Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal

I laughed and said, “maybe he is warm for your form.” She said, “I’m a 50 year old BBW and he is about 30 and sexy as hell, why would he want me?” I laughed and said, “maybe you want him.” She laughed and said, “he could be a lotta fun.” Didn’t hear anything about it for a while, but notice she was wearing sexier things to work and showing more cleavage. Over the next month she was coming home late several times and she always said she was stopping for snacks with some of the teachers. At least she was coming home smiling.A couple of weeks later before she went to school, I reminded her I would pick her up about an hour after school ended so we could head out to dinner. I pulled up to the school about 15 minutes late at 5:15 and she was nowhere to be seen. I parked and went in and went to her classroom, where the teacher was still in the room. I asked if she knew where Judy was. She said, “I think she went to the principal’s office to talk about a project she wanted to do.” She told me how to get there and I headed that way.When I got there the outer office was dark but there were lights on in the Principal’s office. I went in and started to move toward the door when I heard moaning. I moved closer and I could hear Judy begging for more. All of a sudden I hear Judy scream, “slam that big black cock into me I need to cum again.” I didn’t know whether to stand there, go in or beat a hasty retreat. I decided to get out of there as quickly as possible. When I turned to leave I banged into something and stumbled into a desk. As I was about to go out the door I heard this deep voice say, “Doctor, would you care to join us there are a few things we should discuss.”Obviously he knew I was Judy’s husband, so I turned and followed him in. He was naked and had the biggest cock I have ever seen. Judy was also naked and had cum oozing out of her super swollen pussy lips. She looked up and just smiled and I could tell she was in orgasmic bliss. Principal Jefferson looked at me and said, “hey doc I’m sorry but I love older white BBW’s and had my eyes set on your wife when she started here, when she told me of your home situation, I couldn’t wait.”I looked at both and said, “as long as he is having fun.” Judy smiled and said, “I have been for the last couple of months, but right now, can you come over and clean me up so I can have more?” Judy was up on the desk with her legs spread wide and cum dripping out. I walked over to do as I was asked and behind me Principal Jefferson said, “Doc why don’t you get naked like us.” I got undressed and Principal Jefferson laughed and said, “wow Judy, you weren’t k**ding tits and a tiny dick.” He looked at me and said, “have you ever pleased a woman with that pathetic dick.” I looked down and said, “No I haven’t.” He laughed and said, “well at least go clean her.”I went over to the desk and Judy smiled at me and held her legs up and wrapped them around my neck while I started cleaning her. She was moaning slightly and pumping against my mouth as Principal Jefferson stood behind and watched. When I got done she looked at the Principal and said, “let’s show him how a real cock makes me cum.” I moved over to the chair and sat to watch them. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen and it wasn’t just long it was wide too. I was thinking how is Judy going to take that. He went toward her and grabbed his massive cock and gently guided it into her pussy. She was moaning in delight as it went in and kept going as it went in even more. I wasn’t sure how she took it all in. She looked at me and smiled and said, “it took 3 weeks before I could take it all in.” With that, they started going at it. For the next ninety minutes they just kept going at it. I had never seen Judy squirm so much or come so much. Principal Jefferson managed to cum twice himself. He finally got off and the cum was just oozing out of her love box. Principal Jefferson looked at Judy and said, “do you want to be leaned again?” She said, “he clean me first and then you.” I didn’t like hearing that but moved over to start cleaning Judy. I think she came twice more while I cleaned her. I had never seen that much cum in a pussy.When I got done, she said, “good job, but I’m not the only one that needs to be cleaned.” She pointed to Principal Jefferson and said, “his cock needs to be cleaned off.” I looked at each of them and didn’t know what to do as he held his massive member in front of me. I got down on my knees as Judy came over and helped guide his massive cock into my mouth. She said, “start slowly and work around and take in a little at a time.” That’s what I did. I could taste Judy’s cum and his cum mixed together and slowly started taking this huge thing into my mouth. After about 10 minutes I had about half in and hadn’t gagged. They looked at each other and said he is doing better than we thought. Judy started pinching my nipples which I love as I kept sucking on his massive cock. Principal Jefferson’s breathing was starting to get heavier and he said to Judy, “this cocksucker may actually make me cum.” Judy told me to keep going and started pinching my nipples harder. Principal Jefferson said, “don’t stop keep going.” About thirty seconds later I felt this massive push into the back of my throat as he came. His cum was oozing out of the side of my mouth, when he pulled out Judy came up and gave me a kiss and took some of that cum out.Judy smiled and said, “it was worth getting caught, maybe we can use him at your house as well.” Principal Jefferson smiled and said, “that’s what we can do tomorrow night, let’s go discuss how…………….