More to come

‘Shit!’ she said under her breath, she stood up and realised she was soaking, the neat line of pubic hair above her pussy glistened with her own juice, her pants were sodden. She took a deep breath and focussed, ‘Stay Calm Jo, stay calm, you’re fucking red enough as it is without adding to it’. The horrible truth dawned on her, she’d toyed with the idea while she was dressing anyway; but the situation forced her hand, she pulled her soaking silk pants down and hooked them over her ankles. ‘Coming’ she shouted, there was a muffled OK from the other side of the door as she ran past into the bathroom, with a deft flick, the flimsy panties arced into the linen basket. She pulled herself together in front of the mirror and took a deep breath. Thank god Steve hadn’t witnessed that she thought. Well he hadn’t, so she was good to go, dignity intact, just. ‘Hi Jo’, Steve held a bouquet of flowers out for her as the door opened, ‘ you said you miss someone buying you flowers’. Joanne blushed, lucky really, it helped cover the warm glow she had on her cheeks from the self inflicted debauchery she’d just indulged in. ‘Thank you, they’re gorgeous’ she stepped aside and Steve came in, ‘just give me a min, I’ll pop them in the sink until I get back later’. She skipped off to the kitchen, ordinarily she would have been put off by the sensation of a mans eyes burning into her as she walked off, but tonight was different, she wanted those eyes to pierce the very fabric of her clothes, for him to see her in all her naked glory. In a few short hours she would let them. But for now, this tall, rugged man was going to buy her dinner and earn his supper. The flowers were a good start though. ‘Thank you’ said Joanne, she stepped into the car and Steve closed the door behind her. As he walked round to the drivers side she suddenly realised something was on show that shouldn’t have been, before he slid into the car, Joanne pulled her skirt together and strategically placed her handbag across her lap. She wasn’t going to show him the goods too early. ‘You look gorgeous’ ‘Thanks, nice shirt, you scrub up pretty well yourself’ ‘And er, does that skirt have another part to it or are you deliberately trying to give me a heart attack?’ ‘I left the other part at home, if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you see it some time’ ‘I’ll do my best then, hope you like Italian’ ‘Ooh yes, a nice plate of messy Bolognese and a bottle of Chianti, not forgetting a Tiramisu to finish things off of course’ ‘Of course’.Joanne tried hard to peel her eyes off Steve’s torso as he drove to the restaurant, but the way his arms flexed in his shirt as he steered made her weak; strong yet a perfect gentleman. She clutched her bag on her lap tighter as she felt a pang of desire shoot through her groin. She stared ahead at the road instead, reminding herself that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and she’d already come close to embarrassing herself once this evening. They made small talk all the way to the restaurant, the air was charged with sexual tension. As soon as they sat down, Joanne began her evening of tease. She threw coy out of the window and made sure Steve knew what he would be getting if he went along with her game and behaved himself. Throughout the meal she toyed with his leg under the table, pouted and flicked her hair. If there was a way to make spaghetti any sexier she didn’t know how, every strand was sucked back with a satisfying pop between her puckered lips. Steve struggled to keep his composure, getting hotter and hotter under the collar as Joanne led him along like the Pied Piper, even standing halfway through the meal to go to the toilet and deliberately exposing the tops of her stockings. Her pussy tingled with the anticipation of a good fucking and she knew better than teasing too much, at some point she would have to put up or shut up. At the back of her mind she knew that despite all the flirting and prick teasing, Steve was too good a prospect to lose. He was sexy, sure, but he was equally intelligent, funny and so far seemed a genuine, caring man. It was time. ‘Would you like one for the road?’ she asked, ‘I’m driving, but if you want one I don’t mind, I’ll have a coffee’ ‘Shame really, it’d be nice for you to have a drink’, Joanne slid her leather clad toe up Steve’s leg, ‘Perhaps you can drive next time’ ‘Perhaps’ Joanne pressed the point of the stiletto into his groin, ‘or perhaps you can leave the car somewhere else tonight’. Joanne twisted the ball of her foot over Steve's groin, a noticeable bulge was developing and he shifted in his seat, ‘And where do you suggest I leave it? Restaurant car parks aren’t exactly the safest places you know’.Joanne leaned in closer to Steve and resting her elbows on the table, pushed her already bulging cleavage out and up to him, ‘You should park it on a nice, safe drive somewhere, if you wanted to of course’, Joanne smiled and leaned back into her seat, her foot resumed its massage of Steve’s groin. ‘Any suggestions then?’ ‘Well, I do know somewhere where there’s a free spot, not too far from here either’.Steve smiled, stood and walked to the bar to pay. He returned and offered her his hand, ‘Shall we?’ Joanne took his hand and followed him to the car. This time as she sat back in her seat, she didn’t care whether or not her skirt fell open or not, if Steve got an eyeful on the way home then so be it, she had a great figure and was proud to flaunt it. The drive back to her house went by very quickly, both sat in silence for the journey, there was no need to speak anymore. Consent was mutual and understood. Steve pulled the car onto the shared parking area outside Joanne’s flat. Once inside, Steve shut the door and almost in an instant he was at Joanne’s mercy. ‘Bedroom’ she commanded, pulling him by the belt toward the open door at the end of the hallway. Steve did as ordered and followed her until he got to the door, ‘Don’t you want to freshen up a bit or anything first?’ he said, ‘We can shower later, you’re going to need it after I’ve finished with you, now get your clothes off, in case you hadn’t noticed I’m as horny as fuck’. Steve didn’t need telling twice and quickly abandoned his clothes at the side of the bed. Joanne stood and admired his naked body fully for the first time. It had been worth the wait. He was muscular, not too lean though, but it was evident he kept himself in reasonable shape. She hoped to find out just how much stamina he actually had. Still fully dressed, she walked to him, wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her. Their mouths met and tongues began to explore. Without hesitation, Joanne reached down and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. Steve was clearly as excited as she was, a drip of pre-cum met her fingers as she slowly wanked him. ‘Oh god, you’re so fucking sexy Jo’ Steve pulled away and slipped her jacket over her shoulders, Joanne let the jacket fall to the floor but then pushed Steve away, ‘Now now, only good boys get to play, you have to sit there, you can look, but not touch, and that includes yourself’. Steve did as he was told and sat on the edge of the bed, his cock bobbing around as he waited. Joanne stood in front of him, tantalisingly close to him, within touching distance. She reached down and took the hem of her skirt at knee level and slowly pulled it up toward her waist. Steve watched on in silence as more and more of the sheer stockings he’d watched all night slowly came into view. She stopped when she reached the lacy tops, Steve hadn’t yet seen the fact that she was without underwear, so she lingered, all the time never taking her eyes from his. He was totally under her spell, and the power she felt made her even hornier than she thought she could ever be. Her heart raced, she wanted him right now, but she resisted the temptation and carried on with the game, hooking a finger under the elastic of the stocking top. The look on Steve’s face told her it was time to carry on, he was near bursting point. She carried on lifting the hem of her skirt until a gasp from Steve told her that her bare, shaven pussy was in view, ‘You dirty bitch’ he said, Joanne giggled, ‘you kept that secret, good job though, if I’d have known you weren’t wearing any knickers I’d have had you in the fucking restaurant!’. Joanne reached round and unzipped the skirt and popped the button open, she let the skirt fall to the floor. Steve's eyes lit up at the sight before him and his pulsing cock let out a little dribble of fluid. ‘My my, someone’s excited aren’t they?’ she said. Steve said nothing, just gaped open jawed at Joanne’s pussy. ‘It’s rude to stare you know’ she said mockingly, ‘and I do have other areas you may be interested in’. She played with the ends of the laces on her bodice, slowly pulling on them until the fabric gave way under the force of her breasts. She licked her lips and carried on pulling the bodice apart revealing more and more cleavage, until eventually it was so loose it just slipped down and over her hips. Her full, firm breasts bounced invitingly in front of Steve and he groaned in anticipation. Joanne scooped up her left breast and slowly teased the nipple with her tongue, her right hand moved to her pussy and started playing with her clit. She surprised herself, in the past she had been too reserved to be this open with someone, but tonight she had found a new liberation. She openly masturbated in front of Steve, she was enjoying every second of it. He relented to the pressure and began stroking his cock. Seeing his hand moving up and down his shaft like a blur sent her over the edge and deciding that he’d been good for long enough, she pushed him back on the bed, bent over and took his cock in her mouth. Steve threw his head back on the bed as Joanne sucked his cock back in to her throat, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d done this but she was hell bent on making up for lost time. Steve's hips were beginning to thrust a little too fast for Joanne's comfort, not wanting him to cum too quickly, she decided to take his mind off things at his end a little. Just like the spaghetti earlier, she slurped back his cock one last time and then climbed on to the bed, span around and straddled Steve, needing no prompting, he grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her pussy down to his eager mouth. His tongue went straight to her bud and she moaned as though hit by a jolt of electricity. Joanne savoured the sensation as Steve parted her lips and probed her pussy, she rocked back and forth against his prodding. She squealed in delight as for the third time that night her body shook with orgasm and she came once more. Steve’s mouth flooded with her liquid as she buckled and collapsed onto him. ‘You never said you were a squirter Jo’ Steve laughed, ‘It’s not the sort of thing you mention over the photocopier really is it!’ ‘Guess not, anyway, where was I’, Steve pulled her back to his mouth and resumed licking Joanne. She reciprocated and took his cock into her mouth. With all formalities dropped she didn’t care anymore and slurped on his tumescent head as though her life depended on it. She was lost in the moment, totally oblivious to everything around her, the last couple of years had been barren and lonely, tonight alone was making up for it.