Jens Ordeal

I was feeling rather horny today so I decided to drop in on a littlesubmissive slut I had dated for a few months. Her name was Jenny. She was38, about 5' 8", and 140 pounds. She was pretty with long brown hair. Alittle bulge around her waist, but a luscious, tight, and round ass! Ivisited her off and on, per her desire to keep seeing me, even though Ifelt a long term relationship wasn't viable between us. Don't get mewrong, the sex was great, but there was a spark missing for a deeperrelationship. I picked up my bag of toys as I headed out the door, and drove over toher apartment. She lived about 15 miles from my place. I parked away fromher apartment in case she was out checking her mail, so she wouldn't seeme. I delved into my bag and pocketed several items I would need to startthe day. I walked up the stairs to her door quietly, and lightly rapped on herdoor. I covered the peep hole so she couldn't see who it was. As the door opened I quickly pushed my way in and shut it behind me. She had jumped back when the door had opened on her and I dropped my bagand quickly grabbed her. Pinning her arms behind her I forced a ball gagin her mouth and pushed her to the floor on her stomach. I quickly lashedher hands behind her pack with the rope in my pocket, and then her feet. Istood over and saw she was dressed in a t-shirt and her panties! What aslut, answering her door that way. She was just inviting someone to takeher! I stood her on her feet and walked around her slowly. She had aquestioning look in her eyes, but I didn't say a word. I just reached out,grabbed her shirt at the collar and ripped it from her body! Her eyes grewreally big at the forcefulness of the gesture. I walked behind her andreached around her body to cup her breasts. She had such wonderfulnipples! I pinched them hard and pulled them sideways, feeling her asssquirm nicely against my cock. It felt awesome! I decided she still hadtoo much clothing on, and reached down and quickly tore the panties fromher body. I heard a muffled screech from behind the ball gag. She hassuch a nice firm, round ass; I swatted it twice with my hand, hard, leavinga couple of imprints as she jumped from the pain. I've always lovedspanking a lovely bum. I walked around to her front and shook my head sadly. She had let thehair grow on her pussy again. I hate a hairy pussy; it just gets in theway. Well, that was going to have to go. I wish I had my waxing kit. What a luscious pleasure that is, ripping the wax and hair out from herpussy. I untied her feet so she could walk, and d**g her into thebathroom. I undressed and started a warm shower, leaving her bound andgagged I forced her in and stepped behind her. This was to good a situation to pass up, so I turned her around andforced her to her knees in front of me. Up until now I hadn't said a wordto her, she had to be worried and wondering what was going on. "I am goingto take the gag out of your mouth. You will not say a word or you will bepunished severely. When the gag comes out you will immediately startsucking my cock. You will not let it out of your mouth; if it leaves yourmouth you will be punished. No matter what, you will swallow everything Igive you and you will not spill a drop. If you do you will be severelypunished. Do you understand?" She just looked at me and didn't reply. Igrabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. "Do you understand slave?"I quickly received a nod for yes from her. I removed the ball gag from her mouth and she quickly started sucking mycock. I grabbed her head in my hands and just enjoyed the feeling of hertongue as she bobbed her head. I hardened quickly and decided to takeover. I started fucking her mouth slowly while holding her head. She wasalways mediocre at blowjobs, so I decided to have a little fun. I'm not abig man, only 6.5 inches, but I decided to forced feed her cock. So Iburied it in her mouth and held her head still. She starting chockingslightly and tried to pull her mouth off, but I held on tightly and justmoved back slightly. I looked down and saw her looking up at me, "Don't try and resist whathappens. You'll just receive a worse punishment. You just hold still andkeep your mouth around my cock or else." She nodded slightly as I startedfucking her face again. Standing in a shower isn't the best place toreally face fuck a slut so I decided to cut this short for now. But firstI decided to have a little fun. I looked down on her and said, "Here itcomes, now swallow it all!" as I released my full bladder into her waitingmouth. Her eyes got huge as she tasted my piss on her tongue and tried topull away again. I held her head tightly as I said "Swallow or else!" Shelooked up fearfully and started swallowing quickly. Such a wonderful slutshe is, so submissive. I was going to enjoy the next couple of days withher. I finished relieving myself and noticed quite a bit had run out of hermouth. Too bad, she could never follow instructions. She would bepunished in a little while. First I shoved the ball gag back in her mouthand