My Changining Life- The Diary IV

"I'm good today. How are you?'"Really good. I had a wonderful weekend. Now, go ahead and get undressed and the doctor will be here in a minute or 2. Be sure and take everything off. I'll be back shortly to draw blood."She left and I followed orders. She is so damn cute. I'd love to have her over for the weekend. But, I bet she is into jocks. I heard the knock on the door and she came back in. "Hop on up here" she said as she patted the exam table. Once there, she drew my blood and left. As soon as she was out the door, Dr. Glenda came in. "Well, I see Chrissy has you all ready for me. She is so efficient. How are you feeling?""I'm good, other than being so full and needing to pump.""We'll get to that in just a minute. Now lay back and put your feet up here in the stirrups.""Really?" I complained."Yes, really. I need to do a prostate exam and it is easier this way. Besides, we women have to do this all the time. So, get used to it" she chuckled. She slipped her gloves on and spread my legs and probed my ass. "That all feels ok. Are you having any discomfort during intercourse?""You mean with me getting...mmm, fucked?""Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Any pain or other issues?""No, none that I can think of. I think I have gotten almost trained to take Chris, if you know what I mean.""I do. It's kind of the same with vaginal sex. A woman will get to the point where she just opens up, so to speak, when she gets sexually aroused. Kind of like muscle memory.""Yeah, I think you're right" I replied. "Well, I'm glad it is not painful for you. I seems to be for a lot of guys. I'm sure Chris is happy about the lack of pain, too. And the way you get turned on by his touch and foreplay.""Yeah, I think he seems to be pretty excited when we get together.""Good. Now, I want to feel your breasts for a minute to see how they feel when they are full, then I want to check them again after you pump." With that she began to feel my breasts all around. "I'm going to squeeze a little now and express some of you milk into this container so the lab can check it. I really want to see how good you milk is.""OK, but you need to know that I really need to pump.""You will just as soon as I finish with getting some in this container. Would you like me to send Chrissy in to help you pump, or do you want to go solo?""Hmmm? Does she know everything?""Pretty much.""Then send her in!" I exclaimed.She left with the milk sample and in came Chrissy with the pump. She got me all hooked up and started the pump. "How does that feel?" she asked."Relief at last" I replied. "I bet you think this is strange for a man to have to have his breasts pumped, don't you?""Oh, it's different. But I'm cool with it. I really think it's kind of neat.""You do?""Yeah. I think it takes a lot of courage to do this."With that, she switched to the other breast and drained it without comment. "I'll let the doctor know you're ready" she said as she left the room with the container of my milk.Glenda came back in. "Does that feel better now?""Oh yeah. I was really starting to hurt.""Well, you are really making a good amount of milk. I know some women that wished they could produce as much as you. And, the quality is good. Just the right amount of fat content. Does Chris enjoy drinking from you?"I smiled and replied "yes he really does. Sometimes it's hard to get him to stop when I'm empty.""Well, be sure he always empties you all the way. You certainly don't want to get a gland plugged and for it to cause an infection. Breast infections are terribly painful." She massaged and felt all around them. Ok. I would say they are in good shape. I don't want you spending a lot of time without wearing a bra while we still have you lactating. They can get really heavy and sore. Otherwise, everything looks good. I'll have the labs back tomorrow and will bring the results home with me.""Awesome.""One more thing. Take the gown off and come over here and let me take another picture." (She had been taking pictures every 3 mos. or so.) "Look at how your hips have changed."I looked in the mirror. My ass had taken a nice shape- for a woman! "I noticed yesterday that your shorts weren't fitting too well" she said."No, they don't seem to be fitting like they used to.""Now you know why. Men's pants aren't designed for you new shape. I have a light schedule this afternoon, so I'll be home early and Sandra and I may need to take you shopping.""OK, I guess.""Trust me, you'll like what we fit you with. So will Chris."With that I got dressed and she walked me to my car and kissed me and I left. My head was spinning and my emotions were bouncing around between happy and frightened to nervousness. I really hadn't planned on "dressing." Wearing a nursing bra was a huge step for me. Now, she thinks I need women's shorts and pants?As I drove my phone rang. It was "Chris. Hey man, sorry I didn't get back to the house Saturday night.""It's ok" I answered. "The girls took good care of me.""Good. I figured they would. Hey, I want you to meet my friend Bobby. You will really like this guy. He's moved back here.""Oh? That's nice." My mind was racing and jealousy was kicking in. This was a new emotion."I really think you will like him. And I know he will be smitten by you.""What do you mean by that?" I asked"Let's just say that Bobby and I have no secrets. He knows about us. And, you need to know that he was my first guy.""I see. Did you make love with him Saturday night?""Ah, yes, we made love. I couldn't help myself. I hope you're ok with that?""Well, we are married, so you are free to do what you want. And, we are in an open kind of relationship.""Yeah, but you know I haven't been with anyone else since we met. Well, til now. But, he really wants to meet you. Honestly, if he wants to make love to you, I would be thrilled for all of