Jen’s Painful Lessons

While Susan was ditzy, she was also very beautiful and so was her young daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer, “Jen” to her friends, had been a marriage surprise. Susan thought she was putting on a few pounds when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Susan went from being a young trophy wife to becoming a mom, Jim a dad, and I was soon “Uncle” Richard. Lord, help us all!When I arrived that night, it soon became clear that one of my old promises to Jim was the main item on the dinner menu. Jen, while only just now entering the fourth grade, already was a very poor student. My late night wine induced pledge to help Jen be successful in school was going to haunt me. I only intended to write a letter to help her get into a good college. This was so far in the future; I thought I was home free. Alas, I was on the hot seat.As I recently announced my early retirement at work and as I had no immediate family, Susan thought I would have loads of time to set Jen on the path to a good education. Bat shit!I told Susan to have Jen start getting off the bus at my house starting in two weeks. I would begin the tutoring sessions from then until time to send her home. As I lived about a half block from Susan, this would be convenient for everyone.The first time that Jen arrived after school, I found she was bright but lazy. Her mind wondered. She failed to focus on anything worthwhile for more than a few minutes. It was a shame really since she was otherwise a very special little girl. She had this incredible little smile and long golden curls. Her eyes were bright blue and her skin unblemished. Her breath smelled of warm apples. Her body was straight and she was tall for her age. It was difficult to see any curves or bumps under her school uniform but I was sure she had them. I had always been smitten by her and now I was spending every afternoon sitting beside her. If I could just get her to focus on her lessons!I discussed this with her mom the following weekend.Susan: What are you saying?Richard: She’s as lazy as a hog!Susan: Oh my Lord. What can we do?Richard: I don’t have a clue. You know her better than I do. Any suggestions?Susan: I know what helped me when I was a girl.Richard: What?Susan: Nooooo… I cannot allow you to spank her.Richard: Oh really. Why not?Susan: She has never been spanked. It was traumatize her.Richard: Who spanked you, Susan?Susan: Daddy.Richard: Did that help you?Susan: After daddy spanked me a few times, I became very focused on avoiding the experience whenever I could. All I had to do was to be in my dad’s presence and my bottom would begin to get hot. My little panties would feel so tight. Susan’s voice grew faint and she got this dreamy look in her eyes. After a few moments she seemed to remember I was present. Her voice returned to normal and she told me that all her dad would have to do was to tell her to do her homework (or anything at all) and she would immediately comply. I wondered if Susan would act saner if she were spanked regularly. Regular discipline might the path to getting her mind to deal with the world in a more rational manner. Oh well, first let me fix the daughter; then who knows about the mom.The following Monday afternoon, I informed Jen of some new “rules”. I would begin to keep track of her inattention and would spank her before sending her home.Jen: But Uncle Richard, mom would never allow you to spank me.Richard: It was her idea, sweetie.Jen: Oh No…Richard: I will not permanently hurt you but I am going to make your tiny bottom sting like crazy every time you do not concentrate on your homework.Jen: I will do much better today. I will be a good student! I do not want to be spanked.Richard: We’ll see.During our study session I could tell that Jen was trying harder than usual, at first, but her lazy traits soon took over again. Every time I noticed her failing to try, I took a small notebook from my shirt pocket and jotted it down. Jen dropped her head each time and muttered something that sounded like: Oh shit. Before sending her home I ordered her to my home office. Jen was visibly shaking as she stood before me. Her tartan school skirt quivered and her thin arms had visible goosebumps. Her little face was flushed and her eyes were on the carpet. She looked adorable!I sat in the middle of a long leather couch and had her lay across my lap. He head and feet were supported. As I spanked her through her school skirt, she squirmed. Her squirming had a special impact on me. I erected. I ended the spanking a lot earlier than my notebook indicated. I was experiencing too much pain/pleasure.I thought about little Jen until bedtime and awoke with her still on my mind. When she arrived that afternoon, she and I were both subdued. One short spanking was not nearly enough to change her lazy manner so I frequently got out my notebook. Jen said nothing but a slight wince of pain seemed to flash occasionally across her expression. We continued until it was time for her to leave. I left for my office telling her to follow. When she arrived, she found me standing by my