Lilprincess's slutty story

The tale of this sexy insatiable cumslut starts on a night that she had no idea would end in her filled and covered in cum. On the night in question she attended an evening out with her hubby NuNu who had taken her to the cinema followed by a nice meal at their favourite restaurant. She had expected to be heading home after they had eaten, so found herself a little confused when they arrived outside a local hotel after leaving the restaurant but became curious to see what else NuNu had planned for her. They check-in and make their way to the penthouse suit, to her excitement they are greeted by Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) who they invite to join them for a drink. As all 3 make their way up to the penthouse, Jack can't help but ask if NuNu would be interested in sharing the sexy lilprincess with him for the night. NuNu knows how much she fancies Jack so invites him to make a fantasy come true for her. All three enter the penthouse where they enjoy a few drinks before NuNu and Jack's attention turn to a tipsy lilprincess. Both begin to kiss her neck slowly making their way down her body whilst undressing her, she shudders with excitement as they both caress her ample breasts, she feels herself edging towards climax as Jack removes her underwear with his teeth while NuNu continues to kiss and caress her entire body. Jack begins licking lilprincess already dripping wet pussy, tantalising her clit with his tongue, she resists the urge to cum for as long as she can but cant stop herself being teased towards an uncontrollable orgasm as NuNu begins to caress her thighs moving slowly towards her pussy with each kiss. He and Jack have her writhing in pleasure as both their tongues tickle her clit and lips simultaneously, she cannot contain herself any longer and as she erupts into an orgasm feeling her pussy gushing all over their tongues, she begs for them to fill her with cock. Just as the pair begin to tease her taking turns dipping their cocks inside her there is a knock at the door. NuNu leaves Jack to pleasure her while he goes to see who is there. He opens the door which is just out of site of lilprincess and she wonders who it could be as she thinks she hears him invite them in. As NuNu returns from the door lilprincess is aware of someone else being with him, she asks who it is to which he replies "wait and see". She can't believe her eyes as NuNu turns to introduce Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Thor introduces himself in his usual resounding way "I'm Thor son of Odin, ruler of Asguard! May I join the feast on this utterly beautiful human slut?" Her eyes twinkle with excitement and lust as she begins to realise that NuNu had planned this for her all along! Staring into Thor's eyes lilprincess invites him over to take advantage of her salivating mouth, her pussy is now as wet as it has ever been and contracting around Jacks throbbing cock. Just the thought of being spitroasted by the pair of them has her legs trembling and as Thor slides his large rock hard dick in to her pretty face she realises she is about to spend the night being used as a fuck toy by her own fantasy line up. She feels utterly helpless as Thor takes hold of her hair pushing his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, she begins to gag as he slides past her tonsils, he forces her to take him all the way down to his balls and then starts to fuck her face. Meanwhile NuNu and Wolverine have set up a series of cameras to catch all the action this naughty little slut will be put through during her star studded gangbang. They then turn their attention to her. NuNu takes position next to Thor watching as he thrusts in and out of her throat, she grabs hold of NuNu's cock pulling it towards her mouth, Thor releases his grip on her hair allowing her to alternate between deepthroating him and NuNu. Jack having spent the last 30mins fucking her pussy cannot contain himself any longer and squirts his hot sticky load inside her, as he pulls out of her she already knows her pussy will have no time to recover. Instantly Wolverine slides inside her, she lets out a pleasure filled moan as he pounds hard into her knowing he will be next to unload in her juicy pussy. Jack moves up with NuNu to get sucked clean while Thor joins Wolverine. Thor and Wolverine decide that lilprincess is not being slutty enough so they turn her on her side and Thor begins teasing her tight ass with his tongue and fingers while Wolverine keeps stuffing his cock deep in her pussy. Jack and NuNu are now taking turns fucking her face as Thor prepares her ass to take his large member, he parts her ass cheeks with a firm grip and she squirms as he starts to insert