Office fantasy

We’ve hired a man from a temp agency to work in my office. A tall, thin black man that I can’t keep my eyes off of. He sits across from me at his desk and from my vantage point, I can look under his desk at his beautiful thick black cock. Now, I’m a shy lady and I would never approach him, but the other night while having some wine with my husband it sort of slipped out that I was attracted to his penis. This really turned my husband on because that night, we had fantasied about meeting him and having me suck his cock while the whole time my husband watched and taped the whole thing. The next day we went to work as though nothing had happened but that night, when we went to bed, our fantasy about the black cock was even more erotic. This time, the black man was fucking me hard and my husband was really turned on. I must admit, after watching his gorgeous cock all day long, I was soaking wet and couldn’t wait for my husband to talk dirty to me about his big black dick while he fucks me tonight. I went back to work the next day and I fantasized that tonight, when I arrive home from work, I’m going to propose that my husband and I meet the black man for drinks and see if we can make our fantasy come true! I’m going to propose that we make arrangements to meet him at a bar located down on the 1st floor of our building. I was so nervous. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating faster and faster. My panties were soaked from touching and caressing my hot little pussy all day long at my desk while dreaming about what it might be like to have a black man wrap himself around me and give me the fucking of my life. I’m certain my husband will say yes. I want the black man to say yes as well. I want to make love to his enormous cock. My fantasy is that my husband is to introduce himself, buy the black man a drink and start a conversation. Next, after a drink or two, mention how many times I’ve expressed how much I enjoy working with him. Then slowly, switch the conversation over to sex and see where it goes from there, see if he’s interested, see if he likes thin, attractive, mature ladies. If he was, then my husband would give me the signal and I would join them.I have a cute little plaid miniskirt that I plan to wear. My husband calls me his little bitch whenever I wear it – which makes me so fucking horny. He licks my pussy and makes me cum for hours. I feel so sexy, so naughty when I wear that skirt. I’ll also wear a pretty white blouse and a little jacket – nice and tight to show off my slender waist, big breasts and my incredibly tight ass. I’ll sit at the bar between both men, just back far enough so both of them can see my legs. My blouse unbuttoned just enough so they both can see my breasts. We’ll have a few drinks and my husband will rub my inner thigh with his hand, we’re hoping the black man responds by doing the same thing? I hope so. I have rather large, full breasts for a woman of my size. My nipples get so hard at my desk when I dream about his big black dick. Just the thought of that long black cock sliding between my full, beautiful breasts makes me dripping wet. The tip of his massive cock fucking my mouth at the same time with every thrust between my tits. I want him to fuck my tits with that enormous black dick. When I push my tits together around his big black cock, I can feel his cum filled dick getting harder and harder. Just the thought of him gushing hot cum all over my face and in my mouth makes me so wet. I shaved my little pussy until it was silky smooth. My anticipation was overwhelming when I thought of the possibility that a long black cock might be pounding my hot little pussy tonight. I’ve had so many wonderful orgasms at my desk at work while gazing at his long, thick black cock forming a perfect mold as it rests bulging in his pants. Almost like a snake, it hangs down his pants leg at least 4 – 5 inches, and that’s not even hard! He’s got at least 14 inches of beautiful black cock with a full erection. Oh God, I just want to pull his cock out of his pants and slide it deep into my mouth. There is nothing more erotic than feeling a huge cock getting harder and harder in my mouth. Judging by how perfectly massive his cock is when soft, I simply can’t even imagine how big it will get when I start sucking on it. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m so nervous, I just hope I can fit all that cock in my mouth. I want to suck on his balls while stroking his long, thick cock. I hope he fucks my mouth like a hot little bitch. I want to feel his big black balls slamming into my chin with every thrust. I want to suck his black balls and I want my mouth fucked by a huge black cock. I want him to spray a huge load of steaming hot cum down my throat and all over my face. I want him to empty his throbbing black cock deep into the back of my throat and when he’s finished, I want him to lay back, and watch me suck him off again until his massive black dick becomes hard again.You would never have guessed it, but I love to be spanked. My husband spanks me often and my orgasms are incredible. It’s funny because I’m really very shy and I am certainly NOT a flirt with men. You would never think that I enjoy a little pain while being sexually stimulated. My pussy gets so swollen at work when I daydream about my black man wrapping his huge hands around my slender waist and pulling me in to meet his throbbing black cock. I’m a petite lady, and I’m absolutely certain he could easily wrap both his hands around my tiny waist and touch his fingers in the middle. This makes me anxious and excited at the same time because I have never been with a black man before nor have I ever had a cock that was so long and so thick before. Being completely at his mercy as he grabs a hold of my waist and pushes that massive tool into my slick pussy while pinning me down helplessly to the bed sends a rush of pleasure through my whole body like none other. I have no choice, his cock is so black and so massive that he is going to fuck me hard and sink his big black cock into my pussy all the way up to his huge black balls. He is going to make me orgasm wildly. He is going to spank my naughty ass and make me beg for more.Sometimes at my desk, I like to use a vibrator on my pussy while I stare at the perfectly shaped head of his dick bulging through his pants. It’s a quiet vibrator and I’m fairly certain no one else can hear my light gasps of pleasure while I’m sliding it up a down my hot little clit. I’ve never told anyone this before, especially my husband, but from time to time I like to allow my vibrator to slip gently into my ass, but only for one or two quick pokes. I know it’s naughty but when I do it, my eyes roll back in my head from the pleasure I get just thinking about his cum filled black cock slipping into my tight little butt. Never in my life have I had a cock in my ass before – not to mention a massive black dick. I have dreamt about him fucking my little wet pussy and me whispering in his ear, just loud enough for my husband to hear, “fuck my little virgin ass”. I want him to start slowly, pressing his black cock slightly deeper and deeper with every thrust, pushing open my little virgin butt more and more. I want to beg him to stop, but that only makes his long black dick even harder. After a while, I want to be mounted by him and completely wrapped around his cock with him fucking me with all of his fully erect 14 inch black cock. I want my virgin ass lifted high up off the bed for him to slip his engorged cum filled cock into. I don’t want to be a naughty girl, but I just can’t stop wanting this big black dick to take my virginity by exploding his hot black cock cum deep into my tight little ass. I want him to pull my nipples, rub my soaking wet pussy and fuck my tight little ass all night long.