I have always loved photography ever since I was young boy and never lost my interest as I grew up,I would take lots of pictures while on holiday with my parents,I continued to take photos of different subjects through out my years and won one or two awards along the way,My parents brought me a brand new camera for my 21st birthday this was the latest camera I was so pleased as this was the next stage of me being a photographer,I always wanted to become a professional photographer when I grew up so I turned my parents cellar into my photo studio this was ideal as it had a separate entrance to the cellar,I would not be disturbed when I was in my dark room as I use to do all my own processing,I decided to advertised my services locally in shops and notice boards in the hope I would make some money as the materials used to process the photos was becoming very expensive, It was a to be a few weeks before I had my first assignment there was a family of 4 who wanted a family portrait,I made arrangements for them to come to my studio I had managed to get an old chesterfield settee from a friend of my Mom it was perfect as it was red so would always look good as a focal point of my photos, When the family arrived they were in there mid 30s the wife was very attractive woman and very smart I got the lads to stand behind there parents who were sitting down on the settee,I took lots of photos using different lights to get the best pictures,When asked when they would be ready I told them in a few days the wife told me that she would collect them,I couldn’t wait to process them to see how my new camera was performing, They went away happy customers so my photo studio was well and truly underway,Over the next few months I managed to get some more booking some with their pets and others with there c***dren I was even booked to take beauty queens for the local carnival,Things were really looking up now and the money was starting to come in I was now being recommended, My first assignment the family the wife loved my photos that much she asked me if I would do some more at a later date of course how could I not she was so attractive great advertising for a photographer like my self,As the months went by work was slow so I decided to advertise my service on my own web page I was now 22 and the work started to slowly come in,The lady who had been my first ever customer with her family asked me if I would take some more photos as a surprise for her husband she told me I would like you to take some special photos of me in my underwear for my husband,I was a little shocked as I had never been asked to do this kind of work before, when she arrived she asked where she could get changed I had already erected a curtain up in one corner of the room so it was private,I got my self set up lights and then the camera she shouted to me to ask if I was ready,My hands were shaking I had never seen a woman in her underwear before don’t get me wrong I have looked at pictures of women in magazines but this was for real,As she came into the room she was dressed in a white see through dressing gown I could see she was wearing stocking and suspenders, She told me her husband was going away for 6 months and she wanted the photos for him to remind him what was waiting for him when he returned and also to remind him what he would be missing while away,“So how would you like me to pose? Well you could start by sitting down on the settee and look into the camera lenses,Do you need me to remove my dressing gown?“Err yes good idea?As she removed her gown my eyes nearly popped out “Oh my god she was so sexy I could feel myself getting aroused it was all I could do from not dropping my camera, Then I pulled myself together, and started to take her picture she looked so sexy in her white high heels and stocking she had an amazing body and looked fantastic, She asked me if I had done this type of work before? I lied and said yes many times, Then you must have seen a lot of women like this for one so young as you seem a little nervous,Well its because you are so attractive and very sexy looking?“Why thank you your not bad yourself?In fact I’m getting rather aroused sitting in my underwear with such a handsome young man,I was now turning red and she just laughed don’t worry I’m not going to jump on you I’ll do that to my husband when we finish here?But I know where to come if I get lonely and laughed again, “What a tease she was I thought?It wasn’t long before I got her to pose lying across the settee on her stomach and then on her side I did ask if she would be happy by removing her bra, which she did, right away her breasts were fantastic so firm and her nipples were perfect, I then asked if she could cover her breasts by crossing her arms across her chest then lean forward and squeeze her arms together this made her breasts push upwards make two beautiful white mounds I then asked if she would stand up and pose just inside the door frame and raise her one leg up the side of the frame she pressed forward onto the door frame with her breast she looked so sexy it was all I could do from pulling out my cock and masturbating, She was a natural she looked so good the photos were going to be great, My last photo was of her lying back on the settee with her legs spread apart she looked so sexy her breasts looked amazing she put her hand between her legs with such a sexy look as if to say come get it I did notice that when she spread her legs you could see her pants were very wet it showed the shape of her pussy lips I think her husband will love these as much as I have taking them,After she thanked me and kissed me on the cheek and whispered I’ll be back for more and squeezed my cock as she said it,“Oh fuck I thought?Now having done this type of work it gave me an idea perhaps I could advertise my services for private work on my web page as another way of fulfilling my ambition of loosing my virginity,I must admit when I processed the photos I did keep some copies for my own personal use after all she was a very sexy lady to be honest it would make good nighttime reading if you get my drift,It was a few months when I get a call from the lady my first ever assignment asking if I was available, as she would like to call around to see me, Well how could I not be available for her as the last time she squeezed my cock when leaving who knows this time I might get a blowjob or was I k**ding myself?She asked if she could call around after 5pm?“No problem I told her?When she arrived she told me that her husband had been away for two months and she was now missing him so much she wanted me to fuck her!!!“What did she just say “?Did I just hear right before I could think she was taking off her clothes “OH WOW”? She was wearing black stocking and black hi heels with a black bra and thong to match she looked amazing it was all I could do from Cuming there and then,Are you a virgin she asked?