us.""Really? You would just let me be with this guy?""Yes. Only this guy. When you meet him, you will see why. Really, don't sweat it. Just roll with whatever happens.""OK. I guess.""He wants to meet you at Starbucks later this evening. Can you meet him?""I'm going shopping with Glenda and Sandra this afternoon, but could probably meet him about 8.""Perfect. I'll call and tell him. He will know who you are when he sees you.""OK. I'll call later after we met."I drove home not knowing what to feel or expect. I was crying when I got home. Sandra was concerned. I told her about my conversation with Chris and the plan for the evening. She smiled and told me that it would all be OK. "So, what do I do?" I asked."Just what Chris said. Roll with whatever happens. If I were you, I would go grab a shower and, well you know what you do before seeing Chris.""So, you're ok if I make it with this other guy?""I have been OK with it since I found out about you and Chris and since I met Terri. Besides, you're ok with Glenda living with us, and you know how much we love being together.Right?""Well, of course. But I get to join in with you two.""I know. But, I don't want this new guy. In fact I don't really want any guy, well, beside you. And you're more one of us now. So, go, have fun. See where this goes."She grabbed me and kissed me hard. I headed to the back I guess all of the emotions and anticipation caused my milk to come in early. I pumped, then hit the shower. I was enjoying the feel of my "egg" warming my insides when Glenda stepped in the shower with me. "Sandra told me about your date tonight" she said."I don't have a date tonight" I shot back. "I'm just going to meet this friend of Chris'.""Yeah, then why are you getting all cleaned out?""I don't know. Just seemed like a good thing to do."As she finished her shower and I was finishing, she walked out singing "You're gonna get fu-ucked, you're gonna get fu-ucked." I knew she was probably right. Just hope I don't disappoint this guy when he sees me.We went shopping at some fairly upscale clothes stores for women. Glenda too me to the back and we were met by a saleslady that seemed to be expecting us. "This is my friend I called you about. Do you think you can fit him in something that won't look real girly?""I think we might find a few things for him" the lady replied. She looked at me and motioned to a room. "Would you mind going in there and stripping down to your underwear?"I looked at Glenda and Sandra and they took me by my arms and walked me back. When the lady came in, I was just in my bra and panties. She came over and took a tape measure and took measurements of my chest, waist, hips, and my inseam. She walked around me several times looking me up and down. "OK" she said, "let me go get a few things." In a couple of minutes she came back with some jeans and shorts. They all fit fine, and felt much more comfortable than I expected. Then she handed me so longer shorts. "Let's see how you look in these" she said. I put them on. They went to my mid calf. "What the hell are these?" I asked."They are Capris" Sandra chimed in, "and they really look good on you.""They are too feminine" I shot back."No, they look great!" Glenda exclaimed. :"how do they feel?""That's not the point" I cried."That is exactly the point. You need clothes that feel good so you will feel good.""But these?""Oh shut up" Glenda said. "You're sounding like a teen-aged girl. I bet Chris will like them on you."I could tell this was going no where. They had several other pieces I tried on, then some tops. The lady handed me one top and said "This will help you minimize the look of your breasts." I looked in the mirror and she was right. "OK. You'll get me what you think I need." We checked out and headed back to the house. When we got home, Glenda took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. "We need to get you dressed for your date.""It's not a date!" I exclaimed."Whatever!" She had me put on a silky thong panty and a t-shirt bra. "What if my milk comes in?" I asked. "Don't worry. I bet he'll know what to do.""You sure seem sure that something is going to happen tonight. I might not even like this guy. Hell, he might not like me.""Here, put this shirt on and shut up." I complied. She left the room. I checked myself out in the mirror. Damn, I did look pretty good.I went back up to the living room, where the girls were having a glass of wine. "What do I do with my wallet and keys?' I asked." I mean, there is no room in these pockets. And, how about my phone?"They laughed. "OK, what do you absolutely have to have with you?" asked Glenda."Well, some cash, maybe my debit card and my driver's license. And my keys.""Take those things out of your wallet and put them in your back pocket, or your front one. Only carry the keys you need. Put your phone in your other back pocket. Just take it out when you sit down" Sandra instructed.Once done, they looked me over and pushed me to the door. Glenda slapped me on the ass and said "Now go have fun and stop worrying. You'll know what to do. And we won't wait up for you!" With that they both laughed and I head out for who knows what.I walked into Starbucks, looking around when a 6'8" black guy came over to me and said "Hi. I'm Bobby."Holy shit! He was all muscled up and much darker than Chris. But, I could see why Chris liked this guy. He had a smile that lit up the room. I introduced myself and we went and sat at a table outside. We did all the customary small talk. He told me how he and Chris met and started "being together" and that he, too, was bi. Needless to say, I was getting turned on by this guy. He started reaching under the table touching my leg. Soon he was rubbing high up my thigh. Finally, I pulled up the nerve and leaned over and whispered in his ear "take me home and fuck me."He replied "do you want to follow me or leave