My Son's Best Friend

Well then my husband got a job offer in another city, it was too good for us to pass up. We were going to be moving in a few months. We had started to tell everyone. Jack had come over to stay the night like he has done a million times before. The next morning my husband and son left for the store, I stayed home along with Jack who was asleep. Jack emerged about two minutes after the crew left. I was in the kitchen doing some clean up, wearing only a tshirt, just like a million times before. Jack stood in the kitchen looking at me. I turned and asked what he wanted for breakfast. He pointed at me. I laughed and lifted my shirt and flashed my freshly shaved cunt and said this was for real men. Jack said he was a real man and he could handle anything I threw at him. Then he dared me to back up what I said. I thought for a minute then grabbed his hand and lead him to the master bedroom. I was not sure what I was going to do yet. I was thinking a strip tease that would leave him with some wild dreams. I sat him on the bed and went into the middle of the room and pulled my shirt off and started dancing as slutty as I could. I wanted to make an impression and wanted to do a lap dance but was not sure how. As I danced I got closer and closer to him. I finally got right in front of him and spread my pussy lips wide showing him the inside of my wet pussy. He restrained himself very well, which was too bad as I wanted him to take me and fuck my brains out with his young cock. The more I danced the more horny I got. I noticed the large bulge in his pants and grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom. I thought I would give him a hand job to finish what I had started. At this point I had not decided whether to let him cum in my mouth or on my tits. I pulled his pants down and took cock in my hands as I leaned back against the vanity. His cock was hard, hard as steel. I loved the way it felt in my hands. And his balls were heavy. I worked his cock with both of my hands, rubbing the head up and down my wet slit. I was dripping wet watching and feeling his cock dribble precum all over my cunt. I wanted to watch it squirt its load all over my wet cunt. Then it dawned on me, I pushed Jack back, his cock still between my pussy lips. I asked him if he had ever been with a girl, if he had ever had sex. I had assumed he had, I assumed Jack had been fucking lots of girls. Well no he had not, he informed me he was a virgin. I thought about this for a split second. I had never had a virgin and had always wondered what that would be like. My pussy, my whole insides tingled at this thought. My pussy got even wetter. I asked Jack if I could be his first and he said he would like that. I took Jack's cock which was still in my hand and between my pussy lips and guided it into my hungry cunt. He pushed slowly up into me, both of us watching his cock disappear into my pussy. When he bottomed out we both stood there, still except for the the twitching of his cock. We looked at each other and I asked him if he liked the feel of being inside me. Jack said he loved the way I felt. I could feel his cock swelling and knew he would cum any second. He pulled back and then went back up me, both us looking each other in the eye and I felt his cock swell even bigger and then it started to pulse as he came. A warm wet feeling came over me as Jack pumped his seed deep inside me causing me to cum with him. Jack came so hard and with such force I thought we both might fall down. So as soon as he finished his orgasim I took his hand and lead him back to the bed. Jack's cum was running down my legs as we made the short walk. We both climbed onto the bed and Jack immediately mounted me shoving his hard cock into my cum soaked pussy. This time he thrust into me with more force, my pussy making a sloppy sound as he plunged in and out of it. This time Jack pushed my legs up against my chest as he came getting in way deep before flooding my womb. I figured the guys would be home soon we both got int the shower and clean up and dressed. Jack we moved away about four months later. Jack and I fucked every chance we got. Some of which were pretty much quickies, just lift my skirt and slip it in me and dump his load while other were more intense longer sessions. Trying to please both Jack and my husband was trying at times. We moved and nobody ever figured out that Jack and I were fucking. I never heard from Jack after we moved. I knew he talked to my son a few times but I could never understand why he never called to talk to me.