large chair. I made her climb on it and lean forward over the back while on her knees.Richard: The first spanking wasn’t nearly hard enough.Jen: Oh, but it did hurt. My bottom ached all night.Richard: I do NOT believe you!Jen dropped her head.I moved her hands behind her back, crossed them, and held them both with one of my hands. I tucked her skirt into our hands and laid into tiny panty-covered ass with a strong, firm spanking. Her little ass was dancing in a matter of seconds. What a sweet sexy dance!The next afternoon was a repeat. And the next… and the next.At the end of the week, I slipped her panties down for the first time. Jen made no sound, nor any attempt to stop me. She had learned to accept my corrections. This time, I got a chance to watch her sexy little butt cheeks turn slowly from white to pink to red. When I released her, she stayed in the position for several minutes, panting and treating me to a wonderful sight without the bother of paying attention to my strokes. When I peeked under her, I noticed that her pussy was open and wet… even dripping a bit. I realized that she was just as turned on getting a spanking as I was from spanking her. Now that was an eye-opener. This event changed things between us.The next study session seemed different… Jen was still being inattentive but I got the impression that she was doing it deliberately. Could it be true? I actually wanted her to be a good student so what would I do now? Before the two of us went to the office for the spanking, I asked Jen to stay and talk.Richard: Jen, I believe you are cheating!Jen: I’M NOT! I’m still stupid!Richard: I believe you are deliberately being inattentive so I will spank you. Is that true?Jen: I’m sorry (as she dropped her pretty head).Richard: I will make a deal with you. If you concentrate on doing your homework and do a really good job, I will continue to spank you.Jen: Ok… (Shyly and faintly).Richard: In fact, the better you study, the longer and stronger will be the spanking.Jen looked up at me and grinned like a Cheshire Cat.I picked her up and carried her into my office. I completely undressed her and had her stretch out across my lap again on the couch. I spanked and she wiggled. She wiggled and I spanked. After I stopped, I let her continue to lay across me. I rubbed my cock mound against her belly until I was sure she had felt it. I gently caressed her bottom until I had the over-whelming urge to check out any wetness in her puss-puss. I used my hands to guide her legs open. There was a wet spot on my trousers. I gently touched her wet lips with one of my finger tips and her body twanged like a bow string being plucked. I asked her to stand. After she arose, I handed her clothes to her and left the room, telling her that her mom would be waiting.We took another step forward after that experience.Her grades rose to A’s and B’s… which was surprising since we were spending far less time in the study room and more and more time in the office… spanking her and exploring our new relationship.Her little pussy grew to love my fingers. Even her tight bottom hole learned to bloom open like a flower greeting the morning sun when I blew across it. Both love holes were too small for my cock but we soon discovered that her mouth was just the perfect size. She nibbled, she licked; she gently bit and sc****d her tiny teeth across it. I was in heaven! I explored both her love holes with my fingers, thumbs, and tongue.In a few months, Susan called and asked me to stop by one weekend. After I arrived, she kept thanking me. Her daughter was at the top of her class now. Her teachers were so impressed and kept asking Susan how had she had accomplished this.Susan: I cannot tell them the truth!Richard: Why not?Susan: k**s her age are not supposed to be spanked.Richard: Maybe I am doing more than spanking her.Susan: What are you saying?Richard: When your dad spanked you, did he go further?Susan: (Face turning red) Absolutely not!Richard: Did you want him to?Susan: Maybe… (Quietly and softly).Richard: I think you and your daughter are very much alike. Would you like me to demonstrate on you the exact way I motivate your sweet little girl. Would you like to be a little girl for me? Susan: Yes, you can be my daddy (Said with lowered eyes and the beginning of a sweet pant.)It took only another few months until I was father, husband, and lover to both my little girls.I especially liked it when the three of us would spend an entire weekend in bed… the same bed, of course. It always began with spanking my girls. Susan helped me train Jen to spread her love holes for my cock. Susan did this with a set of increasingly large strap-on dildos. Both adults tongued one of Jen’s pretty love holes until she relaxed it and then it was my turn for insertion. We opened Jen’s sexy ass first and the following month, her pink pussy.I think Susan had a special yen for being double-fucked. Jen with a strap-on in her mom’s pussy and me fucking Susan’s bottom. Usually Susan yelled the word “daddy” numerous times during the weekend. Then Jen started calling me “daddy” too. What a wonderful family!