your car here?'"I'll follow you.""Ok, my apartment is just a couple of blocks away." We left and rove quickly.We walked into his apartment and as soon as he closed the door, I was all over him. This guy was beautiful and sweet and all the things I knew Chris loved. So did I.As I unbuttoned his shirt, he was working on mine. "Chris told me you were different.""Really?" I panted as I kissed his bear chest. "How so?""He told me you were built like a woman. Damn, he didn't tell me how much like it.""Are you disappointed?" I asked as I continued unbuttoning his pants."Aw, hell no. I love what I see and feel."""Good" I barely whispered as I felt his huge cock. "Chris didn't tell me about this bad boy" I said as I felt it stand straight out after I pulled his underwear down enough to free it. It must have been 11" and about half again the girth of Chris'. "Can Chris take this?" I asked as I stroked it."Sometimes. But sometimes I take him." he was feeling my boobs and rubbing my ass. I unbuttoned my new girly jeans and he did the rest, getting me out of them. Then he took my hand and led me to the bedroom. As we fell across the bed, I whispered "Bobby, have you ever drank breast milk?""No, why?"Because my breast just filled with milk and I have to have the sucked dry."That was all he needed to take my bra of and start sucking. As he nursed I put his hand down the front of my little thong and helped him start rubbing my little guy clitty. He knew just what to do. Soon, he had emptied my breasts. I slid down and began kissing and licking on that beautiful piece of man meat. I was just hoping I was going to be able to take him. I could barely get the head in my mouth. He was moaning with enjoyment at my efforts. I was thinking that I hoped he had some lube. I was at the point that I could wait no longer. I pulled off and rolled over on my stomach and pulled my knees up under me and presented my throbbing love tunnel to him. He buried his face between my ass globes and licked and tongue fucked me until I was sufficiently wet. Then, he grabbed something off the side table and squirted it up my hole and worked a couple of fingers in me. He lined up at my back door and began to push. Shit he was huge, but I finally felt his head pop in. He stopped a minute while I adjusted to him. It hurt some, but not as bad as it could have if I hadn't had the muscle memory that Glenda spoke of. Soon, he started pushing in a little more, then a little more, stopping and letting me get used to it. Then, one hard push and I felt his balls against my ass. Holy shit, I had that whole big black cock inside of me. I can't remember ever feeling that full. He started a slow in and out motion. It felt amazing. Soon he picked up the pace until he was working me pretty good. I had started cumming and never stopped. How could I with the pressure on my prostate? After about 20 minutes I felt him start to shiver and his cock swelled. I knew he was going to blast my insides like a power washer. He mad one last hard thrust then blew his load. He sprayed my bowels with strong hot streams of steamy cum. And he kept cumming! It felt like a river running down my leg, it was so much leaking out. I was totally spent. I fell flat and he followed never pulling out. All I could do was lay there with him still lodged deep inside of me. I can honestly say that I have never been fucked like that. Soon, I felt him start to go soft, but he was still filled me up. But he finally rolled off of me and his cock made a pop as it came out of my ass. His jizz poured out of my gaping hole. He pulled me over to his chest and snuggled up to me. "The reason I turned bi was that I could hardly ever find women who would even try to let me make love to them. They would see me and get scared. In fact" he continued "most gay guys are afraid to let me make love to them. But, you took it all, just like Chris said you would. Thank you.""It's all good" I replied. "I wasn't sure at first, but I knew I had to try. I am so glad I did. I hope my whole package didn't freak you out.""Oh, no. I like your looks and all. Will you see me again?""Will I?!" With that I reached up and kissed him, and stroked his face. "Anytime."We lay there a few more minutes, then I got up, got dressed and left. I left a note on the table with my phone number. I was having a great deal of trouble walking, after being stretched beyond measure.When I walked in the door, the girls got out of bed and came to meet me. "How are you?" Glenda sked."I am so sore. You're going to have to help me get undressed." "So, I was right. He fucked you.""Oh yes" I whispered as I began to cry." He was so gentle for such a big man, and he was such a tender, passionate lover.""Oh, baby, it's ok. He'll be back.""I know. I'm just so happy." They led me to the bedroom and helped me out of my clothes, then into the shower. Glenda got in the shower with me. "Just relax and let me bathe you." She rubbed my ass cheeks, then slipped her hands between my cheeks and her fingers, well almost her whole hand, in my ass. "Damn, how big was he. You are still gaping open."I told her how big he was, and how big around he was. "And you took him all the way?""Yes I did. He filled me up.""I guess he did. This is amazing that you could take him. So, you want to see him again?""Yes" I said as I cried some more. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her shoulder and let me cry. Then, she led me out and dried me off. Then she put a post birth tampon in my ass.."This will help keep anything else from leaking out and staining the sheets."She helped me into a new nighty that she had bought for me as a surprise. It had snaps on the straps for taking down while nursing. My emotions were so over the top. She and Sandra just laughed. We crawled in the bed, with them on each side of me, snuggling up to me. Off to dreamland!More to cum....!