My [Amy] New Toy...found me on XHamster ;-)

We were at a Christmas function on Christmas Eve. An annual event where we host all our firm's clients--buffett, booze, and band kinda deal.One of the clients--an architect--asked me if the number he had for me was a private one. I said no, but asked if he'd like mine, and gave it to him.I didn't think anything of it as there tends to be alot of guests to mingle with during these events.A few hours later, I'm still at the event, and I receive an MMS text from him with NSFW in the headline.Intrigued (he's good looking, but about 65 y/o), I excused myself and went into the lobby.When I opened the pic I saw this rather large cock and the following text: "Recognized you from XHamster Wondering if you're interested in this? Feel free to say 'No' = no harm, no foul + secret safe with me :-)"At first I thought "Oh fuck!" But then it sunk in that, if he had wanted to be an asshole about it he wouldn't have sent the message like this.Then it dawned on me that, in sending it, he was clearly hoping for something....this turned me on (well, that and realizing that a guy I had worked closely with for about 3 years was hot for me AND had a very large cock!!).So, I went into the bathroom, stripped down, began fingering myself, and sent him a photo (also in the gallery--sorry, phone cam).I waited in the stall (in a bathroom on a different floor) and, sure enough, I got a text back: "Holy Shit! Did you JUST take that pic...?!?!"Seeing that text was like opening a tap: my pussy began dripping as soon as I read it."Yes ;-)" I texted back.It took me like 3 seconds to orgasm!"Where...?!? Want company ;-)" Came the text.I knew there were many stories about people having affairs through the company. We travel alot. Thankfully, Derrcik and I play together and/or separate, so I wasn't worried about having to 'check in'. I WAS worried about whether this would spread around though.I thought about this while still very turned on, still naked in the stall, and still fingering myself...."This stays between you and I" He texted...'Fuck it' I thought. I'm so fucking horny right now."I'll keep things wet for you: women's washroom. 8th floor""enroute" came the reply in seconds flat!!I ensured my bottoms were off completely. I didn't care about the top. If he wanted my tits he could deal with that on his own. I wanted a cock in my mouth and then buried in my pussy. I had never fucked anyone from work or in the building before (I know, for all the times I've played, you'd think....).I heard the door open..."Amy...?" came a whisper."Here," I responded and opened my legs.There was a short shuffling then the stall door opened. He already had his cock out of his pants and it was every bit as big as it was in the picture."Wow." was all he said as he walked in and locked the door behind him.I didn't let him finish before I had my hand around his cock and it in my mouth.Immediately his hand was on the top of my head. 'He's done this more than once' I thought as I went to work on his meat.He was almost as long as Derrick and as thick, but more round thick...and very veiny!He was hard in no time--no surprise I guess.I stood up and turned around without taking my hand off his cock. I quickly wetted my fingers and ensured I was wet for penetration, although I was pretty sure I would be already.I felt his hands on my hips, so I reached my other hand underneath, grabbed his cock, and started working the head of his engorged cock around and inside my pussy.I love that feeling of a head working around inside before fully pemetrating. It let's you control, but know what's coming next.After a minute or two, I guided him into me and pushed back so, in one smooth motion, he was balls deep in me."Jesus, you so wet!""Big cock pics do that to me" I cooed as then he began taking charge of the motions.He was very thick and incredibly hard!He grabbed a little tighter onto my hips and I knew I was in for some punishment.Sure enough, he started pounding me with vigour. His balls were huge and I could feel them slapping against my labia every time he sunk himself into me--it felt wonderful.Derrick has a very large cock, but only average size balls (and, ladies, balls do NOT determine the amount of cum that is in there ;-)I started playing hard with my pussy. I wanted to orgasm with this cock pounding me. And, sure enough, within a few seconds I let go a gush of juice (sadly, I have to be on my back to squirt).I don't think he even noticed he was so into hammering away at my pussy.I could feel him swell a bit and slow to a smooth, steady, deep fucking...."Where do you want me to cum," he asked.Before I could answer, he added, "I'm totally clean and healthy. Just had a check up."I knew what he anted and I wanted it too "Shoot your load deep in me," Said.His response was non-verbal as he began pulling almost completely out of me and then sinking his entire shaft deep back into me; smooth, steady, sure strokes.This went on for about three or four minutes and then I felt him grip tightly and moan.He came so hard I could FEEL his spurts inside me. I came without stimulation!!He gripped hard enough I knew it was going to leave a mark. 