“Err well “Err?So you are then don’t worry I’ll be gentle and teach you everything just follow my lead and I will take on a journey of passion and love trust me,“I do trust you I said?Good then lets start by you taking your clothes off?Was I dreaming and would I wake up any minute or is this for real?Before long I was down to my shorts and she was now rubbing my cock she then told me to take them off She told me to sit on the settee and lean back she got onto her knee and started to play and rub my cock it was soon standing to attention and then she kissed the tip and then slide my cock right into her mouth and started to suck me,“Oh my god I could feel my self cumin before I could say anything I was shooting my cum into her mouth she didn’t stop sucking I could feel my cum being sucked from my cock the feeling was amazing I never thought it would be this good,It wasn’t long before I was hard again she then said now it’s my turn for you to pleasure me, we swopped places and she leaned back spread her legs like before And again she was so wet she pulled her panties down revealing a very smooth pussy she must have shaved,She now told me to lick her pussy so I did it was a sweet taste as I got started I became more confident I was now pushing my tong deep inside her pussy lipsShe started to moan out loud she was now thrusting her hips forward to the rhythm of my tong I then felt a flood of wetness over my mouth and chin I can only assume she has an orgasm by the noise she made,Then we swopped places again and she sucked me again until I was hard againShe then removed her bra and straddled my legs inserting my cock into her pussy entrance,She then pushed down onto my cock causing it to go deep into her pussy the feeling was so amazing I was having my virginity taken by such a sexy lady she continued to ride my cock as I watched her tits bounce up and down as she rode me, I can’t remember how many times I cum that night or indeed she all I know was it was the most wonderful experience I had ever had, sex with such a attractive lady,As she left again she kissed me on the lips and asked if she could come again soon,Are you k**ding me I wanted to fuck her every day of the week if I got the chance then she left,As the months went by I hadn’t heard from my lady friend but work was now coming in again,I was asked if I would do some photos of the new uniform of a well-known airline company,Of course this was good money my work was now coming through recommendation the photo shoot was to be done at the main offices of the airline,When I arrived I was shown to a large open space within the building there were lots of people I was a little nervous at first but got through that with out anyone noticing,They all looked very smart the air hostesses were very smart in the new red uniform with red heels to match there were about a dozen women and around 6 guys who I assume were the pilots,When I had finished one of the women came and asked me if I did private work she was in her mid thirties and very good looking she had great legs and looked sexy in her uniform which clung to her very sexy body, I was now looking at women of all aged in a completely different way in a kind of way that aroused me since the lady took my virginity,“Of course I do what would you like me to do for you,“Follow me she said? As we got into a lift she pressed the button for top floor on the way she told me that most of the time she would do long hall flights and as there was only her and her son she wanted to make sure he missed her while she was away,So what’s that got to do with me taking photos I thought?Well I was about to find out, as we arrived at the top she directed me to an office which had only a desk in she said we would not be disturbed as the top floor was not being used as yet,As we entered the office I was blown away with the view from the windows you could see for miles,“Right she said I would like you to take a photo of me sitting on the desk, you see my son lately has started to spy on me while I’m changing into my uniform, I know he like to look at my legs especially when I’m wearing stocking, I have caught him many times trying to look up my skirt to see my legs so I thought I would have some photos done especially for him so he can use them to satisfy himself while I’m awayI have also found a picture of me in his draw in my bikini so I know he’s curious about his mother and I want to make sure he knows how much his mother loves him and would do anything for him,At that I started to take her picture as she sat on the desk she crossed her legs showing the tops of her stockings and then she stood up leaned against the desk lifting her skirt to her waist,“Oh my god she looked so fucking hot she was wearing a thong that didn’t really cover much at all I wanted to get as many pictures of her as I could her legs were so sexy especially in high heels no wonder her son was spying on her I could feel myself getting aroused,“Ok I said how about you turn around and face the window and bend forward?“Oh my god she pull her skirt up again and I nearly dropped the camera,She said how do I look do you think my son will like it I don’t look too slutty do I?“Absolutely not in fact you look amazing your son is a very lucky lad to have such a sexy mom like you.Well thank you I hope he appreciates my pictures, She then stood up and said I see that you also like what you see would you like me to take care of that! Pointing too the tent in my trousers?I was a little embarrassed by my cock sticking out the the front of my trousers,“Its ok she said as she walked towards me and squeezed my cock,“Mmm I think it needs to be released? She then unzipped me and my cock sprung out into view.“Very nice lets make it better for you shall we?She then proceeded to rub my cock Oh my god it felt so good I was now rock hard,“Do you like that I’m going to do it for my son when he’s had a chance to look at the pictures you’ve taken of me, I might even give him a blowjob would you like me to give you a blowjob?“ Oh my god yes pleases? She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked so hard on it I thought she was going to swallow it as she took the full length down her throat,“You like that don’t you?“Oh yes its amazing?Then she got up lifted her skirt to her waist leaned over the desk pulled her thong to one side and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard,I didn’t have to be told twice as I pushed my cock into her soaking wet pussy and boy did I fuck her I was going to enjoy every stroke before her son took my place all you could here was her moaning for me to fuck her harder and my balls slapping against her butt by the time I cum she was having a second orgasm,Afterwards we got ourselves decent and she told me that was the first time she had sex in a year and that’s why she wanted the photos done so she could seduce her son and maybe he will do what I have just done to her, “ When can I have the pictures how much do I owe you?“Let say next two days I will drop then off here for you and as for payment well you’ve already paid in advance,“Thank you I have really enjoyed our session I hope you have too?As we left I couldn’t help thinking what a lucky lad he was to have a mother so attractive and sexy as she was and to have one that will go to any lengths to make him happy and of course herself too,