when there is a huge stream of cum leaking from her. she can feel this and jokes how much did he put in her and he says he is a very heavy cummer and hasn't had sex for 3 weeks and he doesn't wank. me and my wife r like holy fuck we need to get u the morning after pill. but steve is getting hard again, my wife sees this and laughs and says well we don't need any more condoms tonight then so i try and take my change to cum inside her but due to the alcohol i cant get hard, steve is sat there watching laughing and says let him go again so i step back and see him slide back inside her with total ease. this time he starts fucking her really hard from the start, my wife is shouting to fuch her harder and to cum inside her like a total slut. this time after a bit he gets her on all fours so i slide under her to lick her clit as he is fucking her. as i'm under there i get a close up of this massive cock in my wife i cant help but to lick her clit, i can taste both there fluids as i work on here clit and while i'm doing this im having his balls slaps my face as i try and move away her legs give way go i'm now trapped under her and i see his balls rise up as he cums inside her pussy again after that we all fall asleep and i'm woken up again to the bed shaking as i see my wife on her side facing me with steves cock inside her again, just as i start to wipe the sleep from my eyes i see her face as they both cum together again!!. after that we get dressed and steve takes us to the train station in total silence and again on the train me and my wife sit in total silence when we get home she cant walk anymore as she is to sore from the seeing to she just took and when she takes here thong off its soaked in steves cum. this is sunday morning and where we live there is no shops open and the next day is bank holiday as well so we still cant get the morning after pill and tuesday we r back to work so it looks like she wont b getting the morning after pill..... we wait in hope that she gets her next period fastps this is all real and happened last weekend i have had a hardon ever since