'Ah well,' I thought 'let this be how Derrick finds out'. I smiled to myself thinking about how much this would turn Derrick on, but also in condsidering the possibility of the three of us getting together. The idea of these two large guys having their way with me opened the taps again!"Oh, cripes," he said as his hands slide up my back to my hair. I could feel the warmth of his stomach and chect on my sweaty back."Do you have to go back to the party?" I asked."No, I was planning on leaving." He paused. "Do you!" He said as he stood up.I could feel his cock slowly going soft, but still buried deep in me. I clenched my pussy around it in sheer desire. "Oh, wow...that feels SO good!" He exclaimed.I turned and looked over my shoulder at him and clenched again. "Oh," was all he said as he leaned back onto me."Yeah, I'll have to go back." I replied."Well, that' to be interesting for you.""Yeah, I know," I slowly let him out of me when he said, "Hold it. Can I take a couple of pics...? I know you're into it from your pics up on XHmaster. But, it's okay if you don't want to..." He left that hanging."These are private. If you send them to me, and if we agree, and if they're discreet, we might put them up on our page if you'd like..?" I said as I looked over my shoulder."Yeah, private. And, posting should be okay. I'll check the photos first and send the discreet ones to you, okay," he said. And I noticed his phone was already out.He saw what I was looking at at smiled not at all self-consciously "yeah, I'll send the video, too," he winked.I turned back around and reached back and spread my cheeks with both hands. "Shoot away....again" I added."Cheeky," he added and we both giggled. I waited for a bit and after about six of seven flashes he said, "I want to try and see if I can get that pulling out action creampie shot," He said."Okay, sure." I loved that he knew what he wanted from me.I felt him slowly begin to pull his cock out. One of the things I LOVE about having sex with guys with big cocks is ow long it takes for their cocks to pull out. Every inch out is a series of tingling sensations from my pussy walls.I was luxuriating in this when I noticed him pause, "Okay, grand finale," he said.I realized also that he had a rather large cock head. As he was about to pull completely out I could feel the head of his cock pull against my inner labia. Then that last 'pop' as his head came out, "Whoa!" he said.And immediately I knew why as I could feel a rush of warm cum spill out of me, down both legs, but there was enough that it was also dripping directly onto the floor."Oh my," I said. "Do you always cum this much," I looked over my shoulder and he was still aiming the camera."Get a good shot," I said. "God, I hope this turns out!" He said."You and me both," I said.He put the phone away, but then began rubbing his semi-hard cock against my pussy. "Such a hot woman and pussy," he said."Keep doing that," I said as I began rubbing my clit. Within a few seconds I came again.I turned around and went to my knees, "Can't have you leaving unclean, " I said, and began sucking his cock.He moaned and put both hands on his head. Slowly he began forcing more and more of his cock down my throat. I realized and let it slide all the way in and sit there for a moment. I looked up and him just as he looked down at me. This is one of the things I find the hottest: looking at a man looking at me.He must of enjoyed this because he ket me there and just smiled at me.Then he slowly tooks his hands off, but I stayed there for a second just so he knew I was enjoying this.He put his cock back into his pants and zipped up as I sat back and massaged myself. "See what you've done to me," I said as I lifted and spread my legs wide.I could see the cum trails on both my legs and could feel my entire crotch was wet with our juices.He leaned over and kissed me deeply on the mouth and, as he did so, he slide two then three fingers easily and deeply inside of me. We kissed for a moment, then as he pulled back and took his fingers out, he moved them to my mouth an I eagerly opened wide and accepted all three cum covered fingers into my mouth."You head out and I'll take my time so no one suspects anything." I said."Sure, it's between just us, like I said." He confirmed.He unlocked the stall door, and turned and winked "hopefully, this won't be our last encounter," he said as he closed the door.'Not likely' I thought to myself.I didn't start to get dressed until about five minutes later. But I was so pre-occupied with the sex and with returning to the party that it wasn't until about an hour later that I realized he had taken my panties. And, I realized this because he sent an MMS with his cock over my panties to me and said: "I'll give them back at another time, but it'll cost you ;-)""Punish me for it ;-)" I replied.