My Cousin Jenn

My Cousin JennI recall that it was about 8 years ago when I got the call about a big family reunion that was planned for the summer. I wasn’t sure if I could make it due to my work schedule and the relationship issues I was dealing with at the time, but I got the pressure from my mother that this could be "the last".... The reunion was going to be in a small town in Texas where one relative I dont even know has a big house and was hosting the gathering during the long July 4th weekend. It had lots of bedrooms, but those rooms and beds were already spoken for and the only other option was a small motel nearby. I booked a room by phone and about 45 days later I made the 9 hour drive by myself. Upon arrival, after checking in and unloading my stuff from my truck into the room, I went back to the front desk to get some ice for a much needed libation. My aunt and uncle walked in with their daughter Jenn who was 25 and just out of college. She was a very pretty young woman and we always got along well growing up despite there being more than 10 years age difference between us. We all hugged and it was a pleasure, though momentary, to feel her breasts pressed against my chest as she wrapped her arms around me tighter than I expected. We talked about the gathering as my Uncle Ron checked in. He was surprised to learn that a room with 2 beds wasn’t available as he had reserved and was complaining. I offered a solution up.. Jenn could stay in mine since it has two beds and my Aunt agreed and said are you sure you won’t mind? No problem, I said. Then they went to theirs which was on the opposite end of the motel. Jenn grabbed her bags from the trunk and followed me down the walkway of doors and AC units dripping water onto the concrete.The look on her face was priceless when I opened the door with my old brass key and she saw that I also had a king bed. She laughed and said it was still better than listening to her dad snore. We agreed not to mention the situation and I watched as she bent over picking things out of her suitcase. She was wearing white shorts and sandals and a nice tank top. She stood 5'6” with golden blonde shoulder length straight hair, blue eyes, and about 120 pounds. As she stood, she placed both hands on her back and rubbed her lower lumbar region. I fixed us both a drink, vodka and cran, with the ice I obtained from the front desk and we talked for about 45 minutes catching up on life. Then her phone rang and we all piled into my uncle's car for the short drive over to the reunion house. I saw my mom who was staying there in a room and we enjoyed great food and conversation with our relatives and a few more drinks before making our way back to the motel around 9 o clock that night.I have to admit that I was quite excited about sharing a room and a bed with my hot younger cousin, but what happened that night was nothing I could have dreamed of.After I showered, I put on my boxer shorts and a t-shirt and climbed into bed. We were joking around and enjoying our buzz when she offered up a joint to share. She said she started using weed again recently after suffering a back injury from a car wreck a month ago. We smoked it and she took a shower and came out wearing a white and blue button down pajama top and tight boy shorts that showed off her athletic legs and ass.She turned out the lights but left the bathroom light on with the door almost shut and crawled into bed with me. She was giggling and saying how strange it was to be sleeping with me and admitted that she always thought I was handsome. I said that's weird because in a crazy way, i thought she was the hottest relative I had. She leaned over to give me a good night kiss on the cheek and a thank you smile. We talked about her relationship with her boyfriend who couldnt make the trip due to his work schedule.I asked about her back pain and she said she was seeing a chiropractor, but the long car ride that day had caused major tension. She turned and lifted her shirt up to show me where the pain points were after I asked. I placed my thumbs on her lower spine and said let me massage that for you. She agreed readily and layed on her side facing away from me as I layed on my side and my thumbs worked up and down her lower back. She let out several moans as i massaged her letting me know she was feeling relief. I then suggested that i could do a better job with some lotion. She pointed to her bag on the floor and told me which pocket to look in. I turned on the lamp and found the bottle of lotion in her bag and noticed her taking off her top and laying face down and pushing her pillow off to the edge of her side of the bed. I climbed on to her and straddled her confidently. My knees outside of her thighs as i placed a copious amount of lotion in my hands and rubbed them together. I then applied my hands to the middle of her back and she squirmed and made a happy squeaky sound. I rubbed from her back to her shoulders and neck and then all the way down to her shorts. Taking my time, i applied varying amounts of pressure as my head spinned with the weed and vodka and the joy of touching a sexy young woman's half naked body. As the massage continued, she let me know she was enjoying every second of it with her soft purrs. She signalled me with verbal yes oh right there responses. Her eyes remained closed and i worked up the nerve to slide my body down over the her calves… mostly because my cock was growing in my boxers and i didnt want her to feel it if she was to lift up her ass. In my new position and with the lamp on i got a spectacular view of her tight ass covered in the pink short shorts. I then reapplied lotion to my hands and worked then from her lower thighs upward very slowly and methodically. This obviously wasnt on her pain point list, but she let me know she was enjoying it by continuing with her soft purrs. As my hands moved up my thumbs moved in synchronous circles into her inner thigh muscles. I peered intently at her ass and could tell she wasnt wearing panties under her shorts. This made my 7 inch cock completely hard, but i tried to remain calm and in control. As my hands reached her shorts i asked her if she wanted a booty massage. She giggled and said really? You think that is a good idea? I responded and said jokingly that we are already in a secret pact of sorts right? She nodded her head and said sure as she let out a long sigh.Slowly and steadily my hands moved up to her rump and my fingers and thumbs applied the best massage techniques I could envision. Her purrs let me know I was doing it well. I squeezed each cheek and pulled them apart and pushed them back together then moved them up and down. I knew right then that she loved the hands of a man on her tight sexy ass. The question was could she ignore the fact that we were first cousins and doing something that was taboo.I think it was the weed that made me do this… I lifted up my lower body and put my knees between hers and she then moved her legs apart. With additional lotion, i returned to her lower back and boldly rolled her shorts half way down her ass by tugging on her waistband. She didnt seem to mind and i got a perfect view of the crack of her sweet ass. I worked my hands up her spine to her shoulders and neck and allowed my hips to fall forward so that she could feel my cock on her ass. She let out a long hmmmmm sound and wiggled her butt against my cock. This was the tipping point. What will come next i wondered?She turned and opened her eyes and said thank you that felt so good. I decided not to push my luck and i rolled off to her side and our eyes met. After a brief stare, our lips met. Soon we were making out and i felt her hand move from my hip to my cock. She tugged on it through my boxers and asked if I needed some relief?I nodded and she crawled on top of me and rubbed her bare breasts on my chest and then moved to let me suck her nipples. This sent her into a short climax and she rubbed her covered pussy against my hard but covered cock. She dry fucked me as I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. We then agreed that penetration would be not a good idea, but touching would be okay. She pulled my boxers down and layed her head on my chest and gave me a world class hand job until i shot my load on her chest. then she layed on her back and pulled off her shorts and let me finger her soaking wet tight pussy while my thumb rubbed her clit until she arched her back and came hard on my finger. After we kissed and held each other naked in that king sized bed until we fell asleep.More followed the next day….. (let me know what you think - especially you girls..)