himself while Wolverine continues to fuck her hard like a whore. As Thor slides deep inside her ass she feels a sense of ecstasy and euphoria overwhelming her entire body! She has never felt so helpless which only adds to the vast amount of pleasure coursing through her body. She feels Thor increase the speed at which he is fucking her now gaping asshole to the same rhythm as Wolverine is pounding her pussy. They alternate their movement so that while one is pushing deep inside her the other is sliding outwards making the sensation she receives almost overbearing. Aware that she is about to be overcome with pleasure she takes NuNu's cock out of her mouth so she is able to let out a scream of ecstasy as she is driven to yet another orgasm. She pleads with them to stop only to be told "suck dick and take your fucking like a good little slag" to which she turns back to NuNu's cock and swallows the full length down to his balls. Just as NuNu is about to take his cock out of her mouth and cum all over her face he hears a thud come from the balcony, he realises more of the visitors he had invited have arrived! NuNu leaves Jack, Thor and Wolverine to use his sexy lilprincess as they wish while he goes to welcome the next guests to arrive. Jack now has hold of lilprincess's hair, he pulls it tight against her back tilting her head in to position allowing him to slide his cock in her mouth. She gags as he forces her head down, his entire cock fills her throat as her lips wrap around the base of his penis. He continues to fuck her face as she dribbles uncontrollably, her ass and pussy in spasms from the furious fucking inflicted on them by Thor and Wolverine. NuNu returns followed by Iron Man (Robert Downey jr), JT (Justin Timberlake), The Transporter (Jason Statham) and Edward (Robert Pattison) to find lilprincess loving every moment of her pornstar performance! NuNu announces to them all "as you can see this horny little slut is on an anything goes rules basis for tonight so give her the most intense fuck she'll ever have" he also tells the newly arrived company to help themselves to drinks and lilprincess as and when they want while he goes to make a phone call with JT. Lilprincess now realises she is to be used as the cumslut in an air-tight bukkake gangbang. As visions of all eight men taking turns filling her holes with their oversized cocks run through her mind and knowing this may be the only opportunity she will get to fuck all of the men she so often fantasises about, she makes a conscious decision to be the filthiest slut she could ever have imagined being! She commands the six men left in the room with her to "fuck my holes like I'm a whore!!!". She turns to Thor and Wolverine, with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva dripping from her chin, "fill me with cum" she demands, they do not hesitate to fulfil her order and fuck her as hard as they can. Wolverine is the first of the two to explode inside her, grabbing hold of her hair he pumps his massive load of thick warm cum deep in her dripping wet pussy, she feels herself filling with cum which makes her lust for more! Before she has chance to say anything else The Transporter and Wolverine have switched places and she finds herself with Wolverines cum covered cock deep in her throat, she can taste her own juices mixed with the cum of Jack and Wolverine, her pussy now being abused by The Transporter gushes through another multiple orgasm as he fucks her harder than she has ever been taken before. Thor ready to unleash his load removes his dick from her stretched anus, he aims at her gaping hole and as his cum flows from his cock and begins to fill her ass she feels it running deep down inside her. "Get that big cock up here in my mouth" she barks at Thor "and I need another load in my ass Iron Man" she splutters while sucking on Edward. NuNu and JT return to lilprincess with Iron Man in her ass, The Transporter fucking her hard in her pussy, Jack straddling her with his cock between her tits while Edward, Thor and Wolverine are taking turns getting balls deep in her mouth or having their cocks wanked furiously by the little slut. Nunu announces there will be more people joining the gangbang shortly. Lilprincess becomes nervous at the prospect of more cock joining the abuse of her holes and calls to NuNu "babe I can't take any more cock, there's too many of you already, I won't be able to walk in the morning!". Nunu replies "we'll see when they get here, for now shut up and take all our cocks you dirty slut! You're gona get fucked all night anyway so just be a good little whore and empty everyone's balls!" He then joins the line up with JT, both slapping their cocks on her face. Edward having been sucked