my step sister kate

He had been seeing a women called Dawn for about six months when he invited her a her daughter Kate for dinner on eveningKate was three years older then me, she was plump quite plain and small breasts, but that was just my opinion, She was a bit shy I think we both felt awkward really, we sat in the garden talking leaving our parents alone.She told me she was training to be a hair dresser , we also talked about hobbies, Four months later my dad told me they was moving in with us,Things was OK my step mum was really nice, and Kate mainly come home had some dinner then went to her room and played music, she never went out much.One day my friend Paul came round, we had been wanking and sucking each other for a year or so, we was just randy teenagers,i had only just started letting him fuck me, we had the house to our selves,so we went to my room, he went into the bathroom, then came back in with a white bra and knickers set. I asked where he got them from, he said the washing basket,He then asked me to put them on a pretend to be a girl, I was putting on the bra he was sniffing the knickers laughing.I padded out the bra with a few pairs of socks then pulled on the knickers, I then went down on him sucking he cock,My cock was leaking like mad, I thought I was going to cum , it felt so good wearing a girls bra and knickers .He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth saying he was coming,He asked who's underwear was it, I said I think it was Kate's her mum tits was a lot bigger, He asked if I would fuck my step mum , I said no she was to old, What about Kate , I said I would but hadn't really thought about it, yea she was a nice girl, but she was my sister now,Yea but step sister you can still screw her .He pulled my head back on the his cock It was oozing pre cumhe then told me to bend over the bed , He pulled my knickers down at the back, he the licked my bum his tongue probing in side me , the he stood and I felt his cock entering meIt hurt a little but he carried on pushing , finally he was all the way in , he stood still for a while,His hand then went down the front of my knickers and started wanking me off, I came in ten seconds he came inside me a couple of seconds later I could feel his cock pulsing inside me his knees trembling,both of us breathing heavily,when my bedroom door opened.Standing in the door was Kate,He pulled his cock out of me, I instinctively pulled up my knickers, she stood looking at us, looking shocked, but then started laughing,Paul had grabbed his clothes pushed past her into the bathroom,Kate stood looking at me, please don't tell anyone,you have my bra and knickers on she said, yes sorry Paul wanted me to wear them, he got them from the bathroom,Then we heard Paul run down the stairs and the front door slam,She laughed some friend , are you gay she said no I like girls I replied, then why are you doing thisI don't know I said,You have cum in my knickers haven't you looking at the damp patch,Yes I said, can I get changed please I walked over to my clothes in the corner of the room she burst out laughing,you have two damp patches, Paul's cum was seeping out of me.She sat on the bed and watched me fumble trying to undo the bra she giggled come here, she undid it the socks fell to the floorShe laughed louder, she sat back down on the bed.Looking at me standing in her knickers, please don't tell I pleaded,Depends on you she laughed, her eyes was fixed on my crouch, what do you mean I said?My knickers please, what I replied take my knickers off, I slipped them down my legs , and reached for my trousers.No she said , pass me my knickers, I did as I was told she inspected the knickers then rubbed them into my face telling me to lick them.I did as I was told,She sat back down on the bed I stood in front of her, put your hand by your sides she said, I obeyedYou wank a lot don't you?No I saidChris don't lie I have heard you in bed wanking, I know you keep a dirty book under your mattress and I have seen the piles of toilet paper under your bed I blushed.So you do don't you?What was you doing in my room I asked,Mum asked me to get your dirty washing, the book was hanging out .Oh I said blushing even moreShe was staring at my limp cock and said again you wank a lot don't you?Yes I replied feeling totally embarrassed,I know you do, I have watched you she laughed,How I said, You should block your key hole up laughing.How many girls have you shagged she askedNone I said , What about Julie she asked I thought you was going out with her?I told her we had split up she was boring and only let me finger her once.Oh Kate said, then said you want to fuck me No I saidI heard you tell Paul you didn't want to fuck my mum but you would meI stood silent totally humiliated. A tear rolled down my cheekShe stood up and hugged me and told me nothing was wrong and kissed me on the cheekI said I was sorry, she laughed your OK she said her fingers stroking my backIts turned me on watching you wank she stepped back and took my hand and placed it on her breast how's that feelMy cock started to get hardShe kissed me on the lips, then took my hand and put it up her skirt, her knickers was soaking wet I rubbed her fanny she moaned I pulled her knickers to the side and felt her juices and slide my fingers inside herHer legs buckled we fell onto my bed and kissed she reached down and held my rock hard cock , she then rolled me onto my backThen went down and started sucking my cock , I could feel my self coming when she stopped,She just stood up and said you can keep the knickers , I won't tell anyone,but you now owe me and left my room