stood her up. I quickly washed her body, paying special attention toher wonderful ass. I had plans for it later. I rinsed her off and stepped out of the shower and dried both of us. Imarched her back into the living room where I dug through my bag and pulledout the blindfold and put it on her. Now the fun would begin! I decided to trim her hairy pussy first. So I forced her on her back tothe floor. I started by laying her head on a small wooden post on thefloor. I first tied her hands just too either side of her head. I removedthe ball gag, and replaced it with a bit gag that had two eye hooks oneither end. I wrapped rope through the eye hooks, around the post and backover her forehead. This effectively kept her head from moving. I wrappeda length of rope around each leg, just above the knees, and pulled the ropeunder the beam. This forced her legs to the side and spread her pussy wideopen. I took two other lengths of rope and tied her ankles tightly to herthighs. With her nicely immobilized I gathered my shaving gear and proceeded toremove all traces of hair from her pussy and ass. I rubbed a littlestrawberry scented lotion over the denuded areas to lessen the burn andredness. What a beautiful site a hairless pussy is to see. I buried myface into her pussy and started licking, sucking and chewing all over herlips. She could barely squirm as I chewed hard all around her pussy andass. She was getting nice and wet for me, but I didn't want to go too far.She still needed to be punished for not swallowing every drop in theshower. So I decided to have a little fun. I started by clipping six clothespins around each nipple. She squirmedand squealed so deliciously! I then pulled out a 14" long rubber whip. Oh this was going to be somuch fun! I slowly ran the ends lightly across her pussy and up to herbreasts. Letting her wonder what was going to happen next. I then quicklyraised the whip and slashed down hard across her belly. She writhed as thelashes cut across her. They left a bunch of lovely red slashes across herwhite skin. I next lashed it hard across both tits, causing several of theclothes pins to fly off her nipples. She writhed hard trying to get awayfrom the lash as I quickly struck her breasts 5 more times! Oh this was sodelicious! I could see her chest heaving with her exertions, and decidedto move on to other virgin territory. I could tell she was anticipatinganother lash on her tits by the way she was squirming and trying to movethem, s I quickly changed course and struck her pussy 5 times insuccession! She squealed wonderfully and actually lifted her torsopartially from the floor! It was time to move on though. I had otherplans for my little slut! I untied her legs and quickly bound her ankles together again. I thenlooped a length of rope around her legs, just above her knees. I thenuntied her head, keeping the bit gag in her mouth. I untied her handsnext, and quickly rolled her over on her stomach, where I tied her handstogether at the wrists. I just couldn't resist the position and quicklyplaced to hard swats on her delicious ass with each hand! What a lovelyimprint my hands left on each cheek! She was sobbing quietly after thislast bit of punishment. I forced her to her knees, and then pushed her head to the floor. Istarted wrapping a length of rope around her arms just above her elbows. Ithen looped it around the front of her body, first passing under herbreasts, back around her arms then over her breasts. I did this 5 times,squeezing her tits tightly between the ropes. I then wrapped a length of rope under her shins and across her back,where I tied it tightly; immobilizing her completely. I decided tocompletely isolate her and put earplugs in each ear. She wouldn't knowwhat was going to happen next! I rummaged around in my goody bag and pulled out a few toys to play withmy slut. I greased up a long pink dildo and slowly forced in her pussyuntil just the end was sticking out. I then ran a double width of ropethrough her legs, over the end of the dildo in her pussy, up over the crackof her ass and tied it off tightly to the rope around her arms. This heldthe dildo in nicely! I then greased up the other toy I had brought for my pet. It was asmall black butt plug about three inches long, and as big around as mymiddle finger. I separated the ropes creasing her crack and slowly forcedthe plug all the way to the base. She squirmed and clenched her asstightly trying to keep it out. I swatted her ass hard several times andshe loosened up for the plug to slip in all the way. I slipped the tworopes back over the end of the plug to hold it tightly in her hole. Justto make this more fun for her I turned the dildo and butt plugs power on,they started vibrating heavily which caused her to moan and jump slightly.So I swatted her on her ass to settle her down. I decided I needed a little break and went and got a glass of water formyself. I sat down on the couch with her at my feet and contemplated whatI should do next. I was a little worn out from my previous exercise anddecided