by lilprincess's luscious lips for the past 10mins is ready to cum so takes his dick out of her mouth and covers her face with his load. The string of constant orgasms continue as she licks Edwards cum from around her mouth and then she lets out a loud moan of "aaah fuck me, fuck me harder you big cock bastards! Cum in me, fill me up!" Iron Man and The Transporter swap holes as NuNu and JT insert both their cocks in her mouth at the same time. Lilprincess looks up, her mouth stretched wide open, her cheeks bulge with the heads of both their cocks as she dribbles all over her chest. Nunu takes his slut by her hair removing his member from her mouth and forces her head down on to JT's cock, her eyes water as she gags on it, she begins to choke so he lets her up for air before forcing her head back down on to his own throbbing dick. Holding her by her hair tightly he fucks her throat until he's ready to cum, he leaves her to suck on JT while he moves towards her ass, ushering The Transporter out of his way he abruptly enters her gaped asshole and with a few long hard thrusts deposits his cum in her and invites The Transporter to do the same. The Transporter re-enters her cum filled ass, he slides all the way inside her then back out again, he repeats this motion a few times before asking her "are you ready to take my cum in your sweet lil ass you fucking slag?". She pauses for a moment before replying "I want every last drop inside me! Fill me until I can't take anymore!", with that he pushes the head of his cock back inside her and floods her rectum with a massive load of spunk. NuNu's phone rings, he answers and lilprincess hears him say "ok no problem I'll be down in a minute", he quickly puts on some clothes, grabs the key to the room and leaves. As all this goes on Iron Man continues to ram her pussy nearing his aim of dumping another load of cum in her. JT takes the place of The Transporter in her ass as the other five men share her face, tits and hands. Still unaware of who may return with NuNu she decides not to dwell on it and remains focused on draining as much spunk as possible from the group of men who have been giving her the fucking of her life. "keep filling me with spunk! Use me as your cum bucket and don't stop until my holes are overflowing, I want you all to leave with no cum left in your balls and all of it inside me!" she tells them. She looks down at Iron Man's enormous cock slamming in to her pussy "come on big boy fuck me like a porn star! Cum in me then make me clean you up with my mouth, make me taste all the juicy cum that's been left inside me!" she yells at him. She continues to moan like a whore as she waits for Iron Man to inject the third massive load of spunk that her pussy would receive so far that evening and JT to give her the fourth load of cum to swamp her ass. After another 10 or so minutes they are both ready to cum, as they add to her already cum drenched holes the door to the penthouse bursts open, NuNu has returned and much to lilprincess's relief he is not accompanied by any more men but has three of the hottest women in the world with him! Racheal (Jennifer Aniston), Penny (Kaley Couco) and Mila Kunis approach the bed lilprincess is receiving all the attention on, undressing as they climb on along side her, Mila claims her place as the first of the women to make lilprincess eat their pussy. Racheal and Penny pair up to entertain Jack, Edward, IronMan and The Transporter while Thor penetrates lilprincess's pussy, Wolverine fucks her ass and Mila sits on her face. Mila makes eye contact with lilprincess as she lowers herself on to her tongue, princess grabs Mila's ass cheeks spreading them apart exposing her sexy holes, she pulls her pussy down hard against her mouth as she begins to lick around Mila's clit. Mila moans with pleasure as princess flicks her tongue back and forth over her lips and clit, her pussy gets wetter with every kiss, suck and lick. Thor and Wolverine swap between princess's gaping cum filled holes as they build themselves up to unleash another massive double creampie filling for the little slut. NuNu starts to finger Mila's pussy as princess keeps licking her clit, he rubs her g-spot in a circular motion gaining momentum quickly, this gets her moist enough for him to enter her. As he slides his big cock deep in to her tight little pussy, he takes control by twisting her long dark hair around both his hands as if to make a set of reigns, he pulls her back hard on to his cock as he thrusts in to her, his balls slap against the underside of princess's chin as she licks Mila's dick filled pussy, paying close attention to her clit she flicks her tongue faster and faster sending shivers of pleasure through Mila's body.