to watch a movie. I put porno that I had brought with me into theVCR, and sat back to enjoy it. It was a little uncomfortable so I decidedto put my feet up on my new footstool slut. This was very nice! Shestarted to squirm a bit so I picked up a half inch dowel rod I had broughtwith me and swatted her ass hard just once. She immediately quieted downso I could enjoy the film. The nice thing about the porno was it kept me nice and hard whilewatching it. Occasionally my little slut would squirm to try and getcomfortable and I would give her a nice whack across her ass with myswitch. It left some nice red welts across her cheeks. The film finallycame to an end and I decided I needed some relief and my slut was ready formore. I decided I was going to take something I had wanted for a very longtime. So I greased up my cock nicely and squatted down behind my slut. Ipulled the ropes parting her ass to each side and slowly pulled the buttplug from her ass. Her hole stayed open so I decided to enjoy her tightass whether she like it or not! I squatted over her ass and pushed thehead of my cock against her hole. I started to slowly penetrate her tightass. She was squirming and moaning slightly was I forced the head insideher ring. I forced my cock deep into her ass; she was mumbling what sounded likeStop around her gag. I did not relent and pushed balls deep into her hothole! Finally I had claimed her ass! She had always said she liked a cockin her ass, but would complain and tell me to stop whenever I tried to fuckit. Not tonight. I was going to enjoy this night! I started sliding my cock out just a small amount, about an inch or soslowly. As her ass started to open more I went out a little farther andfaster. After a couple of minutes I was jack hammering her assmercilessly. Pounding into her hot tight ass! It was wonderful! I couldfeel her ass squeezing my cock when I pulled out, and then open up as Islid deep. I don't know how long I could last in it tight confines. Shewould grunt each time I bottomed out in her ass. I kept fucking hard forabout five minutes; the vibrator in her pussy was causing a wonderfultingling on my cock. I couldn't take anymore, so I pushed hard and deepinto her ass and spewed my come deep into her bowels. God her tight assjust milked the cum from me. Man I was spent. Sweat was dripping off mybody as I collapsed over her back. I hadn't cum like that in a long time.I stayed in her ass until my cock softened and plopped out. I sat back andwatched my cum ooze slowly out her distended asshole. This was anexperience I intended to repeat again and soon. Bu this was enough fortonight. I needed a rest and my slut did too. I untied my little slut and put her collar and leash on her. She lay onher stomach breathing heavily; I love the site of a well used slave. Thereis none better. I tugged her leash and forced her to her hands and knees,directing her towards the kitchen. I removed her blindfold and her gagafter admonishing her to keep quite or face more punishment. Sittingbefore her was a dish of water; I told her she should have a drink. Shelapped it like the obedient pet she was; then I took her to the bathroomand let her relieve herself. Then it was time for bed. After we entered the bedroom I instructed her to kneel before me. Ithen pushed a ball gag made from a waffle golf ball into her mouth andsecured it tightly. I next slipped chains onto her hands and feet andsecured those. I then secured her leash to the foot of the bed and lockedher collar onto it. I instructed her to get on her hands and knees withher ass in the air. I greased up a small butt plug and pushed it into herass for the evening. I then instructed her to curl up on the blanket atthe foot of the bed and go to sleep. I myself climbed into bed and quicklyfell asleep. I woke up at about 5AM the next morning feeling refreshed and horny. Ihad one hell of a hard on this morning and decided to enjoy my little slutonce more. I climbed out of bed and saw her curled up at its foot. Igrabbed the tube of lube by the bedside and greased up my cock nicely andknelt behind my slut. She was sleeping curled on her side in a fetalposition. I slowly eased the butt plug out of her as, not waking her inthe process. I scooted up behind her and slowly pushed my hard cock intoher ass. She started to wake up as she felt me entering her. She tried to squirmto get away but I held her by the shoulders ass I forced myself deep in herbowels. God her ass was so hot and tight. I started to push my cock inand out; loosening her sphincter slowly. As she started loosening Isped up until I was pounding into her ass hard and fast. I quicklybuilt my pleasure until I exploded, burying my cock deep and filling herguts with my come. I relaxed, slumping across her body. I luxuriated inher tightness. I sat up still buried in her; she relaxed, realizing I wasfinished. Then her eyes bulged as she felt warmth spread through her; Iwas pissing in her ass. I emptied my bladder deep into her rectumcompleting the taking and humiliation of my little slut!